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'They' VS Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Guest trickster

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Guest trickster

I prefer 'they', because it's a gender-neutral term that already exists in the English language. I figure that my gender-identity is already hard for people to wrap their minds around – asking them to add words to their language seems like it would just complicate matters.

My husband thinks I should use gender-neutral pronouns; he says the word 'they' can get confusing.

What pronouns do you guys use?

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Speaking from my androgyne point of view I have no real issue with either male or female pronouns although I can understand the problems in the outside world. I do not really like gender neutral pronouns.

I don't think people would really get used to anything outside the norm unless they knew you really well and in that context it does not matter (at least to me). I answer to both genders or either Tracy or birth name without issue.


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Guest Nicodeme

I tried xe for a while. Nobody would do xe. But nobody would do "they" either because people are argumentative jerks.

Created gender neutral pronouns DID, once upon a time, stand a chance, until people started going "LOOK HOW EASY IT IS JUST USE A NOUN" and people took it 100% seriously and just validated the complaint that we somehow expect people to "remember 50+ genders."

Yes I am bitter. :I

I gave up and switched to "they" and I continue to rearrange the crap out of my sentences to avoid having to use the reflexive form. Because how the hell does that work? Is it themself? Themselves?

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Guest Micha

I like "they."

I'm used to male pronouns, I'm tickled when I get female pronouns, but neither are really accurate.

And the only way for anyone to get used to it, is to start using it.

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I tried xe for a while. Nobody would do xe. But nobody would do "they" either because people are argumentative jerks.

Created gender neutral pronouns DID, once upon a time, stand a chance, until people started going "LOOK HOW EASY IT IS JUST USE A NOUN" and people took it 100% seriously and just validated the complaint that we somehow expect people to "remember 50+ genders."

Yes I am bitter. :I

I gave up and switched to "they" and I continue to rearrange the crap out of my sentences to avoid having to use the reflexive form. Because how the hell does that work? Is it themself? Themselves?

If you follow the grammatical convention when "you" shifted from strictly plural usage to singular and plural, the verb stays in the plural form (to the extent it would change), and "themself" would be the appropriate reflexive pronoun (just as we say "yourself" and "yourselves" depending on number).



I am me myself

You are you yourself

He/she/it is him/her/it himself/herself/itself

They are them themself.

And plural:

We are us ourselves.

You are you yourselves.

They are them themselves.

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Well... I would like to use it/its pronouns but they aren't "okay" so I would use neutral pronouns like ze or xe rather than they. It's because I live in Germany and our pronouns are like that:

I = Ich

You = du

he/ she/ it = er/ sie/ es

We = wir

you = ihr

they = sie

You see the trouble? I can't use they in German because it's the same as she. That's why I would prefer ze or xe. I'm using my "cis-pronouns" because I'm used to it and people get confused.

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I prefer they


I've noticed that I get a little eye twitchy when I read something that says "he or she..."

-it's like, I know you did this for feminism reasons (big pat on the back) but seriously, why not use they? it's easier and more inclusive 🙄

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@Querencia I have a similar reaction to "he or she". I'm a member of a union for work, and our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is full of he/she's, him/her's, etc. At the same time, the ostensible culture at work is such that we claim to value inclusivity. I'm tempted to suggest for the next bargaining cycle that we change all the pronouns in the document. I predict some academic "purists" may protest. But honestly, people need to realize that language has always been and will continue to be a living, dynamic thing. 


I prefer they/them, but as such have not yet accessed the power to ask folks irl for this. 

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1 minute ago, Vidanjali said:

I prefer they/them, but as such have not yet accessed the power to ask folks irl for this. 


I prefer they/them as well, and it would indeed be better if CBAs and other written communication used "they/them". Maybe that practice, if it were eventually to become much more commonplace, would lead to *spoken* communication following suit, but I'm not holding my breath.  I'm particularly thinking of the several times a day that we are likely to come into contact with people who themselves are binary but who don't know us personally (store assistants, a reference librarian, etc.).


It's as if we who are non-binary are in a Catch-22 situation.  If we appear non-binary -- in an androgynous manner -- then binary folks we meet usually make a guess and use either "sir" and "he" or "ma'm" and "she", and I at least inwardly wince each time this is done. ( Happily, this seldom happens with genderqueer people I meet for the first time, as they are aware how important personal address can be.) If on the other hand we appear distinctly female or male, and are addressed with the "matching" female or male pronouns, our appearance is not congruent with our non-binary-ness.


I will never be out to literally everyone, because I continually come into contact with with strangers pretty much every day.  I am not inclined to wear a "they/them" lapel pin -- and few strangers would take note of it.  Correcting strangers to use "they" becomes an eternal whack-a-mole experience.


I have concluded, reluctantly, that the course of least resistance with strangers works best for me: that is, accepting any civil form of address (masculine, feminine, or neutral) and moving on with whatever conversation we're having. It may (and does) sting a little, but life isn't perfect.  For close friends and professionals such as my doctors, I do share that I am non-binary and prefer "they/them".   There is one situation I dread, however (and thankfully it doesn't come up much):  what to do when in a meeting that includes both strangers and close friends?  At least in Zoom, I can include "they/them" after my name.  In person, it's not that easy.





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2 hours ago, Astrid said:

Correcting strangers to use "they" becomes an eternal whack-a-mole experience.


Today, as I was checking out at the dentist's office after having my teeth cleaned, I heard a voice behind me, "excuse me, ma'am". I assumed the person was trying to get the attention of one of the (ostensible) women behind the desk. But, no one acknowledged the voice, and I heard him say again, "excuse me, ma'am". I tensed up and thought, "he can't be talking about me...please don't be me..." After the third "excuse me, ma'am", the person behind the desk I was dealing with addressed me by my name and pointed somewhere behind me. I turned around and was surprised to find a person in a wheelchair who was trying to get by (the space in front of the checkout desk is just a small hallway). I begged the person's pardon and moved out of the hallway to let him pass. It was very strange - I felt like a real heel for being in his way and not acknowledging him because I did not want to entertain the idea that I was the "ma'am" in question. Was my self-righteousness (??) further inconveniencing someone who obviously already had challenges? Sigh. I wondered what would have made more sense to me. I thought that if he'd left the ma'am out, and instead asserted his request "can you please let me by", that I would have much more quickly realized he was addressing me. That is, I would have more readily identified with "person who is in the way" over "ma'am". Of course, on the other hand, if I can't bring myself to ask people to call me them, why should I expect him to feel empowered to assert himself? Would it be better to always respond to "ma'am" just in case it is me being called to? This seems awfully distasteful. But, I don't want to hurt or inconvenience anyone. It certainly can be sticky. 

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I really like using they/them for myself, because it's really the only pronoun that fits right to me. He and she stick out like sore thumbs in a sentence and I just don't like the little spike of anxiety they give me every time someone uses them now. I have a friend that calls me they/them and believe me when I say I love it. Still hard to not refer to myself as a woman though, as I've learned you can misgender yourself. Slowly breaking myself of that habit.

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      Love this. And, ain't it the truth?
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      I know. 9mm anemic is a poor caliber. And I carry a different handgun; not a big Walther fan. BUT, there is the "rule of cool" to consider, and Bond has that (for a mysoginist jerk)...🙃
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      ROFL! 🤣 Gosar as a transwoman! OMG, that's priceless!!!
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      I've been recommended some books which I have purchased and will be going through this weekend but while I'm driving or working I would like to listen to some podcasts. I would like to get a list of podcasts specifically on the trans experience but anything trans related would be great. Asking for personal recommendations is better than a google search and going through hours of content but until then I have this list that I will be subscribing to and trying them out → https://www.gendergp.com/10-of-the-best-trans-and-non-binary-podcasts/   I've done a search but didn't really find anything useful so I'm asking in general.   Thanks for all ya'll's help  
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      Hi dear friends! Happy Friday to those of you who celebrate Friday, lol. Please forgive me if I already said this, but I've decided to quit my job. I believe I shared that my employer had been giving me the run around regarding disability accommodations. For me, that was the final straw - is it worth it to fight for this job which becomes exponentially more stressful (education in Florida, nuff said)? No. I'm waiting to get paid for something by them, then I'll get the ball rolling on my exit. I do plan to document all the HR shenanigans I've encountered and send an email to the VP of HR, and possibly cc the college President. I'm also considering attaching my lengthy grievance narrative from the official grievance I filed a couple years ago just to give them an idea of what the last few years have been like for me at work. No intention on burning bridges, but it occurred to me that if anything legal-wise comes up later, that it would be helpful to have such documentation.    Since I decided to quit my job, I was flying high on a pink cloud, feeling so happy and creative. Then, I got socked with major anxiety suddenly. It got so bad, I've considered pursuing psychiatric care for the first time in many many years. I think I will pursue this because I want to document the aspect of my ptsd which is related to living with chronic illness because I plan to apply for SSD (Social Security Disability), and the more thorough the documentation, the better. Speaking of which, as an educator with an educator's schedule, all my annual doctor's appointments tend to get scheduled in the summer. I've been looking at my calendar and it seems like I'll be seeing 150 (slight exaggeration) doctors this summer. Related to that, since I've been on the phone so often getting records, labs, prescriptions, appointments, etc., I feel I've been ma'am'ed about a zillion times. Whyeeeeee? (That's a rhetorical question.) it's so gross to me to be called ma'am. I am doing well last few days. Tired, but feeling much less overwhelmed by this huge change in my life. Plus, I have been making more art, and have been getting some more opportunities in that vein.    This week, I came out to my choir director. It just came up organically in conversation. It felt great to tell him. He's very open minded. Last night we had rehearsal. I noticed that he referred specifically to "SA" (sopranos and altos) when he wanted to hear us, whereas before he might have said "ladies"! That made me very happy.    I also came out to a close friend this week. Again, I had not planned on it. She was telling me about some challenges in her relationship with her bf, and I just opened up and told her about challenges I'd been going through with my spouse since realizing I'm neither cis nor het. She was great - totally loving & supportive. I feel a lot closer to her now.    @Ticket For Epic & @Heather Nicole I also suffer from major social anxiety, although amazingly I don't when I write here (although I used to). I think it's a testament to how genuinely supportive and compassionate this community endeavors to be. Ironically, when I disclose to friends irl how hideously anxious I am sometimes, they are amazed bc I "fake" being fine so well (until I have a meltdown, that is). Similarly, from my perspective, you two both seem so sweet, kind & thoughtful. Regardless of how you feel you're being perceived, for what it's worth, that's how I see you. A friend once told me that whenever I find myself fretting over how I've been perceived (did I say something terrible? have I unwittingly hurt someone? do they hate me now?), I should recall my true heart's intention the moment I said or did the thing I'm being hypervigilant about. When I realize my intention in that moment was loving, altruistic, vulnerable, whatever, it gives me a bit of relief - a small reality check - because I do trust in the power of intention.    @Ticket For Epic that meme - to anyone who thinks trans people, especially young trans people (bc that's a growing demographic), are "choosing" trans ID just to be chic or special or something...geez, right? I mean, there are people who crave drama and conflict, and I'm to the point where I am PROUD to be trans, but why would someone "choose" to be trans given all that. To be clear, I'm contesting the incorrect notion that trans is a choice. Lol, there are less expensive and life-disrupting "hobbies" one could adopt!    @Hannah Renee oh no! Is there nothing to be done? I mean seriously, they ought to consider your safety and mental health. Do you think there is someone in administration you could appeal to? I hope so.    @Mmindy all my life ppl have commented on my soft skin. Now, I understand it's due to my (previously undiagnosed) Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a genetic collagen defect). So now when someone asks me what my secret is, I tell them it's faulty genes, lol! 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Thanks, y'all.  I'm just getting started nosing around the forum.  Slowly but surely 😊
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      @CD Rachel  My pleasure!   I'm so glad you appreciated it.  And of course...  Best of luck!  Much luv
    • miz miranda
      Some odd facts     The human brain, which is the core of the central nervous system and a miraculous creation of nature, can process as many as 70,000 thoughts in a day! When I can't sleep it seems like that many a minute     On an average, a person accidentally eats about 430 bugs in each year of his/her life. Weird. Isn’t it?   Science has revealed that a tropical cyclone releases heat energy at the rate of 50 to 200 exajoules per day. This rate of the release of energy comes to about 200 times the world’s capacity of generating electrical energy. This rate of energy release is equivalent to that released during an explosion of a 10-megaton nuclear bomb every 20 minutes!   Polar bears can run about 25 miles an hour and jump to about 6 feet in air. Polar bear fur consists of a layer of thick under-fur covered by an outer layer of guard hair. The guard hair appear in shades of white to tan but are actually transparent. The transparent fur makes the polar bears almost invisible under infrared photography!   The blood vessels, which form a vital part of the circulatory system in human beings, are responsible for enabling the transport of blood throughout the body. If blood vessels were made to lay end to end, together they would encircle the Earth twice, by stretching up to a distance of about 100,000 kilometers.
    • miz miranda
      I have described myself as the narrator in a movie about my life (think of "stand by me"). I observe but don't live. I don't feel I exist.   Finally recognizing I am Existing but not living is what finally got me over my barrier and get help with gender therapy.
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      Battle of Alberta has been settled
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      Wow love this as that is exactly what I am doing right now!!! Thanks for sharing this!!   ~Rachel
    • Charlize
      Jani I don’t feel very strong.  With one day to go before 75 and being on HRT for 10 the bales are getting very heavy.  Sleep does come easy!   Mindy we use the bales for our sheep.  I try to have around 300 to be safe.  
    • Mmindy
      Welcome to TransgenderPulseForums @LauraMarie Thank you for making yourself and life experiences available here. I'm late to the transition process, as I waited until my mid 60's to start.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Cyndee
      Bless you Alan, I was fortunate to see him and Yes live a few times over the years, what a powerful rhythm section he and Squire made up for many decades. The best of the best, I have lot's of their recordings, and treasure them.    One of many favorites by them, the combined effort from '91, powerful      
    • KayC
      Welcome @LauraMarie!  Thank you for joining this Forum!  I am sure your experience will be helpful for myself and many here.   I am originally a West-coaster also, and currently living in Japan.  But hope we have an opportunity to meet someday when I return.    Looking forward to your future posts❣️
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