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Guest Bella W

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Guest Samantha

I am not really ready to shave my whole leg yet, but I tried to shave my thigh and it seems impossible to shave the hair on the back of my thigh. Like, I can get the front and sides just fine, but when it comes to the rear it is is just impossible. Also, I read somewhere that hormones make the hair on the upper part of the leg smaller, is this true? Because I just don't see how it is possible to do it without any thing special like Nair. Does anyone know?

The next part I don't really know how to ask without it sounding weird, but anyway, how do you go about getting the hair off of the lower part of the body, right above the thighs? Because I think it is impossible to shave it all off and cutting it with scissors would be both dangerous and very time consuming, but I also have a very hairy lower body... its gross :wacko:

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Guest Adam_Mazur

The hair removal thing is kind of a time consuming process tho in genetic terms I am in a females body but at one point in time i had a pair of mustache clippers that actually had several parts to it and i just used the blade with no guard and cut all my pubic hair down to where it was evenly enough to shave with a razor. You must be careful tho you don't want to cut urself with that clipper blade cause it would be an embarassing 911 call of all. just be careful and have the patience to do it all in. Also have handy a mirror to see what you are exploring into down there then once you are thru with the clippers go ahead an shave but I will say do not shave against the hair u must shave with the hair cause if u shave against the hair you will have a full several days of itching non stop down there and it is quite embarassing and painful


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Guest Madison_Always

for the back of my thighs i sometimes sit in the shower and reach around my leg. and dont put a razor down right above the thighs, from someone who has made that mistake. It might make you feel better when you first do it but it is very unlady like to be scratching down there especially in school lol. Use small trimming scissors, and im not sure how nair work down there. Good luck :)

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