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tria laser

Guest meganrose

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Guest Kaylee

Hi Megan,

There is quite the post about hair removal elsewhere on LP. I have had limited success with the tria. I haven't really put in the time at this point, just getting to it again.

8 months later, the hair on the out side of my thighs is still not growing, and the inside of my calves. I did them 4 or 5 times on level 3 to 4. Other areas have only been done twice, and as such continues to grow.

I am however, very happy I purchased it.

Last years model suggests it not be used on the face in the instruction manual, so I can't say about that.

Good luck dear.,


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Guest meganrose

thx for inputs looks like it works pretty god on body BUT.....internet google, youtube videos... etc. seems to avoid talking about males faces or says don't do it because face hair is to dense. :/

so if im on hormones is my face male or female.. i would guess in time..female right?

so as a new mtf pre hormones. only option to go to a laser shop or electrolisi shop. :( bummer.

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  • Admin

Megan, for most people, facial hair doesn't change in density or thickness much, if at all, even after HRT. That's certainly been my experience. So yes, I wouldn't spend the money on that device if you intend it mostly for facial hair.

arolyn Marie

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Guest alissa16

I've been worried about how to control my facial hair..I do epilate the rest of my body but; I have a thick salt and

pepper beard..Besides the costs, which I cannot afford..the are no professional services within a 20 mile range.

So this is an important decision for me..Their (tria's) commercial video had sparked my intrest and is on my


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  • Forum Moderator

I wish i could say something different but as far as i've heard say your money. A laser can help with the pepper but the salt needs an electrologist. Unfortunately the do it yourself models don't really do the job.



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Guest Billi_G

I have personal experience with the Tria 4X. I have used it for 5 months and I will share my results and thoughts on this product:

Everybody wants their hair removed yesterday. My advice is to take whatever time frame you have in your head of how long it's going to take and multiply that times 4. It's a long and slow process no matter how you do it.

I bought the Tria laser 4X in November 2014. First of all Tria is NOT a laser. It's an IPL Intense Pulsed light. It shares the same frequency in the near infrared range of 910nm as 910nm lasers, but the distinction between IPL and laser is important. NOT because it's not effective. IPL is every bit as effective as Laser. How could it not be? Same wavelength, same power: produces same results. It's a safety issue. Physics speak: Laser is in phase, IPL is not. Layman speak: You know when you point a laser pointer in the sky and you see a beam? That's because the light beam is in sync with each other. It's in phase or concentrated in one direction. It allows energy packets in lasers to be delivered over long distances without losing power. IPL scatters very quickly when leaving the optical end of the instrument. So, IPL is safer in some respects. A direct shot to the eye from 12 inches will not deliver the same power as a laser. OK, physics lesson is over. Now to the practical results.

Does the Tria 4X remove hair? Absolutely it does. pressing the Tria directly to your skin delivers a good amount of energy on setting 5. You will feel it like a snap of a rubber band. If you don't feel it, you are probably not doing anything to remove hair in that area. You either have the setting too low or have blonde or light hair. I noticed about a 25% reduction of arm hair after the first treatment. This was encouraging, but don't get too excited. 3 weeks later it hardly seemed like any impact at all! Why? because hair grows in cycles. 3 to 6 week cycles. So that first treatment removed 25% of 1 of 3 to 6 cycles of hairs. reducing the real percentage to somewhere between 25% of 16% to 33% of my hairs. Does that make sense? Each time you do it, you are killing cells that produce hairs, but since only 1/6 to 1/3 of your hairs are actually in a growth cycle, the others will come back. 25% of those actually in the growth cycle never come back. It does work, but it can be frustrating and you may think you are getting no where. But you are. I do once a week for the last 5 months and I have about a 60% total real reduction in my arm hair. I plan on continuing to blast it.

For the face: Tria says you are not to use it on your face, but everyone knows that it is OK in Japan, Europe and Canada. My opinion? It's a legal thing that they don't allow it in the US. And there is considerable more risk putting this instrument on your face which is close to your eyes. You may think it's just a home product, but it carries a punch. BE CAREFUL if you do use it on your face. Never around your eyes. Personally, I use it mainly just below my chin and all my neck. I have been doing electrolysis to augment this for my face in other areas. My opinion of why they don't recommend it: IT HURTS LIKE HELL! hairs are very concentrated on the beard. I noticed an extreme difference between beard areas and areas of the body. I have hit my upper lip with about 4 treatments and it helps to weaken the hairs for electrolysis. That said, I have never been burned by the laser using it on my face even on the highest setting, but I can tell you even with a close shave it WILL HURT. I just can't duplicate the regimen of weekly blasts that I do on the rest of my body.

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Guest katie ann flowers

Hi everone. I purchased the first generation tria around 08 or 09. I used it reliously as instructed for about 3 months and saw no improvement. So I decided to over use it for about 2 months and still saw no results. In desperation for any sign that it might work I used it to the point of burning my skin. I had hoped that after the healing there would be no regrowth but the hair continued to grow at a normal rate. I tried this on all parts of my body including my face and after about a year I finally gave up. I paid $450 for this so I could not justify buying a newer version when they came out. I hope this helps and if anyone wants to buy one I know where to get an old, very well used model. LOL!!! Best wishes, Katie

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Guest alexaz


They are now saying its ok to use things like this on your face BUT...NOT above your cheek bone and NOT on your lips as they are darker than your skin and this light works on dark things and might burn your lips. YIKES !!!!

Just what I read lately while looking into the Tria and the Silk n flash

BTW silk n flash is cheaper and I think it does the same thing but Im not a scientist so dont ask me.

alexaz < searching for the holy grail of hair removal

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    • Confused90
      See at this point idk what’s real feelings and what’s my ocd getting to me. I can say I found out I have feelings for my coworker who is a guy(amab and straight). When I think of him and wanting to be happy… it brings me to tears 
    • KathyLauren
      Sorry to hear that.  Take some allergy meds.   I had the same experience when my brothers and I were cleaning out our father's house.  He hadn't cleaned since his wife died 9 years earlier.  This was long before covid so I didn't have a mask handy.  Fortunately, his neighbour was a nurse and gave me a mask to wear.  Definitely mask up if you have to go back there.
    • April Marie
      Well, just when I thought I'd turned a corner....the bus hits me.   I've been working with an aging aunt and uncle for almost two years. My uncle was in memory care nursing and passed away last October. My aunt was in and out of the hospital, rehab and her apartment for most of that time. I finally convinced her that she needed to be in skilled nursing and moved her to a facility close to us.   Since then I've been working to get her apartment cleared, cleaned and transition her to Medicaid.    I've spent the last two days at her apartment - a 1.5 hour drive each way - having it cleared and then cleaning it. SHe just wasn't able to clean for herself and the apartment was filled with dust and grime. Last night, after breathing it all in all dal I think I set off an allergy and I have been sick as a dog. Sore throat, congestion, tired, I've slept almost all day and, as my wife has told me several times, I look like hell.   This is really the first I've sat with my Surface all day...and I'm in bed.   Tuesday, I drive back down to have the final inspection and turn in the keys.   Our puppy is now 14 weeks and almost 30 pounds. She had a vet visit on Thursday for her distemper booster and the vet said she is "perfect." She's totally house trained and on her way out of the Velociraptor phase. What a doll she is.   Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!
    • April Marie
      This is such wonderful news for you both from being able to start on testosterone and for your parents hearing and supporting you. Good luck and keep in touch!! We're here if you need us.
    • April Marie
      That is an awesome shirt @Ivy
    • Mmindy
      That’s fantastic news and just as @Vidanjalipoints out there are two great realizations in your post. Acceptance by your parents and starting HRT soon.    Congratulates and enjoy the ride.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      Looks great @Ivy
    • Ivy
      My daughter sent me this t-shirt.  So I wore it to our local Pride Picnic.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Wonderful news, hon.  I'm very happy for you.  You will make great progress very soon.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Willow
      Glad you are going to a Pride picnic.  I never know in advance what I am going to get to do.  And by the time I do know it’s too late to sign up.  Working is the pits but I am making progress towards being able to quit once and for all, again.  I just don’t know what I’ll be able to do after I’m no longer working because I had to give up all the things I liked to do.   the only way I get a particular day off is to schedule way in advance such as my doctors appointments and church things.  Which reminds me I have some future events I need to put on my need off schedule for October and January.     het @Mmindy just a little play humor there.  Our dog is getting older but as a puppy she was all but housebroken when we picked her up. Just needed to learn a new environment and we had to learn her puppy signals.  We put in an underground fence and she learned to recognize the warning without getting zapped.  When we took her to obedience school she was a quick learner for all but the reason we took her, don’t jump up on people. Learned to Use a bell.  Learned to open lever doors to go out and in.  Still doesn’t like going out in the rain.  Taught us how to interact with her sign language.  And has been a very smart dog.  Her sister is still kept in a cage when no one is home.  Sweetie doesn’t even have one.   best dog ever but will be our last dog when her life ends.  Best to end being dog parents with your best dog.  And yes she is a family member, not a pet.   Willow
    • Betty K
      That’s fantastic news! I know this can be such a hard situation, but it sounds as though you dealt with it brilliantly. Congratulations, and much respect to your parents for listening.
    • Vidanjali
      @hormonedifficientin2ways congratulations! Perhaps it's hard to say which is most affirming, getting to start T or having had your parents finally validate you. Two different realms of euphoria. Best wishes. 
    • Mmindy
      That’s fantastic! 🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🌈   🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Ivy
      We're having our 2nd annual Pride Picnic today!
    • Mmindy
      @Willow since my wife and I drink different coffee blends, and the puppy gets me up way earlier than I had become accustomed to in retirement. He and I are up and sharing the morning alone, because the wife still sleeps in.    Parker had the last of his puppy vaccinations and wellness check up yesterday weighing in at 24.2 pounds at 13 weeks old. He’s responding well to training and is mostly potty trained. We’re using the sleigh bell method for marking the door to get outside, and waiting for him to bark at the door before letting him in. He understands not to rush the door or gate when we’re moving through them.    Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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