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I'm mostly bald, is there any hope for me?


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I've been gradually going bald since my early 20's, I gave up on rogaine early on, and I'm 30 now. I'm mostly bald, I have evenly spread sparse thin hairs around my scalp, but It's mostly baldness. Is there anything for me available, or am I doomed to wigs?

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Surgery but it can be be expensive i have a pronounced widowspeak and I was quoted 6500.

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I can't say if you will ever have "enough" hair. I do object to the word "doomed". I shave the few hairs that T left me and figured early on that i'd use wigs. Many women do. Actually there are more than you would think. I wear one all day every day and it is no different now than putting my panties on and almost as comfortable(but not quite).



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  • Admin

We have two people on the Mod/Admin staff here that do not see wigs as "doom" but rather as a different way to express the best side of their Authentic Selves. I will let them Out themselves on that one, but will also say that I have several Trans* woman friends IRL that are bald as the proverbial egg and they have a blast with their wigs and how it helps them to be themselves, not just for head covering, but for ease in fashion choices.

If you are going to go on HRT, there may be some recovery at your age that will not happen later, but if it is as bad as you describe, I do not really have any good news for you.

I have 90% of my own hair, but on HRT, it became baby fine, and is the only straight part abour me. The hair in my avatar is one of my favorite wigs. The picture is from before I went full time.

PS- I notice that one of the people I referred to in paragraph 1 has checked in on this as I was typing this out.

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Yeah, I know "doomed" is hyperbolic. I guess I just want my hair to feel apart of me, but I guess it can with wigs, in time.

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I still wear wigs from time to time and it is fun these days. My suggestion is to get a very good synthetic wig and in time it will feel part of your body.

A friend of mine with the most gorgeous hair, actually has a wig that is a combination of human hair and synthetic fiber and while she paid a ton for it, she has worn it for 5 years and gets positive attention. She actually had a duplicate of it made for her and wears them in a cycle.

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Guest LesleyAnne

I'm in the same boat.....I am bald all the way back to the crown of my head, so no bangs for me. I know the likelihood of getting a full head of hair is only through a hair transplant which as noted above is expensive, and not an instant fix.

I too wear a wig when not asleep, and one advantage to a wig is that in winter it keeps my head warm :hairpull:.

BTW there are wigs available that you glue on and can wear for a week or so at a time, and wash your hair, style, and swim, however I think as would be expected they are expensive.

Don't feel bad, I have a couple of cis-women in the family that have alopecia, and have to wear wigs full time.

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Even ignoring the expense, can transplants really cover your whole scalp? Regardless, wigs are okay, it's just I feel like I wouldn't be able to really wear them when I exercise, and they often cause me to sweat when I'm in a warm room, or it's hot outside.

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Guest Kaylee

I had seriously concidered hair transplant late last year. The quote I got was a huge sum, and I was told that it would never be as full as I wanted it. I was very very thin on top... and felt pretty hopeless about it too.

After talking to a friend about a trans-woman friend,, and doing some research, I decided to wait, and see what a combination of less expensive things would do.

I had some success with rogain and a microneedle roller prior to HRT (you can find some threads here on LP), but it was limited.

Being on spiro, and in addition a low dose of finisteride, plus the rogain and microneedle roller... I'm personally getting very good results. I'm filling in all over, and even in the front of my hair line. Every week it has noticeably moved forward. (A word of warning though, it can wreck havoc on your scalp, a price I'm willing to temporarily pay.)

I'm not convinced my worries are over, and believe I will probably need hair restoration to fill in a few gaps. In 6 months though, I have certainly saved myself quite a bit of money when I finally do go for it.

For me, it was very important. I always had long hair before it started thinning, always made me feel sexy.

Point is... No... you're not "doomed", and you do have options :)



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  • Admin

Two of my friends who are more athletic and hair challenged in a couple of ways. one wears scarves or bandana's sometimes with a cooling cloth or pack inside of it. The other one is a hat fanatic with about 16 different hats, that all have ventilation that works fine. There is also a semi-wig billed as Hat Hair that is open top, and that you put a hat on so it looks like your hair under the hat, it is cool if the hat is.

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Wigs are fun, though they can be itchy. I do have a receding hairline, so for me, I plan on purchasing the bang piece that connects at the crown and 'swoops' down the forehead (swoop bang). Now for full coverage and a very realistic look, I recommend getting a lace front wig. The lace front wigs have a sheer netting that is glued to the skin that gives a very natural hairline appearance. They last for several months! Whether its a fullcap wig or a lacefront, I highly recommend for saving for a human hair wig as they can reach up to the thousands! - human hair can be styled, washed, hot tool friendly (Flat iron, hot rollers), and can even be colored. Synthetic hair is great if you are on a budget and part-time like me.... but your only set with one style that can not be modified. Hope this helps if you decide going to the wig route!


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My gallery has a couple of albums where I show off some of my OTC Hair items that I have tried over the years with success, and one is a how-to on putting on hair pieces. My album shows me as I came along to wearing my own hair on a regular basis. In a couple fo them I was actually very cute!!



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Guest Razilee

I'm expecting expecting my first human hair wig soon. I hope I'm not expecting too much. It feeling part of me would be very nice. I know many women of all kinds wear wigs, some obviously so and think of it as expressing themselves.

Also on the path,

Love, :wub:


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      Hi @Willa,   So sorry about your last post with what your wife said. Yes remember your sister has great love for you!   Hugs, Chloe
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      Hello everyone and thank you for your replies! Audrey, it’s a pleasure to meet you I look forward to reading of your experience in the forums!   with all the other things that I told everyone about in my initial post I somehow forgot to mention that I have been put in touch with a tri-state trans gender support group and I have already had a phone call from the moderator of the group. That put a bit of a sparkle in my eyes!   The not so good news is that I have found out what I accept you but I don’t approve I said by my wife means which oh really nothing. My realization of this came the other evening as I was washing the dishes and she approached me and in an almost lighthearted manner told me about the new nominee for assistant secretary of health home she characterized as a homely Man with long hair.  She indicated by CVS that she thought that hole of a trans women were also ma’am and that I can foods me. So she made herself clear later by saying you were a man and one of these days she will wake up from this fantasy and behave like a man. I thought we had gained some ground but I guess I was mistaken. Why the gift of clothes I don’t know as it does not fit with her statement.   Please forgive me for spoiling the uplifting post I’ve earlier.   still got a love that sister of mine!   Take care and blessings to everyone. Willa   P.S. moderators, will you please watch out for any Siri dictation quirks? Thank you so much.
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