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New Glasses Need Opinions


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Hi all, I picked up new glasses last Friday and I'm not sure if I like 'em vs. the ones I ordered on Zenni.  Any thoughts or preferences on which style?  Neither was expensive; I was just experimenting with some different styles.  One is kind of an oversized rectangular frame in black with an olive green color inside the frame.  The other is a more narrow rectangular frame in a dark ruby red with wider ear pieces and a floral scroll.  (Don't worry - you won't hurt my feelings either way.  Unfortunately, I've still got broad shoulders...)



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Here's a somewhat different view of each style.  I tried rounder styles and most of those didn't look good on me.  I also tried a more rounded, narrower rectangular style and while I liked them both my wife and the optician were shaking their heads no before either could get it out.



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The narrow one's are much more flattering to your face.  


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I am going to be a contrarian here and say that I think the larger ones are the more flattering. They make your face look a little more oval and de-emphasize your cheek bones which makes your face look softer. 

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After initially thinking that the narrower frames were better I changed my mind on looking further. Personally I have had a preference for smaller frames, but I wear glasses and do not like having to so tend to prefer less obvious frames. On you I think the larger frames give you a more relaxed look. Pretty much as Vicky says.

That said - On a futher look the photos are a bit contradictory to me :unsure: I must admit that when I bought my last pair they were buy one get one half price so I ended up getting both so avoiding to choose.

It is making me think. I will check mine as I have several pairs now from small to large. I need to look in the new light. Your photos and question have been very helpful Briana :)


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Thank you so much for your input everyone.  Yes...I'm one of those people that makes the staff cringe when it comes to picking glasses.  (For other reasons I'm sure of too...bahahaha)  If it's just me it's hours of, "what do you think...oh I don't know...I'm not sure...let me see those.."  When my wife is with me, after a short while and much eye rolling my wife just says, "giver her that pair" and out we got in a flurry with me saying, "what just happened???"

We both also go a pair off of Zenni.  I believe it was the lovely Miss Jani that recommended it to me so thank you!!  Maybe someone else did too but I'll have to apologize, I can't remember.  It was actually pretty easy.  We created a an account on Zenni.  Actually read and followed the instructions.  ;-)  We entered our glasses prescriptions we got from our eye doctor along with our pupil distances that we had to measure ourselves.  Then we just snapped a few very square face forward straight on pics, cropped them, and uploaded them to our account. 

From there we narrowed down our searches and started 'trying on' the glasses we choose to compare.  It's a little hokey and not perfect but in the end it worked just fine.  Her's are really cute and for a back-up pair, they are really nice.  I'm noticing that she's wearing them more than her original pair when she does wear glasses. 

Our total cost for two pair...under $60 with shipping.  Her's were basic lenses with some nicer frames - right around $20 total.  Mine were actually less but I did the matte coating and blue-blocker on the lenses.  I think they totaled $25ish.   No one is going to mistake them for Coach or Versace, but they look and work just fine.

Also, seems like a good place to get prescription sunglasses if you need some.  I think most any frame they have can be made into sunglasses plus they have many that they suggest as sunglasses.

Again, thank you everyone!

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Tough call, Briana,

The narrower glasses look great, they are definately the better looking pair in my opinion. But what Vicki said about how flattering the bigger ones are to your facial features is right too. But they look older style to me. Of course, I've never been a fashion guru. The truth is, you look great in both of them!?


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf?

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I'd go with the smaller ones. But that is a personal choice that I make everytime. Granted last time I had the store clerk looking at me wierd as I chose something a bit more feminine and she tried to convince me to buy ones that were blocky, industrial and manly looking (a month before transitioning). I laughed internally, and chose the pair I have now which are somewhere in between. They are those transition lenses so I do not have separate sun glasses.

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On Monday, January 09, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Jani423 said:

The narrow one's are much more flattering to your face.  


I agree with that thought.  Still, they both look great.

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The more narrow ones make you look more like a savvy professional, the other ones make you seem sort of nerdy. ;)

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      I spent 6 weeks in Nepal and had to bind for the entire time. It was horrible. Especially as I stupidly decided to go when it was the hottest and most humid time of the year. I found that breathing from my stomach and diaphragm helped because I didn't have to expand my chest quite as much. Do you self bind or do you have a proper binder? 
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      Other than the subject of not having friends, my reference was mostly in reference to my previous life. I was basically a people pleaser, not specifically looking for friends. I couldn't acknowledge or accept my own self, my value. Once I finally recovered from a chronic case of cranialrectumitis a few years ago, well, my world changed. I am not willing to be anything/anyone but MYSELF, Hannah Renee. I have to make certain small concessions, on an occasional basis, regarding how I dress when I'm with our youngest (special needs, limited capability to understand).  My wife was extremely PO'd when she found out I was changing my name before the divorce was final - not intentional on my part, BTW. Well, she wanted the divorce, "go live your own life," and, dammit, that's what I'm doing. She doesn't have to like it, nor does anyone else.   I've posted updates and a couple of recent photos on a website that allows connections with high school classmates from half a century ago. Getting a lot more visits in the last month than in all the previous 18 months. My father was a prominent member of the community, and though he is long gone, and would be very much against what I'm doing, I'm damn proud of who I am - Hannah, day in and day out - and I'm proclaiming it to my world.

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