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Scientific articles, studies and reports needed


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I have written about the situation in my country (Bulgaria), where the Constitutional Court erased us with one inadequate and not objective decision. A Court decision that was dictated by the nazi and religious organizations.  

We won't be erased!!!

Our identity, self-consciousness and gender is not a joke it is our life, our core!


So I want to ask any of you, who is doing, following, archived any articles and researches, that proves that biological sex is not the main determination for gender, any scientific studies about our identity, even other HRT, trans related studies and articles, please share! 


You can send me links here.


Thank you very much! ?


P.S. As more they are actual, the better they would be! 


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Carolyn Marie

Hello, Shelly.  That is a big ask, as there have been many studies on the biology and physiology of transgender identity and its causes.  I do not, however, believe that there is any one or two studies that prove the physical causes of transgenderism beyond doubt.  From my reading of the subject, there may very well be multiple causes.


That said, I did a quick Google search of articles and came up with the results below:




This will at least get you started on your search.  I'm certain that other members and staff have their favorite research studies and articles that they will share.  We're happy to help.  But please be aware that regardless of how many scientific studies we, as a community, share with those in power, it will not change many minds that have been calcified and closed, because, sadly, there are not enough people in power who understand and appreciate science, and dismiss findings they don't find helpful to their cause.  That is true in America, and will be true in Bulgaria, too.  Dogma, religion and political needs will trump (pardon the pun) science every time.


Best of luck.


Carolyn Marie

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Hi Shelly,


I also recommend the book "Being Transgender, What You Should Know", by Thomas E. Bevan, PhD. It addresses the biological factors and science in a language a non-scientist can understand. She argues that being transgender is determined by inherited DNA. The author is also known as Dana Jennett Bevan, a transgender woman, who has worked with the USA government, including the department of defense.


Best wishes,



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The first link is one of the better ones. There’s other articles about the topic of genes and fetal development that determine whether or not someone is transgender. I can’t locate the link I had of a more in depth look at this but there is a definite connection between the development of the brain and gender expression. The article also showed that a specific medical practice in the late 60s and early 70s was contributing to the development of transgender brains. This was the use of injected estrogen in the mother to help prevent miscarriage. My mother went through miscarriages twice that I know of and more than likely was administered estrogen during my development. I suspect that she had a miscarriage before I was conceived. She also had one before my sister. Anyway this artificially induced estrogen flood was very likely the reason my brain became female after my sex was already developed as male. My mother thought she was going to have a girl but they had to hurriedly come up with a boys name because they were not planning on having a boy. She chose John but was quickly vetoed by my father. I think she said that she had picked out Mary as a girl’s name but I’m not 100% sure.

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  • 9 months later...

Thank you, very much!


I will check all the links and recommendation and every future one as well!!! 


Sorry, for the late reply but I had some issues to deal with, so I wasn't able to enter the forum.


Thank you, once again! :)

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I found this to be a rather interesting article as it clearly points to how environmental contaminants can affect genes and even alter DNA. I feel that having been exposed to excessive amounts of Agent Orange with it's heavy concentrations of Dioxin during the VN War, affected my internal mechanisms which made me all the more prone to transitioning, something I never would have considered prior to that. Both my sons were born with birth defects which says something for my theory. Take note of item number 7 in the article.


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      I have struggled for 68 years - been through a sorts of therapy - suffered and denied - didn't want to accept - was born at a time when transition totally frowned upon - too afraid to admit my root cause problem - finally with the problem ALWAYS roaring back - I told my doctor then my wife - found a gender specialist who recommended a health care LGBTQ+ organization and I went for supervised HRT. I was determined that THIS I go until I found answers and happiness. For me this IS the path I denied far too long but now am happy I took it.   What was your way to finally accepting who you are and do you find you are happy you did?
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      Good morning everyone,   That's great Liz.   I slept in today, and just now sipping coffee as the birds are on their second round of feeding this morning. Redwing Blackbirds are back the two pairs of Bluebirds are still visiting the mealworm feeder. No other new birds have been noticed.    My Suzie is more comfortable talking about my transition with me now that she can also bounce ideas, and heart ache to her sister and brother-in-law.  We're still living like roommates for now and I hope she able to be closer physically as time passes.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
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      I may not have had low T for years, but my body hair is black n thick. When it grows or I see some it sets something off in me, like ants walking over my body and it makes feel dirty and itch.  Arms are weekly, legs weekly, belly and chest is every two days (it is very sparse now though, but black). Face is daily. Eyebrows are getting easier though, as they're going white lol.
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      Nah, I've seen cis-women who do that before. usually because their hair is especially dark. I've heard it's a thing in some Eastern cultures as well because, well, sometimes we get hair where we don't want it.   Hugs!
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      That gave a me a smile Liz.  That just the sort of thing i would say. I like your supervisor 🙂
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      Sorry, I just broke out laughing. That's awesome Jackie.
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      Getting rid of Mr. Catheter was glorious. Well, not the removal part, that sucked, but afterwards (and not having to navigate the world with a catheter bag) was lovely. May the days pass swiftly until you can kick him out of your life!   Hugs!
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      Congratulations @ElizabethStar! I'm glad your wife is onboard. Also that the wall gets to be trans-flag colors. I think our flag is pretty too.   Oddly enough, my spouse and I had the same conversation last night. I was bawling at the end of Wandavision. My wife was dry-eyed. Well, somebody had to be the girl.    Hugs!
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      Wonderful news Elizabeth! The role reversal comment your wife made sounds like some my wife has made.   Delcina
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      Thanks, girls! I just got home from the hospital today. More like a smashed up cactus than roses, but we’re getting there! This week’s goal is to become friends with my catheter—my first boyfriend! Well, not really my first, but he’ll be in me all week, and I’m fighting the urge of just yanking him out. I go back to the hospital in a week to have him removed from my life permanently. I’ll have to reread that peeing thread then. Thanks again, everyone! It was nice having a place to moan when the going was tough! Kisses!    
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      OMG I love this, thank you for sharing that bit of information it made my day....   Rachel
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      Jamie, i know it took my wife and family what seemed forever to get my name and pronouns correctly.  Give her time and appreciate any effort.  It's hard for everybody. We are getting what may be the last flops of sap for the year and since we have a great deal of ice I'm looking forward to a long boil and a lot more maple syrup to end the season with.  It has been a funny year with a great early start followed by a long deep freeze.  Soon the remaining snow will melt and spring will come.  Yea!   Hugs,   Charlize
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