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Neuroscientist Will Study Links B/T TG Braisn & Gender Identity

Carolyn Marie

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An interesting subject. Probably a lifetimes work there!



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Maid In Bedlam

As Far as Transexuality goes there have already been many studys on the brain diffrences.


Its been proved that brains reflet more to the gender they feel more phychlogical attached to


The human brain is a very complex but men have roughly 6.5 times More grey matter than woman. Woman 10 times more white matter than men. In the brain of the Transsexual the White matter reflets the white of born female. Its already been done. even pre hormones.  To the point where they took the brains of the deceased and examined them transsexuals and non Transsexuals repspectivly and results showed this also.


Well good luck to him if he finds something new.


However I would be cautious of a cure so to speak. If there is such a thing.  The only cure i know is what is avaliable now. Which isnt a cure but controls the symptoms. (Thats my take on it)


To put that in perspective. I do not feel the symptoms now. However tommrow if i decided to go back to trying  to live as a man I could be damm sure within a week all my symptoms of gender dysphoria  would be back.



“Research has tended to ignore that ambiguous area, which is reflected in nonbinary or gender nonconforming populations,” Vanhoecke said. “This idea of binary health care, that you’re either male or female, it’s only in the last few years that researchers are starting to say that’s just not true.”


I think and there are 2 sides to every story. He is trying to find proof that it is not just male and female brains but more diffrences than have already been established.





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I've often wondered why my mental landscape seemed to be so different than those around me, that I was more closely aligned with females (since before kindergarten) than the males I was "supposed" to be one of.

Perhaps my brain is one of those that someone will study post-mortem.

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      Jackie, I bet she thinks its not fair, she may have owned the equipment all her life, but you girl, have learned how to make it purr. She basically has to learn someone else's from start. Having one and knowing what pleases you is a long way to knowing how to please the same equipment on someone else. lol. I bet she knows the ins and outs of YOUR old equipment. lol
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      I feel less left out then. That would have been awesome. I'd probably pick up some vital makeup skills I've been lacking too. That would have been FANTASTIC to do with Jen. Even though she didn't come out until her late 20s, I know she'd been dressing at home since she was small. Ah, opportunities lost. Makes more sense why we were best friends in junior high though.   Though I did have a 20-something player in my game last year come to the game in costume more than once.   Also I've been to cons so the idea of dressing up for the game isn't THAT weird. Heck, I wear my horns when I'm GMing in person. It helps establish dominance. 🦊   Hugs!
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      Um, sweetie? I've been with exactly two women. One of them was just one time. One of them is my wife. I turn 51 in... let's see... 22 days so your experience isn't that unusual I don't think. At least I don't FEEL like a freak.   I'm teaching my spouse (slowly and gently) to give me an O with the new hardware. Heck, I had to figure out how to do it for myself first. For both of us now that I think about it. I mean I had to figure out how her hardware worked without an instruction manual and she didn't really know either. Fortunately if you approach the problem with enthusiasm and a "can-do" attitude, solutions present themselves.    Hugs!
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      @Jandi I don't have a partner. I never dated hardly at all. I don't want to sound pathetic, but I've only ever been with two people, a girl and a guy once each. So this girl has no experience with getting the O with anyone else. I'm hoping that changes now that I can feel more free to be who I am. I'm still basically still a virgin, speaking of, anyone know if they are making the sequel to the 40 year old virgin. I will be available to play the 52 year old virgin.. lol   Anyway, i am lacking in a partner right now, I am hoping that it's different with someone else as it is solo.   And no! I'm not making a joke. 2 people in the 52 years. Yes I know, pathetic.. lol
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      Oh that would have been awesome. My group never did costumes though except maybe Halloween. I feel like I missed out.   Hugs!
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      Jackie, Yes Rangers were, but my brother got Dragon magizine and when they did a thing on the ranger class, I was in love.   And yes, a lot of my allowed dressing up was during D&D. My brother never understood why I picked a female and I constantly got the "People will think you're gay if you play a girl!" talk, but it felt right and I didn't know why. Now I know, but back then, it was as close as I got to being who I was.. lol   Thinking about it now, I was in therapy before I was in therapy.. lol
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      Yes close. Well I must go for now hugs to everyone. Hope to talk soon. 
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      A nurse has your purse and is locking it up with your other belongings.  We'll get it for you when we're finished.  Please try to stay calm. 
    • Jani
      Great.  The future is what we make of it.  I'm trying to get all I can!!
    • nympheanelumbo
      Put Your Records On by Corinne, definitely a transfemine song about a girl in the middle of figuring herself out post-coming out to her family. So, I hold this song close to me.  
    • Jackie C.
      I don't know, that's 6.5 to 7 hours for me. 😉   Hugs!
    • Linda Marie
      Where is my phone!!!!! I can't go in there with out my phone! Understand?  Oh, be careful with my shoes....  
    • Jani
      Me too!!  I would skulk around the 5th floor where biology and medical books were.  I don't recall what I found as it was eons ago.     I was saddened just to read the story headline.  It must have been so hard back then.  In contrast we have it easy now.  I have deep respect for those who went before us.   
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