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Anyone is male addicted to high heels like me?


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I am male who loves high heels since young, seeing ladies putting their feet on it, beautify the shape of the feet and leg, it is extremely seducing. One day a thought come into my mind: how about me testing to put it on? Then here it starts my journey with high heels, couldn't resist wearing them every single day, when I am alone, of course. I wear them bathing, I wear them sleeping, and occasionally, I wear them doing housework. And now, I even breakthrough by wearing them out, at night, alone, on the road, or even offroad ( with stones and rocks, it is really hard to walk, I even broke some heels on it). 

Does this called crossdresser? And is there anyone like me? Or I am the only one like this?









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There were certainly times when i have wore heels.  Now i wear flats as part of life.  The fantasies have long passed.

I never wore them cross country.  A few steps across a lawn was enough for me.





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I must admit i dont really see the fasination. For wearing in that terrain a decent pair of Doccy martins or such like. Even some Army surplus.


But whatever floats your boat.


I have to wear them on occasion for work. I dread it.  However once you get over the discomfort they are ok. However i would rather wear flats or such like any day of the week.

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Never saw the appeal either. I'm tall enough in boot heels... I love my boots.


I'm mad jealous of your small feet though. I've got to buy my things from the Sasquatch aisle.

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19 hours ago, woailuo123 said:

And is there anyone like me? Or I am the only one like this?

The short answer is "Yes!"  There are others that have this proclivity.  Not all of them post here regularly so if no one comes forward in this thread, it doesn't necessarily mean you're alone.  It's a very personal thing for some...and others?...not so much. 


I met my long time roomie back in the 80's.  He loved shoes...a lot!  I had no idea how much until we actually moved in together.  He took the master bedroom with a huge closet.  He had dozens of boxes of shoes & boots.  The closet was completely filled.  Most of them were high heels and stilettos.  He would go shopping for shoes at least twice a month and he always found a few great deals.  A few of his other close friends enjoyed heels as much as he did.  I don't know if he or his friends adventured out anywhere as interesting as you have ventured with their shoes but the fascination with wearing them was very intense.  The only thing I regret is not being his shoe size.  He really knew how to shop and very good taste in shoes.


So rest assured, somewhere out there, you have some company in this interest.


It's a pleasure to meet you and thanks for sharing!

Susan R?

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I like heels but they have to be the correct angle. Neither too high nor too low. I’m not sure why that is. I’m actually more comfortable walking on my toes. It’s not really because it’s a fetish or anything, it just feels more natural. I don’t get to show them off very much because I still don’t have a complete wardrobe to go with them but when I’m wearing them I do have a lot of confidence that I don’t have in more unisex clothing. I definitely wouldn’t wear them in the mud though. There’s better shoes for that sort of thing. 

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I’m not really sure where I stand on heels, sorry for the pun. At 6’2” and requiring a size 13 or 14 wide heel, I have yet to find a pair that will work. I don’t want to order online, as I’d rather try them on first, but I may have no choice. 

That being said, I really do want some heels and heeled boots/booties. 

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  • Admin

The conditions I see you wearing them in are highly hazardous and an wreck shoes as well as bone, skin and muscle.  I wear shoes safely and sensibly and keep my first aid skills up to date for those who do not do it that way, and the fact I have had to use those skills is a clue that others do wear then in unsafe environments.  When all good sense goes out the window, it is a fetish and not simple Cross Dressing.

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On 11/16/2019 at 5:16 PM, Jackie C. said:

Never saw the appeal either. I'm tall enough in boot heels... I love my boots.


I'm mad jealous of your small feet though. I've got to buy my things from the Sasquatch aisle.

LOL...I'm only UK size 10 but I know what you mean.

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On 11/16/2019 at 5:16 PM, Jackie C. said:

Never saw the appeal either. I'm tall enough in boot heels... I love my boots.


I'm mad jealous of your small feet though. I've got to buy my things from the Sasquatch aisle.

LOL...I'm only UK size 10 but I know what you mean

I only have 2 pairs of shoes, my first was a pair of Ballet pumps flat and my second pair is a Block kitty heel.



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18 hours ago, Wilma R said:

LOL...I'm only UK size 10 but I know what you mean.


Let's see... A UK size 10 is a US women's size 12... Yeah, I can't wear those shoes either. 😜


Now I want to go shoe shopping.



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The O.P hasn't been on in a long time so not sure he will ever see this but yes, there are plenty of men who love high heels. The question can go a little deeper and venture into either a form of CD or a fetish. Both pretty prevalent.  Personally I love heels even if they are tough on me. What's even more tough is seeing these pics of you destroying those gorgeous shoes. lol 

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4 hours ago, Jackie C. said:


Let's see... A UK size 10 is a US women's size 12... Yeah, I can't wear those shoes either. 😜


Now I want to go shoe shopping.



lol....I know what you mean, really want some open toed sandals now.

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I'm transfeminine so here's my perspective. For a number of years, I liked high heels assuming they had a sturdy heel to walk in. It was nice for other women to wear them, and it was nice for me to wear them and walk in them, too. But lately I've become a little sensitive about my height so I always gravitate to flat sandals and other kinds of shoes instead.

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I personally love heels, they make me feel really handsome. The only issue is I can't ever find them in my size lol (I'm an 8 in UK sizing and 11 in US sizing)

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i dont go out without some kind of heels

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My feets are kinda large also.  So it's not easy to find anything.  Just today I spent at least an hour searching for shoes big enough online - with limited success.  

I'm not really tall (5'10") so I suppose that's not a deal breaker.  TBH, I haven't tried anything much more than my inch and a half clogs, which I like a lot.

I don't have a thing for heals though.  I suppose thigh-high socks are my kink.  LOL.

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