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Appropriate Age for Gender Education


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The topic of educating children regarding gender has come up in my presence several times recently. The local school district educates children in 3rd grade that there is a difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation. From what I have heard (not verified) they suggest to the children that their own gender may not match their physical sex.


There have been a number of high profile detransitions in recent years, and apparently the rate keeps growing. I wonder if this has anything to do with the early education of children on the topic. For instance, it may be that some are not actually trans, but being too immature for such knowledge they transition as a teen out of confusion. While it definitely helps those who are trans, it may be detrimental to some who aren't. Such education is necessary so that it reduces society's fear, but it may be better to wait until high school, for instance.


I don't have enough education on the topic yet to draw a conclusion, but it would be interesting to hear others' thoughts on what age is appropriate to introduce this concept to children.

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3 hours ago, Belle said:


There have been a number of high profile detransitions in recent years


Actually, the rate of de-transition has dropped and continues to do so.  There has been increased publicity over the few who do de-transition however, and there on several stories here in the Forums on how the few have been handled to make them seem like more, and many Transphobic groups have been known to simply lie about the numbers.  The de-transitioners that happen are almost all older people who do so temporarily based on employment, family, and political environments that are too great for day to day life.  Only the tiniest number of them do not re-transition when their external circumstances change.  Part of the misinformation on de-transitioning is the fact that in older studies where there was a high level of desistance in children was because some studies did include children who did not meet the clinical definition of being Trans on a multi point definition.  Recent studies have made sure to include ONLY Trans children who conform to the DSM standards of having consistent and persistent Trans traits.  Those studies show that the children are as comfortable in their identified gender as Cis gender children their age are.  All of this is based on consultation with a Child Psychology professional applying professional standards of diagnosis. 


What children are being taught at early ages is to respect the identity of other children in their classes and to be happy as they find themselves to be.  A child is encouraged to express personal identity and many parts of growing up are made gender neutral in term of favorite play activities, participation in particular groups of playmates, reading preferences and the like, without being told that an activity is "just for  boys/girls, and you SHOULD play with boys/girls"  Sadly, the state of Texas has a bad track record on what is taught and what is forced onto children with some areas being wonderful and just the opposite a few miles away.  Books that teach gender and other diversities in the youngest grades do not teach sexual differences, just identity expression. 


There are numerous studies going back 10 years ago when I came out, and before that show that children know their gender identities as young as 3 years old and the identity is set by about 4.5 to 5 years old as most of us can agree.  This is for both Cis and Trans children, so a Cis child told about Trans children, and to love them and respect them as a friend is not going to be "lead astray" into being Trans or thinking they are.  It is the child convincing the parents and not the other way, except for the reason I mentioned above. 

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I have no idea what age you should educate anyone on gender.  It was always pounded into us in my youth.  All based on your birth sex.  Period.  You are what you are born to.  This was not right but its how it was in my youth and still is in many families. 

Teaching acceptance is very important I feel.  Teaching it in school even more so since that shows the child that everyone is learning it, and lets face it, as a species that has a "follow the pack" mentality, teaching the proper things can use this mentality very well.


I guess I have questions on how parents can deal with this since they were raised "the other way" and they can be stubborn about change and being progressive or whatever.  Lets not even get religion involved here.

But take that all away and think about how you would feel knowing your child was pleading about gender change and you did not understand what it even meant.  Even if you did know about it would you be so quick to just jump on the transition band wagon for them or would you need some metal health reassurances and doctors to "make sure" this was NOT just a phase? 

I of course would take the high road.  I have always been open minded and rightly so.  I would get my child whatever chances and opportunities to see professionals to help them figure it out and then decide what is what.  With the child not for the child.  But that's me.

I feel bad for the young folks here struggling with this with their families.  But I understand where the parents are coming from too.  Its a hard thing to deal with on both sides.

I often say I wish I would of transitioned back then.  But I now wonder if I would of been able to handle it or even could of done anything.  I feel my trials and tribulations of dealing with it over the course of 40+ years definitely made things more clear once I decided to transition.  I know the hurt and pain well. I know the confusing feelings and emotions.  I lived it.

I paid my dues sort to speak and though it is still a confusing thing at times I know what I want and what I need to do and sadly what I need give up to do it.  


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13 hours ago, Belle said:

There have been a number of high profile detransitions in recent years, and apparently the rate keeps growing.

I suppose it all matters what media source you follow.  I don't see this so much.  


From what I've read, many detransitions are due to misconceptions of what life will bring.  Transitioning will not solve life's problems for anyone.  Also some people seem to jump into this without proper counseling to help them understand that change they will go through.  Its easy to underestimate the impact to all aspects of your life.  While many view this as gatekeeping I think its critical to a successful transition.  


I think children can be taught about gender when they are at the age when they start asking questions.  They all develop differently.  Its also important to just answer the question at hand.  Children seem to ask about things that are on their mind without care about other deeper aspects.  If they want to know more they will ask another question.   

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On 12/23/2019 at 9:42 AM, Jani said:

I think children can be taught about gender when they are at the age when they start asking questions.

There is much truth to this. Much of society is divided into a female/male dichotomy, and children notice this fairly early in life.  My eldest son took ballet lessons at the age of four, and most of his (female) peers wore tutus, so we gladly bought him one when he asked.  It wasn't until he attended public school that he began to rethink his clothing choices, and that was because other children were questioning his mode of dress.  Now, he goes to school only rarely wearing the sparkly, colorful outfits he prefers.  Today, being off from school, he's wearing mint-colored leggings with a shirt to match (he has a flair for composing outfits).


I can't help but to think he would feel more free to express himself if chikldren were taught from day one to respect others, so I don't feel any age is too early.  

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On 12/22/2019 at 8:58 PM, Belle said:

The topic of educating children regarding gender has come up in my presence several times recently. The local school district educates children in 3rd grade that there is a difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation. From what I have heard (not verified) they suggest to the children that their own gender may not match their physical sex.



On 12/22/2019 at 11:41 PM, VickySGV said:


Actually, the rate of de-transition has dropped and continues to do so.  There has been increased publicity over the few who do de-transition however, and there on several stories here in the Forums on how the few have been handled to make them seem like more, and many Transphobic groups have been known to simply lie about the numbers.

Does either member have reference to any published data on #'s of de-transitioners  (demographics would be nice too!), data that both persons can agree on?


Also, I'm curious about a statement in the second quoted post.  Any idea how "...the few have been handled to make them seem more (i.e., other than just the outright lying claims).



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The problem with finding accurate statistics on 'detransitioning' is due to an unknown number who do so without any medical guidance.  In order to know accurate data one would require knowing how many transition and how many out of that number detransition.  We really do not know, and it would be very difficult to find out.  A big problem is how much detransitioning is politicized and used to affirm certain perspectives to deny our existence in the first place.  The media has a field day with the subject matter, too.  

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    • Marcie Jensen
      The congressman posting about it is Paul Gosar, a bit of a right wing loon. I used to be in his district here in Arizona, and found him to be, shall we say, unpalatable. He is not mainstream by any means, and it doesn't surprise me that he is involved in spreading this hate and paranoia. Gosar is a vile man, imho.   And, sadly, hate is often an expression of fear. In this case these folks fear what they don't understand or are willing to accept. Pity the puny minded knuckleheads, and as Carolyn said, watch your "six."
    • Jandi
      I heard about this while at a trans support group yesterday.  There was even a congressman posting about it.  Totally false. It's freaking insane what they'll do to attack us.   The worst thing is that people are ready to believe it.   Sometimes I get so depressed.     The only consolation is if I get killed, I'll go as a woman.  (although they'll probably deadname me)
    • Jandi
      I have family with those fancy set-the-time-grinds-brews, and is ready when you drag your butt out of bed. But for me, Folgers in my coffee-press works just fine.
    • miz miranda
    • Jackie C.
      My personal solution when I was pre-op was to use the toilets, but that's it. Nobody needs to see my bits. Especially if it might make somebody uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some private areas where I used to change where I could go to do what I needed to do. The last thing I would ever do is make one of my sisters uncomfortable on purpose.   I legit worry about pre-op trans men in bathrooms and changing rooms though. There's a certain flavor of toxic man... well, fill in the blanks. They tend to get worst in groups and egg each other on.   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree with you on most of what you said, @Dee Dee.  There is an understandable and rational basis behind the fears and reticence most cis-women have about sharing changing spaces with trans women.  Knowing that, I would never (being non-op) change in an open locker room even if, as in California, it is perfectly legal.  I have no desire to make anyone uncomfortable or fearful, whether or not I personally consider it rational.  Why force an issue you don't have to force?   Restrooms are another matter, because you're exposing nothing and threatening no one, and I would fight tooth and nail if anyone threatened my restroom access.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      The Boarding House had one hell of an explosion to get all those 👿 roomers 👿 flying.  Some of it is satire on the Texas leadership I have heard from elsewhere.  It is indeed gruesome satire if it is, but with time spent on the subject of Trans to get their voter bases eager to support them, ----------
    • MomTGDaughter
      Ny m2f daughter's hair is thick, she needs to have it pulled back because it will get in her eyes. I do it for her every morning, I clip it with a barrett, the upper part of her hair is clipped back, the bottom part just flows down her back. It looks cute and it's just keeps her hair from being very messy. It also pulls her hair from her ears so her earings can be seen. 
    • DeeDee
      I had a rather depressing, but very understandable discussion with my sister last night that revolved around transphobia.  We were talking about access to toilets and that evolved into communal changing areas at a local private gym. My sister admitted that she would be uncomfortable if she knew I, or some other pre-op transwoman was changing in the same place. She is a survivor of very physical and emotional abuse and attacks by men and she said that her reaction to seeing a male body part would be abject horror. She likened it to the reaction she would have if she saw a spider.   She also feels uncomfrotable with male children being herded into the changing areas with their mums, so admitted that a lot of this was her personal comfort levels.   Intellectually she knows that trans women are not a threat, and in fact, (because I told her) are just as worried about being attacked, and understood that statistically there is literally no grounds to support trans women as predators, let alone the fact that taking estrogen is tantamount to chemical castration - but she just wants to feel safe. I said, "so do I". The thing is, I also understand her perspective. When I went away with my lady friends I used the disabled loos at a rest stop on the way to the place, I worried about sharing a bed, and getting in and out of the hot tub with them, precisely because I am pre-op and I referred to having an outie rather than an innie, to make light of the very real issue that I did not want to put anyone into an uncomfortable situation.  For my friends it was a non issue and on the way home at the same rest stop I used the ladies room, along with all the other ladies and I did use all of those spaces as just another one of the girls. However, as we were talking about trans women entering womens spaces (and trans men using mens spaces) I also pointed out that legally, in order to become post op here - which is not something every trans woman can or will do, we are legally required to have lived for 2 years, full time and using womens spaces. Even if we did not want to we are legally required to do so.  I also know that the bulk of this safe space conversation centred around trans women and not trans men - though the issues for pre-op are still the same. At the end of our discussion I said that for me she was still transphobic. It boils down to the fact that while I see myself as a woman with too much testosterone, she still sees me as a man, using my male privelege to access the medical drugs and services I need (electrolysis and E patches) while women with hormone defficiencies and PCOS cant access the same services I am and have to fight for treatment. I never wanted, never felt like I earned, nor have I tried to take advantage of my male privielge, but I recognise I have had it, I have not dealt with the same levels of gendered abuse that she has suffered through. Even though she messages me as Dee most of the time, and has no issue going out with me dressed as Dee; it was hurtful, and eventually I fled through to my study after confirming that we still loved each other, just to not show how upset I had become.    We both know that realistically, even in a shared changing area no one would be likely to flash their bits and any predator would not go to the effort and pain of transitioning in order to abuse others. We both have fears about being attacked and just want to be safe when we are out, we both want to simply live our lives, and we both think that realistically non gendered facilities are the best compromise, but most importantly we both also agreed that the problem is not women, but men, and the freedom society has given them to act inappropriately without consequence, and that culture is what needs to change.   I am glad we had the conversation. I had already picked up on her reticence sometimes, while she does talk to me about things she would not have dreamed of doing before I announced I was trans. I do see my sister as someone with a genuine phobia, and not just someone who is bigotted and thinks I shouldn't exist. Hopefully over time she will find these things easier, but the whole point of phobias is that they are irrational and do not make logical sense, so part of me wonders if I will ever be woman enough for her or if I will always be her brother. I know it hurt because it's taken me almost a full day to get to the point of being able to try and write about it. I guess I want to know how do we get to a point where everyone feels safe?
    • Jackie C.
      I absolutely feel that. I've donated every thread of my boy clothes. Never liked them anyway.   Also hey mom! Nice to see that you're still with us!   Hugs!
    • MomTGDaughter
      I donate the last of my daughter's male clothes 9 months ago, she wanted to part with every piece of it and i don't blame her.  It just seems like once she transitioned, she did not want to go back. 
    • Jamie73
      They did a wonderful job making the doll actually look like Laverne Cox. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://pagesix.com/2022/05/25/laverne-cox-honored-as-first-transgender-barbie-doll/     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/nbc-out/out-news/trans-womans-photo-used-spread-baseless-online-theory-texas-shooter-rcna30511   I'm not the least surprised by this.  This is what conspiracy theorists do.  They're also spreading rumors that the shooter was an undocumented alien, which even the Texas governor said is false.    An issue that came to me after I first posted this is that these rumors add even more to our shared anxiety over violence.  There will certainly be at least a few deranged folks who hear these rumors, believe them, and may seek us out for collective "punishment" for the school shooting.  It is not a wild fantasy I'm spinning; the danger is real.  Watch your "six," folks.   Carolyn Marie
    • Vidanjali
      I saw "Theydies & Gentlethem" on a tee-shirt and just found it so delightful.   That's all. That's the whole post, lol.   P.S. Now if only there were a gender neutral version of "ma'am". OMG, I feel I've been ma'am'ed about a hundred fifty million times this week on the phone as I've been attending to a variety of medical appointments and issues...
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