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Looks Like It's Going to be a Long Cold Winter - the Squirrels are gearing up in my background - just saying


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😄 cute 


La Nina. That usually means colder and wetter here in the northern states, this fall and winter. 

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We have a few that look like that here, they are very active in our yard and trees right now. 


Upper 30's at night here this week, there is a nip in the air already...

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Looks like he's into Rage Metal!  I hope he doesn't play at night!!

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Carolyn Marie

Those buggers have been getting at my bird feeder for a couple of years.  I used to like them until they got so damned aggressive.  Now I spray them with water whenever they act up, but they're too dumb to learn from the experience.


Unfortunately, mine don't do photography or play the guitar.  They just annoy me.  😒


Carolyn Marie

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I had that problem too. Â My daughter turned me on to this "Flaming Squirrel" stuff. Â It worked pretty well for me.


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@Carolyn Marie I have that problem too.  I think once they get used to having seed they get bold.  


I have a dome piece on the pole.  The squirrels haven't been able to get around it.  



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We have one that just ate through the husk of a pumpkin and then proceeded to eat all of the meat from the inside.  When he was finished, our pumpkin looked like a cyclops with one big eye.  The squirrel has been back to the scene of the crime every day to take more and more of the pumpkin away.  No doubt he is stocking up for a long-cold winter. 

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Check out these wise guys in my backyard.....grrrrrr...


Squirrel Tries To Steal A Carved Pumpkin From Photographer's Backyard |  Funny animals, Animal pictures, Animals

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Shay, ours wasn't that talented.  Just a single hole initially.  I kept thinking he should have been more creative.

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Carolyn Marie

OMG, thank you all for the squirrel pics and stories!  Jandi, I was laughing out loud with that video.  Absolutely amazing and charming antics and I was so impressed with Mark Rober's skills and ingenuity.


My feeder also has a dome, and I took away most the squirrel's launch points, but they now launch from a tree about 6 ft. away, directly onto the platform base.  I've also tried commercial chemical sprays, but there are too many approaches to the back yard and they just jump over or around where I put the stuff.  So its basically get rid of the feeder or put up with the squirrels.  :dunno:   :damm:


Carolyn Marie

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3 hours ago, Carolyn Marie said:

I took away most the squirrel's launch points, but they now launch from a tree about 6 ft. away, directly onto the platform base.

I've moved my feeder several times as the nearby trees have grown.  I think I have it in a permanent spot now.  Its too far to jump too! 

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I have one hanging down from the roof on parachute cord.  I can lower it with a pulley to fill it.  It is by the kitchen window and quite a ways from the ground.  That Flaming Squirrel stuff discouraged the squirrels.  But one night I went into the kitchen and there was a raccoon hanging on the screen trying to get it.  It has to be over 10ft from the ground.  All I can figure is it climbed the conduit for the power and managed to get over to the window somehow.


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Where there is a will ... besides there being as lawyer (LOL) - there be squirrels....




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But - when all is said - it's at least fun to laugh at them



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    • Shay
      Really unappreciated GREAT band
    • Jandi
      They didn't specify which Denver?  LOL Hold on, it'll get there.
    • KymmieL
      Well just checked and yes they put it on a dead horse. Idiots at the USPS. They sent it through Denver. Due Friday. sent Monday. 5 days to go 45 miles. So from Cheyenne to Denver back to Cheyenne then to Laramie.   Wouldn't be surprised to check tomorrow and it is in Tulsa or still in Denver, NC.   Kymmie
    • Shay
    • Cyndee
      Nice song @Shay - lovely bass tone
    • Mx.Drago
      @Ellie Jean Right! Didn't wanna say more cuz I felt I pointed out my major nitpick and didn't wanna be excessive...been working on it. But then again, her having to read through all that content to make almost 90mins break down overview context edutainment vid, I can only imagine.   @Jandi I understood the warning and to me she honestly managed very well despite the touchiness of the subject. I only had 2 nitpicks, and the only one that got me the most was the one she reflected on while doing it. I never saw her other videos, and there be a thin line between comedy and concerning. Everybody got issues, but guess she drank too much to realize it didn't help her edutainment lesson. Don't drink and make video editing decisions, and also don't reference your own older videos poor choices when you already have doubts bout the acts necessity. She could have just sat there talking with the mannequin instead cuz the real person isn't there and that's the closest in my mind making that part work and probably would have been fun....Por Que?
    • Shay
      Good Song Cyndee - Listening to Rod Seagram interview Bill Payne at the time of The Last Record Album - I'm doubling back to my Little Feat - although after Lowell and Craig Fuller - loved the feel of this song - a Little Feat meets The Band and Lousiana Cajin ..............    
    • KymmieL
      I still have to learn this. Because most of the time i don't give 2 shites about myself.   Oh, yeah. My wife is a real gem. So get home from work last night. everything is normal, after her bath. She sits on the couch nodding off. like I said normal. after 11 my youngest comes home. He has this I had a bad day look. him: "Mom, didn't tell you?" me: Tell me what?"   So he proceeds to tell me on his way to work. probably not ten minutes after he left the store for a visit. Some lady pulls out in front of him. he winds up t-boning her. Luckily he had slammed on the brakes and the airbag didn't pop. He was shaken up. The truck is still drive-able. or should I say mine and my wife's truck. He is buying it from us. He has made 2 payments to my wife. I let that slide because she payed for it. She didn't have the courtesy to tell me our son was in an accident.   I didn't mention this in my post about what happened Sunday. They had used my laptop and had gone into my gmail account to get some paperwork. My gmail account is where I have all my job search and TG info going. I can't password protect this as my wife uses it for her Monday zoom meetings. OH, Well.   Still no E. I am going to check the VA web site and see if I can track it.   Kymmie
    • Cyndee
      just one of the grooviest from Steely Dan , lovely bass chords to open this one up, oh so '73 it's deep...   "Hello one and all Was it you I used to know Can't you hear me call On this old ham radio"      
    • KymmieL
      Shay, well said. I just have to do it, myself.   Kymmie
    • Jandi
      I retired before I realized who I was.   Since I worked for the city here, I sometimes meet former coworkers at festivals and such.   It can be a little weird.    I just tell them “I’ve been through some changes.”   LOL
    • Jandi
      Yeah, I know what you mean.   I had to work through this myself.  They do do a lot more than abortions though.  I was glad when I could move to the VA instead.    
    • Shay
    • Jandi
      She does have some issues admittedly.  But to be honest, so do I.    The mannequin is a reference back to an older video.    But like I said, she isn’t really safe.  It is YouTube after all.   
    • Shay
      As hard as it may be,  no matter how down on yourself or the world in general, even when you feel you are alone .... BELIEVE.... because you have the support of your fellow Tapers who love you and support.    I know it's easier said than done.... But.... I know if I and you BELIEVE we will make it.. TOGETHER.
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