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Red Shift

Kestrel McLoughlin

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Kestrel McLoughlin


TW: transphobia metaphors




I was once your chameleon
Each of you would need only speak a colour
And, like a coming sneeze, I couldn't help but become it


This would have been softer on me if you had a consolidated plot
A palette in mind at the outset
of friendly little blue-distanced life
But I learned for you people
To simultaneously follow all your expectations
Using science you don't even know of to combined filters of light


I became green for you -
The kind of green that florists disregard,
That is regarded as mere palette,
Agreeable to anything
irrelevant to colour coordination at weddings
because to the everyday eye it doesn't exist unless you're looking for it


I became beige
Not even for you but by you
The blandest of all colours,
Devoid even of the shine of white
The colour of Earth where it has gone dead
The colour of stone when it has been pulverized and blown chaotically flat
Life in beige places holds onto nourishment desperately
and with jealous violence
And that is what you seek for me


And I stilled myself, steeled myself,
As one of you sprayed sheen on the beige,
In an attempt at the worst colour ever produced in the 20th century:
Shiny beige
You, especially, are best represented by champagne
Boringness made artificially shiny
Through the mimicry of temporary bubliness
-expletive- champagne and -expletive- your champagne gift
Get away from my children with your champagne


I red-shifted away from this environment for one year
For one year I was a red neither cherry nor crimson
I mixed just enough pre-approved blue into it to turn it a little purple


Did you know scientists literally discovered a new shade of blue?
You want blue? I'll give you blue
It's real and it's wearable and it makes you look radioactive and it's glorious
You're welcome I'm blue


I tried
It's in my core conceits to be any colour I imagine
I can scare away predators made to fell lions
just by being a kind of beautiful you don't like
I've seen things
I could show you things
I could become things you didn't know your eyes could do


But you, daughter of champagne, you cheeky but respectful rosé,
Knew something deeper about me:
Something deeper in my programming
Aclimatizes me to my surroundings
Fades me into wherever I am
You know where the buttons are that do that
I showed you them one by one
I showed you where to touch me to invoke each hue
And you touched me


So you know
That my core function
Is to become what the world needs
And you are my world


But I remember the year
Your father tricked me into liking steak medium-rare
By cooking it for 10 seconds less each time
I will try for one year
To blue-shift towards you
But I may yet need to acclimatize you to me
As slowly as you need


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    • AwesomeClaire
      I'm interested to know the next 6 too.
    • AwesomeClaire
      I don't get many since I am not very active on social media, but the ones I do get I just block, they are a waste of time. Before COVID I went on a date with a guy, it wasn't a very good date and I think he was just interested in me being trans, so I told him I wasn't interested when he tried to follow up.
    • MomTGDaughter
      I probably have gone overboard with my support for her, but I want her to be truly a beautiful young lady and I think that is important.  If she looks like a girl and does things that girls do, more will take her seriously as a girl.   
    • Jackie C.
      I really like that. I need to find something similar, but that's more me. Maybe something with a praying mantis theme.   Hugs!
    • GraceH
      I'm worried about this aspect, but I think my partner and I will be fine.  There will be some ugly moments though!  Neither of us are bothered too much by those ugly moments, so that's a plus.  :)  We recover so fast from those bad moments, due to communication.  The uglyness is too easy, the honesty is hard.   --Grace--  
    • Jackie C.
      I personally just don't like the way it works on me. I mean bald women can be gorgeous (remember Alien Nation? Heck, remember Zahn from Farscape?), but I don't think it works for me.     See? Not a great look for me. My head is just... wrong.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      There could be SO many reasons that your son doesn't visit. How does he feel about you visiting him? I mean I practically lived with my grandparents (seriously, I was there more often than I was home), but that had more to do with my parents being up their own backsides than anything else. Your son could just not want to visit, but his wife is pressuring him to make sure that the grandkids see her parents. Without pressure to see the two of you he won't do the same. He could be staying away until you and your wife get your personal issues settled. He might just not want to bring his kids around your middle son. My suggestion would be to ask him. He's a guy, so he might not have even considered it.   It's his loss, but it would be a shame if it became your grandkid's loss too. Either way, it's out of your hands.   Well, that was darker than I thought it would be. Sorry about that. Puppies! Kittens! Unicorns! Rainbows! And most importantly...   Hugs!
    • KymmieL
      Cool, When can I move in? JK.   Had some water works yesterday afternoon. we were discussing well the wife was talking I was just Uh, Huh. most of the time. then she hit on a point that started it. My oldest has barely brought his family to our house. My grandson has been here maybe 3 times. while my granddaughter has never been to our house.   My wife reminded me that our oldest son doesn't like our home. the way it is kept maybe I don't know. Maybe because it is in a low income apts. Oh, He has gone to his in laws who live about 100 miles away. Stayed a week or so. never here. Heck, I think he wouldn't visit if we lived next door to his in laws.   My oldest is so much like my father. When we lived back in MI. he visited our home. maybe 5 times.   While our middle son has been here with his family plenty. Which I am so grateful.   Have a good day all, I will try.   Kymmie
    • Drayse
      Bald can be beautiful, if you embrace like you have. You look great, girl!
    • Maid In Bedlam
      I got one of those little bods in the top left corner. I to hang things from him. Small world huh?🙂
    • Confused1
      Hi SaraphimL, Welcome to TransPulse. It is so good to have support from friends and family. You will find support here as well.   Hugs, Mike
    • Willow
      Good morning    coffee was good today.  It’s my E shot day. I always look forward to that.    I have a dentist appointment today which is always fun.  Strained my back yesterday trying to start my pressure washer.  It would run. Eventually I broke the starter cord.  At least that didn’t happen when I was really giving it a hard pull.  I’m trying to “repair” three golf cart batteries.  I have three that are just fine and three that discharge rather quickly. I am running a repair cycle on a battery charger. High 70s here!  Finally winter is breaking its grip.   hugs to all   Willow  
    • SheenaT
      Welcome. I'm new too and feel welcomed.
    • Charlize
      Hi Tamsyn.  Indeed you are not alone.  just knowing that helped me.  We can support and understand each other as few are able to do.  Glad you've joined us.  As another bald person i've grown to enjoy my wigs.  Kinda like wearing a hat and warts and cosy in the winter.  Your picture is lovely without one!  Enjoy.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • lauraincolumbia
      This is so familiar!  If you had said nylons instead of tights, then I might have written this.
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