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Orchiectomy Curiosity


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I'm wondering for those that had an orchiectomy, did you just go thru any urologist? And did you decide to keep the skin or not? For those that did decide to keep it, what was that like?

What was life like after the orchiectomy? Did you later go on to have SRS? I have heard that if you wait too long after the procedure, it can cause issues with SRS.

I am undecided about SRS. I don't think I can do it.

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Q-1:  I'm in an HMO, so they asked around to see who had experience with an orchie, particularly for this purpose, and who would be willing to do it.  Apparently the ball bounced around a bit, and I ended up with someone wiling, but w/o experience with trans folk.  She did a good job, but I barely even talked to her beforehand.  It was "just a job."  She did a little extra to make the flap of skin left over very smooth, which caused it to be categorized as plastic surgery.  That cost the insurance company about $15,000 more than they should have paid.


Q-2:  So yeah, see above regarding the skin.


Q-3:  Not sure how to answer this one.  It wasn't a problem, and although she didn't discuss it with me before the surgery, i didn't mind the way it turned out.


Q-4:  Life was fine afterward.  I got rid of something(s) I hated and didn't need, it eliminated my need for T-blockers, and it makes me look a LOT nicer in a pair of skinny jeans.  :)


Q-5:  No more surgeries for me, thank you.


SRS/GCS is a very personal decision.  For some it is a no-brainer.  For others, it can be traumatic or even dangerous, or can dissolve a marriage.  Lots to consider.  Lots at stake.  Good luck!


Carolyn Marie

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      Cool, When can I move in? JK.   Had some water works yesterday afternoon. we were discussing well the wife was talking I was just Uh, Huh. most of the time. then she hit on a point that started it. My oldest has barely brought his family to our house. My grandson has been here maybe 3 times. while my granddaughter has never been to our house.   My wife reminded me that our oldest son doesn't like our home. the way it is kept maybe I don't know. Maybe because it is in a low income apts. Oh, He has gone to his in laws who live about 100 miles away. Stayed a week or so. never here. Heck, I think he wouldn't visit if we lived next door to his in laws.   My oldest is so much like my father. When we lived back in MI. he visited our home. maybe 5 times.   While our middle son has been here with his family plenty. Which I am so grateful.   Have a good day all, I will try.   Kymmie
    • Drayse
      Bald can be beautiful, if you embrace like you have. You look great, girl!
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      I got one of those little bods in the top left corner. I to hang things from him. Small world huh?🙂
    • Confused1
      Hi SaraphimL, Welcome to TransPulse. It is so good to have support from friends and family. You will find support here as well.   Hugs, Mike
    • Willow
      Good morning    coffee was good today.  It’s my E shot day. I always look forward to that.    I have a dentist appointment today which is always fun.  Strained my back yesterday trying to start my pressure washer.  It would run. Eventually I broke the starter cord.  At least that didn’t happen when I was really giving it a hard pull.  I’m trying to “repair” three golf cart batteries.  I have three that are just fine and three that discharge rather quickly. I am running a repair cycle on a battery charger. High 70s here!  Finally winter is breaking its grip.   hugs to all   Willow  
    • SheenaT
      Welcome. I'm new too and feel welcomed.
    • Charlize
      Hi Tamsyn.  Indeed you are not alone.  just knowing that helped me.  We can support and understand each other as few are able to do.  Glad you've joined us.  As another bald person i've grown to enjoy my wigs.  Kinda like wearing a hat and warts and cosy in the winter.  Your picture is lovely without one!  Enjoy.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • lauraincolumbia
      This is so familiar!  If you had said nylons instead of tights, then I might have written this.
    • Shay
      @Charlize wise words from a wise woman. "Right on."
    • SheenaT
    • Charlize
      This woman doesn't make me angry as much as sad.  Having lived through a time where "love it or leave it" was a constant theme i'll survive this stuff.  She is a pitiful person!  We must expect pushback.  In the last few years we have made awesome progress towards being understood and accepted.  Not surprising that that has become difficult for some.  As Trump moves into the background these folks will hopefully crawl back under their rocks. In the meantime "keep on truck'n"   Hugs,   Charlize
    • SheenaT
    • Shay
      I guess I actually disobeyed my first rule about people like her. Bad press is generally better than good press and her intolerance and notirity grows. I have found the best remedy for these types is to give them NO PRESS. And so I am sorry I brought her up. She does not deserve extra space here and I would like to see this post removed...although on the bright side I do like and appreciate all your views and they are all valid and good arguments for giving freedom of speech. Had the press lived by my rule she could do whatever she want and not get what I believe she wanted all along....press and her name in the news. Sorry I disobeyed my own rule.
    • 2beBreanna
      So you become intolerant.  See where that becomes an issue?  If no one is free to think differently there will never be advances in society. 
    • DeeDee
      Hi Tamsyn, pleased to meet you! It was such a relief to see other folk who had done the same things as I had for years!  
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