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Hi people. Linda Marie here

Linda Marie

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Linda Marie

About me. HMM. somewhat normal at times. I came out over 20 years ago. Just had had enough of hiding. 

Wife took it hard at first but stood with me. Went on a ride during the years after I came out. 

Sometimes the ride was smooth sometimes rocky, but all worked out.

I can't express enough how coming out changed my life for the better. Sure a lot of pain along the way, but

with it came peace. One more step behind me.

I have attended trans community meetings, conventions, gone through electrolysis, doctors and more.

So here I am, still male to female. Still loving life. 

I'm fully retired now and see no need at my age to have surgery, 

All my friends, relatives, co workers know about me and seen me as Linda.

I am no secret here. So How did I protect my job?

I came out and used all my resources, and succeeded, and retired. Happy ending.

But it took work!!!!!! 

I look forward to meeting the members here. 

Sincerely, LM...❤️



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1 hour ago, Linda Marie said:

I have attended trans community meetings, conventions, gone through electrolysis, doctors and more.

So here I am, still male to female. Still loving life.

That's so good to hear. I was not as brave. I stayed closeted, dressed for 20 plus years and chose to sacrifice and comply with the cultural expectations of a male with wife and kids.


I hope this isn't too rude but may I ask, Did you have children? And if so, how did you come out to them?

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Linda Marie

Hi, and that is not a rude question, actually a very good and validated question. I will be brief 

and to the point.

I have 2 children, Both were in early to mid teens, my wife and I married 24 years at the time I came out.

It went bad!! Not well, screaming, crying, saying I lied to them all this time.

What saved our relationship was really just me. Everything I had done for them those first 24 years.

It was not easy and didn't happen over night.

Wife had to go to counseling to learn about my gender dysphoria. That helped tremendously.  

My son never took it well. Still hates me to this day. Daughter is just fine with it. Wife still loves me.

She even buys me Linda Stuff. 

I have no advice to those just coming out except to accept the out come. 

I expected the worse and was prepared for it, that also helped a lot.






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Thank you so much for sharing that. "Accept the outcome".  That is incredibly wise. Oh, and welcome from a newbie as well.

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Hi Linda Marie, nice to meet you, and thank you for your inspiring story.


2 hours ago, Linda Marie said:

My son never took it well. Still hates me to this day.


I just don't understand this at all. What is there to hate? The so-called deception? Or is it just straight-up transphobia? You don't need to answer these questions if they're too personal btw, I just feel the need to say them.


You are a brave woman. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Timber Wolf

Hi Linda Marie,

Welcome to Transpulse! I'm glad you're here!


Lots of love and a big welcome hug,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Delcina B

Welcome Linda Marie! You are brave, beautiful & an inspiration. I'm just beginning this journey of exploration where for so long I suppressed who I really was inside. I don't know where this road will lead, but I'm going to do my best to enjoy the ride.




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Linda Marie

I don't think my son is transphobic, he does have 2 gay friends. He just always held

a grudge against me and others. He was a troubled youth, then when I came out he started using

me as his excuse for being so screwed up. I had a firm Linda talk with him about using me as his excuse

and to face himself in the mirror. Okay, enough about him lets talk about me.

Brave? I don't fall into that category. I was very scared, I was at a state of mind that if I don't open up

I'll loose my mind. I hid this all my life thinking it would go away but it just kept getting stronger.

Scared, yes very scared when I confessed. I didn't plan ahead on this, I didn't know how it would turn out.






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Linda Marie

The year was 2000, With shaking hands and tears I confessed to my wife.

After the fire works were over, my wife became very supportive of me. I started going to clubs and bars

in the trans district and then one night a gentle man asked me my name. I was shocked and didn't know what to say, I didn't have a woman's name at that time so I just said David, my name. He says, no, I mean your stage name. Gosh I was embarrassed. I told him I don't have one yet and we had a good laugh. That night this new person became Linda Marie. And my journey really began. It has been a hard journey at times, and rewarding at other times. 

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Delcina B

I think bravery can come out in periods of desperation. We either have courage to walk out of the fire or are consumed. For me the flames are being fanned. I hope I find the door & that my family will accept me; at this point that is my biggest fear. Love the club story!

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Linda Marie

Coming out will change your whole life. I am in no way trying to encourage anyone to come out.

By changing ones whole life is permanent. You will never be able to go back and erase it.

Not only is your life changed for ever so are the lives around you.

One stands to loose it all, part of all, and no one will see you as yourself again.

Just because it has worked out for me does not mean it will work out like that for others.

I'm one of the very few lucky ones. My journey has been far from glam. I post the good times, but there

has been a lot of emotional pain on this journey and I don't just mean me, it affected all those close to me.




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Linda Marie

Fear, I thought I knew about fear. So by the year 2002 I'm well known as Linda. By 2004 I'm going to trans conventions, I'm out not only in North Carolina, I'm out in Atlanta, Nashville, Galveston and many more places.

Fear, The look in my wife's eyes went I left, fear that I would not come back. That was real fear.

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Delcina B

Yes, how it would affect my family is weighing heavy on my heart. I have a granddaughter who I was/am able to love, nurture & care for since she was 9 months old. I am her & her sister's father figure. I don't know yet, tears flow just wondering what if it devastated them & the rest. A walk of faith, each day asking my Creator what my next step is.

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Delcina B

Linda Marie,

Thank you! Honesty & the experience of others is so helpful & this forum is a place I am finding it.



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Hello Linda and welcome.  Your experience is typical of many of us.  Some good and some not so good, but you and your marriage survived.  I've also been married 45 years.  It takes work.  Please join in, I know you can make a difference here! 

Cheers, Jani

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11 hours ago, Linda Marie said:

Brave? I don't fall into that category. I was very scared, I was at a state of mind that if I don't open up

I'll loose my mind.


You wouldn't be brave if you weren't scared. But I understand, yes, the pressure just builds up until it becomes unbearable.


I relate to the nightclub story. Years ago I was given my first female name by a fellow club-goer when I too went out nameless. I grew out of that name and then it happened again, and someone else gave me the name Betty.


Sorry to hear about your son. I hope he comes around.


Nice to know you Linda x

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Linda Marie

Thanks. I want to move away from my past now and focus more on who I am now at this site.

After all, I am, still on my journey...😳



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Great.  The future is what we make of it.  I'm trying to get all I can!!

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      Today, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1503 into law — legislation that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students.   https://www.hrc.org/press-releases/north-dakota-gov-doug-burgum-signs-anti-lgbtq-house-bill-1503-into-laww
    • AmberM
      I have found therapy to be useful over the years, however, there was always this one thing that kept coming back that I didn't know how to deal with. After finally getting after my gender identity, I have noticed a lift in my mood, and improvement in several symptoms. What is hard though, is this time of year, normally my mood naturally increases. So we have to wait until October time frame to see if it dips down super low again. It isn't that I don't get dips week to week, because I still get some dips, just they haven't been as low as they were in the past. I think therapy has been pivotal to my success and will remain to be key to my continued success.
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      Nothing special today.  Black high-neck tank and jeans. The neckline is more conservative then I usually wear but I really like the look and feel.    Also added finishing powder to my makeup routine. Not that I need it for work but practice makes perfect.     
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      Ok, thanks so much I'll be sure to check it out!
    • Mmindy
      Jandi, This is my life in a nut shell. I'm several years behind you, but this is exactly how I have come to see myself. @Jani is correct in pointing out that most of us are not girls, but women, and in my case an older woman. My Suzie is still coming around slowly to the fact that I'm transgender and we can openly talk about how this affects our relationship, and our different feelings. This June 26th, we will be married for 45 years, now she understands that my many girl friends, were just that GIRL friends. Nothing More. I'm not looking to be with anyone but my Suzie, and have to always remind her of that. It's human nature to want to be desired, in my opinion. Relationships die or fail when the people in them stop pursuing each other. It's the hunt, not the kill. It's about the fishing not just the landing of a trophy mount. My joy in gardening is the gardening, not just the harvest or cut flowers.   Good morning everyone, the coffee was HOT, black, strong, and never bitter.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Taylor_The_Tranny
      Help is appreciated. :)
    • Shay
      Retirement opened the door for me. I'd told myself I needed to free myself but the fear of more abandonment and rejection and as has been said in the most recent postings - I looked to please and comfort others and deny myself. It's getting easier but the road to recovery is long and grueling.
    • Shay
      I've seen probably 5 therapist over the years and they treated me for depression and anxiety, anorexia and panic attacks but my symptoms always came back. My current Therapist was the first Gender Identity Specialist I've seen and the effects have been so refreshing and helpful. I notice the waiting lists for GI specialists and the lack of coverage and lack of available therapists, specially when you get out of major cities. Zoom helps but in person meeting so much more beneficial.   How about you? Have you found a therapist that has helped you become YOU?
    • Jandi
      I had always been a diplomat, trying to get the people around me to get along - damage control.  And I was willing to compromise myself to preserve the peace.  I think I had gotten to a place where I was no longer living, but only reacting. I wonder if I would have ever felt free to look at my own issues if I had stayed in that relationship.  It was only when it collapsed that I felt free to explore my own neglected identity.  I had been living for other people for years.   This said, I do think we have to consider those around us.  But we can't let them, or our fear of offending them control us.
    • Shay
      Love the harmonies .....        
    • VickySGV
      YOU would have to decide that during sessions with your Gender Therapist.  For some individual, it could be, for another Enby person it may just be a normal feeling of growing up that comes on and disappears as a feeling in a few months or less.  ALL teenagers Cis/Trans/Enby go through periods where their bodies do not look right and give them some form of distress, but if it is actual GD is up to each one and their therapy team to explore, and as I said it is an individual realization.  Also it will not be a single body part likely to do it.  I am in my 70's and my two Cis teenagers are "deathly stressed" about whether their bodies look right, along with their AMAB sister and her stress is not related to her gender.
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    • Shay
    • Shay
      @Daviecongratulations - a novel - I tried - I finished first draft - was bad. Would love to read your book when ready.
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      Love this top although most days I cover it with a jean shirt to hide the tats. Although the laser treatments are really working at removing them.  Electrolysis day so no makeup- lipstick on a pig theory. lol.  

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