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Fashion Questions


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How do I present more masculine? I usually just wear exercise shorts and crew necks everywhere, and a big thing I don't want to do is draw attention to my breasts. And I want to be seen as more masculine, but I still like wearing dresses and whenever I think about it I wonder if I'm faking. 

My friend (I love her so much) suggested things like flannel and I've been considering cargo shorts (I need some more shorts anyway). I'm also heavily considering a haircut (specifically shaving the sides and back and leaving the top long. I have curly hair and I've tried to short but it's easier and looks better long).

Any other things I can try?

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I think cargo shorts might be better, as well as looser clothing.  Jeans that don't emphasize your shape.  An unbuttoned shirt over the T-shirt might help the breasts be less noticeable (depending on the breasts)  

When I was living as a guy I didn't put a lot of thought into my clothes, pretty much the same thing all the time, conforming to the weather of course.  Maybe avoid bright colors, IDK.


To be honest, I wasn't much of a fashion icon.

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I'm not really one either! :D

Most of the stuff I own is crew necks and graphic tees and exercise shorts. Boot cut jeans seem to be the way to go, and I can definitely try the unbuttoned shirt trick! 

Thank you!

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@Sol  I think this may be the first time we’ve had an exchange. It’s nice to meet you. One of the best things you can do, is be who you want to be on any given day. Masculine one day and Dressy fem the next. I have a cousin who is as Butch/Lesbian as the name Vic can be. She’s a Master Black Belt in Taekwondo and was an alternant for the USA Olympic Team. She worked as a lineman for the power company and nobody questioned her projected masculinity. Her physical strength or toughness. Then she would show up at a company function looking as girlie and feminine as can be. When we would talk about her clothing options, she would smile and say; “Never let them think they have you figured out.” It’s the best of both worlds. Fortunately women seem to be able to pull this off and not be in jeopardy, plus she could defend herself. Vic and Nancy have been together for 44 years and Married five years ago. Today’s fashion choices for you run the spectrum, if you see something you like, try it. 


Best wishes, stay positive, and safe,



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@Mmindy, I think I'll try that out!

When I'm dressing in more feminine clothing, it's usually more subtle. No makeup, just some nice shoes and maybe a dress or skirt depending on how I'm feeling. I might even style my hair. Otherwise, I'm more androgynous or masculine.

I could start taking self defense classes, which could be helpful in the long run. 

Thank you!

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You’re welcome and worth it. 

The self defense classes are always worth it too. It a great workout, individual confidence building, and a safe social group. There are also clever ways to minimize your breast, with binders when you want to present more masculine. 

You be you,



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