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Gay marriage, other rights at risk after U.S. Supreme Court abortion move.


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I can envision a number of restrictions on transgender people.  Just look at what's already being said by certain politicians.

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One may think this won't affect the trans community but that may well not be the case.  In my case i've been married for 50+ years but now as a woman.  Who knows?  I had a chance to mention the problem to the head of the ACLU after he had made his presentation to the court.   He was interested not having considered the issue and only said it could be a problem.





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There is no doubt that they will come for us sooner rather than later.  As soon as Obergefell v. Hodges is overturned, they will annul the marriages of those of us who ended up in same-sex marriages due to transition.  But then they will declare us to still be legally the sex we were assigned at birth, so our marriages will be okay after all.  What a mess!


I am so glad to be living on this side of the border, where our supreme court is non-political.

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There is a cure for Roe, and that is a Federal Statute codifying the precepts of the case in FEDERAL LAW.  Even many conservative members of Congress are thawing out on the idea of cooperation to enact such a law.  There is even hope that this will elect enough new blood to the U.S. Senate and House to champion such a law.  The other decisions being touted as victims to come have been on the interpretation of existing Federal Law which is what the SCOTUS is fully in charge of. Our two recent favorable decisions for the Trans Community have come from the current SCOTUS because of how they were framed.  Roe was based on the overturning of ONE Texas law and had it been limited to Texas it would have more strength than it has had.  The problem is that Roe was not followed up with a valid Federal Statute making it the actual national law.  Justice RBG actually pointed this out in speeches she made to legal organizations and Law Conferences.  She had called the alarm on it, and nobody responded in the form of legislation even when it was likely to have been passed.  We had a chance with the Affordable care act and it did not happen.


That all said, flaws, and there are many, in Alito's "rough draft" are going to be hashed over before we get the official final decision which CAN BE less a full overturn of Roe.  One of my major fields of study in both undergraduate  schools was the U.S. Constitution and the workings of SCOTUS and while I do not in any way like to see this happen as it is, nor the ends that are imagined, I am not as worried as too many appear to be.  Sadly, too many of our elected representatives are dismally ill-prepared for the jobs we elect them to and do not perform the duties of education TO their constituents that are truly needed these days.  

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@VickySGVYou're exactly correct that enacting a law is the necessary step. I studied claw for several years before becoming an engineer. Roe has been a time bomb as that ruling has always been considered flawed itself. It did not 'legalize' abortion but rather it ruled the federal government could overrule the regulation by states over it and created some arbitrary (in legal speak) constraints to apply as a standard. Strict reading of the constitution implies that the federal government only has the powers specifically itemized in the constitution and indicates that power belongs to the states. A law is a necessary step to enable a federal power. It will likely be challenged by the antiabortion zealot but it will create a test of political will. For all of the 'support' from Democrats they haven't had the political to legislate the issue at the federal level.


Although I am uncomfortable with Euthanasia, I believe we need to address this issue. I believe as society it has broader support than religious conservatives will admit but less than progressive liberals admit; i.e. the majority of people accept it as social need.


Roe survived until extreme partisan politics made cooperation and bipartisan support for nation first political part second a rarity.

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33 minutes ago, miz miranda said:

Although I am uncomfortable with Euthanasia, I believe we need to address this issue.

This is a good point.

I had a brother and a sister die from ALS.  It is a terrible way to go.  One fought it to the end.  I was a caregiver toward the end, and it was awful to watch.  The other took a different route.  I know which way I would go, legal or not.

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On 5/6/2022 at 8:27 AM, VickySGV said:

Sadly, too many of our elected representatives are dismally ill-prepared for the jobs we elect them to and do not perform the duties of education TO their constituents that are truly needed these days.  

You've got that right!


And, much as I hate to say this, it applies to both parties. When I was living in Sierra Vista and teaching at FT Huachuca, one of my colleagues decided to run for congress. In one of the primary debates, and this was about 10 years ago, he declared forcefully that the Constitution guaranteed "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Even when shown written proof that those words were actually from the Declaration of Independence, He lost the debate followed by the primary. It happens that he's a Democrat, but this applies to Republicans as well. Frankly, given what we're hearing from Washington, I don't think this was a unique incident. 


The point being that if our elected officials don't know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration, this country is in a serious world of hurt.  Just sayin'.

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49 minutes ago, Marcie Jensen said:

Frankly, given what we're hearing from Washington, I don't think this was a unique incident.

I suspect they only bring up the Constitution when it is convenient for them.

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    • Charlize
      Take several deep breaths and try to let go of anger.   Big Hugs   Charlize
    • Catpaws
      I appreciate the warm welcome and the hug I really needed it. I am glad that you are now much happier and that gives me hope. It feels good to not be alone anymore I was alone in this for decades. I am really thankful. I actually would prefer Alessia:)     Thank you
    • Charlize
      Welcome dear.  would you prefer Catpaws or Alissia?  I remember when i first came here i was using a different name but in time i was named Charlize by my wife.  Like you i wondered if i could ever live as myself.  I had gender therapy and as i saw how this had always been me, hidden because of fear and shame, i saw that perhaps could grow to accept myself not what i was told i should be.  The folks here helped.   Like you i had drunk a great deal and came close to killing myself in the depths of alcohol use.  Fortunately i went to AA and there i found the support and understanding that further helped to allow me to live as myself.  I was 63 when i went full time.  The last years have been perhaps the best in my life. You are certainly not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • happyinvermont
      Thanks got them and they are great 2 days of pain then no pain meds. 
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Today’s fit. 🩷
    • Catpaws
      First thing my english is propably not very accurate so if you are confused what I wrote please let me know I try then to clarify my intentions.   I am from germany, born as a male and 36 years old now,   living a life of supression of my feelings and depressions since at least 2 decades. I always thought somehow I can fix it and live happy but no matter what therapy I choose or meds I took it did not help. I just refused to accept that my inner voice had something to say for years. The first time I remembering a deep wish of being a woman was in my teens but I always thought if I grow older I would be happy but I didnt. And so time passed on trying to eleminate every gesture or posture of any kind that looked feminine in the puplic, trying to be more masculine as I really was. In private I would sit like a girl lie in bed like a girl. And at one time a girlfriend of mine even said I dont like that you lie there like a girl. I was shocked since I thought I dont do it anymore or hid it very well. I would think of me that I won´t look necessarily very feminine with my clothing style I tend to just wear black and very big size to just cover all so I feel more comfortable with myself. I even have short hair at the moment and a beard but if I look in the mirror am I happy? Not really.   Someday I discovered that I somehow envy my sisters for being female but as always I just put it away drunk a lot of alcohol. At the age of 18 my dad actually comitted suicide too what I also tried to surpress and worked and partied a couple of years very hard till I had a collapse and knew I have to do therapy again. Again the therapies didnt help me and I just thought to me its normal some people are like this they can never be happy its just my brain not meant for me. Dozens of attempts to get me in a happier state failed even if sometimes I could be happy and even felt good in my body but that never was long. Since like 4 years or so I created an alter ego of myself Alessia and I really loved it and ironically after a bit time I had a moment with my mom watching a tv show with some emotional scene and I actually could cry. A thing I surpressed for nearly 20 years. The last time I really cried was after the news that my father committed suicide. Back to my father it was not all good I hated him in my teens for how he treated me he even slapped me with a belt if I did something against his rules, but shortly before he did kill himself I already forgave him and said daddy for the first time since a long period I haven´t called him other than -censored-.   So back to my alter ego she was giving me hope back. I could interact as women with other people and it felt amazing I could be how I felt Iam really am how I think I am. It is hard to describe. Of course I followed some trans stories and even talked about it with one of my best friends a couple of years ago and in between till today, but I never actually told him the truth about how I feel. I just did pretend I am an normal cis ally and like them, again I surpressed it. I dont know exactly why, because of fear anxiety or am I even allowed to be happy?   This Year I was by an alternative therapiest and she accidently cleared my vision. Yes she admitted i had female traits in my face my tone but mostly my personality but she brush it off as just not sterotyped male and I was happy to go with it at first, but after another couple of session I stopped lying to myself and admitted this was not the whole truth.   Now today I am obviously in a good mood or otherwise I wouldnt tell you about myself and I think I have been brave for finally coming out even if I am still considering just to endure it till my death. Maybe I can find a way to be happy propably not with alcohol anymore this demon is under control fortunately but I dont know I hope you can understand me a little bit.   Thats all about me at first, I am glad I got here and have the chance to talk to you in a secure and safe place.    
    • Willow
      Good evening   We lost a teen from our teen group over the weekend.  Right now they are calling it an unintentional overdose.     Regardless of if it was accidental or not, it is always sad to lose a child.  I pray the family will remember him for the life he lived.  It has become so terribly difficult for our transgender children. I know many who have lost their medical care.  So many doctors who treated transgender teens are being forced to stop providing care.  And I am aware of teens who don’t want to be forced to go through puberty as someone they know they aren’t.  please, do something to try to stop the few that are forcing doctors and parents to stop helping our kids.  We’ve been through this we know how difficult it is.   Willow
    • missyjo
      darlings, ain't nothing wrong with filling the closet n dresser n spending less,...gives us more room for something else..like pedicure or shoes or lunch hugs
    • DestinyPanda
      Hey everyone, I am new here but wanna ask this question that's been on my mind alot lately and do want to know an answer.   So I've been wondering lately if i am transgender being that I remember at an early age (before 10) I wished I would wakeup the next day and become a girl. Since the news on Caitlyn a few years ago I have always had the thoughts popup every so often as like "Am I trans?" It might be defined as a fleeting thought cause I usually do deny the question saying "I'm a guy.." But the question always have came back either weeks or months or maybe even a year or two later. It's just annoying when it comes cause I do wanna know really.  I've been thinking about it more since a friend told me to explore why I have had the questions and have had memories of my past popup like again the thoughts of early age wanting something else, the thoughts of wishing I was a girl in high school, and the fact I usually only play as a girl in games due to them looking better than the guy option and just feels right to me. I can say that when it comes to my body that I would like changes like I have always been grossed out but not to uncomfortable with my body hair i just feel like it looks gross to the point it makes me look dirty and I prefer being smooth which makes me wish I never had the body hair in the first place. I have big muscular arms and muscular looking legs but don't feel really offended by them like not uncomfortable to much but do wish they weren't so big? I wish my arms and legs were more feminine and because of this I never wear short pants ever. As soon as I became a teen years ago I remember I stopped being comfortable with wearing shorts or even wanting to take my shirt off unless behind a closed door.. Just feels wrong to do that otherwise even if its in front of a parent or sibling. Not to mention that I feel awkward about how a certain body part functions at random.. It just feels gross.. Wrong.. and have wanted it to just stop.. or disappear.. I have a deep voice of course but I don't mind it, But at the same time.. If I do record my voice and play it back I just feel like it makes me sound sick.. I wouldn't mind having a higher more girly voice.. I've been treated by family and friends like I'm not supposed to be sensitive or emotional or even the fact I can't really lift..  I just feel like I am supposed to be an emotional person and be very sensitive as well as the type that shouldn't be doing the heavy lifting ever.. Its okay but does make me feel bad when I can't do it..   Does this sound very cisgender to you guys or am I more likely Transgender?   I can say I would press the magic button to become a woman if it existed without any doubts in my mind about this. I have as well read about the affects that HRT Estrogen does to the body and I kinda want those..    I have told friends as well to call me 'girl' and 'she/her' to see if my feelings mean anything but I think i am overthinking it or just not used to it because when it happens I don't feel like they are talking about me or wanting to get my attention. It does leave a off feeling in my stomach when it happens but I have been called 'like a sister' and 'princess' by some and that made me burst out with a smile..   I have been worried to that this might be part of my Autism and might just be an obsession of mine (part of OCD) happening as well.. but these thoughts doesn't bug me to much. Only want to know if i am trans or not because.. I mean if i am a transgender woman or even a non-binary person who falls like not entirely male or female I can live with myself.. Other than that I can't tell you what it means to be a man really.. I feel comfortable with it most of the time.. But like other than certain 'characteristics' no I can't tell you what it means to be a man to me.. If i had to rate my feeling I could say not 100% male at all.. Has to be more closer to 60% or so. 
    • Tiffany 838
      Ladies I am not sure if this is the place for this but it seems to fit.  Kathy and Ashley your words hit home in so many ways.     my question is, how do you know when it is time to step out into public as your true self?  My wife and I have talked about going to a known LGBT bar, but we both share a fear of running into some one who would know me.  This could possibly destroy a 30 year plus career, or not. Money is it would.    Any advice?    
    • Tiffany 838
      Target is great    Found lots of great things there.  Love me sleep set of shorts and satiny top.     also one of my favorite sets ( bra and panty) are from adore me, that my wife got me.   also for clothes in general old navy has been great.    
    • RhondaS
      I think males can care about having things they want to conceal now these days.    My experience at makeup stores has all come after I started transitioning, but even when there were hardly any changes happening yet it was clear that you don't need to explain anything to anyone except what you want to do with their products so they can help you buy their stuff.    I'm sure there are a bazillion youtubes on makeup that will show you what to do with concealer, almost all of them better at instructions than me.
    • Zariah
      I sadly don't have any bearded dragons, since my parents are very much of the "no pets until our current ones pass away" mindset, but I'd love to get one eventually! Perhaps when I'm older and move out...    As for Skyrim, I actually haven't played it! I've heard about it, though, and it sounds interesting. Is it a good game?
    • Davie
      Yes! Me too. Evil should be illegal. 💜
    • Rowantheboat
      Am I the -censored- for going through my girlfriends phone?   So yesterday I had walked with my now ex girlfriend to her job interview. It was a 45 min walk and it killed my legs but I did it to make her happy and be there for her. Fast forward to when we get there. She hands me her phone to play games on. A little bit of context before this, she had lied to me about her suspension so I was kinda having a hard time trusting her (trust issues lmao) So I go into her Microsoft teams (which is what i talk to her off of because I dont have a phone) I see another person in her messages so I go and look and I see them flirting and saying I love you to each other. So i took this guys contact and sent it to myself and deleted it from our messages once i saved it to my contacts. After that I get mad and storm off into the mcdonalds bathroom so I don't cause a scene while shes doing her interview. Then she walks in and repeatedly asks whats wrong because I was visibly pissed.     I proceeded to say nothing because I was just gonna let it go for the sake of our relationship. She then asked why I was lying to her. I said "So its not okay for me to lie to you but, you can lie to me repeatedly" She then asked what I was talking about and I mentioned the "friend" in her phone and their conversations. She proceeded to tell me she didn't say any of those things, then she "blocked" him and said he meant nothing to her.  Fast forward to 11:07 today. The guy finally responds and tells me "Yeah that's cool bro but why she had me as her Facebook status and not you" then she messages me and says me and her need to talk. (Proving that she unblocked him when I was out of view)  we keep talking and she comes at me like I'm in the wrong. saying things like "U think idk yall texted each other tf u doing going behind my back to do -crap-" and "Yk what [Dead Name]  just bc ur unhappy in life don't mean u gotta -expletive- up mine" I proceeded to tell her that she -toasted- up her own life by cheating and lying.  It got to the point where I was so mad I was thinking of telling her whole family so she would get in trouble. I still might consider it if she tries me.
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