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I Have No Obligation Except To Me In A H8 Situation


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I was in a situation earlier today where I was overhearing a Homo/Transphobic rant from one person to another who disagreed with him .  The phobic one turned to me, yes ME!!" and asked if I agreed with him.  I simply told him NO. He asked me why I could disagree with his position and I told him flat out that I was under no obligation to do so.  He could not let that one go!! So I told him a very slight untruth , that the answer was a course I teach on the subject would cost him $75 per hour with two hour minimum up front.  He decided not to pay the money for the educational experience. { I usually ask for a $50 per hour payable to my LGBTQ Center which was the fib. }  He did not "read" or "clock" me as Trans, but he got away from me as soon as he could.  The person who had been talking to him gave me a big grin and waved as he followed Mr. H8 out the door.  No sign he had made me as Trans either, but by now I don't care unless it puts me in danger as I was first alert to if I answered Mr H8.  I have NO OBLIGATION to instruct people who do not want to listen, I just do not.  I love setting boundaries.


The main point really for telling this (which has happened a few times before where I did not use the teaching fee statement) is that when we are out as our best selves and are comfortable and dignified, although pleasant in that self, we are not going to be really seen as Trans even by those who are avowed H8ers.  This guy had a cartoonish idea of what LGBT people looked like, and I was pretty sure he had half a T-byte of CD Fetish Porn and did not know he was looking at a bona fide Trans woman.  As I told him, I am not under any obligation to teach him for free when he has paid so much (porn is not cheap) for misinformation.  If we hold our dignity and act assured in public there are few that will have a problem with us at all.  I have been out 12 years by now and while careful about where I go within reason it is ordinary caution for women in general that I follow.  I do give Trans 101 lectures and have fun doing it but the people I do it for WANT to learn about us and not call us names.  The information I give is based on Five Sense Science with enough sensitivity for close held beliefs of my students that I can overcome those as needed.  But even there I do set boundaries and stay in them myself.


NOTE:  Cross Dressing per se is not a problem for mental health.  What is a problem is the Fetishistic Cross Dressing folks who do it ONLY for erotic thrills in private, and who use some items that are potentially harmful.  Those are listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the American Psychological and American Psychiatric Association as off the boards.  Porn for FCD will come up at the top of search engine lists and real research on Cross Dressing is hard to find for Cis people who want to do serious searching.

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2 hours ago, VickySGV said:

The phobic one turned to me, yes ME!!" and asked if I agreed with him.  I simply told him NO. He asked me why I could disagree with his position and I told him flat out that I was under no obligation to do so.

Great response Vicky…especially given the fact that you weren’t expecting the question in the first place. You could’ve easily got caught up in the moment and flew off the handle. You were calm and concise and answered his question. I’m glad you were there to diffuse this situation and I’m sure the person you defended was happy about it as well.


2 hours ago, VickySGV said:

Cross Dressing per se is not a problem for mental health.  What is a problem is the Fetishistic Cross Dressing folks who do it ONLY for erotic thrills in private

This has always been an interesting topic to me though a very complicated one. When I first started crossdressing as a very young child, I was not doing it for any Fetish related reason. I seriously wanted to be a girl and it felt right. Wearing my sister’s clothes and acting girly was comforting. As I hit puberty, the waters got muddied a bit because of the euphoria I felt when crossdressing. Why I cross dressed was no longer as clear to me. After hearing my parents express their disgust with people of a certain proclivity (directly and indirectly), I‘d often feel dirty and shamed which led to a purging episode. After eventually learning the meaning of the word “fetish”, I felt maybe I was a crossdresser who did it for that very reason. Over the years however, I feel for me the crossdressing was a symptom of being forced to express and present myself as a male when inside I knew I was female. What’s caused me to believe even more strongly my crossdressing was a symptom of an unaddressed issue is the fact that I no longer have that strong almost uncontrollable feeling of urgency and need of anything as I once did prior to transition. The persistent thoughts of needing to change presentation no longer surface. I don’t carry any of that unwanted baggage because the issue has finally been addressed properly.


So is it possible others feeling their crossdressing is erotic fetish are experiencing  an unaddressed or unacknowledged gender identity issue that manifests itself in a repetitive cycle?


Susan R🌷


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@VickySGV that's great & I will store that away in my arsenal. I'm a former mathematics prof and as an activist and devotee of Truth, I often feel an obligation to speak out in such situations. But, it can be fatiguing, to say the least. Especially when you understand there's probably no getting through to someone. And, there's a whole miasma of anxiety that can come up when I think about the often asked question/s - Am I beholden to necessarily be a trans activist just bc I'm trans (whether or not someone clocks me)? / Who else will step up? 


But, if I'm motivated I'll offer to charge them my premium rate I'd use for advanced mathematics tutoring. Else, I'll do what I did last time someone said something h8tful to me, let a beat pass, say "okay, have a great day" then strut away. Let them choke on their own vitriol - their problem, not mine. 

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Interesting experience, and I'm glad you were able to get away from the situation without further issues.  Not something I could use, as I have zero skills to teach and I'm not good with witty comebacks if stressed.  I not only have zero obligation to teach people, I have zero obligation to even talk to them if I don't want to.  No strutting here...just rapidly scampering away.


I don't get why people have to cause issues or have loud political/divisive discussions in public.  Maybe I'm just timid, but it seems really unsafe.  And I've seen more than one turn into a fight, usually because my GF likes to let her fists do the talking. 🙄 I tell her its not worth it, but she gets in on just about every nearby situation.  I love her, but sometimes its like she's my total opposite. 


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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2023/05/31/a-proclamation-on-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-and-intersex-pride-month-2023/     A bit surprised that a business magazine that I thought was conservative is very much in favor of inclusiveness in the business community.   Welp, that proves that Forbes is now woke...let the right wing boycotts begin.  😬   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2023/05/31/a-proclamation-on-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer-and-intersex-pride-month-2023/     Carolyn Marie
    • KymmieL
      @Willow I sent you a message on the fix for your HVAC system in your Eddie. Hope it helps.   Wow, your boss must like you or something sending you to another store to screw theirs up. Have fun. I've had to do it before. Actually got sent to the Rawlins, WY store for a week to help out. Company footed the hotel bill.   I have got 2 weeks to get the wagon up and running. She is getting there. need to hook up the PCV valve, install the plug wires, Add coolant, and gas. Then install the new chrome valve covers that should be here on Friday.  Then cross my fingers that everything works right.   Hugs,   Kymmie
    • natalianatalia
      Hi Nicole have a nice Month!! fortunately i find a person here in Greece that doing this job to teaching how to chnage the voice and thak you so much for the link its great!
    • natalianatalia
      Hi Ashley, have a nice month! my personal doctor said to me that hrt change the organism and psychology from 6 months to years depending on person 
    • MaybeRob
      "Those are many of the same groups, along with Romany peoples, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the unhealthy politics targeted".   Looking from a distance that's what I am seeing. The former president's rallies looked eerily similar to the unhealthy politics Rallies, pre war.  It's the same principle - blame them they are different. Hate hate hate! seems to be the policy atm, and not just in the US.    MaybeRob
    • missyjo
      thank you both for your kind n wise words hugs
    • VickySGV
      @Sally Stone  We do actually have some folks out in "The Jungle" doing some fighting in ways that do not leave physical injury to be cleaned up, but rather with good service to our communities and the ones who could be hurt badly in both our Trans and Cis friends.  I and another Staff member  here are members of community service organizations, which are doing effective work in legal assistance and community information and entertainment positions.  Participating at your local level in organizations that work with community leaders is a lot of fun and gives the bullies more opposition than they expect.  I have got three cities to cover this year for Pride Proclamation Presentations that let the citizens of those cities know that their elected leaders consider us to be real and HONORABLE members of the community (not to mention that we VOTE as well.).  There is much we can do that is low stress and just some handshaking and being present to remind leaders of our humanity is often successful.   
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, @Sally Stone.  Even regarding bullies, I have my own similar experience.  In 9th grade I was in Agriculture Class, and a strong, tall bully starting throwing dirt clods at me.  No reason, I was just a small, weak, easy target.  One day I had had enough, and I walked up to him and told him to stop.  He grabbed my shirt and literally lifted me off the ground.  I didn't flinch, didn't back down, looked him in the eye and told him off in colorful language.  I didn't pop him, but I think he knew I would.  He never bothered me again.   Anyway, concerning our trans troubles, the problem isn't just bullies, although that's a big part of it.  it's also the whole political climate, with the far right "base," conspiracy theorists, bloggers, pundits and politicians needing reasons for why things aren't like the mythical "good old days," which they long for.  We are different, easily identifiable (not in just in terms of physical presence, but b/c we also have symbols), and small in numbers.  We, along with Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, even Blacks, are easily "othered."   Those are many of the same groups, along with Gypsies, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the Nazis targeted.  Things won't turn out the same - America is not the same culture, and the players are not the murderous thugs and fascists of the 1930's & 1940's; but there are similar elements.   That is why we have to fight like hell politically and in the courts to keep the bullies at bay.  We have an uphill climb, but we will succeed in the long run.  I have to believe that.   Sorry for the long rant.   Carolyn Marie
    • Birdie
      Yeah, they are bewildered by us. Strange also how they want to tell us what gender we are. "Excuse me, I'm half and half, I think I get to decide?"
    • Betty K
      Me neither. No more punching walls for me. I default to tears instead. I always cried a lot, but I often had to go through anger to get there. Now it’s the other way round. I’m still angry — I’m absolutely furious at conservative society and how it held us all back and is still trying to do so — but I don’t really feel it till I’ve felt the sadness. I think the anger is useful though. I don’t let it own me like I used to, but I’m not just going to give the bigots a free pass. I think straight society deserves a dose of righteous trans anger.
    • Sally Stone
      I do my best to ignore the rhetoric, hate, and marginalization directed towards us, but there are days when I simply want to crawl into a hole to avoid it all.  To date, I haven't actually descended into a hole and instead, I find myself wondering why we have such a big target on our backs.  It's not like we are bad people.  In fact, most of us just want to go through life being who we want to be, living in the skin that makes us most comfortable.     Maybe it's an epiphany of sorts, maybe I've just climbed out from under my proverbial rock, but it's obvious we are a big target because bullies just love the ones who don't fight back.  They feel empowered when they can direct their vitriol at someone knowing that someone won't fight back.  I remember back when I was in junior high.  I was bullied terribly by a pair of classmates for nearly two years.  They both identified me as an easy target because I wouldn't stand up for myself.  I chose to be nonconfrontational.  But two-years is a long time to be bullied and finally, when I couldn't take it any more, I beat the snot out of one of those two bullies.  I only stood up to one of them but they both got my message and neither ever bothered me again.  It just goes to show that bullies are generally nothing more than blowhards and when they realize you are willing to stand up to them, they back down, or they go find someone weaker to prey on.   What we are dealing with these days is no different.  Our desire to be left alone, to live quietly without having to be confrontational, unfortunately, has sent the wrong message and made us easy targets.  Okay, I am in no way advocating violence here.  I'm not saying the way to take back our lives we have to punch our detractors in the nose.  What I am saying however, is we need a stronger collective voice.  A voice that delivers the message: "Don't f*** with us.  It's all a matter of having a collective voice that drowns out the bullies.    For most of us, I know our trans situation, our intense desire to fly under the radar, often prevents us from speaking out.  Unfortunately, this is not "the way."  I'm pretty certain that if we want the rhetoric, the hate, and the marginalization to stop, we have to be the ones to step up and make it stop.  Waiting for anyone else to do it for us, is going to a very long wait.       
    • Willow
      Hi   so my hours for tomorrow were changed, I start two hours earlier now, at 10 instead of noon, and at a different store.  It’s just a mile or two further away.  Off Friday, the. I work Saturday and Sunday.   @KymmieL I was wondering if you could recommend a good Ford Eddie Bauer Explorer gurl in Myrtle Beach.  I need to open up the heater AC mixer it seems the mixer flap isn’t moving.  Also, the driver side sunroof drain hose is disconnected or rotted.  I need to get into that too.  What do you think 🤔?  Finally, I got some sanding and painting to get done on the roof.  And all to be done with out a garage or a compressor.   let’s see a few spray cans of paint. Some sandpaper A couple feet of 3/8 id hose, and maybe some vacuum hose should handle the supplies.  So, what do you think?  Got any recommendations?  lol 😝    I put a new battery in it a couple weeks ago.  Amazing what all that fixed.  Biggest issue will be replacing the control switches on the steering wheel.  There is a risk of tripping the air bag if I mess up.  Once I’ve done all this it will be like a 20 year old car with 172,000 miles again.   time for bed    Willow    
    • Ivy
      I used to be always just a little bit angry at nothing in particular.  I just suppressed it.  That kinda went away for me when the egg cracked.
    • Ivy
      Seems about right…
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