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A New Member, With A Few Questions + Intro

Guest Aylissa

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Guest Aylissa

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forums and I have a few questions, if you don't mind taking the time to answer them. First, a proper introduction, I'm a 20 MTF freshmen in college for my biology degree. I tend to have unorganized qualities, and always seem to forget things, hehe. I like Anime,and a few movies like LotR, and Star Wars. I have a passion to travel the world exploring different places; I have already been to Japan. I speak conversational Japanese, and intend to get my minor in the subject. I suppose that was a little to much information :o

Alright! now for the questionnaire portion of my little post. Alright, I'm not on HRT yet, but I'm currently seeing a psychologist about my gender issues. So, when I start taking hormones, I mean I know it takes a long time to see any visual difference, but should I continue to go to the university as a male or a female? For those of you who have transitioned in while in college, did you get any grief from the other students? Also, once the transition is complete how do I change my college records, so I can get a job in the future?

I should also mention that my school is liberal, and we have a GLBT center. However, that doesn't mean all the students are accepting; a truth I have has been a constant reminder. Ahh..... that is all I can think of for now


Aylissa :D

"Tobi is a good boy" hehe

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Welcome Aylissa!

I'm currently in college, and just started hormones last month. I pretty much go to college stealth, which can be a pain cause I'm always correcting people...but the hormones will make that a bit better after awhile. I haven't really gotten any grief so much. In community college, I went the first semester as female and then tried to go the rest of the semesters there as male (I'm ftm). So it was a real pain dealing with people who knew me as female (I would have to explain that I'm transgender, what that means, all in terms that the general public would understand >.<) ...I think the earlier the change the better- less people who know you before the change.

You should start going to college as a female as early as you are ready, which will most likely deal with your confidence in how you look as a female. I suggest not doing the switch during a semester, but between semesters. Also, try talking to some of the leaders in the GLBT group to see if they know of any other transgender people on your campus who have already gone through this.

I hope some of that helps


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Welcome Aylissa,

Honey,The Time To Come As A Girl Is When One Is IN School.

As young as you are,by the time you graduate you will already be used to being the real you.

Interacting socializing...that way you can enter the work force as you.

And not some male construct.

Do all the legal stuff,I.E. Name Change SSN ID everything that you can.

That way all you will need is the Birth Certificate after surgery.

And TAADAA...You are complete early in life.

Which many of your Big Sisters here wish we could have done ourselves.

Welcome Girlfriend.



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Guest matthew41

Welcome to the forums Aylissa, glad you have joined.

When you are ready to start your RLT will determine the time to go to school as a female. When you change you name legally, and have a new drivers license, take your court order and ID to your college's registration office and request the name change on your transcripts.

Best of luck to you,


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Guest Shanetastic


This is currently my second year in college here, but I'm going to a JC.

I'm transitioning right now and by the time I move to a university this August or September, I'm going to try to have everything changed and start going to school as my target gender.

I know were probably a little different, since your already at the university. I tried that when I was 17 heh, and ended moving back home sadly enough. But this time hopefully I'll be happier now that I'm finally transitioning.

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Guest Aylissa

Thanks sooo much for the advice everyone, it is really appreciated. I did think of one more thing I would like to ask, however. My Mum is currently the only person who knows about my situation. She is worried that I will become the victim of a hate crime against transsexuals; she thinks the only way I will be safe is by living in the Castro district in San Francisco.

Is it really that bad? I know I will have to be cautious, but do I need to go to that extreme, just to feel safe? Is there anything I should know, once I transition, to remain on the safe side?

Thanks again,


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Guest kunoichigoddess

hmm i would say just be subtle as you make the change like as your body develops a bit more femininely dress more femininely i do remember a website with a long list of ppl that were killed just because of it ; ; and heres a question i have WHY THE HECK IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!? sorry for all caps but it upsets me just because we were born to the wrong bodys that means we need to suffer additionally to that i just dont get it its not like were telling everybody "i wanna be a woman and you should too" where not asking they loan us money just because we are. ::sigh:: its just irritating <_<

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    • Davie
      More than 2,000 public school students in Louisiana were told earlier this week that they were going to a college fair. They were then shuttled to what parents later deemed a sexist and transphobic church event which left many of the students traumatized.   https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/25/louisiana-school-college-fair-transphobic-church-event-students-say  
    • Jani
    • StephieGurl
      To create some understanding I say I am a lesbian. But really I am just attracted to females. So I wasn't heterosexual and then lesbian after I became Stephie. My attraction did not change, but it is usually more conveinent just to say I am Lesbian. 
    • StephieGurl
      I just put in stuff for sex change with Social Security. Letter from doctor attesting to hormone treatment for female for a year. So no forms. But you do need to apply for a new card (why it doesn't have the gender on it?). The worst part is having to put on my deadname (why I already change that). But, the only gender part is your sex and if you mtf you check female. I actually enjoyed that.   In MD the birth certificate is similar. Letter, deadname, and male to female or female to male boxes to check. What a non-binary person does I don't know. I read something about being able to mark X for sex, but I didn't see anything like that.   PS - the coat in MD is $10 for birth certificate. I thought it was over a $100. So, I might do it. I want to ask my father if he would mine, since it is a historical. I don't think he would mine. He paid for my name change which was $215. Fee and publishing cost. ($165. and $50). I hear in MD you can get the publication requirement can now be waved.
    • Willow
      Good Afternoon    Gee I’m such a girl.  I cried over several parts.     @Bri2020 I can understand the lack of sleep I’m sure a lot of us are just like that or would’ve.  I’m sure you’ll be fine and soon you will be everything you want.   we were referred to as ladies and ma’amed all afternoon sure makes a girl feel good.   hugs   Willow
    • chipped_teeth
      Personally, I just refer to myself as queer or gay more often than not since it flows a lot better than the soup of words I could use to describe myself. I have also seen "MOGAI" for "Marginalized Orientation, Gender Alignment, and Intersex", but that one is heavily criticized for being associated with "micro-identities"
    • Mx.Drago
      It depends on the document. If it's legal or job related, I go by what my legal paperwork sez, so to not cause confusion. I wish it didn't matter, but world still needs time to catch up.🤷 For all other paperwork just "prefer not to say."
    • Mx.Drago
      Your friends are very silly, it's adorable. Honestly, they can just dress normal for comfort. Just let them get their nails done and try some modest make-up w. sparkles. Hope you all have fun.
    • VickySGV
      My first thought here is to contact a local university's medical school / teaching hospital and consent to being involved in one of their research projects.  You are giving symptoms from several Intersex conditions but without testing that the medical facility could test you for without the routine and invasive  procedures you do not want.  I am sad to say this, but it also sounds like you need to investigate ways to get away from your mother and into a better living environment.  Your mother seems to have serious hangups about your potential IS, those are usually from a sense of shame and maybe blame for them, especially since you say you are otherwise disabled as well.  I will give a suggestion that you try and contact a local LGBTQ Community Center since they deal with professionals who know the Trans and IS communities better than most medical folks do. 
    • Mx.Drago
      Inner peace...What is it? Baffling.😶
    • Mx.Drago
      Only need one step to progress.
    • chipped_teeth
      Hi there. For the last several years I've been questioning whether I have an intersex condition, but I've been hitting dead ends and would like advice on how to move forward. Whatever is going on is causing me a lot of physical pain, not even counting the bullying and harassment I recieved as a kid. I'm providing a lot of details in hopes that somebody recognizes the symptoms or knows what to look out for. Around 5 or 6 I started growing a lot faster than other kids, by 11 I was already being mistaken for a young adult and was one of the tallest kids at my elementary school. I also showed signs of hormone imbalances, I was assigned female at birth but by that age also had dark and thick body hair and bad acne, a C cup breast (I was not overweight at the time, they stopped growing size D at 13), moodswings, fatigue, having irregular and debilitatingly painful periods, and both opposite extremes of sex drive. (these symptoms never went away and some have gotten worse). I've been told in vague words that reproductive issues run in the family (endo, pcos, miscarriages, one of my cousins has an unspecified "birth defect") and that I would probably have difficulty bearing a child. I also remember that I was brought to a gynecologist in middle school and remember being offered some kind of intensive hormone therapy, but my mom insisted I just take birth control, as it was cheaper. This only made me gain a lot of weight a lot faster and have fewer but heavier periods, so I was not on them for long. Every time I asked for further details about the test results or what issues specifically ran in the family, I've been brushed off or told she didn't know. I also found no record of these tests on my online patient portal. I've also been subject to severe medical neglect in several other ways, so this isn't unusual persay. I started testosterone therapy on my own a couple years ago, and within I am not joking, a week, my acne was already clearing, my voice began getting deeper, and bottom growth was visibly and tactiley noticeable. When taking the preliminary blood tests, the doctor did comment that I had more testosterone than expected already. Additionally while on T I was finally able to eat a normal amount without gaining weight, which I have never been able to do, and I had much fewer problems with joint pain and fatigue. I was only able to continue T for less than a year, as I stopped being able to afford it, and since then my acne has come back worse and so has the fatigue and weight fluctuation, plus the pain that radiates throughout my entire body while menstruating... Since being an adult I have tried to seek more help, once after being rushed to the ER with lower abdominal pain that I thought was an organ bleed, but while I was out my mom told the doctors that I was abusing laxatives (not true!) and so they only treated me for dehydration. I was also scheduled for and driven to a gynecologist appointment without my consent, where asking for some kind of genetic test or ultrasound only led to being pressured into a pap smear that I wasn't ready for. I'm really at the end of my rope, it's like nothing I ask will get me any answers, but even if I don't have an intersex condition I would like to know if there is some other hormonal disorder causing me all of this pain, fatigue, and anxiety. Not even asking to look into PCOS or Endometriosis has gotten me any real help, in fact having taken testosterone at all seems to have convinced doctors that I'm okay with it if I do have cysts or Endo. One of the problems I've had is that my mom is nosey and lacks boundaries or respect for my autonomy due to me being disabled, but when I make appointments and pay for them by myself, I usually don't have any trouble with these tendencies. I guess I need advice. Should I schedule an endocrinologist? Should I go to a different gynecologist or will I be strongarmed into a pap smear again? Is there some kind of secret code word that doctors have to hear before they'll xray or ultrasound your reproductive system for you? Any help at all is appreciated.   'm sorry if any of this is worded in a crude or gruff manner, as you might imagine it's been a frustrating thing to deal with for all of this time
    • VickySGV
      Call your nearest LGBTQ Community Center and ask if they can give you the name of a therapist who works with the Trans Gender Community.  Sometimes they get the title of Gender Therapist, but all of them have been garden variety Marriage & Family Therapists, MSW's and the like before they gained experience in Gender Counseling, so things like Depression and Family Stress will not phase them in the least.  They are going to want to know how long you have had the thoughts of being Gender Variant, the intensity of the thoughts and how they are making your life difficult. The difficult part often leads to depression if it lasts long enough and thus helps your progress rather than taking you off on side issue.  It is true that Therapists who are not familiar with the Trans experience will grasp at things like depression which they know and maybe overwork it , but experienced Gender Therapists know the parts to go for and will help you explore those issues.   
    • Mx.Drago
      I wished. Sadly needing 24+ hrs.😓
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Samuel William I get what you're saying.  I think I gave up early on fitting in because I realized that no matter how hard I tried, it wasn't going to happen.  I think my parents had a lot to do with it.  They wanted me to be a certain way, follow a certain education/career path that was totally alien to my nature.  I never did the typical rebellious teenage stuff, but I resisted stubbornly in my own way.  With my sister doing likewise, we were just kind of impossible to change.    I've always thought that desiring to fit in and do what everybody else does...its like it originates from a place of self-centeredness.  What allowed me to be comfortable with hairy legs and hairy armpits and such was the realization that people really don't care.  Aside from any unpleasant comments to the contrary.  My body and my choices don't matter to others because I'm just not significant.  I find social media hilarious, because it runs on the assumption that the world cares about my posts, my pictures, or what I had for breakfast.    The reality is quite different....and in a self-centered world that can be an uncomfortable thought.  But once I embraced my own insignificance, it was mostly liberating.  If I don't matter much, then nobody will mind much. 
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