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Guest Virginia_

Doing Your Own Acrylic Nails

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Guest nymphblossom

I've been seeing the girl at the manicure shop down the street so she can fix the split on my one finger with an acrylic patch. After several trips, I said to myself, Hey, that doesn't look too hard and stopped by Sally's for an acrylic nail tip kit. It turned out that the acrylic is actually pretty easy to use. I've been repairing the split myself for a month and it lasts about a week, just like when the nail tech did it.

I actually have nice active length nails, but was wondering if anyone does their own acrylic tips or forms. I'm a daring DoItYourselfer and after getting the hang of the acrylic, wouldn't be afraid to give it a shot :)


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Guest Joanna Phipps

That is the one thing I would love is some decent length nails. I have tried some of the compounds but always seem to break mine so they look horid most of the time. I cannot afford to go to a pro, any suggestions?

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Guest rachael1

My wife is a qualified beautician and sometimes does her own acrylic nails but it is very time consuming so she usually goes and gets them done by a nail technician.

I have tried to talk her into doing mine but she refuses as I can't leave them on for work and they are hard to remove and can damage your nails.

I am hoping one weekend she will do them for me, I would love a set of french nails.


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Guest ChloëC


Regarding costs, have you tried looking into beauty schools? Often because they are students, they will charge a lot less, but still do a very credible job (they do want to graduate and are under the supervision of licenced professionals).

Also, I would suspect there a number of nail technicians (newspeak for manicurists) that do things privately rather then through a spa (newspeak for beauty salon), and not as a primary occupation, so they might charge a little less. It might take some asking around.

Why do I sort of know something? My daughter just finished 400 hours of state required instruction and yesterday passed her state board practical. Even tho 3 shops have asked her if she would be interested in working there, she actually found a different job through a friend that includes benefits (medical, etc) which she knows she needs, so she will be doing nails on the side, with her board certification. And I helped her pack for her exam yesterday, so I know what she carries with her, and it can be a very mobile profession. (As a parent, I already know it's a noble one.)



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Guest ChloëC

I'm sorry, I mean Joanna,

and anyone else who is thinking about having their nails done professionally.

Chloë :blush:

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Guest Charlene_Leona

I learned how to do acrylic nails by watching my mom do hers for beauticians school and have been doing mine off and on since I started my transition. I would recommend getting the kit from Wal-Greens that has the sticker guides in the kit. You also want to get the primer and acrylic nail remover to safely take the nails off. It's not hard to do but it does take a little practice to get it right.

Charlene Leona

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    • Juelie_Atlas
      Congratulations on 6 years! I can't wait to get to that milestone! 😄
    • Miss Bunny
      Yes, I have wondered if it is me creating a self fulfilling effect.   Mind is a weird thing
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So as some know this has been a looming ultimatum placed on me in regards to presenting female outside of the house or in public.  It was agreed upon that once I do the paperwork starts.   We had a very unemotional and matter of fact conversation about this just this morning over coffee.  As two adults working together for our mutual benefit.  I told her I am getting ready to stop hiding outside the house and once the hospital staff knows about my transition there is nothing else holding me back.  Other then my lack of wardrobe but heck I don’t think I will ever have enough clothing or shoes.   We both came to the conclusion that we have been separated as husband and wife for a few months now and not living as spouses at all but roommates and girlfriends.  Which feels right.   Please don’t misinterpret this to me being upset because honestly I am not.  We have both had time to come to terms with this for a couple months and although we both care about each other it is the right thing to do going forward.  Im actually feeling like the cage door had been opened.  I’m scared but feel freed.   The divorce will be in effect for legal purposes only but our living situation will still remain as is.  For both of our financial security.   I’m ending one phase and heading into unfamiliar territory and I’m both terrified and excited for my future.    
    • SaraAW
      Great way to look at it Kathy! I too passed moderately as a man. 
    • SaraAW
      I’m only a little more than a month on meds, but wow has it helped me mentally. Similar to Jackie, I’d been a mess mentally for awhile, even having attended therapy for months. Within a week of starting, it was like a godly of self loathing and despair lifted. I’m also noticing some more range in emotions, subtle so far, but I’m loving it. Any doubts I had regarding whether hrt was for me are completely gone now. I can’t wait to see how things progress mentally and physically, although I know it’s a slow road, so I’ll have to. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!
    • KathyLauren
      I dislike the word "passing" because, to me, it implies role-playing, or pretending to be something one is not.    However, @Belle, I agree totally with your reasons:   Those are the same reason that I try to have a good female presentation.  And yet, despite #2, it doesn't matter to me if someone guesses or knows that I am trans, as long as they treat me as a woman, they don't voice any cognitive dissonance, and I like what I see in the mirror.   I passed moderately well when I was presenting as a man.  I don't need to pass as a woman, because I am one.   Regards, Kathy
    • SaraAW
      Shawna, so exciting!  Sounds like a great time out, with that one awkward experience. So happy for you. Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      I’m wondering, could this be a placebo/nocebo effect?  The mind is pretty powerful and can actually cause physical manifestations of symptoms in all sorts of ways. Not sure I’ve read any literature around bleeding, but I haven’t done a lot of research in this area.    In would definitely recommend to keep an eye on it, maybe keep a diary, recording the dates, times, activities and other things occurring around the bleeding episodes. It may help you and your doc to figure out what is causing it.    Hugs!
    • Jani
      By now you should be healed enough to be able to apply a lotion (like A&D Ointment) to the area where the pad chafes.  It doesn't take much to make a difference.  
    • SaraAW
      Not really sure where I stand on this at the moment. I’m still closeted, so not trying at all to present any way other than cis male normative.   What I really just want is to be able to just be and be treated as a human with respect and dignity, regardless of how I look or present. Then maybe I’d feel safe and comfortable enough to present how I want to in the moment.    Hugs!
    • SaraAW
    • Jani
      Hello Piper!   A Charlize wrote, this is a journey, and a long one with time to make adjustments along the way.  Focus on the future and enjoy the ride.  Its amazing and time changes everything.   Please join in the conversation.   Jani
    • Charlize
      Welcome Piper. This thing called transition is a journey.  It takes time but i'm glad to be on this road. Being here has helped me immensely. Remember to breath deep and enjoy yourself.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Cyndee
      Catholic affiliated hospital by chance ?
    • Suzanne1
      Did the physician state why the hospital no longer allows that sort of surgery to be performed?  Just curious---I can think of a few possible, "reasonable-reasons" for discontinuing such procedures.
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