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Does pre-op length = post-op depth?

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Hey, I'm essentially wondering exactly what the thread title says. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I didn't really know of a more tactful or simple way to ask.

Is it a 1:1 ratio in terms of genital length pre-op to depth post-op?

If someone that's been through it and perhaps asked this question with their surgeon, or could shed any light on the topic for me I would really appreciate it.

In the bottom line for me, I'm a lesbian MTF so depth isn't really much of a concern (as long as the male parts are gone!), but I ask out of curiousity mostly.

Thanks for any info/advice. ^_^



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Not really. Only a very minor correlation in many cases, but it probably depends on surgeon. Best to ask the surgeon you intend to go to.

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Because of skin grafting this has more or less become a non-issue.

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I has more to do with the overall availability of skin tissue to work with. The surgeon may use some scrotal skin along with shaft skin to make the vaginal barrel, so you can get more depth than you had in length.

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