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Soft "Coming Out"

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In quotes because I dislike the term. >_<

Anyways I've had two facebook profiles for a while and that was getting kind of annoying but what was getting more annoying was thinking about how I was going to have my friends from college over here for my birthday and have them meet some of my friends from here and how I could make it not awkward for anyone. I didn't want to force my local friends who know me as trans to swap pronouns and things, and more importantly I didn't want to feel stressed out to hell on my birthday. So I kind of had a pivotal moment and sent the friends I want to know a short message linking them to the profile I use now and coming out as both bisexual and gender variant.

So far every one of them has sent a friend request to the account but none have asked any questions. Might just be they haven't connected all the dots yet or it may be that none of this is a big deal at all. If questions do come I'll happily answer them. I'll have to tone it down on the gender politics and queer theory just so their heads don't explode :P but I should be able to handle it.

I did things this way instead of with coming out letters because I feel that writing coming out letters would have kind of overloaded them whereas this merely invites them to a space that I operate in during daily life. :)

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Sounds complicated but you seem to have worked it out already. :-)


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We ll have our own personal ways- we all have our own comfort zones - all that. I think you did well, if that is kinda what you are asking.

It's hard to keep the secret of what you really are, quiet... I mean, we just want to be happy as our true selves. That's what we want? And we want people we know to really really know us.

Good for you! Positive step...


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