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Guest K-Night

FTM - manlier face in 2 steps.

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Guest K-Night

I don't know if I'm posting in the correct section...


Recently I've been really frustrated with my facial structure (leaning more towards round). I'm pre-T and op, everything, so I'm only relying on hiding my physical appearance.

So I looked up tutorials on how to use make up to create the illusion of having a manlier face structure. Reading and watching the tutorials looked easy. I mean, hey I'm an artist! This is just like brush and paint on canvas! I can do it too! How wrong am I! :( Make up is nothing like paints. Nope. Not at all. I had some make up stuff from long ago (I used it only once for my prom night in high school and I dressed like a punk rockstar anyway). I tried. It kinda fail. I see no difference... I'm just bad when it comes to make up. It took me a while to figure out what is foundation, concealer, contouring blush, etc. etc. I had those stuff bought cheaply and the skin tone doesn't make a difference. I don't understand why the palette has a darker color than my skin but it didn't show on my face. WEIRD.

In the end, I figured out a much simpler way that a makeup idiot like me can do. And I only need one item: dark brown eyeliner pencil. Well, maybe you already know that to make a manlier face, you need to darken the underside of the cheekbones, temples, eye area, brows, etc. (I'm not gonna go into details) and in all the tutorials I saw, this is achieved by using shades of blush.

My method:

Step 1: color the area with eyeliner pencil

Step 2: smudge/blend


It's not perfect but it did the job. I'm an artist, but not a makeup artist.

Hope this might help all those guys out there who know zero about makeups like me.

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Guest Lupi

Guyliner is a man's best friend. :)

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Just a thought - I too love art - the face is a 3D object so would be fundamentally more difficult to change than a 2 dimensional canvas anyway due to (for instance) real, not depicted, shadow etc

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Makeup can be tricky stuff. I am also an artist and made the face I was stuck with living female my lifelong canvass. It wasn't really me anyway so I made it the best it could be. One of the huge problems with makeup is the drastic and dramatic changes that can take place in different lights. You can do a makeup that looks great and blends making you look more masculine and then go from the light in a home to daylight and look like you are getting ready for a part in a zombie movie.

I had a couple of college courses in stage makeup that really helped me for the rest of my life to understand how to change appearance and the principles about what to use for what effect. Like green to neutralize red etc.

Also have found that attitude and confidence with male posture make a huge difference. More than makeup can do or offset.

Presentation for us pre T can be a big challenge because if we look like we are wearing makeup we immediately make the opposite impression than we are wanting. It can help but only if flawless and undetectable which takes a lot of practice as well as checking how it looks outside and inside both.


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    • Charlize
      MikaReich i would suggest that you look into Nar-Anon which is a support group for the family of drug users other than alcoholics. They can be found at:  nar-anon.org  While we cannot get another sober we can help ourselves and others to get through the wreckage an addict leaves behind.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Mx.Drago
      Mind I ask why she used to begin with? I understand if it's too personal and I don't expect an answer, so no worries. I'm more glad your daughters are safe, but I still feel terrible for the circumstances, it's unfortunate. Hope your brightness keeps them more than well nurtured and safe.
    • MikaReich
      No,her family is on my side with this.Her family can't stand her drug use too.They know I am a great father leading a positive example to my two daughters
    • Mx.Drago
      I think it's safe to say, it's been crazy for everybody for past couple of months. At least you're not alone in the feeling.😶 😕
    • KayC
      Good morning, Tessa!  have a great visit with your Mom❣️
    • Mx.Drago
      Live, love, laugh as much as you can and for as long as you can, for life is but moments we meet and make for yourself and to all a goodnight after on. If only forever could happiness last, but guess I'll have to settle with next best, if only at least minimum. Just walking around packing, as warm, detached, and uncomfortable as it can get, puts me on the moon with feeling of both joy and terror. Would like to be rid of the terror part, cuz fear is the mind killer, and nature always will take the rest of whatever society leaves behind. So I try to enjoy what time I have no matter how hard it seems.
    • Tessa
      -Accidentally hit enter-    I’m strong and beautiful and I won’t let anyone have control of my heart or body. The rain matches how I feel. 😓. My mom invited me over at noon. I’m happy about that but I can’t be-fully Tessa over there. I will just have to try to make it through this day.    Posted some chapters in my book. It’s a great story! I have submitted it into a contest to see if I can win 1,000.00 dollars! I once won a Big Wheel and third place in a poetry contest!    Be safe. Have a wonderful day loves !    Tessa
    • Tessa
      Hey beautiful people,   Today it’s suppose to rain all day. Only suppose to get up to 66. I’m a little sad today I don’t get to see my kids. Easter my ex took the kids to her boyfriends house and they had plans for Easter. My kids wanted to spend time with there dog that just had puppies. They were keeping the dog at his house. I gave up my holiday to her but did not make the arrangement that we would switch. I kinda thought it was just assumed. Well, It wasn’t. I told her in a nice civil text I would like kids today. She text back in an uncivil text that I gave up my holiday and I wasn’t going to take hers. Also my son wanted some food from Sonic. He told me mom said ok. He lied and she screamed at me for that. When we were married she would get mad at me if I took the kids to McDonald’s or got them junk food. Now 6 years later she still is trying to control me. I hate this! I talked with a help line through my work and she said no one controls you. It’s you that give them the control. Yes, I believe that but when a person owns the car they can take it away. She has full physical custody. My control is not getting angry with her and starting a fight. We fought in our marriage over things just like this. I refuse to engage in a fight with her because it always ends in court. I will miss my children this Holiday but now I know never to assume ever again. My ex doesn’t have a heart or care about me this is obvious and so sad😞. It’s not that I want her to love me but I want her to respect my position. She doesn’t even respect me enough to call me Dad to them. She doesn’t know about Tessa but she does know about my female side and she also tells the children that I’m wrong and crazy for feeling that way and if I ever dress like a woman they are to call the police or her. I will stand strong and not let her get the best of me. I won’t beg and plead like she wants me to do. I did this in our marriage when she withheld sex from me just to be mean. I am not a dog and I won’t be treated like one. I’m s
    • Gender Phoenix
      I'll try smaller spaced out portions. Thank you for responding.   I had fainted twice from not getting enough calories for my high metabolism.   Its had been 2 or 3 days of that when I posted the opening. I've eaten small amounts since, not enough..   I'll try to do better. The situation involving my friends got drastically worse before it got before it got any better, but I think where fine now for the most part.  My friends are like family, like a foundation.  I've not built up my own self esteem or willpower high enough yet and I know I need to because their friends not therapists, I can lean on them but I can't rely on them for my own happiness.
    • Mx.Drago
      🤭Oh the humor.
    • Mx.Drago
      I finally had my coffee and morning meditation. Another sleepless night. But wanted to congratulate @Shawna as well in the last post but forgot to. Got really sad for a bit, but we always look to a better tomorrow, asap.
    • CreepyConfusedKid
      Usually my dysphoria only lasts a few days... But this time it's been here for more than a month!
    • Damien Mcknight
      Wrong pic! Here’s the one with the colored background so you can see the white lettering 😅
    • Damien Mcknight
      Thanks dude! I’m really proud of them   Here’s my oc Damien! (Yes, that’s my name, hush)
    • KayC
      When I can finally present out in public I hope I look as great as you @Sally Stone and @Susan R  you both have great style❣️
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