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I find that by wearing my spandex padded undies (without the pads except if I want a little bit of a bigger booty) and a pair of regular panties over the spandex to ensure that everything stays in place I have no problems with passing down there. If I am wearing a dress or skirt I usually don't even wear the padded panties. It all depends on how tight the dress is though.



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Serena Dreams

So, I am back after venturing into the world of taping and thought I would share my experience in case it helps someone.


After reading several articles on taping I found a method that the Japanese use and decided to give it a try, with modifications because some of the things they did looked to be painful and I wanted a method that would not be so.  First, I got some KT Pro tape which I learned about from article I read.  The next thing I did was cut a piece of an ACE bandage (which had no adhesive) of about 5-6 inches. Next, I wrapped the ACE bandage section around my penis then used a couple of pieces of tape to hold it in place.  Next, I took the KT Pro tape section, sliced it in two except for about two inches at one end.  I placed the KT Pro tape on the ACE bandage, got my penis in place then used the two split sections of the KT Pro tape to secure my penis in place.  Finally, I slipped my gaff and control panties on and it felt wonderful.  I love the firmness of control.  I can still pee.  And it is comfortable when I walk around.  Best of all, it does not hurt. 

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    • VickySGV
      Good call.
    • Darci
      I'm glad you found your pronouns. I'm taking a very laid-back approach. I was in a Fraternity my first go at college, and our chapter eventually went co-ed and Brother was used to refer to males and females, so that's what I prefer. Most of my Army buddies will likely wind up using my last name, which is cool. "Comrade" just doesn't sit well with me. Growing up under Reagan and Bush, Sr. and the last trappings of the Cold War has that word giving me the heebie jeebies. Until I start hormones and start assuming more of the mantle of my feminine identity I'm still going by my birth name.
    • VickySGV
      The salary looks great, but while my last job had the core needs of this as part of it, I think I am too old for the stress, but I would encourage any younger person to try for this one.  What a feather in your cap that would be.  I have known the people on the staff of NCTE for nearly 10 years and they are a great team.
    • Darci
      I actually don't mind the drive over to the main campus, especially now that it's close to where my Dad lives. We lost Mom at the end of August, so I know he is thankful for the visit. I hadn't thought about breastforms, or even getting a wig through the VA. In my head I envisioned the wig equivalent of birth-control glasses. Wigs can get expensive, so if the VA is gonna cover it, I might as welll. I'm also rated... 90% mostly in my lungs, feet and back.  
    • Jocelyn
      Thank you💜
    • Jandi
      Hi Darci My experience with the VA in Asheville has been good as well.  I would expect it will be the same for you.
    • Lee H
      Me too, Darci. Thanks for being here. Your post got me wondering if there's a feminine form of "comrade," and if so, whether cis women troops use it? Surprisingly obscure question, muddled by the Russian use of "comrade." Best answer I could find was that in English, "comrade" is an ungendered noun, and a tangent that led me to "girl." I don't know about you, but I call the MtF transitioners on this site, "girls." Well, I guess some cis women consider it demeaning, as in disrespectful or diminishing. I don't, but who am I to have an opinion?  I followed this rabbit hole because I would like to become as authentic a "girl" as I can be, irrespective of PC. So, Darci, to me you're a "girlfriend," and I like it like that. And, thanks for your service. Welcome home. ~~Here's a military hug, by the numbers -- Lee
    • Jandi
    • Carolyn Marie
      If you think you have the skills, time and interest, it's time to get involved.   https://transequality.org/about/jobs     Carolyn Marie
    • Emily michelle
      Congrats Alex! Enjoy the changes.
    • Emily michelle
      It is probably a good idea to tell people before hand. I should really talk to my sister first since she is hosting it. If she is comfortable with it then I can work on letting everyone else know.
    • MaryMary
      She's a really important person for the trans community in the province of Québec. I thought I would shine a light with my fellow english speaking forum friends I met her in person one time in my life and she helped me and so many others. She had the incredible "aura" of someone who cares a lot about other trans. It's something to ear people talk about such a person from afar but it's something else when that person helped you quite directly in your most desperate time.   https://blog.grsmontreal.com/en/marie-marcelle-godbout/
    • Shay
      Attitude - the day doesn't care what you think of it - it goes on being a day - if you DECIDE to make something of each day - you will. SMILE    
    • Shay
      Attitude - the day doesn't care what you think of it - it goes on being a day - if you DECIDE to make something of each day - you will. SMILE    
    • MiloR
      Book's bought ! Thank you everyone for telling me, I'll be reading it carefully for sure. 😄
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