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Exercise to reduce chest size?

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I'm Ftm and have a big chest (DD).  I'm looking for advice on how to reduce my chest size over time as I lose weight and tone my muscles.  I'd love it if I could avoid top surgery but know that isn't realistic or is it?

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With having a larger chest, you do need top surgery. Doing exercises won't decrease your chest size, but it will make your pecs look more toned, and it'll benefit you in the long run with surgery. Having pecs helps dramatically with hiding scars, and muscles in general just help you pass better.

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I'm coming in late, but:


Aiden's right all around.


Unfortunately--and despite what exercise articles online imply--we can't really target certain areas of our bodies for weight loss. Our bodies are just going to lose fat from wherever they're predisposed to lose it, regardless of what we do. For me, I lose fat from everywhere except my butt, no matter how many squats and hip bridges I do.


Just do whatever diet and exercise regimen is healthy and manageable for you, and see what happens; maybe you'll end up with a small enough chest that you opt to just stick with a binder instead of seeking surgery. But like Aiden said, your current chest won't shrink enough to pass as male via diet and exercise alone. It probably won't make you feel better, but: my chest is around a 34B, and I'm definitely going to require top surgery. If I could diet and exercise my way to a passing male chest, it would've happened years ago.


Best of luck to you!

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While it's not possible to target certain areas for weight loss, putting on muscle especially in the chest will help reduce your breast size.  You can also change the way they look by putting on muscle in your shoulders and back.

So, I'd recommend hitting the weights.

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    • Susan R
      I’m going to wait to see how things continue to progress a while longer before I have any surgeries but I think I’m ok with having any of them done.  I’m still very early in my medical transition and there are still many things changing.   The only surgery I know for sure I’ll be scheduling in the next year or so is my bottom surgery.  I have an appointment on Feb 11 to discuss this with my doctor.  Like Jackie C, I’m a little concerned about the recovery on that surgery but I’m sure I’ll be fine.  I’m in excellent health but it’s a long recovery and a lot of work.   Congrats to both Jackies on your upcoming bottom surgeries.   Susan R🌷
    • MaryMary
      I had GRS but no other surgeries and that's the main point of reflection for me, will I really feel better? I'm afraid that having more surgeries won't fix my dysphoria because my brain will always focus on other parts of my body like my big hands or large elbows or something. I'm trying to improve things related to my C-PTSD first (like my ultra harsh internal critic who is very abusive). Reading you post confirm my decision to wait and to focus on other parts of my life for now.   Reading your post I'm thinking : "but confidance is everything, isn't it?" If you use this confidence wisely, you can harvest happiness I think. Will this happiness happen because of surgeries? of course not, this happiness will come from you, it will be your accomplishment. That's the way I see it.
    • Jackie C.
      A friend of mine said to me when I came out to him, "Unhappy men transition into unhappy women." He's been out of the closet longer than I have and active in a lot of trans groups in his area (Northern Virginia if anybody is curious). His advice to me was not to rush into anything and enjoy the ride. Of course I didn't listen, but I don't feel like I'm rushing.   Well, I listened a little. I mean I remember the conversation. I'm just not sure his words meant what he thought they meant.   With a little (not enough) experience under my belt, I feel like he was saying exactly what you did. Nothing you can have done to yourself is a magic wand. The real transition comes from living authentically and accepting yourself. Without being able to look into the mirror and say, "This is me. I like me," whatever cosmetic thing you do to yourself doesn't matter. All that matters is you.   Maybe family doesn't accept your choices. Maybe you lose friends or heaven forbid a spouse. All those things hurt, but at the end of the rainbow (I'm going to use rainbow here. I feel like there should be a rainbow metaphor), the only place your happiness can really flow from is your own heart. Real, lasting happiness can't come from the outside.   So you replace your family with found family. The friends that desert you don't really deserve you. You find someone that loves the authentic you as much as you love being authentic. Of course you also cover your basic, day-to-day needs because who needs the hassle of being hungry and homeless. You go on as your authentic self and you build your own happiness day by day.   You still look fantastic. I am so freaking jealous of your hips... and if I'm being honest, your bust-line. Amazing work.   Hugs!
    • jae bear
      Congratulations! Seriously don’t worry about this, it’s a blip in your life and it’s just fine. You will be there in the hospital with excellently managed care, plenty of pain meds and all the help and support you could ever need. After a month you’ll  feel a whole lot better, by the second month it’s a no big deal situation. One of my really good friends at group came in at a month and a half and said she felt just fine, sat there for over two hours with no complaints! keeping you in my prayers, everythingis going to be fine, Jackie
    • Jackie C.
      Thanks for that sweetie. I've got bottom surgery on Tuesday and I'm a little nervous about recovery... and everything else.   Hugs!
    • jae bear
      Thank you girls! I know it sounds like a lot of surgery but really it’s no big deal, if you ever thought about having surgery at all don’t be scared of it, it is a big nothing. It’s more annoying finding time off of work and putting room in your life to do it then anything else. Really doesn’t hurt as much as you might think, it’s only temporary, after the first week you’re kind of feeling fine and after a month it’s like nothing happened. sending you both a great hug, Jackie rabbit
    • jae bear
      The title is a bit misleading, I know the answer but I’m curious what you have to say as well. I have now gone through breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, and vocal feminization surgery, twice! My divorce is final now, got all the judgment paperwork in the mail early this month, and oddly I still don’t feel a big change has happened even though I know legally it’s all good and finished. I still wish my ex was nicer to me, cared more about me or in someway had sympathy for me, but I doubt that’s in the cards and I am trying to find a way to put it behind me. For the time being it seems my family wants nothing to do with me but that might change someday, i’ll just keep waiting and love the people I have now, my friends and their families who have taken me in. I’ve also made family were I needed it myself, I reverse adopted a very nice trans man who finds me annoying and much like a teenager, but loves me nonetheless just as you would your own child, who could ask for more? bottom surgery is coming up in about six months, somewhere in the middle of July, just trying to get prepared for that one is mostly work related. And of course there are other surgeries that I’d love to have further down the road just for myself, the bottom half facelift would mean the world to me. all that being said I still feel relatively the same, still putting out the same fires and trying to live my life. I’ve been full-time over a year now and can’t possibly imagine anything but being a woman, the surgeries have given me such amazing confidence that I’m surprised how blessed I have been to be able to achieve those things... I am never misgendered anymore, it would be unthinkable now, and I quite enjoy being able to talk with people who once knew me but now see me as a complete stranger, sometimes we even talk about “him“ and I get to hear how they really thought about me. Somehow I kind of wish I had become happier, I thought all along that somehow magic happiness would happen once these things fell into place, but what I’m finding is I’m still me, I’m still relatively the same person, but I do get to enjoy some new found confidence out in the world and feel very secure in being able to be the woman I always knew myself to be.   I’m curious what you think about all of this, tell me your thoughts...   Big hugs, Jackie rabbit
    • Ellora
      Hi!   If you dont have any stores that you can go to, Amazon, as mentioned is a great place to buy clothes. Amazon Lockers can help you keep delivers secret. Amazon also has an Amazon Fashion feature so you can try on clothes and return the ones you dont like.    If you want to be on the super down low, try buying clothes that can double as other clothes. I used to buy A- shirt tank tops (they are the clingy type.) I would wear them as skirts, and depending on the size i bought, can be worn like mini skirts, all thew way to a maxi dress. I would also wear two, one as a top and one like a skirt. You can get really creative.     
    • Susan R
      Fantastic results @jae bear You look amazing.   Warm Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Jackie C.
      While that's way more surgery than I was contemplating, I can't argue with the results. You look fantastic!   Hugs!
    • jae bear
      Just as the title says, the first surgery I had was  breast augmentation, the second surgery I had was facial feminization surgery, and the most recent was vocal feminization surgery. It’s been quite a long road and I still have bottom surgery coming up in six months in the middle of July, but all things considered I oddly feel just about the same as I always have! Still feeling slightly dysphoric but probably less than I used to, still a jumble of messes that I put out one problem at a time, and I’m still planning the next phase, the next surgery, the next change, and hoping someday all of those things will be done and I can just live. I just got off the phone with surgery scheduling to get a follow up appointment with my breast augmentation surgeon, as my under the muscle, 450 mL silicone gel implants seem to be a bit asymmetric, the left one seems a bit high and completely under the muscle, and the right one seems to have slipped halfway under the edge of the muscle and is quite a bit low, flexing my pectoral muscles reveals a very wildly asymmetric shape. Hopefully a revision of some sort will fix all of this. I’m not scared Of revisions in the slightest, they are part and parcel to most surgeries and I am well aware of it. My vocal feminization  surgery Did not go as planned the first time, I sneezed and popped the stitch it was back in surgery for the revision one week later. Now there is a granuloma over the stitch that might need to be removed and a gap in my vocal cords that will most likely resolve itself in a few months, but if it doesn’t I can live with the slightly hoarse sounding voice I have for the rest of my life. facial feminization surgery went well, I’m pleased with the results but now of course I want a bottom half face lift, cheek augmentation and slight lip augmentation, as if a lip lift, brow shave, brow lift and hairline lowering weren’t enough to make me feel pretty!  The results have been so dramatic that people simply don’t recognize it at all, I can carry on conversations with people who know me well, friends or family members, and they have no clue they’re talking to me, I actually kind of like it that way. Big hugs to everyone, Jackie rabbit
    • LlanMatt
      Yeah I have like 4 different ones, bought a new one every 6 months ish. Could be time to buy new ones maybe. Thank you
    • Markjvp
      anyone have any more tips?
    • VickySGV
      Most of the name brands go from affordable to way too expensive.  I have had good luck and low enough cost from Louis Fere, John Renau, and Henri Margu wigs.  Revlon is good as well. 
    • Susan R
      “Inexpensive” is relative but I’ve bought Paul’s Young wigs in the $60-$100 range that were OK and looked fairly real on me.  Before you buy online though, it’s a good idea to at least try your local wig shop...a “mom and pop” type shop, if you can.  You can find some deals in these places on occasion.  Be sure to stop in very early in the morning at the wig shop when they are less likely to be busy.  Monday’s and Tuesday’s preferably so you can get some undivided attention.  I did this so many times and it was so helpful to be able to not feel hurried.  I would try on a dozen or so different types and style plus you can find your correct size.  I remember being pleasantly surprised and bought a wig style that I wasn’t planning on originally. After trying it on a few times decided to buy.  You”ll pay $80 and up depending on length, style, construction and quality but it’s worth it.   IMHO, it’s better to have one really good wig that fits and looks good than 3 that fit “ok”, look “ok” but only last a few months or so.   Susan R🌷
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