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I exhaust myself

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I find myself exhausted at the end of the day. In the morning, I wake up thinking about my gender and continue to think about my gender (and any issue surrounding that topic - transitioning, fears, coming out, passing, politics, my own faith, etc.) all day long until I am ready for bed - mentally exhausted and depressed. I do this nearly every day. The noise and thoughts just won't stop and my mind is always racing on this stuff - I really hate it.


Not currently transitioning, but occasionally presenting at home and sometimes in public.


Is this normal? Can anyone relate? (and yes, I am speaking with a gender therapist about this stuff)

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I can totally relate to it.  My friends who are Gender Therapists (and I have several of them) are fond of pointing out the three major characteristics of Gender Dysphoria that they look for are: 1) the stress is Consistent over time: 2) it Persists in that you cannot push it fully to the junk pile of your mind, and: 3) it becomes Insistent and begins interfering with your life in that the GD invades your mind constantly.   My friends are right as I go back over my history - or rather did with my therapist -.  My GD would not let me alone once I knew what ti was, and at last got too much to keep in that hole in my mental back yard under a huge rock.  Talking about it here will help you, that I can assure you of.

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Alex C

yup..and its dose not getting any easier..I will pass bye a mirror and a wave of judgment, doubt and regret  will flow right into every corner of my mind. MY therapist made a great distinction with regard  to the difference between unclear and confused. Right now I am Unclear of where or who I am, regardless of the fact that where and who I am is in present...It's going to take us time but keep being strong, so compassion towards yourself and keep improving everyday 

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Hi! From the time I wake up, until the time I finally fall asleep, I am thinking about what I’m wearing or not wearing, how much hair I hav on my body, and what I look like vs what I want to look like in public. And everything in between. 

Until I started my HRT, i felt like I was spinning my tires. But now that I look back, I was still thinking and planning how to help me, be Me. I feel better , day by day, any now I’m getting the courage to come out more with my friends and family. I worry about what people might say or not say. I’m learning to not be so tough on myself, and that isn’t easy. It’s always easy to criticize oneself, and not easy to praise oneself. We need to encourage ourselves tho, when you feel down, pick yourself back up. Enjoy everyday.

While im looking forward to being able to walk outside and to then Park or zoo in my desired clothing, im working on less of the guilt feeling for not having the strength to do it now. I will tho, especially since it’s getting warmer outside 😂 


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It makes me feel a little better knowing that other people experience this. Just woke up this morning and here we go again...


It seems if I'm super distracted at work or completely removed from my normal surroundings, I'm not suffering through my own thoughts so much. (like when I go on a camping trip with my kids - which is often being a scout family).

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Thinking about my gender became a full time job by the end. Years ago dressing every once in a while kept the feeling out of my head. Then it became monthly. Weekly. Daily. Then all the time. I stopped wearing men’s underwear. I started painting my toes. I started shaving my legs. Before I knew it, I was groomed female style always and I was starting to swap out androgynous female clothes for my men’s matches. The mirror became my arch nemesis. And depression took over. 


Since transition this has all faded away. Depression disappeared. I look in the mirror. I like what I wear, how I look, and I don’t have this awful dysphoric feeling washing over me every day. I found my relief. Not to say that I don’t have tough days but they aren’t ever as bad as they were. Well typically at least. 


I hope you find your relief 

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Thank you Kristen,


I appreciate you sharing as it does give me some hope. Much of my chaotic thoughts are around the lines of "should I transition or shouldn't I". But I can understand that once you have transitioned to the point to where gender dysphoria fades away, you probably find that the grass is green on the other side.


The "should I transition or shouldn't I" debate in my head is a warring storm that literally doesn't quit along with "what will other people think and how will they respond", "should I get on HRT or not even though my therapist is willing to write me a letter",  and "should I come out or not".


A bit of a "trigger warning: suicide" below...










Sometimes it's bad enough that I wish I could just end it. The only thing that holds me back is my wife and children who still love me and accept me for who I am - they are a blessing in so many ways. They depend on me and I depend on them too. This is a very hard struggle. I'm really afraid of coming out and beginning a transition (I don't want to deal with people) but at the same time, its causing me stupid amounts of inner tension. Good thing I have a therapist that I see once a week about this.

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Alex C

Hey LR..Shouldn't or should I is my biggest Obstacle too and like you, I cant stop thinking about. But unlike you, I don't have a family or partner or anyone to come too. My biggest issues is " Why am I doing this?. I properly will look like man( which I and that after for months of been on HRT), who going to want a reject like me( half man/ half woman creature), I will never find love or normalness again. So be happy you have a super loving wife and kids. They will help and assume, will be happy with whom every you decide to be...Things could e worse your best could be a mirror and my mirror sucks at being a friend.

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    • SaraAW
      I tear up at just about anything even remotely sad. Even some sad music can get the water works going. I’m okay with it though. Feels good to be stretching my emotional range. 
    • Debra Michelle
      Found out my nephew Nick came out as genderfluid and mom accepted it.Asked him where he got his advice and told her from me.She told me thank you.My cousin Lewis,he did take it well too and is glad I helped out with advice.They both noticed he loved dressing as the opposite gender for a long time.14 years old and wants to dress as Nicole.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I cry at the ending scene in LOTR-Return of the King.  When he sees Arwin.  And it continues when he kneels before the four hobits and tells them “you kneel for no one”.   I lost it before now I’m a wreck.  Lol
    • MaryMary
      The other I watched a documentary on elementary particules and physics and I cried loll
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I freakin cry over commercials!   Movies and TV series with sad or tear jerking scenes plow me right under.  My wife laughs at me so much over this.   I admit I like the freedom to do so now.  I don’t have to hold it in or hide it anymore.   😭😢😉
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I think you are doing great with your makeup.  I’m very inexperienced but it looks really good to be.   It amazes me that there are still places that still are homophobic.   It’s a bit out of your way but the University of Vermont is extremely tolerant and supportive toward LBGTQ and the pay well too.  Vermont is a wonderful place to transition so we will take you!!!  
    • KathyLauren
      I always used to tear up watching emotional movies.  Now I do so even more.  The nice thing is that I no longer have to feel self-conscious about it.
    • Donnie_1961
      Ready for work. Y'all have a good night.   Be Safe. Be Smart
    • Jackie C.
      Well that sucks. Hopefully you can find another way forward. I don't know what the situation is in Arkansas, but here it's legal to discriminate against trans people. Our colleges are pretty tolerant though. May you find an employer that doesn't suffer from recto-cranial inversion.   Hugs!
    • Dearhart
      Well, I finally got the talk by my principal due to two calls from unidentified females voicing concerns about me wearing makeup while giving GED tests. He said he personally doesn't care how I choose to express myself. But with attendance being as low as it is, he really doesn't want to create any more variables that might threaten the school's budgetary futures by pushing away new or current students.    I knew it was coming, but I let myself think it'd be much further down the line. Yeah, it hurts, and yes, I'm doing what I've taught myself not to ruminate and spiral back into depression. But dang it...I was finally feeling happy about myself. Oh, well....just keep repeating "progress isn't always linear". 
    • Susan R
      I always tear up at the end of the movie, “Far and Away”.  The ending pulls on my heartstrings in a happy way.  But recently my wife and I watched “Boy Meets Girl” and for whatever the reason...it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I had a good cry even though it was probably not the most realistic plot line for a movie.   Susan R🌷   LOL, I noticed I had already mentioned “Far and Away” in a previous post on this same thread back in Oct.  oh well!  It’s hard to keep track of all the posts I make.
    • Donnie_1961
      Well, I've bathed and applied a generous amount of baby powder to prevent chaffing....now it's time to put the rest of me on. Weight gain to me is putting all that silicon back on. Weight loss is taking it off at the end of the day. What HELL we girls put ourselves through just to look nice. Go figure?   Be safe. Be Smart. You've gotta be STRONG to carry ON. (An extra 20 pounds? Thank god I didn't opt for a ridiculously  bigger cup size, or butt size.)
    • Markjvp
      so far no movies has made me cry at least not fully cry but some has made some tears come out
    • Donnie_1961
      Work with what you've got. And if you don't GOT then go out and BUY IT!   Be safe. Be Smart.
    • Dearhart
      That's one of the government's reasons for not putting an X marker on passports, but mostly "it'll cost too much to implement those changes" which is demonstrably incorrect. But personally, I would assume that's just one of the many considerations the individual should make when planning international travel. Some places are hostile, others (like Saudi Arabia) reportedly refuse entry to anyone with an X marker on their passport. So, that's kinda convenient, I guess? Incidentally, I've done some investigating since reading and posting this, and it seems that if your state's drivers license permits an X marker, then your Real ID will, too.  But I know that there are some people with a severe enough level of dysphoria or emotional triggers that having a gender marker on an ID that's different from how they identify/present will cause distress or out them as trans. So, as it stands, it's probably just a trade-off that the individual will have to make for themselves. 
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