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Miss Bunny

The world as seen by my eyes

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Miss Bunny

It's an odd way of putting it, but, it's something I have been trying to figure out since I began.


50 years under the presumption of being male, then suddenly I appear, and mess everything up.


I don't think you become transgender, you're either born one, or you is not one.

So I had to be one all along. Right?


So all those years, HE was under the presumption he was a he, and he never was... a he.

So regardless of what he thought he felt, he was a girl, and just didn't know any better.

I mean, how would he know anything else?


So here I am, seeing out of my head, through my eyes, and, well, it's kinda weird.

Is it just the conditioning?


I 'feel' different, than the reflection in the mirror. When not looking at the reflection, in the mirror.

The moment I see myself, it's "wow, is that really me?"

I like what I see, but, it's hard to relate to it being 'me' sort of.

And this is going on 5 years now.

And yet, the moment I can't 'see' myself, I feel, kinda, not me like.

Is it just too many years of condition?


I 'talk' like me, but, I don't 'sound' like me.

I think like me, but my eyes don't seem to be in sync weirdly.

I actually have my picture of myself on my desktop in an effort to try and get me used to the idea "that's me, get over it will ya."


Is this a common experience for anyone else?

Is it maybe that I came to my reality late in the game so to speak?

I don't have the usual narrative "oh, yeah, I knew at like 5 there was something off."

I don't even have contact with those 50 years.

Poof I appear in a pre-programmed body that's been getting the wrong input for 50 years.


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The Viv Element

KEEP IN MIND, I'm not a licensed therapist or have any degree in anything lol, so I could be entirely wrong about what you're going though. But here's my thoughts.

I think i might relate in some kind of way... for me... before I discovered what was wrong, i used to think it was just depression that blinded my thoughts and I was super suicidal and I was committed to a hospital for accidentally taking self harm too far one day, but because i had a family & friends to worry about i could never bring myself to suicide, I remember being so emotionally and physically exhausted with life that I was just existing only because i was biding my time... and then gradually it became clearer that I didn't feel like myself anymore, possibly because that male version of me 'died' mentally... & I became Vivian, but I still retain his memories from childhood, i still have the same personality, & wisdom so in a way, I'm still the same old me because of how my life affected me, But i'm a whole new person, I used to be able to recognize myself before the depression hit, and then I couldn't see myself anymore, perhaps because i was dying mentally... but now that I've been on HRT for 210 days, I can recognize myself again & i'm always thinking about my future & little things like decorating and cleaning and keeping the place clean now compared to when i was my other self.

if that's not something you're going through...

It's also possible that you have a split personality, I had a really close friend who was diagnosed with it & she explained it alittle bit, like sometimes she feels like her self, and sometimes she becomes her other personality but she's fully aware of it but she doesn't recognize her self either, its like her personality takes turns and sometimes her personalities 'hide' from her for a while as if like they're off doing something else. Not much i know about it though, maybe some research will clear up some answers for you.

Hope I was able to help somewhat.


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Miss Bunny

Thanks for your thoughts Viv.


I've wondered about it being some sort of split/multiple personality thing,  but where did he go? Did I actually 'kill' him?


I have been told by people that knew him, that I am most definitely not him. The ex said as much, and she would sure know.


I wonder, if some form of trauma occurred, that I can't see past. Not sure I want to find that door, and not sure I'd want it opened.


I'm at least happy being 'me'. I like ME. I'm just confused by the odd inability to feel like I'm in my body when I look out through my eyes.


I think it is nice that I look 'cute'. All my old buddies that ditched me, hehe, they look like old men now, and I look about their daughters age :) poetic.

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The Viv Element

Anything's possible! it could have been a trauma, or it could have been an eye opening event that took place and made you think differently, We all have mental blocks in emotions & knowledge and i feel when we unblock those, we discover our selves more. 

22 hours ago, Miss Bunny said:

I'm just confused by the odd inability to feel like I'm in my body when I look out through my eyes.

 at the risk of sounding rude or anything, P.S. i don't know your whole story so ignore this if it doesn't feel like something you can relate to...
It could be that you're still not happy with yourself subconsciously OR that you're comparing yourself to other people often enough to the point you've forgotten how to recognize yourself. It can also just be a temporary feeling. We still haven't discovered everything there is to human biology yet, Just like our deep oceans. So its okay to have unexplained questions sometimes, Just make the best out of life while you can ❤️

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Sally Stone


I think you are very definitely experiencing conditioning.  It's social conditioning, and it's amazingly powerful.  For those of us that choose to be different from the way our conditioning formed us, we have a tremendous hurdle to jump.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to help us transition, and I'm speaking of true transition, where we can leave the past behind.  But then Viv makes an excellent point about how much of who we are today is based on our life's journey.  She said: "I'm still the same old me because of how my life affected me" and that is so true, we are all the sum of our parts and our experiences.  So, if we can't truly transition, all we can do is take the experiences from our past life and use them to mold us into the person we want to be today.  In fact, I think it's extremely important to remember what it has taken us, good or bad, to get where are.





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    • BrandiBri
      Good Morning all. i'm just finishing my cup of joe and admiring the pics of the nails. Very nice! I work retail so I have to keep mine short. However I am now on a 30 day loa so I am going to try false ones for now. It's going to be around 60 today and pushing 80 tomorrow.
    • BrandiBri
      I agree with everyone here, It is never too late to transition. For many of us it was a matter of life or death. I began HRT at 69 and now I am at peace with myself and having so much fun!   Hugs, Brandi
    • MetaLicious
      I know.  My wife keeps talking about it like I'm "flipping a switch" and it's just not like that.  At all.  Still, when it comes to coming out, there's a temptation to treat it like a band-aid that hurts less if you just rip it off... 
    • BrandiBri
      Happy Birthday CodePoetSarah! and Claire! 🎂🍦 Have a great day!   Hugs. Brandi
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      Good morning everyone,🐀   Happy birthday CodePoetSarah!🎂 Happy birthday Claire!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • TammyAnne
      I cannot be of much help as far as presenting yourself to the world, as I am not out (yet) to more than a tiny handful of people. So I live in the closet or in "stealth" mode. However, the folkx here have given me courage, and I'm looking at ways to change all that. Progress is sometimes a tiny drip. Someday. TA
    • Suzanne1
      Certainly such feelings/symptoms are important for one's psychotherapist to know, but is it possible that one might also want to consult with a physician of one stripe or another?  
    • TammyAnne
      Good morning. I'm jealous of everyone's gorgeous nails. I have guitarists nails that are super short. Coffee almost done. Warm steamy weather ahead this week. That usually means storms and even tornadoes. Not fun. Wishing everyone a safe and happy day! TA
    • TammyAnne
      Today begins the start of your life. Every time the sun rises! TA
    • TammyAnne
      Hi Jamey! Welcome! Let me address the "too late" notion, okay? I will turn 70 this summer and still awaiting commencement of HRT. When I mentioned to my therapist about two years ago that it was too late to start or change, she ticked off a list a people who transitioned late in life, and showed me the statistics that indicates most people transitioning do so later in life. Too late? Not a chance. TA
    • TammyAnne
      Hi there Cindy! Welcome to TP. Glad you found us here. TA
    • ShawnaLeigh
      This is my total confusion on what's going on.  I am so happy to finally be me.  So thankful for being alive and to be the women I have dreamed about my whole life.  Its truly been a fairy tail come true.  My coming out and transition has been ridiculously easy and nothing but super positive and tons of love and acceptance. Yes I am in a failing marriage but she and I have come to terms with this and talk a lot about it and how things are going. We are friends and working together to make this as easy and stress free as possible.  Well beyond out marriage we have plans to still be roommates and help each other out.  I'm not in stress or anguish over this at all. Life is good all things considering. Why can I be super high on life and then plummet into bouts of crying and sadness.  I can not even think of one reason to feel this way. I don't like it to say the least and I certainly do not want this to effect my work or job.  Thank Goddess I wear waterproof mascara!  
    • Emily michelle
      I do have similar issues but I’m not qualified to decide anything or offer much advice. My episode’s seems to be mostly rooted from my dysphoria. My therapist told me it is my dysphoria which it very well could be. Maybe yours could be related to dysphoria. I hope you are able to talk to your therapist and get it figured out. I’m sorry I’m not much help.
    • MaryMary
      it's hard over the internet like this to totally understand to what extent your mood change. I understand your concern and I really do think that only an expert can trully help you. I know 2 people IRL who took hormones and it made worst their bipolar illness but it's the only experience that I can draw upon when reading your post. One thing I can say is that those friend who have those manic and depressive episodes to an external observer who don't know they have this it can look really really intense. It's hard to mistake this with any normal "mood swing from hormones". I think experts on that topic can help you deal with this, they helped my friends so if you are going trough a depressive episode know that there's people who can help
    • KathyLauren
      You definitely are not too late.  I dated only a handful of times before my late 40s.  I didn't get married until I was 49.  Yes, it was a long and winding road, but it was the road I needed to travel to get to where I am today.  I am 65, my transition is basically complete, and I am still married to that wonderful woman.  My life is fulfilling and happy.    Just keep on moving forward, one step at a time.  It is never too late.
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