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I have that itch again ...


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I’ve been thinking about coming out again here over the past couple of days.


I think I have this grand vision in my brain of how I would do it, and part of me thinks while we are in quarantine is just as good of time as any. If I did it, it would start with my parents. I would invite them to a Zoom session, send them an email, and have them read the note attached and then we would talk about it. I would reassure them that I am not changing who I am, just how I present myself on the outside. I am still their child, and I still care about them, I just have to do this for me because I don’t want to live unauthentically anymore.


The next step would be two of my aunts that I am closest with, and come out to them, using a similar method of using Zoom (they also live a few states away), and have a note/message ready for them. Alternatively, we have a vacation coming up with these aunts, and I could wait until then, but I don’t want to put a damper on the vacation if things go poorly.


I don’t know why this is coming up, it seems like it hits in waves. The rest I would wait on social media until I purge the people that I don’t want on there anyways (some negative people touting hateful things already), or I would go with the two-profile method for a while. I don’t have much of an active Facebook life as it is, and slowly move people over via private messages or something of that sort. I don’t know what I will do about my coworkers or former coworkers. Then there is LinkedIn which I don’t know what to do about that, probably leave that along until I decide if I am going to fully transition.


This is what I get when my side project is done and I have nothing but time to think about things like that, and of course my therapist is on vacation this coming up week so I don’t see her so I thought I would at least share this somewhere I could get feedback on the ideas.

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Jackie C.

Sounds like a good plan. What's holding you back?


The first couple people are hard. Every person you tell makes the next one just a little easier.



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I think what keeps me from doing it is knowing there isn't any going back once I do it. Once I come out, there is no more secret. I have to be completely be vulnerable, which makes me feel really uncomfortable. I think it is also that fear of rejection. I know it isn't my place to control other people's reactions or opinions, just losing the support of a family member scares me, or even worse, me being outed not on my terms, but someone else's terms because of a blow out with them.


I keep thinking of the parable of Pandora's box, once you open it, you can't put it back away.

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I totally get the fear.  I was terrified to come out to my wife, and then terrified to come out to the rest of the world.  What got me through the first terror was tons of support from online friends, and trust in my wife. 


Getting past the second terror took practice.  I was part-time for several months, dressing at home, for the support group meetings, and on one occasion for a trip to the big city.  In the process of going back and forth between male and female presentations, I realized what it was that was driving my dysphoria: the need to hide.  Once I realized that I had been hiding who I was for 60 years and that I hated hiding, my way forward became clear.  I had to stop hiding myself.


So, if your dysphoria is anything like mine, you may find that going part-time for a while, on your own terms, may help you to get over the fear of coming out.

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That is a similar approach I took to most of my coming outs, minus the zoom. 

My wife was the first and she confronted me based on signs she had picked up on, so I don’t really count that, as it wasn’t planned. I’m in the process of coming out to all of the folks that I want to hear it directly from me. I chose to go with email, texts or dms. The reason for this, was to allow the people I messaged time to process, so they didn’t feel pressured to reply on the spot or have a bad initial knee jerk reaction. The only drawback to this is the wait after you hit send to when you get a reply. I’ve done enough these now that I can just go on about my day, for the first few I was a big ball of stress and anxiety until I heard back. 

So far I am 11 for 11 on acceptance. No idea how I got so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life. 

While I am doing these personal coming outs, I am purging my socials in prep of coming out en masse. I am still undecided if I will make a post or just quietly update my name and stats.

I’m at the point right now where I really just want to get this done with, but I am holding back and doing the personal coming outs out of respect for those individuals I am really close to. I just think that any big news should come from me and not the grapevine, so no mixed messages make it there first. 

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@SaraW I gave some thought to just doing email, the Zoom part I think is just so that way if they have immediate questions for me I can answer them versus them having to come up with the answers on their own (either through research or their own head). I feel like this is something big, and will stretch some people to their limits of acceptance, even though in reality, it probably isn't as big of a deal as I am making it in my head. Coming out to my wife wasn't that bad, I actually took a couple of online tests, one of them from a psychiatric website though I don't remember that kind of pointed towards okay, this is real. So I just sent her a picture and we talked about it in greater length and that wasn't bad. I don't think I want to use the same method for the others close to me, I just haven't word smithed the right language yet.


@KathyLauren I actually have been going part time at home for over a year now at home. I will present as Amber at home, and not really go out. I made a trip to the zoo in more of an androgynous mode, and got a negative reaction from one woman, so overall successful. I just wonder if it is time to come out to my parents so that way I can also be free to present how I want around them. It also lets me be just simply more authentic and honest with people. I think a lot of my fear is I was trained to always live for others, serve others in my life, and don't go against the grain of society. I am now doing some "selfish" by living for me, and that is going against all the years of programming that I have.

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21 hours ago, QuestioningAmber said:

I think I have this grand vision in my brain of how I would do it

I have very similar feelings and concerns, Amber.  Its probably still a bit of a ways off that I will needto come out, but the thought does terrify me, and I go through very similar scenarios in my head.  Its like on a constant loop ?


I do appreciate @KathyLauren's and @SaraAW's experiences on how they managed similar worries and their process.  Those were very helpful, girls❣️

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So I was talking to a friend about this in detail yesterday, and she suggested I wait to come out after we have our annual family vacation where my two close aunts, uncle, grandmother, and brother go down to the Outer Banks. Her thought being that way we don't messy up vacation and all, which makes sense. I have no intention on coming out to my grandmother, mostly because she also has dementia, and that would only make things worse for her because of major change. 


I think I have an idea of a generic email/letter that I would use. Last time I had this itch I went through the effort of writing everyone a custom letter, and I re-read them, and didn't like them anymore so I thought I would start afresh. I think one thing different this time planning it is focusing on how gender is a spectrum, and it is simple, I don't align with my biology and just end up more on the female end of the spectrum.


@KayC I think the scenario keeps playing in my head too. I think that is why in some ways I don't want to wait and just get it done. That is why I spent this morning so far checking the site and then writing what is my generic coming out template I am calling it.

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Bobbie Scott

Thank you to all you girls, for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I'm just now coming to terms with having to come out. 


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    • Jackie C.
      On the plus side, if you get full depth, your doctor will be checking your prostate from the front.   Hugs!
    • RhondaS
      I've always been emotional so so far for me it's the same.   I do think the genital effects you mentioned are happening. Have had a couple moments of slight breast irritation/pain. And some easing of a tension of possible dysphoria that was so low key but constant that I had tuned it out until it went away. 
    • Mickey
      Seeing everyone's stories about their encounters with the police has me shaking my head in disbelief. Here in Memphis the police have a very bad reputation with Trans people, particularly Trans women. Black Trans women are routinely stopped here, just walking to the grocery store. Given prostitution charges, if not rape by an authority figure.   I know of one girl that was on the way home from the grocery store, with bags of groceries. She was stopped by a cop, who told her that she could perform fellatio on him, or get a prostitution charge. She did what he demanded, and still went to jail with a prostitution charge. Another girl was in jail on a false charge and beaten very badly by a deputy jailer. She filed a lawsuit. Had video evidence and everything. Hell, her story, with the video of her beating, was on the news. When she got out of jail, she filed a lawsuit. And was murdered shortly after she filed it.   I am terrified of having any kind of encounter with the police.
    • Susan R
      Yes, I only mentioned “political beliefs” in case your children were older. It can make all the difference in the world. My oldest daughter has always been bi so I thought for sure she’d be completely accepting. It might have been if it wasn’t for the fact that she married one of the biggest trump supporters this side of the Rockies one week prior to my coming out to the world.   Oh, I believe that is the most accepting age. My grand children are all ages 9 thru 13. My experience says yes there are many successful outcomes in that age range. It’s not as common reading about unsuccessful outcomes with children. I think one of the more important things when you come out to them is to make sure you let them know you’ll always be there for them and your love for them will not change but only grow stronger.   Best of luck, Jade. I know it’ll be emotional and difficult at the beginning but you’ll do fine.   Susan R🌷  
    • KMTAL
      I do not think so. For now, our lives do not matter to many or most of the general public. Sadly I worry if we will need an Emmet Till or Matthew Shepard moment, for people to wake up and start marching.
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/transgender-woman-killed-west-philadelphia-shooting-police-say/   By most counts this is murder #28 this year.  Does anyone outside this community even give a damn?   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/09/28/los-angeles-man-sentenced-25-life-killing-transgender-woman/   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.startribune.com/court-separate-locker-room-violated-transgender-boy-s-right/572564792/     Carolyn Marie
    • Jade Diaz
      I wish I could say I had a better marriage but the truth is it was always pretty rough - mostly because of me and the way I tried to hide the truth from my wife for all those years. The disclosure itself was rough but we got past that rough spot reasonably quickly. We share a common goal of trying to part without causing each other a lot of unnecessary pain (it still hurts of course)   My son is 11 and my daughter is 9. They don't really have "political beliefs" yet but I know this will probably be difficult for them to accept. I have a lot of low key anxiety about it, but at the same time it feels a long way off.   In truth, I spent a decent amount of time reading posts in the forum (including your own previous posts on the topic) - I am left wondering if there have been any "successful" outcomes with children in my age range - I guess your grandchildren would possibly qualify there?   Anyway, thank you for welcoming me. I am looking forward to learning and sharing.
    • Msecret
      Good to know. Thank you again @Abi
    • Dana Michelle
      It turns out that I will have to send pictures of my genitals, but not until I've had several sessions of electrolysis (so the surgeon can see how much progress I'm making). I mentioned my concern to my therapist and she said that anything sent through the health provider's website is very highly encrypted (to comply with HIPPA). I'll probably take the pictures with my desktop computer (which has a lower change of being stolen than a phone) and I'll use the shred command in Linux to delete them once I send them.  
    • Emily michelle
      A sweater dress would be cute. I’ve been drawn to cardigans so far. I have gotten 3 already. I’m pretty much hooked on leggings. I just wish I had the boots to go with them.
    • ElizabethStar
      I've been starting to like fall and the fashions more and more over the last few years.  I have seen so many cute outfits but the one that sticks in my mind is a pair of Uggs, leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. Something about it. Maybe it's the simplicity or the "every girl" look, I don't know. There's just something I love about it.   I really want to get a skirt or two but I just can't decide. I'm drawn to mini and over the knee length ones when I should probably be looking at midis and maxis.   I do, at least, have a sweater dress I crocheted last year. Now that I have some semblance of a female body I can start wearing it.
    • KendraML
      Kendra's life,it has been a discovery of whom I am really.First memories of trying on feminine clothing when I was  14 years and curious how comfortable they were to were.I was in the 8th grade at the time after I got home from school doing my homework first if I had any.Mom was gone at work usually coming home around 6:30 PM.Then it was into my mom's closet trying on a few pieces of clothing of hers on.First one was a very favorite dress of hers,I loved how comfortable it was to wear against my skin and put it back the same way she had it.Then it was a couple tops and skirts of hers putting them the same way she had them.I was lucky too,never got caught in the act knowing when she came home from work.Mom never suspected anything something was going on with me seeing I was normal son of hers.Did try on her bras as well being careful to put them back right as well.Even tried on her heels.This was until I was 15 years old.Things stopped when I was 16 living a life as a normal young man doing anything any male would do thinking I was not really female.Then in 2011,what I did when I was 14 and 15 years old came back.This time it was with trying on my wife's clothes on when she was gone,we were dating and I thought I never got caught.I was wrong,she came home early one day and I thought she was mad at me with the oh crap look on my face at first.Instead,she said I looked good in the dress of hers on I tried on and I would look good dressed as female.Did get the idea of getting a couple of her friends of her involved and I was for it.First stop was to a jewelry store getting my ears pierced.Said clip on earring won't cut it also buying me a pair of 2 inch hoop earrings too.Then it was to a second hand store finding me a black knee length dress also finding the perfect pair of 3 inch black heels to go with the dress.Did get fitted for a bra too also get a pair of panties too.A friend of hers had a brunette wig that said my name on.Another friend of her taught me make up application.Said in 6 weeks I was going out with them for the first time.I thought cool,it took me practice to get everything right.My wife was surprised I got it right in 3 tries.Then it was a Saturday,Kendra finally came out 6 weeks after this happened.All said I looked good dressed as a woman and they were right.I loved it and it was part time at first.Then in 2015,I knew I wanted to stay as Kendra in 2016.Began the hair removal which took a year and told my wife I wanted to be Kendra fulltime in 2016.She fully loved the idea and said I look better as Kendra which I agreed with her 100%.I saw wearing of the male wardrobe was getting boring and liked the female wardrobe better.The plans went great with us and tough part was telling my mom she was going to have a new daughter in her life.She saw me as her son.It was in October of 2015 I told her I was going fulltime as female on January 1st,2016.She was speechless,gave her time and space to think things over on this.Finally on January 1st,2016,I said goodbye to my life as male stepping in a salon with the staff ready.I had good long hair which was washed and permanent hair extensions put in also my hair styled,make up and nails done too.When everything was done I loved the results having a reveal party and was surprised my mom was there.My wife loved it,she loved it right away and everyone else said I must be much happier now.Wife even said I look better as a woman.Then I saw the look on my mom's face and said she thought things over good.Finally told me that she finally accepts it and knows she has a daughter that is finally happy.I was glad she came to terms about it.Kendra and I were in the 3rd year of our marriage when this happened and say it brought us together more.In 2017,had my breast augmentation and a trachea shave done.I have a 16 year old son,he was 12 when I went fulltime,he learned to adjust to the changes very well.I taught him can't live with a struggle in your life holding you back.He usually calls me Kendra most of the time now seeing I live a happy life now.
    • Jacqui
      @Willow and @QuestioningAmber, thanks for your thoughtful replies!   Willow, while I am grateful for your kind, supportive words, I'm not sure I deserve all that much credit!  Only my gender therapist is going to deal with me face-to-face as Jacqui.  You go out as Willow when you are in Charleston, where multiple people know you as her.  What's more, Jacqui has never 'put herself together' yet (my profile pic is courtesy of FaceApp, using a 10-year old picture of me).  Willow has a look already -- hairstyle, clothes, jewelry (I love your starfish earrings, by the way) -- and you have faced someplace in the world as your true self.  I am dieting, letting my hair grow, and doing a lot of planning, but that's it for now (unless my self-acceptance takes the form of a step-wise progression where I eventually wind up attending my therapy sessions in full feminine regalia -- talk about a wow moment!  I think I'd have to find a 'big sister' to help me get to that point.  Right now I have trouble visualizing myself that way just walking from my car to the therapist's door!)   By the way, when you are in Charleston, have you ever tried the restaurant called "Husk"?  It's supposed to be pretty special -- all locally-sourced cuisine.  I read about it in a New Yorker article some years ago.   Amber, I'm glad that you are finding opportunities to use your preferred name (which is beautiful, by the way).  I'm a little surprised your therapist has not offered to use your preferred name in your sessions (unless they are not doing gender therapy with you).    
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