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Memories Returned

Kylara Anne Bagwell

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Kylara Anne Bagwell

I don't know if this will go here but even closeted as I was I still had trouble and haters. This is another part of me. The second time I died. 




Understand this has been an ongoing problem for me almost 21 years. So forgive me if it's a bit whiny.


On November 19 1999 I had worked all day in a bike shop and was ending the day to go home and hit the road from home on my Trek bicycle. I have been an avid rider for years and always looked forward to my evening training rides on Monday, Wednesday and Friday notes. So this was a regular event for me and was alway a time for me to break away from the world and leave all the troubles of life behind. So I get home and go in and change clothes and ready the camelback for a short ride to at least stretch the legs and lungs. Now this time of the year brings dark on early so lights are a must. Battery charged and checked. I was ready to leave out. I leave a note telling family I am headed out on a ride with my route listed out so someone would know where I am.




I head out my street, Pine Gap Road and go to Old Boiling Springs Rd and head towards Highway 9. I make it to hwy9 and wait for an opening in the traffic and made my way across the hwy to the other side where I start a slow warm up rythem. Almost immediately a light blue panel truck tries to pull out on top of me but he is stopped short by a car that runs up behind me to keep them from coming out onto the highway. I kept my pace and proceeded on into the ride. Thanking the driver behind me for the block. He waved and went around me and went his merry way. The blue truck had at some time pulled out onto the road and proceeded ahead of me. Now at this moment I figured, well they will head on and that will be the neo of it. But as I approach the red light about a quarter mile ahead, imagine my surprise at who had waited till I arrived. I stop at the light as it was red and waited. Now the passenger had rolled the window down and started yelling at me about bicycles do not belong on r I roads. I never say a word, I just keep my head forward and never look in their direction. Light turned green and I start pedaling to jump out away from the drama. Cars behind me start blowing horns as the truck shoves its way over into the right hand lane. By this time we have crossed over Hwy 85 and was going into Boiling Springs and they were right on top of me. At the next red Light I make it through and they had to stop. So I thought I was clear. I pulled hard and spun like I was a machine. I had reached my riding temp and because of adrenaline I was cranking the peddles so fast and hard I soon put space enough that I did not see them behind me. I went another 5 miles further and stopped at what I saw as a good rest stop and drank from the camelback and rested for a few minutes. I didnt see the blue truck come through so I thought maybe this will be a great ride.




I started back with a easy warm up to get the blood pumping and get up to proper spinning speed. After I achieved a good pace I settled into thw ride back. I went all the way through Boiling Springs. Not one problem then going out on the other side I saw the truckon the opposite side of thw highway from me. Both driver and passenger were pointing at me and yelling and cussing me. I got through the red Light and cranked it even harder. They actually did a Uturn at the red Light and I heard the engine rev up as the driver floored it. I thought to myself what did I do to deserve this kind of grief. It wasn't only grief. I was about a quarter of a mile from the light when I felt the first hit to my left side. The passenger actually was hanging out the window wielding a club or something like it. The pain surged through my body and I almost lost control but some how kept the bike upright and going. I was now fleeing for my life. I knew they ment to do serious harm and I needed to get some place where more people would be. Lights! I sea light ahead, the gas station and restaurants near hwy85 will be a safe place. Again I feel a bit in my side. The ribs were broken. 4 ribs grinding with every breath and I was still up and making for safety. That's when the passenger door mirror tangled with my handle bar and the bike was not coming off of it. We were approaching the red light and we sped up. Much too fast to stop and we swerved to the right. The driver ment to rub me off the truck with a telephone pole. I was howling by now and I managed to click out of my clipless peddles and managed to jump away just before the bike smashed against the pole. I didnt care, I was away and safe. Not thinking I was flying through the air into a ravine at a church yard where horse shoes were played. Yeah, I hit the nearest stabb with my head. The helmet saved my life. But as I hit I hit that and the ground like a pumpkin. Helmet shattered 2 more ribs broken now on the right. I couldn't breat and I was laying like a rag doll.




I heard her, she was saying I'm lossing this him. Yes I was still seen a boy then, I was not out. I tried to get up to help but I felt hands on me pushing me down and her voice telling me to not move that I was hurt bad. Again she yelled "I'm loosing him" then nothing...


Lights were bright and voices were saying he is back. I remember a few other things but I was told they didn't happen...


We were in the ambulance now, SHE said she was riding with me to SRHS and was going to stay with me till family was there. I do remember someone comment on my store as it was women's riding clothes and that I was a freak. SHE address the other voice that they should keep their oppinions to themselves. Hi or she just got hammered on and ran down and left for dead and that kind of talk is dangerous for me.




The ER is sketchy at best as they pumped me with morphine to get me stable. I don't have a lot of memories for about 2 weeks after the ER. At one time I didnt remember the time from the rest stop to 2 week after the run down. Just reciently I was sitting at the red light where I flew and landed. I suddenly remembered the pole and said I went just right of that pole and landed there. Then it all popped in and it was all there from the rest stop to when morphine was added to me. I had for years sit at that light and tried to remember, but on that day almost 21 years later I remembered and it was like a wall falling on me. I couldn't move. I had to make myself move. I have had some trouble sleeping since and November is coming up soon. My husband and I have our anniversary on the day this happened and it has been so very disturbing on what I have remembered. Someone tried to kill me and on the anniversary of the day it happened we got married 16 years alter. Now that I know the details and all that happened I am so very fearful of how I will be this November. Yes we have thought of the wedding date to be a better memory for the day and it has but now this horror story has come back with a vengeance. I wish it had never come back.


Connecting the past and future is so painful. I want to forget it forever.


Kylara Ann Bagwell


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Sadly - sometimes you have to face bad memories in order to disarm their control over you. Therapy really helps and professional guidance helps but it is still up to you. To get past it you need to face it....I have a triple traumatic experience I went through and still struggle with but at least I face it and each time the pain gets less.

Hoping and Wishing you the best.

Mental Hugs,

Heather Shay

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That was terrible.  I don't know what to say.

Thinking of you.

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    • Aidan5
      Being 100% honest, I have actually grown pretty comfortable with my voice. It has always been pretty low (Even before I knew being trans was a thing)    When I was younger I actually really liked the idea of a lower voice, and I can remember people telling me that people wouldn't like me with an "Ugly voice" jokes on them people love my voice, and so do I.    When I play with my headset (When not grounded, rip) No one questions me and it's amazing, the most they question me is my age. Sometimes people think I am younger, but still male. That is a win in my book.    On top of my natural voice, doing some of the voice exercises have really helped. Of course when I get excited or scared it can pitch up a little bit, but I think it's pretty funny when that happens.  
    • Aidan5
      My dad is the same way, I am his "Little princess" I am turning 18 and moving with my aunt and cutting ties the moment I set foot out of this hell hole of a house. My stepmom is worse but that's another story haha.    Hold strong man, you got this :DD  
    • VickySGV
      Good call.
    • Darci
      I'm glad you found your pronouns. I'm taking a very laid-back approach. I was in a Fraternity my first go at college, and our chapter eventually went co-ed and Brother was used to refer to males and females, so that's what I prefer. Most of my Army buddies will likely wind up using my last name, which is cool. "Comrade" just doesn't sit well with me. Growing up under Reagan and Bush, Sr. and the last trappings of the Cold War has that word giving me the heebie jeebies. Until I start hormones and start assuming more of the mantle of my feminine identity I'm still going by my birth name.
    • VickySGV
      The salary looks great, but while my last job had the core needs of this as part of it, I think I am too old for the stress, but I would encourage any younger person to try for this one.  What a feather in your cap that would be.  I have known the people on the staff of NCTE for nearly 10 years and they are a great team.
    • Darci
      I actually don't mind the drive over to the main campus, especially now that it's close to where my Dad lives. We lost Mom at the end of August, so I know he is thankful for the visit. I hadn't thought about breastforms, or even getting a wig through the VA. In my head I envisioned the wig equivalent of birth-control glasses. Wigs can get expensive, so if the VA is gonna cover it, I might as welll. I'm also rated... 90% mostly in my lungs, feet and back.  
    • Jocelyn
      Thank you💜
    • Jandi
      Hi Darci My experience with the VA in Asheville has been good as well.  I would expect it will be the same for you.
    • Lee H
      Me too, Darci. Thanks for being here. Your post got me wondering if there's a feminine form of "comrade," and if so, whether cis women troops use it? Surprisingly obscure question, muddled by the Russian use of "comrade." Best answer I could find was that in English, "comrade" is an ungendered noun, and a tangent that led me to "girl." I don't know about you, but I call the MtF transitioners on this site, "girls." Well, I guess some cis women consider it demeaning, as in disrespectful or diminishing. I don't, but who am I to have an opinion?  I followed this rabbit hole because I would like to become as authentic a "girl" as I can be, irrespective of PC. So, Darci, to me you're a "girlfriend," and I like it like that. And, thanks for your service. Welcome home. ~~Here's a military hug, by the numbers -- Lee
    • Jandi
    • Carolyn Marie
      If you think you have the skills, time and interest, it's time to get involved.   https://transequality.org/about/jobs     Carolyn Marie
    • Emily michelle
      Congrats Alex! Enjoy the changes.
    • Emily michelle
      It is probably a good idea to tell people before hand. I should really talk to my sister first since she is hosting it. If she is comfortable with it then I can work on letting everyone else know.
    • MaryMary
      She's a really important person for the trans community in the province of Québec. I thought I would shine a light with my fellow english speaking forum friends I met her in person one time in my life and she helped me and so many others. She had the incredible "aura" of someone who cares a lot about other trans. It's something to ear people talk about such a person from afar but it's something else when that person helped you quite directly in your most desperate time.   https://blog.grsmontreal.com/en/marie-marcelle-godbout/
    • Shay
      Attitude - the day doesn't care what you think of it - it goes on being a day - if you DECIDE to make something of each day - you will. SMILE    
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