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Supermarket makeup versus Sephora etc?


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I feel I am kind of getting my beauty routine and makeup game under control. I can now put together something, good enough for work and shopping, in around 10-15 minutes.


Now, when I started I had no idea what I was doing. So, I bought only "cheap" supermarket brands while I figured out what the heck to do with all of this stuff! If I made a mistake and the color was all wrong for me (I found this especially with lipstick!), I could just chuck it without too much of an investment going to waste. Also, its easy to pick up something on special and get a bargain when you know exactly what you are looking for.


Anyway, I have "standardised" on Maybelline which has a fairly decent range where I buy my groceries, is cheap, and I don't mind how it feels and looks going on. I particularly like the pore concealing primer, the mascara, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner (I also like this sparkly stuff by maybelline that comes in a tube  and really helps my eyes "pop"!). I'm less impressed with the foundation - though I've finally found a tone that matches my skin pretty well (now that took a while!) . I don't like their concealer at all and have some NARS concealer (From Mega Maxima) which I love.


Just one teeny tiny jar of the NARS stuff cost  as much as 3 or 4 of my usual Maybelline products (but feels so lovely!)


Which got me thinking ... should I start to look at big girl's makeup? Is there really that much difference if I pay $15 versus $50 for a little bottle of foundation? Will more expensive stuff make me look any better?



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With makeup, high cost does not always equal high quality.  There are $10 eye shadow pallets that are much better than ones costing $60-$100.  The same is true for a lot of other products.  I use a lot of E.L.F. and NYX products such as primers and eye shadow base, and even blush, contour and highlighter.  Most of my eye shadow pallets are Morphe and Coastal Scents, and they formulas are pretty good for the most part.  There is an odd pallet that  doesn't seem to perform well at times.  The area s I refuse to skimp on are foundation and concealers.  Drugstore brands never really performed well for me.  For foundation, I tend to use Tarte, Mac, or RCMA.  RCMA is my go to foundation.  It is a cream foundation that was developed for film and television (They made some of the special shades used in some of the Star Wars movies).  With the RCMA foundation, a little goes a very long way.  They have a large shade range, and were also made so you can easily mix a custom shade.  RCMA foundation pallets cost anywhere from about $70 to $120, but they also sell single shades.  For concealers, the two That I use are 3 Custom Color Specialists, and Ben Nye.  They are both highly pigmented cream concealers developed for professional MUA's.  A little goes a long way with these as well.  Ben Nye also makes a beard cover to hide shadow that works great as well.  Hope this helps.

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In the beginning, stores like Sephora and ULTA were my Trans friendly go to stores where I could get recommendations and tips on application, and I tried the products they marketed all with a degree of success.  I needed to have non-allergenic makeup due to some skin problems I had and still do have.  I am in situations where I need actual theater grade makeup from time to time, and for me those foundations have worked the best overall.  Once the foundation is on, then the other colored agents such as blush and eye shadow are a little more open to quick supermarket brands but not all brands have colors that work with me.  My suggestion is go to Sephora which is Trans Friendly and have them help you pick the right colors and pallets from their stock (I have found their products to last longer) and then once in a good place, get what you want.

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Carolyn Marie

I agree Vicky for the most part.  Sephora is a great place to learn and pick up a starter kit, and I swear by the quality of their brushes.  But their makeup products are much more expensive than retail brands, and I now use retail almost exclusively.  Estee Lauder and L'Oreal for eye makeup, Essie and OPI for nails, and Almay for makeup remover are go-to products.  For lipstick it just depends on what's on sale and what colors and styles are available.  I usually stay away from anything that looks too gaudy.


The one exception is Mac for foundation.  I find it worth the extra money for the way it covers and goes on so smoothly and evenly.


Everyone will have their preferences, of course.  But no one should have to spend a fortune on makeup and supplies.


Carolyn Marie

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Thankyou so much for the detailed replies, @Carolyn Marie, @VickySGV and @MiraM . You have all given me something to think about.


Seems the consensus is things like foundation and concealer are worth a little extra investment. I'm quite nervous about visiting stores like Sephora (they are always packed with beautiful young women and I feel so out of place), but maybe its time I put on my big girl pants and overcame my fears.


@Carolyn Marie You mentioned Mac foundation. I'm sure I've seen that in my travels. Do you have an exact "make and model" for your foundation?  I think it would be easier for me if I went into Sephora and asked for help with a specific product rather than just going in and saying "Help!?! I dont know what Im doing!"

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1 hour ago, Berni said:

Seems the consensus is things like foundation and concealer are worth a little extra investment. I'm quite nervous about visiting stores like Sephora (they are always packed with beautiful young women

The Sephora stores here in the U.S. have special sessions for Trans people a few times a year.  Look for their Special Events on their web page.  They also have special sessions for older girls like myself and I have been ot one where I was treated like one of the girls (er-- mature women--lol!!


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1 hour ago, VickySGV said:

The Sephora stores here in the U.S. have special sessions for Trans people a few times a year.  Look for their Special Events on their web page.  They also have special sessions for older girls like myself and I have been ot one where I was treated like one of the girls (er-- mature women--lol!!


Unfortunately, Australia doesn't have the market volumes of the US and so neither Sephora, nor Mecca Maxima run classes specifically for older or trans folk here (they did try it once back in 2018 for Pride Month - but never repeated it). I just don't have the confidence to sit in the centre of a busy Sephora and have a young girl apply makeup while other looked on.

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Carolyn Marie
5 hours ago, Berni said:

@Carolyn Marie You mentioned Mac foundation. I'm sure I've seen that in my travels. Do you have an exact "make and model" for your foundation?  I think it would be easier for me if I went into Sephora and asked for help with a specific product rather than just going in and saying "Help!?! I dont know what Im doing!"


As far as I know you can only buy Mac products in Mac Stores and some Macy's stores (they have a Mac mini-store inside at my local mall).  There are quite a few "models" of Mac foundation and what's right for my complexion and face may not be right for you, so I hesitate to get more specific.  I'm certain that the store personnel will be happy to help you out.  Especially these days, no one is going to risk pissing off or being rude to a customer.  Money and customers both are in too short supply these days.


Carolyn Marie

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I really like Neutrogena products.   Inexpensive and good quality.  Your foundation should match your skin tone on the back of your wrist, maybe a few inches from your hand.  Thats what I was taught and it worked well. 

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Sally Stone



I'm a self declared cheapskate when it comes to buying makeup, foundation included.  Despite this, I think my makeup looks quite good.  The key is to research and then experiment on your own skin.  For years, my go to foundation was Mehran, sold at Camera Ready Cosmetics.com.  It is super pigmented, designed for theatrical use, but is quite inexpensive.  I found it by doing a lot of online research.  I went to Loreal Total Cover foundation when my skin began to age and for the past 5 years, it is my new go to foundation.  It's only $11 per tube and lasts a long time.  It is excellent.  You can find some superb makeup out there without breaking your piggybank, but it does take a bit of effort to fid the brands that work with your skin.

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@Sally Stone Thanks so much for the advice. I love experimenting with makeup and trying new things. I will give the lorie a go ... pretty sure it was recommended by others.


Question   does it come with a corresponding concealer? I love concealers!

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I use brands from Lancôme to Maybelline.  Most recently Clinique.


Drug store/Food mart you get what you bought.  If you buy Department Store, you usually get free this or that which often makes up for the higher initial cost.  Of course what they want is for you to like those things enough to come back and buy more.


I am fortunate in that my wife assists me with what to purchase and how to use it .  

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Erica Gabriel

I’m reading all this with great interest since I’m back in the makeup game again. I’m lucky to have me wife for advice but, until I get some hours in getting my hair follicles zapped, I’ve stubble to conceal. When I first flirted with transition in my 30’s I only shaved a couple times a week. Now, in my 50’s, it’s daily 😪.

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Everyone is different but with HRT my facial hair grows just enough slower that I can shave in the morning, do my makeup and be fine. If I’m going out in the evening I may repeat it.


I have found using JackBlack Shave Lube and a Norelco gets me the closest.  I shave n the shower after I’ve cleaned my face and opened my pores with a facial cleanser.


I won’t be spending the time or money on getting electrolysis or laser.  I know a couple people that spent a ton of time and money only to have it grow back.  

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I have a huge case full of makeup. Ranging from cheap brands like loreal, maybelline, nyx, and elf. To expensive brands like morphie etc. 


Here is the thing I have noticed. Some cheaper brands. Don't cover as well, apply well, or blend well. Its all trial and error with what you like. I have 4 different price points of foundtion. I really can't tell the difference between my 30 dollar one, and my 50 dollar one, but I sure can when I use my loreal one. Which was twelve dollars. 


Another thing is the tools you use to apply with. Cheap tools some times don't work as well. I'm not saying you need to spend a lot of money, but in my case. Most of my brushes are over the 10 dollar mark. 

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I can honestly say my first round of make-up came in at under $50 overall. I went with dollar store stuff, because I am a complete novice. I'm uncertain about the end results, but then, I only did my full face for the first time last night. 😅😅😅😅😅 An old friend of mine tells me I will love Ulta once I get my bearings.

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    • DeeDee
      Hi Vivienne, it was an interseting video documentary, if a bit dated for me, Aiden and Michelle were at very different stages of their journey's. I am glad you found something that helped you to talk and connect to your siblings. This is wonderful!  
    • Jackie C.
      Well for me, my weight loss was fueled by a couple of things:   1) What Kind of Woman Are You? I mean sure, man in your case but the principle is the same. Is Jackie fat? No she is not. That got me into the gym. The fact that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life for surgery was also a motivator, but secondary to the idea that this is my body and I'm taking steps to make it something I feel comfortable living in.   2) Dysphoria. Once I started addressing my dysphoria, I went all-in. I wanted to look a certain way and I started doing everything in my power to make that happen. Every. Day. That means gym time and watching my diet.   For me it was absolutely about taking the time every day to lose weight. Side benefits included exercises to round my butt out (you can do the same thing, but build your upper body/chest) and narrow my waist. Exercise also helps with depression, which in turn helps you knock off the emotional eating. Also a vicious cycle, but a more positive one.   I hope some of that helps.   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      I had the same problem for a while and I ended up having to just wear sports bras for a while or I did have one racer back.  I looked at third love several times and it looks like they have very nice bras. I would also try soma if they have one near you. They are super comfortable and the associates were happy to help.
    • Tyler1
      Hi everyone, I’m Tyler.  I joined this website last year but have now just started being active on here. I’m 26, currently on testosterone and now just need to work on my mental health and losing weight for top surgery. I’ve come here as I’d love to here peoples experiences with there transitions and overall journey. Also to talk to people who have in common with transitioning from female to male but also just wanted to talk to people who are also on their gender identity journey. Thanks for accepting me into your community and would love to get to know you all a bit more.  Thanks for listening and taking the time to read my intro.  Tyler
    • Gabriel
      They are so fun, and they are also therapeutic! I can crush all of them and when I refresh or open a new page they are there again so I can go at them again. Good stress relief   (and I'n not even on T, I may become a monster LOL)
    • DeeDee
      @sarahmetal You're not alone... I love liquorice too. Honestly I can't add to the previous advice, other than to say that the journey is just as important as the destination, don't look for a particular label and try to see if you fit it, but find out what gives you the most internal peace and then look at the description that matches. I found starting by deciding what I was not (cis male) helped me to gain the momentum to explore outside that box.😊 Like most therapists gender therapists wont give you answers, but they will help you to find your own, it just helps to have someone who has expertise in that field.
    • Tyler1
      Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m currently on testosterone but need to lose weight before I’m able to get top surgery. However as I still have female traits such as large breasts but yet I’m growing a beard, I’m finding I’m emotionally eating as I’m not what I want to look like yet but I need to lose weight for top surgery. So I’m in this vicious cycle so I just wanted to ask you all if you had any advice or tips to help with getting through this stage of my transition.  Thanks for your time Tyler
    • Gabriel
      Hi @Kelli, welcome.   Just what Susan said, it is always good to explore who you are and what makes you feel more you.  Exploration often goes hand in hand with confusion. At least it did for me. And confusion is a definitive uncomfortable feeling. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to label whatever we are experiencing, and it also natural, because our brains (or egos) need the certainty of something to hold on to. So it's not easy.   It is totally normal that you don't know how you feel about something new you're trying. Just give it a bit of time and when it stops feeling weird you'll know if it is a yes or a no for you.   That said, you cannot come to any conclusion from one single experiment. If you feel like it, you can also experiment with other easy things (clothes, even if it is at home, underwear, styling your hair, ...). Be open to yourself about what you feel, it could be a wide arrange of things, and just knowing them you will come to know yourself better. And that is great.   And, if you feel anxious or overwhelmed by your questioning, you can contact a gender therapist. They will make the journey way easier and help you makes sense of it all.   This place has lots of wonderful people who can give you a helping word of support of advice.   Wish you a beautiful journey of self discovery Gabe 
    • Tyler1
      Hi everyone, my name’s Tyler and I was hoping to see if anyone had advice on dealing with depression during the transitioning stage. I’m overweight and have to lose weight for my top surgery but I’m emotionally eating due to still having breasts but need to lose weight for the surgery so it’s like a vicious cycle so just wanted to ask you all for any advice or steps to help me lose weight and get through this stage.  Thank you for listening  Tyler 
    • tracy_j
      It was lovely to see the Christmas lights when I logged on this morning, and to find out they are not just ornemental too!   Thank you Petra Jane   Tracy
    • sarahmetal
      I'm a little overwhelmed how kind and welcoming all of you are; thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'm looking forward to figuring some things out about myself, and I'm so glad I found this forum and all of you in it.     Hi KayC! I'm so happy someone else who lives in Japan is here too. If you know of or discover any local groups of support, please let me know! I'm extremely shy, but more local friends and support would do me some good.   I don't actually have a gender therapist; my therapist is just... a therapist lol. He's fully aware of my feelings however and is very kind; he helps me as much as I could hope, but he admits having support from inside of a community of like-minded people with similar struggles would be invaluable to me, in tandem with therapy. So I sought this place.   Many other posts I've glanced at here have mentioned that specifically having a gender therapist is deeply helpful. I've begun looking for one to communicate with online. I imagine it'll be easier and more fruitful than finding one locally. Hopefully I'm successful and things go well.   Thanks again, everyone. I'm beginning to feel a little less alone. I'm nervous but I'm excited to be here.
    • Denisenj
      I meant to say the owners 20 year old daughter help me put my hair in a ponytail. I need to proofread when I'm voice texting
    • KayC
      WOW!! What a GREAT surprise to see the Christmas lights when I logged in today ... then to accidentally realize they POP when touched with the mouse.  Thank you @Petra Jane!  you are so FUN❣️
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/getty-images-glaad-team-new-transgender-photo-guidelines-n1249762     Carolyn Marie
    • Vivienne Claire
      I came out to my brother and two of my three sisters this week.  I had come out to my youngest sister months ago and she has been a real life saver.  It made for an intense and emotionally exhausting week but they all took it well and expressed instant and unswerving support.  Logically I knew they would be supportive but emotionally I was still terrified.  Two of them are on the other side of the country and I hated telling them on the phone  but had no choice.  I asked each of them to watch this video documentary I found on youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_YDHAxbTmk   They all came back saying the exact same thing.  They all said they thought they knew what being transgender was about but, after watching the documentary, they said they realized they really had no idea.  It really helped them understand.  Anyway I am officially out now.  Everyone in my life that is important to me now knows.
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