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WPATH Standards of Care

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A place to discuss the existing standards of care and how they apply to us.

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  1. APA Dumps WPATH

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  2. The Standard Of Care…

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  3. Just A Question On Hrt Timing

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  4. Are There Alternatives?

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  5. Soc, Us Fed. Law

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  6. Hb Standards Say

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  7. Warning About Record Keeping

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    • Jennifer T
      Ooooooooo...  I like this!   ”In Red I Wait”   In the mirror She stares back In-recognition, searching   In red I wait Beneath swelling clouds Ominous, foreboding She arrives We ride   In familiar rhythmic silence We glide  By field and wood Fauna disturbed momentarily   Interstate In streaks of red and blue Corpulent silence I am alone   “Are you angry?” Aberrant, pensive Issues parturient As vultures to a kill..   “No.” My only reply.   - Jennifer T, May 9, 2003
      14 yr old trans dude looking for some friends!
    • Jennifer T
      Then the effects of the poison will slowly and certainly wane.  Embrace the beauty that resides in the heart. 
    • Jennifer T
      You are welcome @Miseria. The greatest hope that is ever have through the words I write is that another will feel.    Thank you you for expressing this.  And I pray that you find the beauty in life to feel all that is good and lovely as well as the sorrow.    Peace
    • luke_b
      I usually stick with a hoodie and pants to be safe (hoodies always have been my safe space), but I find that layers usually can balance things out if I'm feeling dysphoric, so jackets and flannels over shirts, or short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts (very e-boy style). To be honest, men's pants don't really fit me (the damned female body) so I found jeans called "Levi Strauss Signature", which give me hip room while avoiding the tightness that women's jeans have. Of course they are black jeans, because I live almost entirely in black/monochrome clothing, but they come in normal jean colors as well. For shirts, I legit went to the Target or Walmart men's section and found shirts there, they come in some cool, generic prints, but fit really well. My favorite hoodies are a size or two larger than I am, from Champion, Under Armor, and other brands that make hoodies. I've sorta built up a collection, and I don't think that any of my friends have seen me wear anything else. For shoes, I'd go with vans, even though they are expensive, because the men's shoes fit my tiny feet without making them look feminine. But just like Dillon said, I'd also go to goodwill to find affordable things.
    • Jackie C.
      We actually have one on the main page. It's a bit out of date though.   Hugs!
    • Laura76
      Will there be a page with a glossary of terms?  With terms and meanings changing, it is a challenge to keep up on the latest jargon.
    • Jackie C.
      A lot of that depends on where you live. Some states have protections for trans people (mine does not). Some cities might also have specific ordinances to prevent discrimination (again, none of that here). In the rest of the US, it's totally OK to discriminate against us in jobs, housing, etc...   Personally, I'd wait until the interview instead of putting it on my resume. A sort of, "Hey, my legal name is X, but I'd prefer if you called me Michelle. I'm trans and will be transitioning on the job."   Hugs!
    • Rowan
      Hi Michelle! Welcome! Around here, you'll find that there are tons of us with similar stories as yours. You aren't alone. My therapist was absolutely essential to my journey, and coming out. Hopefully, yours will be just as helpful. I hope to see you around more. Once again, welcome.😊😊😊
    • Jackie C.
      Salutations Michelle! It's good to meet you.   Congratulations on the superficially kind and loving family! Mine is spiders all the way down. A lot of us hit a wall where we can't hold down the need to be our true selves anymore. Coming out to your family, especially when you think one or more members might be hostile, is one of the biggest hurdles we get to face early on. Usually. We still haven't told my father in law. I've been myself in front of him, gone shopping with him, slept on his couch and made him breakfast for Father's Day, but we haven't told him. I have no idea what he thinks. Sorry about the hair. I got alopecia for my 39th birthday. If nothing else we cal talk about wigs. 😁   Welcome to the site! We're a friendly bunch. Poke around and don't be afraid to ask questions. Mind the rules of the site. You'll find us to be accepting and supportive community.   Hugs!
    • secondlook
      I don't know that my employer is anti-trans, but I know that management is right-of-center. I don't believe they'd be foolish enough to fire me once I reveal that I am transitioning, but I also can't see how I can have any future in a company that is never going to be comfortable with me. So I'm going to apply to some LGBT-friendly companies now, in the hopes that I can find a welcoming work environment. Most of my waking hours are spent at work, after all!   My question is, do I use my current professional name on my application materials, even knowing these are LGBT-friendly jobs I'm applying for, or do I use my soon-to-be-real-name? All of my work history is publicly available under the old name. I'm applying for the kinds of jobs where employers are going to look me up, and if they can't find me, that's a problem.   I had one idea, which is to offhandedly mention that I'm transitioning in the cover letter, not making a big deal of it, and then sign at the bottom with my old name, followed by "(aka Michelle)." Or is that too weird and convoluted?
    • secondlook
      As of today, the only person who knows that I am transgender is the therapist I'm going to speak with two days from now. Oh, and now you, whoever you are, reading this post right now.   To the eye and to everyone who knows me, I'm as masculine as any red-blooded American male could ever hope to be. I'm burly, broad-shouldered, bald and goateed. I have a deep voice and was historically a big sports fan (although in recent years that interest has waned). On top of all this, I belong to a family that is superficially loving and sweet, but that harbors a deep intolerance of any kind of societal nonconformity. I can easily summon to mind the looks of disgust on their faces anytime an LGBT topic arises.   And yet, I know that my true self is female. When I finally, fully embraced it just a short time ago, I realized that I always knew this, I was just afraid to confront it. The truth is that the parts of my personality that I have always liked are my feminine aspects, and the parts of me that appear masculine have always been forced on me by outside influences. And as I've gotten older and more and more comfortable with who I am, I've become more and more connected to my feminine side.   My wife is the one person in my life who MIGHT accept me. She's a gentle soul and accepting of life in all its wondrous variety. I only fear that the revelation of my true gender will feel like a betrayal to her, like I've been keeping something from her. I hope that my therapist can help me communicate this important life change to her in a way that is respectful and kind. We always make big life decisions together, she and I, and this feels like I've made a huge decision unilaterally. It's got my stomach in knots, thinking about how this might hurt her.   And yet, I've got to do it. I know now who I am. I'm just at the very beginning of my transition journey. I know I'm going to lose 99% of my family members' love, but then again, if they never really knew me, and if they choose not to know the real me, did they really love me?   My name is Michelle, and I'm delighted to meet you all.
    • Jackie C.
      Significant Other.   Hugs!
    • Laura76
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I've got one you can borrow. Its a new Benelli Ventri 12 ga.  Very smooth. I prefer my Big Bertha LD 5* custom driver and Callaway clubs though.  LOL
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