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  • Welcome to the TransPulse Forums!

    We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information.  Join today!


A place to discuss entertainment in all its forms, such as movies, television, books, music, jokes, videos, celebrities and games. Please respect the copyrights of others.


  1. Movies

    Discuss and review movies.  Nothing beyond an "R" rating.

  2. Television

    What do you - or don't you - like on TV, cable, and streaming services?

  3. Theatre

    What do you - or don't you - like in or about the Theatre? Are you involved with your local AmDram or a professional Actor?

  4. Jokes and Humor

    Jokes and humor. Keep it clean. No ethnic or other derogatory jokes. What makes you laugh?

  5. Games and Gaming

    Board games, card games, video games - you name it.  What do you play?

  6. Books

    Books and book reviews, favorite authors, favorite genres, and more.

  7. Stories Written by You

    If you have written a story, or have ideas for a story, that you would like to share with others, then this is the place for them.

    Please remember that they must be PG13 or under.

    If you use other's characters, then a disclaimer MUST be added to the start of the story, something along the lines "I do not claim <character name(s)> as my characters, I'm just borrowing them and receive no income from doing so. All copyrights are freely acknowledged and respected."

  8. Videos

    A place for your YouTube and other video links.  PG13 or below.  No underwear shots.  People must be fully clothed.  Instructional videos related to the trans community should also be posted here.

    Note that profanity in such videos is not allowed, we wish to remain a clean site, viewable by all. Whilst we accept that once a video has played, many other videos are shown over which you have no control over the content of these.

  9. Music

    What sort of music do you - or don't you - enjoy?

  10. Artwork

    This is for your artwork, not someone else's copyrighted art.  Because of bandwidth limits, you should use the insert image option and link to the image on your Photobucket, Imgur, or other storage account, or your own web space.  Images uploaded to the forum will be deleted.  Images must be site friendly / age-suitable or they will be deleted.

  11. Gadgets and Tech

    This is a place to discuss the ever-changing landscape of technology.

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