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  1. *ring-ring*

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  2. A Friend In World Of Warcraft

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  3. A Videogame Idea

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  4. Adventure Quest

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  5. Advice for my Minecraft series...

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  6. Age Of Conan

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  7. Alice: Madness Returns

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  8. ALIENS: Colonial Marines

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  9. Alter Ego

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  10. An intersting fact...

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  11. An MMO is Helping Me in RL

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  12. Animal Crossing

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  13. Animal Crossing City Folk

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  14. Animal Crossing City Folk

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  15. Animazement 2010!

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  16. Any body want to game ? 1 2

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  17. Any Fans Of Phoenix Wright?

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  18. any great co-op multiplayer games?

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  19. Any great games out there? 1 2

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  20. Any Harvest Moon Fans?

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  21. Any Mtf play on the Xbox one?

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  22. Any one a pc gamer

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  23. Any Pokémon Trainers

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  24. Any Retro Gaming Enthusists? 1 2

    • 44 replies
  25. Any Trading Card Game Players?!

    • 11 replies
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    • Danni B.
      Thanks, nice to meet you.  Glad to find this group, lots of caring, friendly individuals here 🥰💙💜🤍💜💙
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Well I haven't actually told her I'm trans yet, just lesbian but that was last year. It's been maybe a bit over a year I've been trans without her knowing. I have a journal, but I come here more often so I can get advice. Also, in fear that she may find it. I could try to talk to a counselor if I return in person back to school. But, I'm afraid of doing so since last time the counselors at my middle school told people everything. I'm in high school now but I'm afraid this may happen again.. I don't know much people who will accept it although, I did have some friends but they drifted away and found new friends to replace me. Next year I may try to get a passport and see if I could travel to another country (even for a bit) and meet some friends without my mom knowing they accept that stuff. 🤫 Thanks for your advice I'll try to use it the best I can.   
    • Carolyn Marie
      Some of the reasons cited above I'm sure are valid, but i also know that there has always been a "gender premium" on many goods and services, and often for no good reason.  For example, dry cleaning, even for easy things like slacks or shirts, are more expensive for women's clothes than for men's.  The price of a haircut, same.  I know that studies and surveys have documented these variations based on gender.  Some states have tried to reign in such price gouging, but I'm not sure how successful those laws are.   Carolyn Marie
    • Sabine
      Taylor, it sounds a lot like your Mother is fearful. The reactions of anger and aggression are ways for her to try to distance herself from the conversation (it is a type of emotional unavailability). Jandi is really accurate in her view that cis-gender people really can't fundamentally seem to understand us. It may not be super helpful to try to tell your Mom about your dysphoric feelings and such, as she may simply shut down and make you both suffer. (NOT intentionally!) You have done your "job" by telling her and being open, AND you must know: none of this can ever (and will never) be "your fault!" You can not cause happiness or sadness in anyone but yourself! Maybe your mom will come to terms with you or maybe she will not, but if you need to vent, it may be best to do it on this forum or even in your own journal. It seems weird to "vent to yourself" but just getting the words out, whether outloud or in writing seems to really help! Can you talk to a therapist at school or somehow in your community? Your age may be your advantage here (use it!). Good luck S.
    • Mmindy
      That's great @Danni B. it's great to meet you.   Best wishes, stay positive, and safe   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Taylor_The_Human
      I can kind of understand how she could be worried since I may experience threats or bullying. She doesn't seem comfortable with me growing up. It seems she doesn't like me around people who have more privileges like going out alone or shopping alone. I hope she'll accept me in the future or believe that I'll be ok. I still want her apart of my life since she's always been there for me I hope she could sort of grow to understand me though. Yeah, I think that she sees it like that too. Like "I thought you were my daughter. Who are you now? Have you never been my child..?" I wrote several pages explaining that I get that viewpoint but that I'm still me just with a different look kind of? (that's when I was planning to tell her I was trans). Like your daughter's still here but now she's your son. I never gave her the paper though. When I wanted to it was always a bad time. So, it got lost in her car. Either that or she found it and dumped it so I'd think I lost it to avoid a situation where she'd be upset with who I was and me witnessing it. 😕 I still love my mom and I suppose if I must portray the act of a girl to make her happy then I guess I'll just have to learn to accept that. 😞
    • Danni B.
      I visited the Asheville area a couple years ago. Beautiful area lots of cute shops with great artwork.  I'll have to visit the area in the fall sometime I bet it's lovely 
    • Danni B.
      10 min daily planks.  Hopefully you'll get back to swimming sometime.  I picked up running just before my 40th.  I ran in high school but injured my knee and picked up smoking.  I can understand about swimming, I love to swim as well but nervous about being in public in a swimsuit right now.
    • Confused1
      Thank you for your prayers Mindy. The surgery gave me everything I hoped for, from no more internal pain to an improved  exterior. All I need now is a little more time to finish healing. I am also glad Aurora is doing so well.   Hugs, Mike
    • Mary Jane
      well my parents wasn't accepting when i first came out and i think trying now i think i understand their view because it might be like "who have you been then?" to them, but we're really still just us 
    • Jandi
      I think she may just be worried about you - not necessarily in a hostile way. As a parent of grown children, it's not easy to watch them grow up and into themselves.  As a parent you have to let it happen and realize that they are their own person, with their own life.  And it will be different than yours was. I'm not sure that any of us "have it together" as much as we want to believe. And I'm not sure a cis person can really understand what it's like for us.  We just have to try to love each other and do the best we can with what we have.   Probably not much help for you at the moment though.
    • KymmieL
      I would too. That was our requirement. when I got out in 92.   Kymmie
    • Jandi
      I'm kinda old too and don't try to be "stylish". Also, I have sewn a few things, but fabric is high. My skin is much more sensitive as well, but that's part of it, isn't it. As for the pay scale… that's just sexism.
    • Jani
      ...And its making my nose red.
    • Teri Anne
      Looking classy as always Linda Marie.:)  
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