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What are you listening to today?

Guest LizMarie

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JULY 17...Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles


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JULY 19 


Sunday opens with one of the best least known bands who influenced a lot off younger groups.



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Jagged Pill - Alanis Morrissette

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oooops wrong thread i thought this was six word stories...sorry...yes Alanis recorded Jagged Pill in a bedroom....

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Wrong post @Shay  The six word post is over there >>>>>> 

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yep Cyndee commented on both and strangely her post on for listening and her post was five words so i had a Freudian slip. 

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I have been really into Biffy Clyro at the moment. There are 3 songs in particular that relate to my feelings on this new journey of self acceptance and the fears I have. Black Chandelier is the most relevant. "We're gonna separate ourselves tonight, we're always running scared but holding knives and theres a black chandelier it's casting shadows and lies. Basically meaning to me anyway about my male and female sides and how they just want to exist together but my own fears and society as a whole is scared and ready to defend myself and my feelings if needed. But realizing there isn't anything wrong with me it's society that casts wrongs on it like a shadow from this black chandelier hanging over my head. It really hits home. The other two are God and Satan and Many of Horror. His voice just takes me to my safe place. Lol I hope this doesn't sound weird lol. I'm very musically inclined especially with lyrics as I too write my own. 

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Im sorry... sometimes I can be too deep lol. I promise I'm not always that weird. ??

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July 20... the sweet rocking sisters







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and when you are done with work or done with your chores or taks for the day....



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if nothing else gets you moving this Monday - here is Manic Monday by the Bangles




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Dylan, but not Dylan, Found a Spotify playlist of nothing but covers of Bob Dylan. It's been an interesting musical journey so far today. the covers are from bands of all kinds of genres. Some have been really fun and interesting, others not so much.

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Silly day.


Garfunkel and Oates


Tom Smith


First one probably isn't SFW. Second one probably depends on your work environment.



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what happened to Garfunkel and Oates program and are they still together?

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24 minutes ago, Shay said:

what happened to Garfunkel and Oates program and are they still together?


One season wonder unfortunately. I watched every episode but I guess not enough of us did. Unless you're talking about Another Period which got cancelled in 2018. Otherwise, they had a show as early as last November and I know they've been busy with their acting careers. I hope they're still together though. Their last song was -


What's Gonna Happen to Chris


I think. Not sure what they're doing now though.







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