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What book are you currently reading?

Guest Claire-G

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Diodorus Siculus in Greek, Διόδωρος Σικελιώτης was an ancient Greek historian and not an Italian writer. Yes he was born in Sicily but that is not making him Italian.

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Guest Lynnie
1 hour ago, Dinaki said:

Diodorus Siculus in Greek, Διόδωρος Σικελιώτης was an ancient Greek historian and not an Italian writer. Yes he was born in Sicily but that is not making him Italian.


Exactly where did I say he was Italian? I said he was Sicilian and Sicily was in no way a part of Italy at the time of the Roman Empire. Sicily, like the southern extremities of the Italian peninsula known as "Magnae Graciae" had grown up as Greek colonies.

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@Lynnie That sounds like quite a lot of information packed into one book.  I usually just read romantic fantasy fiction novels. 

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Hi everyone

I am currently reading a series written by Kim Harrison. It is Urban Fantasy and is fun to read.

The series is called Rachael Morgan / Hollows.

The main character is fun and gets herself in to all sorts of situations.   Kind of like Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovic novels.

Have fun reading it is the best drug money can buy.

Carrie ?

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Lately I've been reading, this wonderful gift from my soul mate.


"Getty Lee's big beautiful book of Bass" (2018) by Getty Lee


A compendium of the rare, iconic, and weird.


A lovely coffee table hard bound glossy picture book, full of wonderful details and trivia if you are a bass guitar player. Insightful interviews with top players from around the world, including John Paul Jones, Les Claypool, Robert Trujillo, Bill Wyman, and on and on...The author saves his own collection for last and shares in the last chapter.

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I've been reading the Thomas H. Cook books. If you don't know him check out Break Heart Hill or The Chatham School Affair. His stories are like an onion that he peels chapter by chapter.

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Hi, everyone!


I started to read 'Womanhood: The Bare Reality' by writer and photographer Laura Dodsworth... I bought it for the Kindle app with the other two books from the series ('Manhood' and 'Bare Reality'). 


Actually, it's the last book from the series but I wanted to start with it because you know, some of us are really into all 'vagina', 'vulva' topic even if I don't talk about it 24/7 -  I dream to have it, I almost feel like I have it when I am dreaming and I am jealous. Also, I love to learn more about the raw women's experience - menstruation, sexual activities, and feelings through them, orgasm (eeeh! :)), and the dark side (abuse, assaults, violence, rape, etc.).


It's a really fascinating book and I can't wait to read the next two (even the one with the penises as leading characters ;)). I am not a lesbian, but I really take a 'polite' look over the raw pictures of women's intimate parts ... omg, vulvas! I knew that they are all different, but I haven't' realize that the differences could be that big and amazing. They all look if not 'beautiful', just perfectly pretty and 'normal' to me and I respect the owners for loving them most of the time. 


Read it if you are brave! Read them all! I am sure the rest are as brilliant as this one. 

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Thank you @shelly_koleva83 I will check it out - I agree that all women's lower regions are beautiful and one day I'll marvel at my own - when I reach my goal.

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27 minutes ago, Shay said:

Thank you @shelly_koleva83 I will check it out - I agree that all women's lower regions are beautiful and one day I'll marvel at my own - when I reach my goal.



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Been reading Outspoken, by Julia Serano.  

And slowly working through the graphic novel The Daughters of Ys.  I'm taking my time with this cause I hate the thought of being done with it.

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re-reading Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon - wonderful book - lousy movie made for TV with Bette Davis - even her eyes couldn't save.

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Sorry, but I need to make this update in here as well! I won't bother you with that (book reviews) further:


I've just read the first transphobe's thoughts in 'Womanhood'!!!


It was about trans men and as usual transphobe, she just stated that 'I don't believe that someone is born in the wrong body!'... Damn! It's way more complicated, biotch! She continues how young dysphoric 'girls' were told not to accept their bodies but to 'change reality' which is impossible because you can't change some bio characteristics. She was anorexic and dared to compare her disorder and to use it as a comparing ground of her statements about gender dysphoria. The moment she did that my empathy about her got lower, but didn't disappear!


But she is a Mumsnet user! What should I expect?! A surprise?! We know most of them are transphobes! 


I am still waiting to reach the trans woman's chapter. 


At this point, I have some depressive thoughts when I am reading it. I am kind of jealous a bit. But all the time I was respectful to all the women's experience and wished I could have it for real not just as emphatic feelings. 


Actually, I am sad! Sad about the transphobic anorexic's views, sad for the pain and jealous of the joy these women could feel! I won't stop reading it, just because there is one (for now) woman who decides to talk from the position of her own experience instead of learning or stay quiet on the topic she didn't dare to look closer. Some of the previous women were very supportive of the 'being a woman' issue like telling that they don't see themselves as a 'woman' at all. 


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I am working through the Dark Tower series by Steven King as it weaves through so many side stories and ties them back into the plot.  This has been a summer of Steven King for me and i have enjoyed his work.  The Green Mile was a good movie but a great book.





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My usual fare is science fiction with a healthy dose of horror thrown in for good measure.  My latest book was actually a compendium of three novels.  It's called the "Icerigger Trilogy," and written by Alan Dean Foster.  Way back a long time ago I read the first book, "Icerigger" not knowing until recently that Foster wrote two additional books to follow up the original.  I have always loved Foster's prose and pace.


Just started the book by Alistair Reynolds titled "Shadow Captain." It is the second book in his "Revenger" series.  It's about two sisters who become spacefarers, the eldest becoming a pirate captain.  The first book in the series "Revenger" is excellent. 

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I've taken to reading allot of nonfiction lately. I'm currently reading Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.  I've had several classes on African American history ( 2 general and one specifically on The Civil Rights Movement). After this, I plan on reading Dickens' Oliver Twist. ( I tried to read it about 10 years ago, and only got 30 pages in).

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    • Jackie C.
      Seconded, a joint session would probably do both of you good. Presuming your wife can deal with being a lesbian by marriage, she needs to understand that the person she loves isn't going away. HRT isn't going to turn you into a sex maniac hungry for boy bits. I actually saw a statistic the other day (not sure how accurate it was, but it felt about right) that only about 25% of us (MtF) are straight. By straight I mean into men if that's not clear. So you have no plans to leave her. You're still going to be yourself, you'll just have softer skin, less body hair and breasts. I mean sure you're also going to be more emotional too, there will be some personality changes but it's not going to turn you into Ms. Hyde. Just different bits of your personality rotate around to become more prominent while others fade into the background. It's subtle, but you're still you.   That was more than I intended, but the core is that you're still going to be you and you're not going to go anywhere unless she pushes you away. It might help her to hear that from somebody else. Someone with letters after their name.   Hugs!
    • Petra Jane
      Greetings UKenby, welcome to the forums.   I think my personal suggestion would be to speak to your doctor in confidence about this. At this current time you can even do it over the phone or videolink, at least, that is how my practice does things currently.   If your health centre is like mine, you would have a choice of speaking to your family doctor, or any other within the practice. And of course, this consultation is protected under Patient Doctor confidentiality.
    • Ukenby
      Hi I’m an enby from the uk I am having issues with self harm and it doesn’t help that I can’t be myself around my parents I need advice please help this is the worst it’s ever gotten
    • Chloe Cozee
      I think that I did not drink enough water yesterday and woke with a migraine headache. It woke me up early. Hoping to to hydrate and go back to bed in a while. Good Morning Everyone! 
    • Chloe Cozee
      Thank you everyone who replied! 😃
    • gina-nicole-t
      I love that quote. That applies to so many things and people in society today. Especially the people.
    • gina-nicole-t
      @Susan R oh yeah on social media related to transgender you would be surprised at the amount of people who want to make sure you fit into their box, and if you don't out you go with a very swift kick. The fact is I still have many trans friends on my social media site that never abandoned me, it just appears to be the ones who think that their beauty rises above, and believe they can set standards for everyone else. I believe that is what leads to body image issues with everyone not just trans women, but cis women, and men who hate how they look also. I have a few trans friends that are very attractive, but they never rub it in anyone's face. They are some (like you) of the nicest people I have ever met. I guess it goes to show only some people use their beauty for power, and others not.  Gina 
    • Andrea Jean
      I want to be named after my mom which her middle name is Jean also she is Dorothy Jean
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐈   Happy birthday KathrineJulia!🎂 Happy birthday Michelle 2010!🎂 Happy birthday Shiratori!🎂 Happy birthday Woahshutitdown!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Susan R
      So sorry to hear about this, Gina. I can’t even see this person’s logic in requiring you to post any avatar pic whatsoever.  It’s this sort of thing that has kept me off of all mainstream social media sites but I had no idea that this stuff could happen on a ‘community’ based social media site put in place to specially serve and help members like us.   Susan R🌷
    • magical realism
      As far as I understand thats perfectly normal for all women. I think I read somewhere that those kind of low grade feelings are from liking how you look,when you feel attractive and confident about yourself and really great about yourself you get strong attractive feelings. Cause feeling sexy is sexy. I think a lot of women get that way sometimes on a good day from what I understand.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Hey @Chloe Cozee!! Thanks for sharing more of your story sis! I love it! You are an amazing woman and you sound like you're coming along nicely. I'm proud of you. Love the profile pic too, btw ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Hi @tomiand welcome!! Idk how I missed this post until now, but I am glad you're here and I hope you feel at home. Thanks for sharing your story with us. ❤️
    • magical realism
      Thank you for posting this,Ive been going through similar issues with my family. I just didnt realize it was guilt. I was always and kind of still am afraid of what might happen if i appear to them one day as the person i really am. My father especially,hes a conservative legally blind tejano kinda guy, machismo plays a big part in his self worth. He hasnt been very stable as hes gotten older, (hes in his 70s) and hes still gets down on himself a lot. I get really worried sometimes if he found out suddenly that his son is actually his daughter, he might break down and never come back, or just disown me entirely, or both. Its still something im working on, but im trying my best to get past it. Little steps.
    • Astrid
      Consider finding an experienced gender therapist and have both of you attend sessions.  This made a real difference for me and my spouse.....   Best wishes,   Astrid 
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