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My pelvis

Guest Sarah1967

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Guest Sarah1967

I'm Sarah am I'm Intersex I found out back in 2011 with a CT Scan an on April 29th of this year I had another CT Scan for a surgery that I had at the Hospital where I had the CT Scan they gave me a copy of the CT Scan an my pelvis is different from a male pelvis I have a wide female pubic arch.I did google male pelvis xray an my pelvis is wider an different, The CT Scan also reviled several female parts I have always been different from other guys and now I know that I'm intersex.

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That must be quite reaffirming. It is lovely when we get a bit of verification that what we have felt is medically correct as well.



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Guest ashleynikole


I think it's interesting to wonder how many people might actually fall between binary male and female, even if they're solid in their identity, simply because they have never had a need for a medical test that would prove otherwise. I mean people don't take DNA tests unless needed yet the rate of genetic anomalies could be much higher than we anticipate. I've never had any scan done on any part of my body except my knee. I've never had any x-ray except my legs, and until I started HRT, I'd never had a blood test for T levels (turns out i was on the low end of the normal range, possibly explaining why my brother and I are so different in height, weight, body structure and sheer masculinity).

Perhaps a full workup to understand everything that medical science can about my own body would bring forth a lot of interesting attributes. Seriously contemplated having my entire genome mapped (like the expensive $5000 mapping that identifies all kinds of pre-dispositions that doctors know about).

Congrats on your affirmation Sarah!

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Guest Sarah1967

The CT Scan an 3 X-rays was 4800 dollars I had to have the CT an xrays done for surgery to remove a bullet that I had for years , The CT Scan Imaging program is really cool an can do all sorts of things like measurements I measured my Pelvic inlet an it is the same as a female across an top to bottom and at the bottom of my pelvis at the pubic arch has a greater angle than a male pelvis. My pelvis has gotten a little wider from the HRT. The Q angle is 16 degrees same as a female .

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Guest ashleynikole

Ya know I keep getting pelvis pain that wasn't there before HRT. It feels like some standing on both sides of my pelvis while I lay down on the ground and they are slowly applying pressure trying to bend it more open and make them wider. I'm okay with that, but it's not very often and I didn't think I would get changes like that from my HRT.

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Guest chargrl1

So Sarah, what are you planning to do now that you know that? are you going to stop being "one of the guys" since you know that you aren't like them, and have medical evidence to back that up?

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Guest Allyda

Wow! I thought I was the only one with this! I had a Dexa Scan on my pelvis two years ago. After the scan the nurse came out and looked at my results. Then said with a peculiar look on her face: "hold on a second. I must have the wrong results" and went back to check. A while later she came back out, and made me repeat the scan. When she checked the results again she, still puzzled said she had to get her supervisor. Finally she came back with a male Doctor who as delicately as he could began explaining to me that I had a woman's pelvis. I've known about my intersex condition all my life. Heck, some of it's obvious, so once I knew what he was beating arounf the bush about I interrupted him and explained to him I was intersexed, and how I wasn't surprised at all. I've always had hips and a very feminine body shape. I also explained i was transgender and was currently living full time awaiting my hrt (I was wearing sweats because I was told to do so by the Xray staff at IMI where I had this done, also it was wintertime. They only assumed I was male because I hadn't changed my gender marker on my insurance card yet. Anyhoo, I left that day with an ear to ear grin. For I've known I was a girl since very early childhood, and that I should have been born a girl. This was another validation of that fact. :)

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    • Jandi
      I have watched Rose and Blair.  I am subscribed to Blair, although I seldom watch her now.  What I have seen lately seems more like a tabloid.  She seems to want to stir up controversy to get hits.  But still, she is kinda cute, if young.  I do follow Natalie though.  I began my transition around the same time, so there was that.  And her content is pretty good if lengthly.  And yes, she is gorgeous as well.
    • Linda Marie
      Gosh, My biggest pleasant surprise. So many to choose from. Which category?  I mean like there are so many to cover here...get what I mean? So about that time my amazon order actually fit. Yep that was nice. Emmm, my first stimulus check...yep, bought 2 new dresses.... That night, late at night, that sound.....my stomach.... so I tip toe to the kitchen and....yes....both milk in the fridge and special k in the pantry.... This one will sound really weird ....  My wife and I covid shots. Expecting 2-4 hours and in an out in 30 minutes!!!!!!!! So far this year....covid shot #1
    • Jandi
      Wellcome Willow F
    • DK
      Good article:  https://news.yahoo.com/parents-of-transgender-kids-take-issue-with-simplistic-portrayal-of-issue-100002879.html
    • Linda Marie
      Yes I served. 1973-1975 USAF.
    • ElizabethStar
      Hi viz polish, I’m in. 
    • JustineM
      Here you go Kymmie! I think they have the red as well.
    • HollyNoel
      I don't always agree with Blair White, I'm fact I don't agree with most of what she says. I just think she is so beautiful and would love to look even half as good as she does.
    • Jackie C.
      Oh, you know what you need to do sweetie.  
    • Heather Nicole
      Oh, wow, those are awesome! I only do clear on my fingers, but I like to go loud and pretty on my toenails because I can just cover them with socks when I need to. But shoot, I already have so much polish as it is...Oh, what to do... 
    • Jackie C.
      The article raises perhaps the most important part. Just because you're trans, doesn't mean you're a gender binary. I think more people could benefit from that brain nugget.   Hugs!
    • DK
      A good article on the issues facing the parents of transgender kids.    https://news.yahoo.com/parents-of-transgender-kids-take-issue-with-simplistic-portrayal-of-issue-100002879.html    
    • LusciousTheLock
      I used to watch Blair and Rose and agree with Maid in Bedlam. It's also kinda annoying when they throw a political angle into everything. I love Contrapoints (she drinks too much, but is georgeous!) and her exploration of ideas, but when she gets political and start's telling people how to vote. I think that's an abuse of power.   I have never really followed the same political party between elections (here in the UK). I may not agree with all the policies from one particular party, but make an educated decision to pick the best bits of policy that best suits my lifestyle and opinions. And all opinions are an evoloution of ideas that need exploring. My wife votes differently to me, and opinion with respect is the spice of life and what debates and conversation are made for xx.    
    • LusciousTheLock
      Wow! Thank you. Your progress is much further than mine. I'm just over 12 months into social transition and expect to start Hormones in around eight months if all goes to plan, its not easy here in the UK. The thing that always held me back the most was believing I was a freak or a "Shouldn't have been" a mistake. It took me three years of counselling to admit, that maybe I'm not such a bad person and I do deserve and have a right to live and be the person I want to be. The only reason I opened up in the end was when my own counsellor admitted that our stories were so very similar and she completely understood my thought processes and decision making. There are more of us out there, and I hope the world is changing for the better. Children, shouldn't go through what we did.   
    • AwesomeClaire
      My new voice therapist is about an hour away and they do telemed appts. It's not ideal but better than nothing. Sorry your insurance won't help with it. Have you found anything useful on YouTube? I tried that first and it was too confusing and not very comprehensive, just a mash up of random tricks to try and that isn't very helpful for me.   That's really interesting, I too always thought my voice wasn't masculine enough when I was trying to be that way. I know a lot of it has to do with the words I use and how I say things.   
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