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new intersex book out.

Guest marsha leanne

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Guest marsha leanne

i am hoping this is the correct place to put this.

I just came across a new book on being intersexed. it is written by a gal that was born with both sets of working parts and how her family decided her fate and her struggle to 'get right'.

i have no monetary interest in the book. i know Wilma personally and her struggle is very real.

the book is titled "two different worlds i've lived in" by Wilma Swartz. it is available from Amazon and is a 'on demand 'print book. It is also available via kindle. I ordered the print version and it arrived in less than 5 days.

It chronicles Wilma's life through school, marriage, family, divorce, confirmation. It is an easy read and a very candid look into the very confusing, hated world of being intersexed.

Not choosing to live in the shadows, Wilma, who is a puppeteer, ventriloquist will be auditioning for America's got talent in the next couple of weeks. She chose to release the book before the auditions so the network can't claim they didn't 'know' and turn it into a humiliation piece. It is not a ploy to gain judge sympathy.

Regardless, of all that, it is a very frank look and the pain and struggles, lies and deceipt that she endured. It rings true for so many of us here.

Just thought i would share with the community.


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Thanks for posting this Marsha. I only recently discovered that I was intersex, but I think that we all have had life experiences involving similar struggles as in Wilma's book.



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Guest marsha leanne

stephanie, while many may have lived the hate, intolerance of being intersexed, i doubt many have both fathered a child AND carried a child. Wilma did both!

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Thanks for the additional info on Wilma, wow, that is different. As far as I know I was never fertile, except for my superb verbal skills, I show pretty much all of the symptoms of Klinefelter's syndrome. I had blood drawn yesterday, so that U.C. Medical can do a chromosome check of my karyotype for 47 XXY. So, I have what I would call a fairly common set of intersex conditions, just some genital anomalies (hypospadias), small and soft testicles, and eunuchoid body habitus. I should find out about my test results in two weeks for Klinefelter's syndrome.



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