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Aurora's Feeling log


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Watching what happens with this dam pandemic cause of my surgery date is March 11th. Been in contact with the scheduler for my surgery in San Francisco and she said that they are still doing surgeries and that since I have already been rescheduled once, I will be on the priority list for surgery. I am not rescheduling again. It was already hard enough on the reschedule from October and it really affected my mental health and caused me to really have suicidal thoughts and I am still having them and having horrible mental health issues. This birth defect is really causing me a lot of pain and I want this dam thing gone

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Aurora, I hope that you are able to get your surgery on March 11th, as planned.  March 11th is the date I had mine this year, so I think it is an auspicious date. ;) I am sure that, having rescheduled you once, they will make sure you get in on time.


You will get there!

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1 hour ago, KathyLauren said:

Aurora, I hope that you are able to get your surgery on March 11th, as planned.  March 11th is the date I had mine this year, so I think it is an auspicious date. ;) I am sure that, having rescheduled you once, they will make sure you get in on time.


You will get there!

I was supposed to have mine on October 15th this year, but COVID is just crap.  I am going to Dr. Satterwhite in San Francisco CA.  According to the scheduler, that they will do everything to keep me on schedule since I was one that got rescheduled.  

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Hey Aurora

I feel you. I have mine for Dec 10th and i am freaking out. Its a Orchiectomy but i need that before my Vaginoplasty which was suppose to be in April ,but now i have no idea. I to am facing major mental issues esp suicided  I just hope i can make it to then. cause i really done with this whole Covid crap and world

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Iy has been awhile and I thought that I have gotten past it, but I had a close call today with a knife and going to cut off my birth defect with how much pain it has been giving me.  This time I drew blood but then stopped as I know that I need it for my surgery in March

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  • Admin

I am very relieved you did not do any worse damage.  I know you do have friends you can talk to, it is the only way to stiff out those times and come out in a way you can go forward to what you need. 

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Trying to find ways to cheer me up.  Been really depressed today that everything has lost interest to me.  Just feel like that I will never be the true woman that I am supposed to be.  Feel like that I will never be able to afford surgeries. My support circle is so small that I do not really have help but I have people that are too quick to judge and say negative things to me but they dont want to help me out and so I am left doing everything all alone.


Maybe I should look at find a psychiatrist to prescribe some anti-depresents for me.  wonder if that will help me out all.


I am just feeling like that I am nothing more than a failure and will not be the girl that I am supposed to be and yet I am seeing and hearing all these other Trans women being able to go get breast surgeries and FFS and GCS and everything and wonder how are they even affording all this or what insurance do they have cause these surgeries are not cheap and most insurances do not cover the cosmetic surgeries like breast and FFS.  So it's like how the hell can people afford these surgeries.  The best my insurance will cover is GCS and yet I am using part of my IRA to help cover the deductible and place to stay while in San Francisco.  Dont know, just feeling really depressed and down and ready to just kill myself

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  • Forum Moderator

Well, I only managed to afford GCS by cratering our savings. My insurance did nothing. I'm on the lookout for extra income to repair the damage and start a fund for any additional surgery I might need. Not ideal, but you do what you have to do.


Point the second, you might not need FFS or breast augmentation. You never know. Give the HRT a minute to work, yeah?


Thirdly, lockdown is hard on people with serious depression. You're cut off from your support system and it gets easier to convince yourself to do something drastic. Try to keep yourself busy with things you enjoy, talk whoever you can. Try not to fall down any rabbit holes. I've worked myself into some real knots that way. You might even try meditation and, if you can, exercise. It helps with depression. Honest. There are studies and everything.


In the meantime, strike up a chat with us here as much as you need to. We don't mind and we all want you to blossom into the woman you were meant to be as much as you do.



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  • Admin

My GCS came out of my pocket because it was 8 years ago, a year before my HMO covered it after finding it was cheaper to provide it than to cover the care of failed suicides, and two years before my state mandated that insurance carriers in the state provide the surgery.  I am still paying it off since it took a home mortgage re-finance to get the cash, but it worked and while not the usual way I actually came out ahead for a number of years since the re-finance was less than the property value at the time and an affordable increase in the monthly payments.  As far as the tax people go, I darn well did use the money for my "home improvements".  I also got a new kitchen, roof and driveway out of the deal, so no loss really, but I did wait on the kitchen until after I was down to a single dilation per day since I had a construction gang in the house to do it.  The waiting is the worst, and if it needs medication to help the anxiety from making you want to hurt yourself, by all means get it.  The virus deal has played hell with my Depression tendencies but mine is the type that gets worse when people try to "cheer me up" and just needs for me to live it our, but I have a deal with myself on it.  The depression will not kill me if I do not try to kill me.  That is the deal and each day I seem to live through that poop.  One day at a time.

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Reading Trueselves and in the chapter about the childhood years.  Alot I can relate to and some I cannot.  It just remembering back now that in my childhood and teen years that there were signs already and of me being different and yet did not know what it was, but the fact that I was different was there growing up.

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Been rereading for my third time the old book TrueSelves.  It is such a good but.  This time I am using it to help me out to analyze me and highlight areas that I agree with to talk to my therapist on as well.


I have learned that the signs of how different I was were always there and just did not realize it.  Want to go over with my therapist on what I have figured out on my self-loathing and hating myself so much with how it comes from my childhood days and my up bringing.  My parents got a divorced when I was little and my dad was out of my life.  So my mom tried as hard as she could to raise 2 kids on her own.  Being a single parent is no easy task.  I know my mom has tried when I was putting on a mask pretending to be that boy that I was supposed to, my mom tried having my grandpa and uncle be there for me, but of course, it was not the same as I knew I was different.  Then there was the fact that I was in and out of speech therapy since I was 4 years old till graduating high school that it did not help me.  What helped me was finally reviling my deep dark secret and now my stutter is all but gone.


I know that from when I was a young age and still up to now how I was always looking for praise and positiveness and approval which I got very little of but not what a normal child growing up gets.


Then I was reading one of the patients sections in the Teenage years and it is totally 100% hands down me.  It was talking about being shy and introverted to self hatred and just being out of touch with myself and not letting anyone in or near me to never going on a date or having few friends.  Still to this day, I have like 3 true friends and the rest is acquaints and also still I have never ever dated in my whole life and I am now the real life 40 year old virgin.


There is so much that I agree with in the book about me and some stuff that is not me.  I loved how reading about the cross dressing phase and that it is not really cross dressing as that it was more I belong wearing the clothes and not boy clothes and can even remember waiting till I was alone and going into my sisters room and stealing her clothes and then hiding them in my room or being careful to put back the clothes just as I have found them.  Looking back to my growing up days back in the 80's and 90's, the signs were all there and I cannot believe it


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I know I did this to myself.  Yesterday was wash day for my hair so I took out my extensions so I can wash my hair and then I never put my extensions back in after I washed my hair and before I left for work at night.  So all night at work since I work overnight hours I have been feeling down and not liking myself because I forgot to put my extensions in

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  • Forum Moderator

I hope you can take it easy on yourself.  Cis as well as trans women also face these issues.  I've left the house with an old beat farm working wig and only realized as i reach the store.  I think i was the only one to notice.  After all we always look better some days.  Perhaps no-one without a personal groomer achieves anything near perfection.  





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Why was I born like this.  Why couldn't I just have been born as a cis-girl.  I just wish that I was cis and not Trans.

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I thought I was able to be past this, but today I started having thoughts after 8 months with no thoughts on wanting to take a knife out and remove my birth defect on my bottom area.  Today it just hit me hard and giving me so much pain that I want it gone.  I am trying to get my mind away from these thoughts right now, but it is posing a lot of trouble.

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@AuroraI wish, I knew what to say to comfort you as you work through this troubled time. 





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@Aurora I understand your pain - I have it to but coming here and talking about it helps. I know I have the same thoughts asnd I try my best to do something that makes me feel better - like my passsion of music - and lose myself in something that is not a birth defect and I'm thankful for. When I feel really at whit's end I discuss it here and with my therapist and being on HRT REALLY is helping as I walk slowly to the day when I can have the birth defect taken care of by professional caregivers and all the stuff that leads up to that time will only make our payoff all that much sweeter.

Hang in there girl - I'm with you and am holding you in my thoughts.

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I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Do not be too hard on yourself for mistakes made, we all make them every day. Their nit picking speaks more about their poor behaviors vs yours. it sounds like a slightly toxic work environment. People like us have enough self doubt and criticism to overcome to allow others to add to that. Maybe it is time for a change? Have you looked elsewhere?


I know it is difficult when we start having the thoughts of self harming but at 52 and finally having the courage to face my true self, I can tell you, it will all fall into place with time. In the meantime you need help getting through this and we, as well as the counselors here, are willing to help. Please call the prevention hotline if you start feeling like this. They are here specifically to help us through the rough patches.




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I just did a helpful move and hope it helps me out that I have unfollowed alot of Trans YouTubers that I used to follow as their videos were part of the reason why I was always feeling so depressed and hating myself.  alot of the Trans YouTubers I was following do not really paint a true picture on what it is like to be trans and they were only showing the glitz and glam of being Transgender and it was not healthy for me.  Thanks to those Trans YouTubers I was following, I was so close to either comiting suside or going into a mental hospitable.  I removed all the YouTube videos and YouTubers that I used to follow in hopes to lessen my depression and try to keep me feeling good and happy

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I am very glad to hear this! You need to be happy. Most of the YouTube trans women are young and gorgeous and it makes us fell a certain way about ourselves. I try to take the one or two positive things like makeup tips, wig tips, etc and filter out the rest of the things I find non helpful. Please reach out to any of us if you are feeling depressed, we have all been through it.

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@Aurora glad you survived and realized you needed to change your approach. This forum and the ladies here saved my life and I am so happy you are here and sharing your struggles. I want you to succeed in being who you are and being accepted for who you are as you come into your own. Congratulations and multiple hugs...

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I have cleared out all the young Trans YouTubers that I have been following and the only Trans YouTuber that I follow is JackieRabbit who has mentioned a few times on her YouTube videos about TransPulse.  I dont know what she goes by on TransPulse, but I know she resides in California and would love to look her up and continue to talk to her.  JackieRabbit is so awesome on her YouTube videos and she is older with telling the truth and the behind the scenes of transitioning and being Transgender.

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1 hour ago, Aurora said:

JackieRabbit is so awesome on her YouTube videos and she is older with telling the truth and the behind the scenes of transitioning and being Transgender.


She's a mod and her picture is on the staff page. Just sayin'.



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Yep, JackieRabbit is the only one anyone needs to follow. All the other just me feel bad about myself.

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    • Jackie C.
      Wait, what?   Alright though, if you really feel that way, ask one of the admins or devs. They'll take care of it for you.   Hugs!
    • Jandi
      Same.      My experience with them has been good so far.    I’m out anyway.  
    • CBabe
      We transgender people treat one another like garbage. I've contributed quite a bit here already during my short time, with a total of 3 trans women interacting with me out of dozens. We don't support one another much, that's why we can't make friends.   I'll be deleting my account here as soon as I find out how. I don't need the same kind of attitude here that I get in real life.
    • Jamie68
      I never was into cutting myself, but I did stuff larger and larger objects deep as possible up my butt. If it didn't hurt, it wasn't big or deep enough. I did testicle stirring with syringe needles to try to kill those horrible things between my legs. I had even plans of castrating myself, either by burdizzo or surgery. Came real close to doing it several times. Now that I have come out to my wife and started transitioning, I rarely get the urge to do these things. When I do, I think about the fact that I might need that stuff for vaginalplasty. That helps. There may just be a light at the end of this tunnel. I've never mentioned this to anyone. This life seems so difficult. It shouldn't be that way. My wife doesn't understand dysphoria. She just keeps telling me, "Why can't you just be a woman to yourself and not let anyone else know". Hell, I barely understand it myself, but I have it. Always there to torture me.   Jamie
    • Lee H
      Hi Tomi I'm in the VA Health Care system, and for three months, I've been in MtF transition. The VA is seriously committed to helping people like me, with HRT, a Gender Therapist, an online Trans group, and other occasional needs. I really appreciate it all; however,  they "chart" everything into my medical file, which is available to every medical professional in the VA across the country and I suppose in military hospitals world-wide.   Without the VA, I couldn't afford it, sooo, "Screw it," I said. I just stopped worrying about it. They're supposed to maintain confidentiality, but if they don't, t'hell with it. I don't know these people, they're not my judge or family members, and, it's none of their business anyway, unless they're treating me. You are violating no policy with HRT [if your employer has such a policy, it's not legal -- see recent discussion under "Thank you, Joe], but they would be in violation of HIPAA. I figured they've got a lot more to loose.    Let me add my welcome ~~Big hug, from Lee~~  
    • magical realism
      Ive gone most of my life now with no friends of any kind due to health issues. I recently met a couple people online on an app. But never managed to see them again,and i felt i made such an embarressment of myself on it I had to just delete it. Most of my life ive hardly even met people my own generation let alone people i can relate to. All that is slowly beginning to change but it takes time,especially with covid now. I guess this is just me saying youre not alone in the boat.
    • Jamie68
      I lived in Tacoma Washington between 1975 and 1985. Beautiful country. Had to get used to working in the rain. Was vegetarian for all that time out there. Like you I ate eggs and dairy. Felt great. Health food stores and vegetarian restaurants were plentiful. Moved to north end of Chicago for 6 months after that. Plenty of health food stores there also. then to Central Illinois in the middle of farm country. Health food stores scarce here. Ended up becoming a meat eater again. It's ok though. Learned some healthy eating habits in Tacoma, Like eating the peels with potatoes, and making a salad with everything but the kitchen sink in it, and baking  instead of frying. My family thought I was nuts, but I'm healthier than them. Now days, grocery stores are carrying better food. I do like a good cup of coffee. I have a grind and brew machine. I like 8 o'clock brand with cold stone creamer.   Have a great day all.   Jamie 
    • Rami
      For me friends have always been few and far between, trans or non trans. This partially attributed to my having trust issues and partially because of my nature as a being.
    • Denisenj
      I hope you're right Audrey I hope it does get easier but as they say Life goes On
    • Audrey
      Thanks again everyone for sharing all your mascara advice! I ordered the eyelash curler and magnifying mirror, so I look forward to getting them soon and experimenting with renewed enthusiasm. One of my girlfriends warned me last night that mascara can actually damage your lashes with long-term regular use. Can anyone comment on that? I'm using natural cosmetics just in case this is a thing and hoping it's better for my skin/body.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Audrey
      Cold weather, must exercise, finding motivation!
    • Audrey
      @Denisenj I relate to your struggle to meet others in the transgender community. The people I see regularly are all cisgender, and they're great people I love very much, but I also felt I needed friends who could relate to what I was going through on a more personal level. One of the main reasons I joined the forums here was to start building those kinds of friendships, and I'm so glad I did. The online space isn't the same as in-person of course, and yes the pandemic has made doing anything in-person so much more difficult anyway. But I feel much more connected now than I did before joining the forums. I do think that trust is important as you describe, and I know I feel very vulnerable and exposed in unfamiliar circles but building trust and achieving emotional closeness comes with time. Support groups are also a great idea as others have suggested. One of the few positive effects of the pandemic is that many organizations have stepped up their virtual offerings, so things exist now that may never have existed a year ago that you can connect to no matter where you are. Hope these thoughts help!   Love, ~Audrey.
    • VickySGV
      I have seen many of those sites, and they are not helping themselves.  By insisting on certain standards of "beauty" they paste a target on their backs, and then isolate to keep from being shot down.  It is the isolation that will keep them from becoming authentic members of their broader communities of Trans and Cis IRL.  It is those actions that give credence to the cis population idea that we are playing dress-up as opposed to real identities.   I have some "Glam" pictures of myself, and they are the ones that broadcast me as Trans and not day to day female (or NB in some cases).  The Glam shots were taken at Trans conferences where I was in a group of a few hundred Trans individuals of CD  up to post surgical people. I like to see them every now and then, but it is not my daily wear which for now is plain cotton underpants, sweat slacks and my supply of T-shirts from various events I attended in the past.  No one looks twice at me, and no misreading of who I am.  If they wonder, it is not about my making a mistake in my wardrobe or combed, but not styled hair and thus they can go ahead and wonder if they have nothing better to do with their time.  It is not my business or doing.  Just my acquired wisdom is that you are more perfect if you are imperfect, if the shoes are flats, and the hair is a little mussed, or if you do not have eyelashes or eyebrows done perfectly then you are the most comfortable, least worried, and probably much happier.
    • Bri2020
      What Sally said.  My sephora rep/god turned my on to this technique and products.  The first is a color corrector, used to cover blues /shadow.  it double duties for me since I have some spider veins on my chin.  My beard is mostly white/grey at this point but grows wicked fast.  He also said a baked powder foundation is key. Liquid ones tend to have too much "shine" and early stubble will show through fast.  The powders tend to disguise it better.  The picture here has the corrector on my hand so you can see how it covers the blues from veins. I applied some powder over it on the left side.   It was a real quick job and I did too much corrector and not enough powder but you can see the results.
    • Audrey
      I remember driving on this stretch of road many years ago, during a summer road trip. "Highway to Heaven," as I remember it was described?   This is so relatable. It's the biggest stumbling block for my partner, being visible as a lesbian couple in the world. On the one hand, she says she has no problem with same-sex couples and everything LGBTQ, in fact we are friends with a few same-sex couples who are among our neighbors. Yet, when it's *her* relationship that is same-sex, it's suddenly a different story. Rigid, gender-binary ideas of how to be in a relationship are important, but they're also the very things that I'm moving away from, because the cis male role just isn't me. NYC is just about the safest place to be in any kind of relationship so it's not that. She's shared that it's hard to see me adopt the "feminine" role, perhaps seeing me as competition as @Willow describes. However, from my point of view, she will always be more feminine but I think that's the envy rooted in gender dysphoria talking. We speak about these problems together, and maybe it's better now than it was at first, but I fear that deep down, my partner is just not okay with all of this. If we break up in the future, this will be why. Sorry to hear that the tension between you and your wife has created an environment where it's so uncomfortable to be in the new home you worked so hard to buy and fix up. p.s. Love the new profile pic!   I've been a vegetarian for 17 years now, and I haven't looked back. I do eat a little dairy and eggs, cheese is a weakness of mine and those ingredients hide in a lot of foods, but otherwise I'm mostly vegan too. I'll eat salmon on rare occasion though. I thought I would miss eating meat, and maybe the first Thanksgiving and Christmas were difficult to break away from traditional ideas of eating turkey or ham, but the truth is I don't miss it anymore. Now my diet is pretty much automatic. It helps a lot that my partner has a similar diet. We recently got the "Plant Based Cookbook" from America's Test Kitchen that's got lots of great veggie and vegan recipes we're hoping to try, the Moroccan Lentil Soup that we're making tonight is in there.   @Chloe Cozee Glad to hear that your migraine has gone away! I have to be careful about coffee vs. water intake or I'll have the same issue, I feel like HRT has made me more prone to headaches of all kinds.   Feeling pretty positive this morning. I had a really fun girls night last night over Zoom. I can't stand watching the Bachelor, but I'll do practically anything if it means spending time with these friends, they have been so amazingly supportive and inclusive since I came out. Got a personalized eye makeup tutorial and that felt nice, but I really need the eyelash curler and magnifying mirror (now ordered and on the way!). I'm paying the price a little bit from staying up way later than I should have, they are on the West Coast so I was up until about 2am my time. At least it's been super quiet so I could sleep in.   I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!   Love, ~Audrey.    
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