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Covid quarantine weight gain anyone else?

Teri Anne

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Just curious more than anything I can't be the only one.

I am bigger now than I have ever been. Staying home makes food too accessible.

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I've got the weight gain, but not from covid quarantine.  Mine is from complications of my GCS.  I can't walk more than 2 km, and I can't even do that every day.

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What exactly is GCS in your case?  I have heard of the Glasgow scale but don't know much about it other than gauging head injuries.






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Because I have been home cooking and not going out, I have actually LOST nearly 20 pounds since last July.  I know I eat too much if I go out, but I am super lazy on that stuff.  The mess in my kitchen from the last week is scaring me.

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10 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

What exactly is GCS in your case?


Vulvoplasty, a.k.a. zero-depth vaginoplasty.

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I've gained back over 10 pounds that I had gotten rid of and I'm upset about it. I know what I need to do, but it's just finding the strength and energy to do it. Normally I'd walk a lot either around my neighborhood or the downtown area where I work, but I barely go outside anymore. I shouldn't eat as much and I should cook healthier meals. I should try to work out at home in my small apartment. I'm just so completely worn down from everything that it's a struggle to just do basic things most days now.

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I used to walk around the neighborhood after dinner in the summer but now that its getting colder I haven't for a month or so

I doubt I could make it around the block without stopping now.

I never used to be self conscious about my weight the few times I have been over weight but I have gained so much this time that I am very self conscious   and kind of embarrassed by it now.

I know I eat too much and too often but I can't help it and have no self control.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Been trying not  to over indulge and its really tough  but hopefully I can make it thru the holidays.


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I've lost 30 pounds since March 2020, on purpose through portion control and working out. The last 15 days have slowed the loss, because COVID-19 stopped me from going to the gym. My sister-in-law said that with all the coughing I was complaining about I should look at the cough sessions as ab workouts. The most important change Suzie and I made to our eating schedule is when to eat our big meal. Since we're mostly working from home we eat a small balanced protein and fruit with high fiber content breakfast. Lunch is more along the standard Supper or Dinner Meal, protein, starch, and leafy greens. Our evening meal is small fresh fruits and veggies. Water, water, water, water. I'm still not at my goal weight, however I'm as healthy as I've ever been, my blood work panels have my doctors happy with this 64 year old.


Know your body, know your metabolism, calories in versus energy output.


Hugs (masked)





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30 lbs Wow that is awesome!! good for you.

This year its been a constant struggle with my weight.

Up and down during the first of the year and I thought I was finally getting somewhere but the lock down happened.

By April I had gained back what I had lost and kept gaining some here and there.I wasn't too worried about it at that time.

Then I started letting my old binging habits take over and just gave up even trying to control it .Needless to say my weight has gone up and is still going up because I haven't done well trying to control it.

I know I need to just doing it is something else.







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@Teri Anne first and foremost I want you to know this isn't a competition, and no mater your weight or size, being happy and at ease with who you are is the most important. I follow several ladies on twitter who are doing well with the Curvy Big Girl fashion blogs. My very first follower on twitter is a lady from Chicago and her screen name is @Curvatude, she was the first person to actually engage with me in conversation. I only 5' 6" and use to weigh nearly 300 pounds and always enjoyed how Richard Simmons made sure that everyone was loved, felt important, regardless of their metabolism. We're all on different glide paths to our comfort zone, don't give up, it's a lifestyle not a diet, because diets never work or last.


Hugs, stay positive, and safe,



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I was fine being the  semi curvy chubby girl in the crowd and actually liked it. Fashions were easy to put together and I followed several plus size Vlogs and watched all the clothing haul videos.

I was happy at 215 220 and loved how I looked.

Being 5'4" I was ok with the low 200s. Still considered past chubby I guess.

I passed 300 in Oct and 326 lbs as of today. I hope my week or so trying to stay on the wagon  will help to stop the gain.

I have to do something I am just too heavy at this point.


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Holidays are tough on the waistline. Holiday cookies. Holiday meals. Holiday chocolate. Peppermint everywhere.


All you can really do is diet and exercise. Try to cut out emotional eating and eating when you're just bored. Stay busy. It'll come off.



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On 12/3/2020 at 10:15 PM, Teri Anne said:

I used to walk around the neighborhood after dinner in the summer . . 

       It's COLD in KY, just like Georgia? I used to daily walk the dog and babies but now she's annoyed at me, sleeps a lot and gives me dirty *growls*! There is no real COVID where I am, it's more-or-less "business as usual" with help-wanted signs everywhere . . 

Am always UP 'bout 4 or 5AM then @7:30 go to my part-time job driving landscape supplies 'round  town then generally home by 2.


TIPS sometimes included!


      Eat nothing prior 'cept black coffee but recently had to exchange an expensive large dress for an "XL"? Aren't we all supposed to look like our grandmothers? Tall, thin as a rail and dreaming of being the teen girl that we never once was? lol THAT DRESS is definitely not "age appropiate"!  At 6', 175lbs last time I checked anyone here LUCKY in the "desirable" dept, have any interest in the attentions of boyz to MEN?


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6 hours ago, Kiera said:

Aren't we all supposed to look like our grandmothers?


Depends. Which grandmother am I supposed to look like? One of my grandmothers had a little weight problem. The other was rail thin, but she worked out like a fiend.


I look more like the second one, but my shoulders are broader and my chest is... well, the less said about that the better.



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Holiday season this year isn't going to be a food filled one thank goodness because of covid with my family anyway which sucks in a way but might be a good thing for my waistline.

Yeah it has been getting colder here in Ky like it always does but in the 30s and 40s which is not bad for Dec.

Winter here can be light one year and brutally cold with tons of snow the next year.


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Two households. Mine and my sister in law. It's going to be seven people. I am in charge of dessert. Because my niece and nephew are both picky eaters (plus dietary restrictions and because I am a soft touch), I will be baking three types of cookies, cupcakes and a peppermint swirl cheesecake. Again, for seven people.


I expect there will be leftovers that my spouse can take up to her dad the day after.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Haven't lost any so as 2020 ends Again I have made no progress in losing any weight.

Have not been binging which is a good sign.

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      Up early and shoveled driveway.  Then decided to head towards work early.  We were supposed to 6-8 inches.. got 2.  Everyone is driving insanely slow for just a little snow.    @Willowhope your foot heals just as good as if it had your normal cast.    @ElizabethStar  you are so lucky to have such great coworkers.  It must feel amazing to be so accepted at work and getting all the stuff you do. 
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      Got this VS hoodie from a friend. You can't really see them but it's has sequin angel wings on the back. Super high waisted jeans from Shein, boots and tank are Target's Universal Thread brand.
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      Good morning all,   Working from home and enjoying being able to work in girl mode. No snow here in NEPA but we are expecting sleet and freezing rain within the next couple of hours. Another reason to be happy about working from home.   Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!   Rachel
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      Hi Holly,   Warm welcomes! Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to seeing you around the website.   Hugs, Chloe
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      Hi @Holly Brandt, it's nice to meet you and welcome to Trans Pulse. I'm glad you've joined the community and happy to hear you've found the resources here helpful. i'm hopeful you'll find support here too as you begin your journey, and that the family member you came out to has been accepting and supportive of you. As you mention, a gender therapist would be a great connection to make at this stage. Looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you.   Love, ~Audrey.
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      More fuel, not new .
    • Jamie68
      typically not a governor issue. Sounds like you need to unscrew the fuel mixture screw about 1/4 turn to give it new fuel. As far as why it quit, there could be several reasons for that. Good luck Liz. Be careful.   Jamie
    • HaraSurya
      Thanks, I got it on a website called Wodensdagh, but I think it closed years ago. Since the photo the leather cord broke and I made a new one with wooden beads around the hammer. I get a lot of compliments on it.   By Pathfinder do you mean the tabletop roleplaying game? I'm not a fan of the board game angle so many RPGs took in the 2000s and early 2010s (that's what killed D&D 4Ed), but I've played them for decades. Changeling: The Lost has a lot of elements that are relevant to discussions here.
    • Petra Jane
      Welcome @Holly Brandt to the forums, glad you’ve found us. Take care, enjoy your journey and stay safe.
    • Holly Brandt
      Hi  all I am new to this site but have found so much info it is not even funny,   About me in a bit older  55  I I like Her  and Holly as me   I have all the classic Issues only hiding it my whole life. But that is about to CHANGE !!!!! I just came out to my first family member . Lost of stuff to work out lots of issues i need to get taken care of.  Please  Feel free to chat  with me   I live in Tulsa Oklahoma  I have kids but fully grown and out of the house . Im on my 3 marriage . (now i know why) So where do i go from here  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I have no clue i need to see a shrink  so yhaaaa 
    • ElizabethStar
      That sucked. I got 2 passes done and my snow blower quit. I'm hoping it just needs a new plug. I believe the governor needs adjustment. It never ran right unless it was on choke. Shovel time! Thankfully the snow is light and fluffy. It doesn't look like the streets haven't been plowed yet so I might not get out of neighborhood. I've never lived anywhere so hilly that got snow.
    • Jamie68
      Sorry, I was replying to Willows post about getting her foot wet.    You gals are early risers. A dammed mouse just woke me up. For some reason they've really gotten bad recently. I use a live trap. They seem to come out to eat about 8:30 pm and 4:30 am. I've caught about 10 of them in the last week. I live across from a cemetery so I let them loose over there. Didn't get much snow here. A little freezing rain though. I'll be putting on coffee in about 15 min.     Enjoy the day . Jamie
    • Mx.Drago
      😓I saw the report yesterday bout an hour after I posted...So many words...none good or safe to post, just lines of really foul vemon pouring out.
    • Audrey
      Hi everyone,   So I've been thinking a lot about how I will navigate coming out at work. While I have some anxiety about my colleagues, I have far more about the clients I work with. A number of them are Orthodox Jewish, and would be the most likely to become cold, distant, or even hostile to a transgender person, based on the sense I've developed over the last several years. Generational attitudes may also come into play here too. No matter how supportive my office culture will otherwise be, I worry about these factors and it might make staying in my current job quite difficult. If anyone has any thoughts or experience they would like to share about being transgender and interacting with the Orthodox community that could help my transition, I would be very appreciative. Thanks so much!   This article from HRC has been helpful at giving me some insight: https://www.hrc.org/resources/stances-of-faiths-on-lgbt-issues-orthodox-judaism   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Jamie68
      Oh that sucks. At least you had white socks. I would have to use a towel, and it would take a while even to find that. Hope you have a better day.   Jamie
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