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Covid quarantine weight gain anyone else?

Teri Anne

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Just curious more than anything I can't be the only one.

I am bigger now than I have ever been. Staying home makes food too accessible.

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I've got the weight gain, but not from covid quarantine.  Mine is from complications of my GCS.  I can't walk more than 2 km, and I can't even do that every day.

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What exactly is GCS in your case?  I have heard of the Glasgow scale but don't know much about it other than gauging head injuries.






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Because I have been home cooking and not going out, I have actually LOST nearly 20 pounds since last July.  I know I eat too much if I go out, but I am super lazy on that stuff.  The mess in my kitchen from the last week is scaring me.

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10 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

What exactly is GCS in your case?


Vulvoplasty, a.k.a. zero-depth vaginoplasty.

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I've gained back over 10 pounds that I had gotten rid of and I'm upset about it. I know what I need to do, but it's just finding the strength and energy to do it. Normally I'd walk a lot either around my neighborhood or the downtown area where I work, but I barely go outside anymore. I shouldn't eat as much and I should cook healthier meals. I should try to work out at home in my small apartment. I'm just so completely worn down from everything that it's a struggle to just do basic things most days now.

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I used to walk around the neighborhood after dinner in the summer but now that its getting colder I haven't for a month or so

I doubt I could make it around the block without stopping now.

I never used to be self conscious about my weight the few times I have been over weight but I have gained so much this time that I am very self conscious   and kind of embarrassed by it now.

I know I eat too much and too often but I can't help it and have no self control.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Been trying not  to over indulge and its really tough  but hopefully I can make it thru the holidays.


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I've lost 30 pounds since March 2020, on purpose through portion control and working out. The last 15 days have slowed the loss, because COVID-19 stopped me from going to the gym. My sister-in-law said that with all the coughing I was complaining about I should look at the cough sessions as ab workouts. The most important change Suzie and I made to our eating schedule is when to eat our big meal. Since we're mostly working from home we eat a small balanced protein and fruit with high fiber content breakfast. Lunch is more along the standard Supper or Dinner Meal, protein, starch, and leafy greens. Our evening meal is small fresh fruits and veggies. Water, water, water, water. I'm still not at my goal weight, however I'm as healthy as I've ever been, my blood work panels have my doctors happy with this 64 year old.


Know your body, know your metabolism, calories in versus energy output.


Hugs (masked)





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30 lbs Wow that is awesome!! good for you.

This year its been a constant struggle with my weight.

Up and down during the first of the year and I thought I was finally getting somewhere but the lock down happened.

By April I had gained back what I had lost and kept gaining some here and there.I wasn't too worried about it at that time.

Then I started letting my old binging habits take over and just gave up even trying to control it .Needless to say my weight has gone up and is still going up because I haven't done well trying to control it.

I know I need to just doing it is something else.







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@Teri Anne first and foremost I want you to know this isn't a competition, and no mater your weight or size, being happy and at ease with who you are is the most important. I follow several ladies on twitter who are doing well with the Curvy Big Girl fashion blogs. My very first follower on twitter is a lady from Chicago and her screen name is @Curvatude, she was the first person to actually engage with me in conversation. I only 5' 6" and use to weigh nearly 300 pounds and always enjoyed how Richard Simmons made sure that everyone was loved, felt important, regardless of their metabolism. We're all on different glide paths to our comfort zone, don't give up, it's a lifestyle not a diet, because diets never work or last.


Hugs, stay positive, and safe,



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I was fine being the  semi curvy chubby girl in the crowd and actually liked it. Fashions were easy to put together and I followed several plus size Vlogs and watched all the clothing haul videos.

I was happy at 215 220 and loved how I looked.

Being 5'4" I was ok with the low 200s. Still considered past chubby I guess.

I passed 300 in Oct and 326 lbs as of today. I hope my week or so trying to stay on the wagon  will help to stop the gain.

I have to do something I am just too heavy at this point.


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Holidays are tough on the waistline. Holiday cookies. Holiday meals. Holiday chocolate. Peppermint everywhere.


All you can really do is diet and exercise. Try to cut out emotional eating and eating when you're just bored. Stay busy. It'll come off.



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On 12/3/2020 at 10:15 PM, Teri Anne said:

I used to walk around the neighborhood after dinner in the summer . . 

       It's COLD in KY, just like Georgia? I used to daily walk the dog and babies but now she's annoyed at me, sleeps a lot and gives me dirty *growls*! There is no real COVID where I am, it's more-or-less "business as usual" with help-wanted signs everywhere . . 

Am always UP 'bout 4 or 5AM then @7:30 go to my part-time job driving landscape supplies 'round  town then generally home by 2.


TIPS sometimes included!


      Eat nothing prior 'cept black coffee but recently had to exchange an expensive large dress for an "XL"? Aren't we all supposed to look like our grandmothers? Tall, thin as a rail and dreaming of being the teen girl that we never once was? lol THAT DRESS is definitely not "age appropiate"!  At 6', 175lbs last time I checked anyone here LUCKY in the "desirable" dept, have any interest in the attentions of boyz to MEN?


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6 hours ago, Kiera said:

Aren't we all supposed to look like our grandmothers?


Depends. Which grandmother am I supposed to look like? One of my grandmothers had a little weight problem. The other was rail thin, but she worked out like a fiend.


I look more like the second one, but my shoulders are broader and my chest is... well, the less said about that the better.



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Holiday season this year isn't going to be a food filled one thank goodness because of covid with my family anyway which sucks in a way but might be a good thing for my waistline.

Yeah it has been getting colder here in Ky like it always does but in the 30s and 40s which is not bad for Dec.

Winter here can be light one year and brutally cold with tons of snow the next year.


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Two households. Mine and my sister in law. It's going to be seven people. I am in charge of dessert. Because my niece and nephew are both picky eaters (plus dietary restrictions and because I am a soft touch), I will be baking three types of cookies, cupcakes and a peppermint swirl cheesecake. Again, for seven people.


I expect there will be leftovers that my spouse can take up to her dad the day after.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Haven't lost any so as 2020 ends Again I have made no progress in losing any weight.

Have not been binging which is a good sign.

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      I am sorry, but we cannot do that for members. Please let any of us on the Moderator / Administrator team know what you need to have corrected and we will do it for you with no question and no charge.  I do not see any problems up in your post that would keep others from understanding what is going on, and I wish you the very best results and rapid healing.  Dreams can come true for us.
    • 2beBreanna
      I agree with Niamh. If they came looking for you they already value you.  Everyone needs to get over this putting everyone on each side is the exact same.  Both sides of the aisle have good and bad.  Both sides have people who hate and others that accept.     I am working to gently show more and more femininity at work.  I keep my nails longer and had a translucent polish on them.  I wear lots of pink and purple shirts but in men's styles.  These small things help me enough for now.  I get a few comments from people about small things but nothing that is a big deal. 
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      Could an edit function be added so I could correct spelling and grammatical errors? Thank you!  
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      It depends on the doctor. My doctor doesn't like people to do transdermal methods until at least a year in unless they have a special reason. I pass out when I get shots and when other people get shots, but evidently that's not a good enough reason haha. I think a special case would be if you have liver or kidney issues, but I don't remember. He says he prefers doing shots at least the first year because it's easier to ensure how much your body absorbs or control doses which can make it easier to predict when changes will occur or something like that. There are some people in the US who never have to do injections though. 
    • Jeanette West
      Tomorrow 01-23-21 is the big day!!🤩 I am off work until 02-25-21, in Chicago preparing for my surgery Saturday. Background: I was diagnosed gender-dysphoric awhile ago, back when information was extremely limited. So I buried my insides and got on with life. I returned to university for the Fall '98 semester, bought and ancient military surplus PC that was all-steel, it weighed 70 pounds, which I had to carry to the top floor of my dorm! While I was hooking it up, one of the computer wizards down the hall asked me if I'd ever heard of "The Internet". I hadn't, at which a group of these adorable geniuses set up my comp for me and introduced me to the wonders of Netscape Navigator and I was off! That first week I did a search under "transexual" and found Dr. Zukowski's clinic in Chicago. I would read every sing;e page at least once per week while I was at University of Alaska Fairbanks, just musing about The Day. And here I am 23-years later. I told this story to Dr. Z last summer when I met him for the first time, kind of like meeting a Hollywood star, I had to remember to breath. He mentioned this story to the surgery team I met while at the pre-op yesterday; there were tears involved. The good kind. I'll have the following: 1. Browlift with frontal bone contouring, scalp advancement and fat-grafting to fill soft tissue hollowing. 2. Upper and lower eyelid lifts with 35% YCA chemical peel. 3. Feminizing rhinoplasty/septoplasty. 4. Upper lip lift and length reduction. 5. Chin-bone contouring, chin soft tissue reshape with tracheal shave. 6. Jaw body and jaw angle contouring, some muscle work, and fat excision. 7. Full mid, lower face, neck and jaw skin facelift. 8. Fat graft to the lips, soft tissue to the cheeks, and naso-labial folds. 9. Breast augmentation using Mentor Classic Round Medium Smooth Cohesive I Silicone 640cc. These will be done over ~12 hours. I have contracted with a nurse to be with me from the recovery room for 72-hours continous with an option to extend depending on how I feel. I would like to add; this is not a plug for Dr. Z, but a story of one individuals', more than a decade of dreaming, hope and sometimes striving towards a goal. Anyone can do it, I know, I am here to tell you it can be done. A little here, a little there, the warchest will grow.  
    • Shay
      I'm hoping some day I will understnad the plan.... I'm getting pretty used to the "cry when you have to" part of Dan's song.
    • VickySGV
      Slowly, bit by bit things are becoming better.  The driver's license issue will have to do until people can finally be taught to accept the fact that all humans are different in ways that should not matter one tiny bit.
    • Bri2021
      It's dress nice day for me at work. The dress is sleeveless and I don't like showing my tats on my shoulders so a cover is needed.  I like my turquoise dragonfly necklace with this because it accents the small amount of turquoise in the dress.  Big hair courtesy of wanting some sunshine and braving the 38 degree morning commute with the top down. haha 
    • Shay
    • Willow
      Hi @KymmieL of course you can.  Anytime.   I'm always here for you or anyone else that I can help.   Willow
    • KymmieL
      God, I hate my body. MMM I may have expressed that some other time, or 5. As normal up early even with getting up for almost 2 hours last night. Probably pass out in the chair later. @Willow I may call on your expertise once again. Let me see what I come up with.    At least I am alone today my youngest came home early yesterday. Saying they wanted him at another school today.   Hope, everyone has a good day. Again waiting for the coffee to warm up.    Kymmie
    • Jeanette West
      My co-workers and I have discussed on many occasions the change in our characters and personalities due to working in our environment. I haven't dealt with the rawness life can throw at one, but I deal with the people who initiated that rawness, and it most certainly has a deleterious affect. We as a whole become much darker people; attitudes towards others, life, humour, perception, and most problematic; interactions, or caring. I was in the airport getting ready to come to Chicago for my surgeries when a sanctimonious '70's something female approached me (I was all by myself at the farthest point from anyone as I don't like crowds), specifically came 75-feet just to tell me, "excuse me but I see you're not wearing a mask". I had been staring into space, lost in my thoughts when my mouth kicked in to overdrive and responded for me, "quit harassing me, shut the f&&* up and go away". Ten years ago this would never have happened, but being around the dregs of society have peeled away the layers of civility to the point I police my mouth by waiting for a half second before responding to someone. Poor timing on this female. I have drifted away from many people I once knew because I simply no longer know how to relate to others who don't know what I do about the black aspect of human beings.
    • Bri2021
      I've had 3 mugs on "Counter Culture #46 coffee this morning but apparently is wasn't enough. I slipped on my knee high boots and left the house thinking, "hmmm they feel a little tight today, it must be the thicker socks".  nope, wrong feet!  SMH. I had to go back inside to set things right and start the day off on the right foot.   I need a day off. hahahaha.  
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