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Eating Disorders Support Forum

A forum to discuss and get support if you have - or think you have - an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or compulsive over-eating.

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  21. distractions for pica?

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    • Riannon
      Aylamac, I wish you all the success in the world! Your story astounds me: How the world has changed! The way it was when I and many others posting on this topic would never have permitted us to even think about transitioning in uniform, let alone actually do it. Please, please, please keep us updated. We'll all be thinking of you and wishing you the very best. ––Riannon
    • Jandi
      Welcome Vedis.   I can't see why not. We're not all the same.  
    • Jandi
      Welcome  Ayla.
    • Jandi
      Yeah.  I hope you can work it out okay.   Good luck.
    • Maddee
      Happy for you @Aylamac Hope the process works the way so that you can proudly serve in a she uniform. Thanks hun  
    • Maddee
      I'm happy excited to be living now. This is so different than before. That life was a one night dream that never happened. It might be my optics tuning in...
    • Maddee
      Hi Jani! @Jani ❤️🎶🌈🌈🐱🐺🌟🦄🌻   Yes I have.  They would only be specific, asking me which state I wanted the list for.   So I asked for five states worth. I have a consult with one next month. I don't think he does hips.   The matrix is allowing me to see possibilities now.    It's making me funny. Breasts go without say, but wait five years I guess?   @Jackie [email protected] Hip implants seem like a rare thing. Pelvic Osteoplasty is possibly unique.    Alot of places will do a fat transfer to butt or hips.  But then it's reabsorbed.  I figure if you're gonna do a surgery, make it noticeable and long lasting enough to be worth the time risk and pain.    Not talking Kardashian. I do not yearn to be re constructed by Ep-pley either.  scares and entices     But a fat transfer trying to fill too many areas could fail to change any one of them in the long run...   Somewhere in between? Hard to find.          
    • Vedis
      Hi,   I'm a 28 year old high school art teacher, AFAB. I have been presenting as female my who life and knew I as bi super early, like the 4th grade? I always felt super out of place growing up with my gender and was always just called a tomboy. Whenever we'd get grouped into gendered activities when I was a child it was a huge stressor for me. I didn't really feel like a girl but I also didn't really feel like a boy? I like dresses and make up and I definitely physically look super fem. In high school all I wanted was to be tall and androgynous, so I could easily slide between more of a masc and fem look.  However, I'm short and curvy so that isn't really an option for me. Eventually I really embraced the fem look as I think it is what I pull off most successfully and it also seemed to be what made all of my partners the happiest. I wouldn't say I am dysphoric with looking fem, which is part of the reason I am questioning whether or not I am non-binary/gender fluid.   I think a lot of my insecurity around being non-binary comes from growing up as bi. When I joined the queer community in high school (2010) everyone identified as gay or lesbian. Bi people where considered fake and only good for straight couples to hook up with.   I got a lot of hate from the queer girls I was around at the time, got uncomfortable vibes from my straight girl friends, and dudes kept trying to get me to do a three-some.  Overall, the whole experience kind of sucked.    At this point in my life I am presenting as fem and don't totally have an issue with it but I know that at my core I don't really feel like a girl or a boy, I feel like a human. However I'm afraid to name myself as non-binary or genderfluid as I feel like the community would probably just reject me. Most examples of non-binary people I see are people very clearly subverting clothing gender norms with fashion, or they present with a more androgynous look. Is it okay to be AFAB and still present fem while also feeling non-binary?    Send help.      Thanks for reading,   Vedis
    • Shay
      @Aylamac thank you for your service and I wish you luck. Can you see a therapist where you are stationed to guide you in your exploration of your gender identity? I think that would be a safe way to help learn how to approach telling those you wish to tell. I have not been in the military however my wife was in the USAF and I have a close friend who retired as a jet pilot from the U S Navy and drummer friend was in the Army. My Viet Nam era brother serviced in the Army as well.   Best Wishes and know you have support no matter what you decide is your particular journey.    One other suggestion - if you are questioning, a wonderful workbook to help you learn more about who you are and what is right for you is "You and Your Gender Identity" by Dara Huffman-Fox, a clinical therapist. You can get it on Amazon for $14 or $15. It helped me emmensely.
    • Shay
      Hello @Aylamac, I personally wanted to welcome you to TP. There are some amazing people here, many your age, many with similar backgrounds and questions and all are great listeners, supporters and willing to share opinions and advice based on personal experiences and more importantly based on love. Check around the forum - introduce yourself and ask lots of questions - you'll find wonderful people here. Shay  
    • Aylamac
      My name is Ayla, and I am MtF trans. I'm still im the closet, but am working closer and closer to having the courage to come out to those close to me, including my wife. My story seems to be the same as a lot of other folks, so I won't go into it here.  I'm currently stationed in a not so trans friendly place, so I came looking for community and support. I'm glad to be here!
    • Aylamac
      I have been serving in the USAF since 2016. And I genuinely love my job. For the past few years I've gradually been putting the same pieces most of yall had together, and concluded that I would be happier as a woman. So I am very excited that there is a chance I can transition and keep the job I enjoy so much. I haven't come out to anybody close to me yet, but I think about it almost every day. Just apprehensive because the process is so new, I'm not too keen on being the guinea pig. Haha. But for real, thank all of yall for your service. It's truly an honor to be a member of this forum with you.
    • Shay
      I'm going to be presenting a program about Woodstock in September and going to play some tunes from the festival - one of my favorites to play will be Going Up the Country with flute player.    Here are the slides I plan to use for your amusement.woodstock powerpoint.pptx 02 - Going Up The Country (Remastered 2005).mp3 woodstock powerpoint.pptx
    • Andrea Jean
      Hurray ...
    • Shay
      Congrats @BrandiBri I'm proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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