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Dilation tips


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Well, it’s now a month after GCS!  It still aches down there, and now I have to start dilating. Ugh. It’s only been a couple days, and I know it will get easier, but I take half an hour (or more!) just to get myself started each time. It’s not painful, but it’s definitely unpleasant. BTW, I had the sigmoid colon vaginoplasty technique, so things might be a bit different. I’m now using the yellow dilator from the Soul Source series. It looks pretty small but feels huge! Good thing I live in Japan! (Sorry. Bad joke.)


Any tips for dilating? Or making this a bit less unpleasant? I’m also hoping for tips on clean up—especially inside. I asked my doctor, and he just said stick a finger in there. That can’t be right, can it? I’m considering buying a simple device (a tube for squirting water inside) for this, but I don’t want to hurt myself. Advice, please!

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Jackie C.

Hrm, you've got the silicone ones. Mine are hard plastic. If you're having trouble with the yellow one, start with a smaller size for like five minutes. That'll help you relax before you size up. Also, well, it gets easier with time. My first month or so was a nightmare, but I eventually worked out my technique. You might also try elevating your pelvis a little to open everything up. I basically rested my butt on my yoga pillow for the first couple of months to get the angle right. A little elevation makes a difference.


For clean up on the inside, I use a <water balloon> once every couple of weeks. I also shower once I'm done. Not really an option for multiple times a day, but you do what you can.


So yeah, angle, relax and maybe start a little smaller to loosen up before you go for the big boys.



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I kept all my stuff in a plastic shoe box with a lid on it that keep the freshly washed dilators and tubes of lube in it.  I personally used some terry cloth wash cloths that are sold in packs of 24 at big box stores for use in hotels  where they get tough use.  They felt better on my skin than any of the tissue things people use and throw away.  You do wash them between uses and fabric softener helps them.  Have one to wipe your dilator off and another to wipe you off and it does not feel as gunky.  I got told to take a tub bath that I could sit in and get my bottom cleaned out mostly by swishing the clear water into the area, and then carefully drying it off.  I was told my hair dryer could be used to help the dry-off.  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the tips! I’ve definitely been using them, especially using the hairdryer, having a box, and sitting on a pillow. A lot of getting through this is psychological, too. Somewhere in these forums, someone used the phrase “embracing dilation.” I’m trying to do that. As I mentioned before, I used to take half an hour just to psych myself up to get started. Recently, I’ve been able to just plunge into it (horrible unintended pun). Getting a pleasant routine down helps a lot. For me, I usually watch a video on my iPad to keep my mind distracted, followed by a nice shower, hair drying, and a little nap. Trying to make this as pleasant as possible.


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So I’ve had a lot of difficulties with a ring scar contracture (that I’ll finally have surgery for this coming Tuesday) so I’ve had to deal with a lot of issues with dilation. Some thing I found the most useful was my pelvic floor therapist and yoga. Also, cutting bread and sugar out your diet helps with inflammatory processes within your body. I also live by CBD oil. Hope the best in your journey! I’m almost a year post op and the struggle is real! 

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Hi, Kylie. I think you’re right about trying to eat healthier. I haven’t been too bad, but definitely had a better diet pre-op. Sorry to hear about your struggles. I can imagine how tough it’s been. I’m now two months post-op, and I’m starting to feel depressed. Dilation has gone well, but I still can’t even sit without pain—no, not even using one of those donut cushions. I’d like to try yoga or exercise more, but I don’t think I’m capable yet. It’s just long day after long day. Just want to return to normal. You hang in there, too. Good luck with your surgery! I hope things get better after that.

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Girl, I understand! The depression post-op is hard. But trust me, it gets better! As far as sitting, I’ve noticed everyone is different. I still have some restriction when I sit. So I’ve had to reinvent how I sit without having any issues. 

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3 hours ago, Kylie said:So I’ve had to reinvent how I sit without having any issues. 

So do tell!!!  I still haven’t figured this out myself, so please let us hear how you do it. As I suggested before, the donut-shaped cushion only helps for a short time. These days, I spend most of my time vertical. Hang in there! I hope you’re closer to a full recovery than I am!

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Susan R
7 hours ago, Kylie said:

As far as sitting, I’ve noticed everyone is different. I still have some restriction when I sit. So I’ve had to reinvent how I sit without having any issues.

I’m curious if the prolonged sitting issue is more related to the internal creation of the vaginal or more a part of dilation. The Minimal Depth Vaginoplasty (MDV) only caused me to have pain while sitting for about a month. Has anyone else here had a two stage GRS and noticed more sitting issues after the second surgery. From the information I received yesterday, I will be much less mobile after this next surgery and may have to sit for much longer.


For those of you who dilate, are you experiencing more sitting pain right after dilation? If you did, did it slowly stop over time?


I have so much fun to look forward to very soon😙


Susan R🌷

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Really good questions! I’m anxious to hear the answers. I had sigmoid colon vaginoplasty, so I suspect this has a lot to do with the pain. Good luck with your next surgery, Susan. I’m not sure if that’ll lead to more pain, but I hope not. As for the relation to dilation, my sense is that dilation helps to improve the situation, but I’m uncertain. In my case, the pain seems to be a result of swelled and delicate labia. Can’t wait to be normal again. My heart wants to dance, but my body won’t let me. Good luck!

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Jackie C.

I think it had more to do with, "You are now sitting on a surgical site where the internals have been RADICALLY altered." I was OK sitting on the edges of things and with a pillow, but it was super uncomfortable for about six weeks.



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12 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

I think it had more to do with, "You are now sitting on a surgical site where the internals have been RADICALLY altered." I was OK sitting on the edges of things and with a pillow, but it was super uncomfortable for about six weeks.



That’s a good (cringe-inducing!) way of putting, and I’m sure you’re right. However, there seems to be a wide range for recovery times. I’m at eight weeks and can’t even think about sitting. Some lucky people seem to recover in a month; others, over a year. Six weeks is pretty good, you lucky girl!

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Susan R
14 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

I was OK sitting on the edges of things

LOL, This was my solution for awhile after discontinuing use my donut. I’d always sit on the edge until I got used to the mild discomfort of sitting on a surface without the pillow.

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      It's interesting to read this. Apart from the stuffed animals I have the only thing I can think of is my deliberate cultivation of a childlike attitude to learning such that I can learn and accept new ideas more readily; ie I try to avoid blinkered views and similar restrictions which often come with age. In that I have no age bias and fear of appearing childish (in the keeping up appearances sense).   Your last comments on baby talk do remind me of an advert for sweets / candy over here currently which has two policemen in a police car dubbed with childrens voices. People tend to love or hate it. I tend to mimic them and similar but more my sense of humour though.   Tracy
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      Totally relate. I was locked up in a psychoward ran by Mormons when I was 12-17 years old...sex was used as currency. ...Feel kinda lucky some days that I didn't really know I was being raped. ...Other days I just feel sick and wanna blow my brains out. ...Most days though, I just want....revenge. I guess I kinda had an epiphany one day: I'm not the one who deserves to die. ...Neither are you.  Hang in there. This too shall pass. *big hugz*
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      Kimber, I agree with Jackie, your parents were very accepting and supportive. Especially given that society was so different and so much less accepting back 25 years ago. Your parents loved the real YOU so much. It is a wonderful story.   Life would’ve been so much easier for many of us here if our parents could embrace our real identities. I am so glad yours embraced and accepted you so unconditionally. It sounds like an amazing experience.   I’m so sorry to hear that you had lost two siblings within a year back then. That must have been such a difficult period of your life. I can’t even imagine experiencing that kind of loss in such a short time period. We all have different crosses to bear. No journey through life is an easy one.   *Hugs* Susan R🌷
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      This is a one of your colors Linda Marie. Your dress really looks nice with the shoes too. Hard to match outfits that close without a large collection. You can NEVER have too many pairs.😉
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      I don’t wanna go back to a mental hospital. That place still terrifies me. Even more bad memories.
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      Mostly just the erotic variety that involved a boy being forcibly feminized then diapered and treated like a baby girl lmao. I'm a freak lol. =P 
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      Here are a few TG Novels:   Annabel, Kathleen Winter Shero, Jack Wallen Jr. The Original Sex Gates, Darrell Bain She's My Dad, Iolanthe Woulff Port of Departure, Karin Bishop Nevada, Imogen Binnie Transistor Radio, Chris Bohjalian   Enjoy
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      If you are having this bad a time, it may be necessary for you to go to a hospital or an urgent care provider and see if they can provide you with some medication to help your anxiety about the memories.  You may have to cut your vacation short to deal with this, or maybe it is the vacation environment triggering you.  Please go and get some professional help before you feel compelled to hurt yourself. 
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      Looking lovely LM. Kaltia Bras are a constant problem with me too. Lacey bras are so pretty but the lace chaffs my skin. Sport bras I wear a lot just because the seem to hold everything in place just fine. My nice bras I save for special occasions.
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      I can’t stop remembering. I’m on vacation. I need to relax. I want it to stop. I can’t forget about what he did. I keep trying to make myself forget with things like overdosing, but it doesn’t work anymore. The memories are so loud. I don’t know how to stop this.
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      My hair appointment went well today.Walked in and treated very well on the spot.The hair stylist that did mine,Lillian was so kind and also listened to me.She did a great job walking out happy.
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      I loved getting my pierced. I love all the earrings I have especially the dangly ones. I feel just a little more myself.
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