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Happy Girl Dancing


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It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me. It started with us FINALLY getting our 2019 tax returns (a week after filing our 2020) started a cascade of returns and stimulus payments. Lots of bills paid, some clothes shopping and other stuff. The clothes included my first dress, a nice jersey sheath dress, and my first swimsuit ?. The biggest news though.... drumroll..... I am officially in possession of a nice letter of recommendation for femme-n-m’s (Shamelessly stolen from @Jackie C.) I just have to wait til June for my endocrinologist appointment. Anyone got a time machine to skip me forward about a month and a half? ??

I would do some more dancing, but this girl is TIRED. Lol

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That is all wonderful news Justine! I wish I had my time machine, but nobody returned it last time I lent it out, so I am kind of having the same issue, just about different stuff. Hopefully you can enjoy wearing your dress and swimsuit, and then your appointment will be here sooner than you know it.

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8 hours ago, JustineM said:

(Shamelessly stolen from @Jackie C.)


That's OK, I shamelessly stole it from an article about nicknames for HRT. I also enjoy tit-tacs and anticisthamines. A month and a half isn't bad at all. The one I initially wanted had a SIX MONTH waiting list. However there was this newer doctor in the same program who practiced about twenty minutes farther away... I went with her and the wait was only a couple months. It's hard, but you've got this.



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1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

I also enjoy tit-tacs and anticisthamines.

That is so funny and clever Jackie.  I'd never heard antihistamines before.  I'll definitely pass it on.





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I can’t remember if I saw it on here or on the Mandalorian Merc forum, someone called them titty skittles. 

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More updates


I've been trying to see if I can get an earlier appointment with my endo but so far no luck, can't really go on the waiting list for cancellations because of my work schedule.  Got a gel nail kit ordered, supposed to be here sometime tomorrow.  Also got a new adhesive kit for my breast forms, so far it works great and I can go braless if I want to.  Spent the last couple of days playing "how in the heck does this go together?!" with a couple of exercise machines. But I got them together with only 5 spare parts (jk)

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2 hours ago, JustineM said:

Also got a new adhesive kit for my breast forms, so far it works great and I can go braless if I want to. 

I had just about every breast form made in every material and size way back in the 80’s but I never splurged and bought a pair of those adhesive breast forms. I always wanted to try them but back then there was no internet to get reviews or ask anyone about them. Let us know how you like them. Are you able to jog, run, or go down a stairs and feel them move like the real thing? That’s what I was curious about so many years ago when I first heard they existed.


Susan R?

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@Susan R according to the item description it is supposed to be a water proof bond. I just tried going without the bra today and after about 7 hrs they were still 90% attached.  The forms I got were originally adhesive but not very good, basically just enough to stay in place with a bra. I did t try anything crazy (yet) just wanted to see if they really would stay on without a bra. I will let you how they hold up during workouts and such as I try them. 


Forms are the Y-NOT silicone breast forms in Nude-C from Amazon


Adhesive kit is here https://www.glamourboutique.com/buy/breast-forms/breast-form-adhesives/budget-breast-form-adhesive-kit

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Well tested the adhesive kit again today, the kit seems to be good if you’re not doing much or if your wearing a bra but not much else. Going down the stairs the forms started coming off. Oh well at least I don’t have to worry about the forms falling out of my bra lol. 

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Yeah, mine didn't stick that well either, but I have the same problem with patches so it could just be my skin.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh momma! I am stressed this weekend! Finally got an extended weekend so we went south to Illinois to meet up with family.  Made the drive down today and most of them start coming in tomorrow. Met up with my Mom for dinner, she asked how I was going to be dressed because she “has a problem with me dressing feminine” I was just in jeans and T-shirt so it went ok. Had dinner, some nice conversation but it felt like there was an elephant in the room no one wanted to acknowledge.

Then I had to take both the boys to the bathroom. Apparently while I was gone Mom talked to my wife about my transition. My wife made several points about how much I had hated myself for bottling this all up, how suicidal I had been, and how much happier I’ve been since Justine came out.  She also pointed out that I have made so much improvement that my therapist released me to “as needed” instead of routine appointments. I’m not sure if it helped or not, but Mom seemed a little less tense when I came back. 

As for the rest of the stress, I packed some of my makeup and my transformation accessories. All of my Dads side know about Justine but they haven’t actually seen me as her. So this weekend will be the first time they meet her. I’m nervous as hell but it’s got to happen at some point. 

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8 hours ago, JustineM said:

So this weekend will be the first time they meet her. I’m nervous as hell but it’s got to happen at some point.

I am sure this is going to be super nerve wracking. I haven't done this yet with any of my family except my dad so far, and I haven't gone as far as doing makeup yet, so I have only given a taste of it up to this point. I am sure things will work out, however they are meant to happen. Try to just be yourself and enjoy the time. If it becomes too much, just pretend like you feel sick from last nights dinner, and either leave or get out of there to breathe. I am sure you have this.

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Good luck!



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Well I do believe I can file today under the “success” category. My brother was a little startled to see me as Justine and my niece didn’t quite know what to think, other than that no one really batted an eye. A couple minor questions about name and that was pretty much it. The surprise came at the end when my brother GF came up and offered to connect me with a friend of hers that started MtF transitioning 6 yrs ago. Chatted with her on messenger for a little bit, very nice lady. 

Seems like the more nervous I am about something the better it goes lol.

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I am so happy for you Justine. What I would’ve done to see anything remotely close to that from my late father. That is such a wonderful acknowledgment of you! ?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I’m less than a week away from my HRT appointment. Kinda nervous but excited. My wife agreed to go to the appt with me. 

Patience is getting hard to have lol.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The last couple of days have felt rather surreal, started HRT Tuesday evening. Had the dr appointment at 2, saw him about 2:15, and had the pills in hand by 3:30. 

About the appointment day. Had some interesting experiences, starting with getting hit on by an older woman lol.  I was dressed as Justine in a top, jean skirt and high heels. (This was the first time wearing heels outside of the house) I stopped to get a drink and some cigarettes for my wife and as I’m headed to checkout I hear a rather loud DAMN YOU SEXY! Turn around and it was an older lady. 

Once I got the pills and got home I’ll admit I kinda stared at the bottles for a little bit before taking them. Just kinda reflecting on everything to get to this point. I was kinda disappointed that the boob fairy didn’t come visit immediately lol. I know, I know, it takes time (sigh) 


I’ve already had people commenting on how much calmer and happier I seem. Just affirms to me that this is the right thing for me. Had some trouble sleeping the last couple nights, just putting that down to my body adjusting to the new meds.


Anyway have a wonderful night everyone and Happy Pride Month!

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2 hours ago, JustineM said:

Once I got the pills and got home I’ll admit I kinda stared at the bottles for a little bit before taking them. Just kinda reflecting on everything to get to this point.

LOL, reminds me of my reaction after filling my first prescription. I enjoyed every second while my pills dissolved under my tongue.


I’m very happy for you Justine! Don’t worry though…you’ll see some changes soon enough.


My Best,

Susan R?

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  • 1 month later...

Wow, a month and a half on hormones already. Seems like I just took the first ones yesterday! Starting to see some breast development, no pain but they are incredibly itchy and sensitive lol. My wife has said that she can see a difference in my face. Definitely feel better mentally and emotionally. 

At work probably half my clients know about me transitioning and have nearly all been extremely supportive. A couple have stated that anyone giving me a hard time in their stores will be kicked out. 

It has been an incredible journey so far and I know it’s just beginning.

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Love reading the support you’re receiving. I hope you continue to feel the blessings!

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    • Hannah Renee
      Sometimes I can. As to whether or not it helps me to prepare, it's a sometimes thing. Not as tough as when it's a lightning strike when the skies look clear. Hard to take, and harder to pull myself out of.
    • Heather Shay
      Facing decisions tomorrow, outcome is uncertain.
    • RhondaS
      Yes, if you think you might be trans and take an online test that says you're not trans and your reaction is to be upset you 'failed' the test then you're trans. 
    • JJ Orange
      @Davie Thank you so much for the feed back!
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      My shift toward my boy self has been mostly natural, although now I'm using T for some small changes.  I've been more or less androgynous for years.  I avoided girl clothes, slowly changed my hair from long-ish to an androgynous pixie cut.  A bit of muscle tone added to being naturally slim and curve-less works to my advantage.   I was passing as a boy long before a doctor took a look at me and gave me a prescription.  Since I'm starting with a female body, I'll probably look a bit young-ish for a long time.  Just see what you can do with what you have, and I think you'll be surprised at the progress.  And you have a supportive partner, which is awesome!
    • Davie
      Thanks, @JJ Orange Polish it, if you must, but it's a gem of a story already. And it's part of who you really are, so it's even more valuable than just a story. cheers, Davie
    • Emma De
      @Russ FenrissonThank you so much for your kind words. More treatment tomorrow and I will also be getting a machine to help me medically. If it works then I look forward to seeing the changes. Things have to get worse to get better sometimes, it feels that the worst is winning, but as I keep telling myself the hope and optimism will win in the end. I just need the webb space telescope to be able to see that far at the moment.   I wish you well with your transition as well and the changes the body can make are amazing. HRT is a dream, and I start with a therapist in a couple of weeks, at last. Even if they will focus on the medical challenges, I will do my best to subvert it to my gender challenges as well.   Love, hope and optimism to all. For those who saw the Commonwealth games I was so pleased to see the LGBTQ+ presence and flag so prominent.
    • Sally Stone
      Charlize, the beach is huge, so huge in fact, I can't see the water.😁
    • Davie
      I wish this on every state of the USA. And on every state in the universe (Neptune excepted).   Advocates Praise Massachusetts Protection for Abortion, Gender-Affirming Care.  Access to abortion and to gender-affirming care are now rights secured by the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth.   https://www.glad.org/post/advocates-praise-ma-protection-for-abortion-gender-affirming-care/  
    • Heather Shay
      this one is stuck in my head - always dreamed about this life.... and the version many might remember.... ah what could have been.....  
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I was never able to envision myself that way.  But I watched those kinds of shows and I always had the thought in the back of my mind that the "wife" in those situations could never be me.  As much as I wanted to fit in the role I was expected to take on, even from an early age I knew it wasn't going to turn out like that.  Other girls would envision their future wedding (even in elementary school), and I could never really participate in those conversations.  It just felt alien.  I explained it away in those early years by just saying I wasn't going to get married and my sister and I were going to live together as best friends forever.  Interestingly, that last part has happened 😄 We still live under the same roof, and probably will for the rest of our lives. 
    • Charlize
      I'm glad you got help Lauren.  10 days of sobriety is something i never thought i'd ever see over 15 years ago.  We in recovery are here to help.  I know i needed help and today am glad i've been given the chance to help others.  Just message ant now us.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Colleen Henderson
      For someone who's “out”, I'm really not out very much. I work at home and rarely have face-to-face interaction with people. But this week has been different.   As part of my vow to live my authentic life from now on, yesterday I told the person who has just started cutting my hair that I'm transgender and no longer want to have anything close to a male style. She was totally understanding and, though my hair needs to grow out some more, we're now on the way to a presentation that's clearly feminine.   Today, I had a routine appointment at the local VA medical clinic. I went in full female mode, quite anxious to see the Physician's Assistant I've met with before. She has a transgender child, so we get along very well. The nurse is cool to talk with as well. VA medical facilities are very LGBT-friendly, so I'm never hesitant to be myself there. The PA loves to chat, and because her next appointment had canceled, I was there with her for over an hour. She has a wealth of knowledge, and much of our conversation was a deep dive into the meaning of my test results, the pros and cons of various medications and treatments, etc.   Getting out of my comfort zone and spending so much time with others has done me a lot of good. I haven't experienced that since I worked volunteer office jobs in female mode a few years ago. It's much different from going to the grocery store and only having a few words with the cashier at checkout. If I attracted any unusual attention being so visible in those environments, I'm not aware of it.
    • JJ Orange
      I was young. I was a little kid. I had my hair in a braid and I sat in front of the tube tv, watching an action movie from the 90s. Drinking a Capri Sun, and setting my dolls next to me so they could watch the movie, too. The muscular hero stopped the bad guys and saved the woman and her son on the screen. My father told me, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be saved by the hero?” I answered with a yes, but in my mind, I said “No. I want to be that man. A strong man with muscles who is able to intimidate villains and save the world. I want to be the strongest man alive”.   (Sorry if it is a written weirdly. I wrote mostly off the top of my head.) 
    • Russ Fenrisson
      Greetings, Helen, and welcome to the forums. There's a lot of kind and awesome people around and I'm sure you'll find a few you can click with. Just know, as you're learning about yourself, it might take time and it won't happen over night. It generally takes time and when you figure out what works for you, it is generally very rewarding.
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