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Revry - 'Queer TV'

Heather Nicole

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I don't know how well known this is, but a few months ago I stumbled across Revry, one of those smart tv channels/apps/whatever. Y'know, like Hulu/Netflix/etc., but just less well-known. (I don't know exactly what platforms it's on, but my TV is Roku, so I know it's at least on Roku.)


I've been hooked on this channel ever since. It has all kinds of shows that are either about lgbtq+, or just lgbtq+ inclusive, or lgbtq+ produced, and it has a lot of trans representation too. It's sooo comfy to see so much inclusive, accepting stuff in one place.


Some of my personal favorites on Revry so far (in no order):


- Between The Lines (an interview documentary on lgbtq+)

- Them (short interview documentary on the variety of trans)

- To Be Me (short movie about a young black non-binary struggling with gender questioning)

- To Be Me Panel Discussion (a behind the scenes discussion about the making of To Be Me)

- Saturday Church (short musical about an amab youth struggling with gender)

- She 4 me (Music video of a lesbian wedding - such a beautiful song and imagery - brought tears for me)

- Gal Pals (hilarious, adorable, young lesbian rom-com series.  Plus I'm a total sucker for gal-gal love stories :wub:)

- The Q Agenda (an lgbtq+ talk show)

- Her Story (short series about a young trans woman)

- XXY (older foreign movie about a young intersex person)

- Femme (short comedic film about an effeminate young gay man learning to "own" his "femme" tendancies)

- Denial (documentary about both green energy and a trans woman's coming out, and ties the two together brilliantly)

- Magic H8 Ball (short rom-rom about a gay man and a very magical "magic 8-ball".)

- Cameron Esposito: Marriage Material (stand-up comedy special from a hilarious lesbian comedian)

- Almost Adults (lesbian rom-com movie)

- Kumu Hina (documentary about an individual of Hawai'i native culture's third gender)

- Mrs. McCutcheon (short film about a trans-girl youth)

- Gay Camp (hilarious comedy short about a reverse conversion camp, that tries to convert "godless heterosexuals" to righteous proper gay)

- America in Transiton (trans documentaries)

- My Trans Life (trans documentaries)

- Life is Easy (New Zealand gender/body-swap comedy)

- Before I Got Famous (comedy series about a young gay asian man trying to make it in hollywood)

- Pick Up (way too short lesbian rom-com)

- Girls Like Magic (short lesbian rom-com series)


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  • Admin

I am glad to see this coming out and happening.  I just commented on another post about a documentary involving some well known Trans show business folks and the evolving entertainment industry that wants us but is not sure what to do with us. Even these short Indie productions being seen and promoted make us seen as humans, and good ones at that.  While entertaining for most of us, they are educational to Cis people who need the education badly.  It may change minds in some of our antagonists, but it adds to information to debunk the claims against us that H8ers shout from the roof tops. 

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Thank you so much @Heather Nicole for letting us know about this wonderful new streaming option. Obviously, I like the idea that it’s main theme is all things LGBTQ+. But this has a chance of really making a difference if it takes off.


I decided to watch one of their 47 min. documentaries called “My Transgender Summer Camp”. What a great documentary about a hidden summer camp for very young (prepubescent) trans kids. The kids in that documentary looked so happy and free to express their true selves any way they please. It was done very well.


Times are really changing. You wouldn’t have been able to bring me home if they had a summer camp like that back in my youth…lol. The next generation or two of children will have it so much easier with fresh new ‘up to date’ content available. Hopefully, the best of the best from this new streaming service can eventually make it’s way to mainstream public broadcasting and streaming services.


If Revry has more documentaries or content of that quality, I may have to subscribe. Some of its content is free but I saw several shows that looked promising that were ‘premium’ (on demand) that I’d like to see.


Thanks Again,

Susan R?


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    • Kasumi63
      I had surgery with Dr. Haben several days ago, and everything went quite well. Now comes the tough part, not talking for a month. Actually, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to refrain from speaking. What worries me is coughing, burps, and similar issues. In a couple of days I’ll have my neck stitches removed, and Dr. Haben will check again before I leave Rochester. The staff at Unity Hospital were wonderful, and I didn’t have any of the problems that Jeanette encountered. At this point, I’m quite happy, but I’ll have to wait at least a month before I have any sense of how my voice changed. Fingers crossed.  
    • Sol
      Your girlfriend sounds hilarious, and it's amazing.  If the doc is okay with me talking and trying to have a random conversation then I think I'll be fine. I always feel better if I can just talk to the doctor or nurse or dentist or whoever about fun facts or a video game or just how my life is going at the moment.
    • Hannah Renee
      Sounds like a good way to top off your day. Something to look forward to. I'm looking forward to sleep, since I'm 8 hours behind you.   Hugs, Hannah 
    • Colleen Henderson
      I'll forever be grateful to a woman at the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program whom I contacted on a fateful day a few years ago.   I was totally closeted then, but a powerful mental force I still don't understand drove me to take a giant leap forward and seek volunteer work in the female role. One might assume that the move took confidence or even bravery, but I was very fearful. It just happened that my gender dysphoria at the time was strong enough to overcome the thought process that told me it was “wrong”.   The RSVP contact was from New York and not unfamiliar with the transgender condition. She gave me a simple but potent piece of advice that I've never forgotten: “What do you think is going to happen?”   Over the course of our relationship, she set me up with two office jobs at arts organizations. I never had the slightest problem with either one. Later, when I moved away, I had the confidence to apply for another opportunity in the private sector and found the same level of acceptance.   The lesson I learned is that many of us waste too much time and energy living in fear of the unknown, when it's by definition “unknowable”.
    • Davie
      Ah, @MmindyI admire your courage. No matter how it goes, we'll always have your back, as will your goddess—she's a tough M-F-er! — Davie
    • helena
      Good <timeOfDay>   So the vacation is over and time for work. Back to ye ole closet 8hrs a day. Starts feeling like being inside of an iron maiden. But it's also a payday so maybe some shopping therapy is also in order...
    • Davie
      Yes,@awkward-yet-sweetyou're right. I've got a whole other "face" of me emerging these days . . . and I'd better not be scared of her too much. I need to learn to love her (me, her faces). "Facets" I like that word for it—and panim. They can help me to accept those facets a little at a time. The other day I spoke to a room full of trans folks and felt euphoria as I listened to a whole new voice of mine speak. The things she says! And she's wild with hand gestures, too. Gotta love it. Thanks, Davie
    • Mmindy
      Good evening Davie,    I feel this same thing when I go back to my hometown. Everyone there thinks of me as the hyper male, I use the project as a mechanic, firefighter, and biker. Even my siblings think of me as the patriarch of the family. I’ve never tolerated hate or disrespectful comments referencing the LGBTQA or special needs community. That being said very few from my hometown would understand my transgender feelings. I will be back there this weekend for a retirement party, and again for the Labor Day Weekend with family. Like you said, It will be fun, we’ll tell stories about the good old days, but my wife and I will feel as though we’re wearing masks. Since I’m not out to anyone but her & her sister. I’ll be wearing nice colorful clothes, my hair will be down in curly locks, held back with a multi colored cloth headband or sun glasses. My nails will be manicured, slightly longer than the end of my fingers with a mat finish. I won’t wear makeup, however my eyebrows will be neatly trimmed. I will also be wearing my favorite silver and turquoise jewelry. I’m not sure how I’ll handle or answer questions about my androgynous presentation. I do expect some will notice, and talk will take place once I leave. Maybe these questions will lead to some making the connection to my pro LGBTQA Facebook postings. If I’m questioned directly, I won’t deny my changing feelings. To say I don’t have anxiety building up in anticipation would be a lie.    Hugs,    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋💖
    • Fly2188
      As a relatively new parent some of your questions about how parents and childhood affect us have been interesting to watch.    When we announced that we were having a boy to family. My dad immediately got excited that he could dust off his model trains. It was like he didn’t realize he could do the same if we had a girl?   At only two months old I found my mother-in-law holding our son at our front window pointing to trucks going down our street. Would she have done the same if we had a girl? Maybe, but I doubt it.    At 4-6 months my father-in-law was playing with a football with our son. Now he probably would have done the same with a daughter, but who knows.    When shopping for clothes for out little one we look at both the boys and girls sections. A big proportion of girls clothing is pink and the vast majority has frilly/lacy/flowery accents on it. Why is there no pink in the boys section? Why does all the girls clothing have hyper-feminine accents?   All that to say that gender norms start influencing us before we’re even aware of it, to some extent they influence us before we’re even born. 
    • Justsam
      Haha yep, I use humour to hide my anxiety as well. Yeah, maybe just having someone waiting outside for you might be all the help you need. I do remember one time when I had to go to the gyno, it was just before I started transitioning. My girlfriend came in with me and she saw how scared/embarrassed I was so while the doc was doing his thing, she flashed her boobs at me 😂 that's definitely helped to relieve the tension. You just have to do whatever is right for you at the end of the day 
    • Sol
      I do have one friend but I wouldn't feel comfortable with her being in the room beyond prerequisites and going over everything at the end. Hell, I'm not even comfortable with my MOTHER being in the room during any physical exams. The thought makes me cringe, but I can always just ask her to wait outside if that's what I decide is best for me in that case. I guess you could argue that I'm not very shy about my genitals, I would just prefer nobody see them. And I can kind of relate to Cambodians, @Justsam, because when I get nervous I start rambling and making jokes 😅
    • Sol
      I bought some men's exercise shorts and I actually didn't notice is had a hole in the front until over two months after I bought it 😅 Still my absolutely favorite thing to wear during periods cause it's not tight on the crotch at all.
    • Sol
      My sister is one of my biggest supporters, and I strive to be that way for her too. And I think I'm succeeding, cause we get along way better than we did when we were younger (we have a bigger age difference and I was going through a lot emotionally all the time).
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.thedailybeast.com/david-bogdanov-guilty-of-hate-crime-for-strangling-transgender-teen-nikki-kuhnhausen     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Wow, Samuel, I think you've covered this really well.  I honestly can't think of too much you've left out.  One thing you could work on is male voice.  I'm not talking about pitch and tone, as those will change naturally with HRT.  I'm talking more about rhythm, pace, volume, word choices and mannerisms.  There is a huge difference in how men and women speak.  Along with that are how one stands, alone and in relation to others, the use of arms and hands, etc.  I'm sure there are many Youtube videos on it.   I wish you luck!   Carolyn marie

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