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First Time Job Search


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Mostly just a little ranty topic cause I want to have a little job experience, as I've never had one before. There's a job offering by a place within waking distance of my house and it's a part time cashier at a small grocery store. So pretty perfect for first time jobs.

However, I don't know if I should mention that I'm trans. My friend working at a different job has a transgender coworker who is accepted, but I'm not sure if this store is accepting, or if it even really matters that much. I could always tell coworkers if I feel safe and if the situation calls for it, but it genuinely might never happen, and I haven't applied yet and there's no guarantee I'll be hired. I still have to get a bank account set up, so I'll be looking for my money in the boxes I have strewn around the house so I can do that. I'll apply today, and then start searching for my money to hopefully have the bank account set up by this weekend.

Really just wanted to rant a little.

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Sol, my first summer (1972-1973) time job, was at a very rural grocery store, gas station, and feed store. I rode my bicycle there and back. unless the owner wanted me to help pick up supplies in his truck. Then he would swing by our house early in the morning, and we would go into St. Louis Mo warehouse district for bulk item. Once back at the store I had to help unload the truck and stock shelves. I learned a lot about customer service and appreciating people from all walks of life. My two kids also worked at the local Kroger grocery store as their first jobs. My son went from bagging groceries, up through the ranks to becoming the assistant manager by the time he was 21 years old. Our local Kroger has two transgender employees, Wendy who started there when she was still in high school. She wore a trans button with her pronouns on it. Rachel on the other hand was older and she did her best not to be seen in the front of the store. She worked mostly in the back unloading trucks, and stocking shelves. 


So depending on how large of a corporation this grocery store is you're looking to work at. I would be careful about how you approach coming out during your application and interview process. If it's a large national chain they should have corporate policies in place for transgender employees, a small independent store my be behind the times. It is a great idea for you to open a bank account, so you can receive direct deposit payroll checks. 


I'm sure others will chime in here with their take on your questions about a first job opportunity.


Have a great weekend,



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If you need help with a resume, job interview skills, job searching let Me know. I help people land jobs. It's what I do.



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Thanks Jenna! I'm gonna apply and see if I actually got the job before thinking about interviews, but I would definitely love some tips. I know I should research the position that they're looking for, which I already did, but more prep can't hurt! 

Now, to find my money so I can set up the bank account (I have no clue which box it's in and that's very BAD).

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Hi @Sol! Let me know if I can help. Definitely. I have helped tons of people get jobs. I currently work with the NNIA here in DC. That's the new neighbor international alliance in Washington DC. We help Afghanistan refugees find jobs and get settled in this area. After such turmoil they are really in desperate need. I've managed to get about seven people jobs so far. I make resumes and set up their interviews and give them interview tips. I also help them move up in their respective fields. So if there is anything I know, it's how to get the job of your dreams.


Girl's got to work!




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I wouldn't bring it up during the interview. How you identify, your sexuality etc etc isn't their business. If you  are normally presenting as male, dress the part. If you aren't "out" to the general public then dress that way.  Never give a a potential employer a reason to discriminate.  Once you are hired, if you decide to present a certain way or tell people that's fine. They can't fire you because of it.  Transgender is a protected class federally as far as employment rights goes but that doesn't mean they just decide to hire someone else. Given the lack of experience, they can just say that was the reason but once you're hired, you have rights. 

During interview, ask questions about your position or your role. Ask about hours, dress codes, etc etc. Get them talking to you vs grilling you.  Ask them things like "what do you see as the qualities that predict success at this role"  or "what do you value most in an employee".  These things take the pressure off of you and you can then respond to their answers on how that applies to you. Good luck!

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      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Jen.  Glad you're here, and please let us know what questions you have and how we can help and support you.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, LauraMarie.  I'm sure we can learn as much from you as you can from any of us.  You are a pioneer!  Congrats on your long marriage, too.  We welcome your contributions to these forums.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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      I really liked that, Ticket! Now I'm looking up more of her music...
    • Zelaire
      I waver and waffle, but I usually wind up on the right side of the hill by the end. I suppose it's a combination of letting myself feel the feelings, then taking steps to move forward. Sometimes it's journaling about my feelings and tracking them back and forth in words. Sometimes it's having a conversation with a friend or my wife. Sometimes it's a nap. When things are really bad, I think of my wife and kids and how much I love them and how I would march through fire for them.
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      Welcome, LauraMarie! 😊
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Laura Marie! Glad you're here. I stopped to think what my life was like in 1992. It wasn't transitioning, I was deep in the corner of a dark closet, with a lot of self hate & denial. How did you come to accept you as you? Was there any support?   Hugs! Delcina 
    • CD Rachel
      I am having a difficult time with this hiding. So I think I am going to start pushing my boundaries. This week I came out to a friend at work. He is supportive and told me he is available if I need to talk. I then spoke to my brother and he and his wife now know. They both told me that they still love me and though they do not understand that this is about my happiness and they want me to be happy. I plan on talking to my sister soon. Then the hard part will be talking to my son, he worries me the most but this must be done. Then i will start to look at work. I would like to be full time by the end of this summer.   Done hiding!    ~Rachel 
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Jen! Glad you're here. Hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina
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      Well had a good feeling today. Our apt is about 50 yrds from the parking lot. It is a PIA. SO today I am walking out to do some work on the wagon. Get her ready for the road trip tomorrow.   I notice that my pony tail is bouncing as I walked. Just like a girls does. I made me feel great.   Kymmie
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      Same here! 
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      Hi it's nice to meet you
    • Artpetal
      I'm naturally a happy person and it's only the bad things that have made me more timid over the years. It's easy to be happy and it's difficult (with a -cult) to be upset...
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      Of course. IMG_0414.HEIC
    • Jani
      Knowing that I am stronger than all the crap thrown at me over my lifetime.  
    • Hannah Renee
      I forgot to mention. Second day on my new job. Yesterday was all paperwork, today was all over the plant. Introduced to everyone as Hannah, and she this, her that. So awesome. Then I found out that my name badge can't have Hannah on it until I legally change my name. Not what I was initially told.😟 It actually didn't hit me all that hard at first, until I was introduced to a couple of folks in the same job who had their name badges hanging on their shirt pockets. Got kinda triggered.😬
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