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Recent Nervous Return to 'Home' presentation experiences


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Hi folks!


I'm still alive. Hope everyone is doing spiffing.


Recently returned from a trepidatious travel back "home" (To Asia).☺️


Went to check in on my parents and surprise them, particularly my mother whom I had no been able to attend her 80th birthday in March, and both whom I have not seen for four years since before pandemic!😦


Was of course rather anxious since I did not want to be clocked in Asia. I'm slight enough but am still fairly tallish for an Asian girl at just shy of 5'9.🙄


My sister of course counselled me to tone down (my dress)


So I went to shop at my local Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc to neutralize my clothing somewhat (well as much as I could bear)...


I failed.😣


Each time I went in in search of gender neutral clothing, I came back out with a dress.🤭


Anyway I packed what I could that was 'less challenging'.


The trip kicked off fantastically as I was upgraded to Business by All Nippon Airways! Evidently my vocal incongruence to outward 'female' appearance was no issue to the man behind the counter who leaned toward me and whispered that he was giving me an upgrade but not to tell anyone. I love secrets and what a nice man!🤫


I had decided not to push on my voice since I was returning to see family and friends most of whom I was not out with. I toyed with the idea of course of trying my 'female voice' (Those who have followed me somewhat will know my labours here), but felt I would just make it more awkward.


The service on the Japanese carrier was of course impeccable and the air hostesses were VERY polite. I don't recall if they used sir or mam. No matter. I was enjoying the luxury of a full stretch seat that turned completely flat into a bed with privacy screens to boot!😌


When I finally arrived at destination (at an ungodly 2am)...I was fearful going thru customs as my passport still had my as male and my presentation was likely suspect.


The (handsome) immigration officer signaled me over and called me "Miss" which made me feel even more nervous for what was to come. 😧


But he did not say much more than repeat my name to me for confirmation, looked me over once, took all my prints etc..then gave me the passport back, smile and bade me a pleasant 'welcome back , have a great stay'.😅


At the cab line up, some kid cut into me at the line but his parents told him to wait and 'let the lady go first'...of course I responded (in give away voice) that it was no matter since the line was rather long anyway. I notice of course the teenage daughter thereafter stealing glances at me.


My main concern thru the stay thereafter was how much I could get away with. Particularly in the crowded subway.


I took cues from the women. Felt if they looked me over or glanced toward me, I was failing big time.


To my surprise and relief, no one bothered to glance my way.😐


In fact the only people to seem to steal all too obvious peeks at me (as I related to my brother and friends later) seem to be old men.🤔


Of course I did not tell my mom I was coming so I decided to spruce up before the surprise.


I got my hair cut and styled to a straight bob since somehow through Business class not withstanding and the change of weather, it had become a tangled fuzz (I have rather fine hair)


As my regular hairdresser was not responding, his boss was fully booked as were many of the salons in the mall, and my other girlfriend that does hair had moved to Bali... I found the only hairdresser who was not being employed in the only empty salon in the basement, took pity on him and had him have a go.😬


Of course this was rather a risk since I normally go to either gay or chatty hairstylist or both. This fella was the antithesis...he would only answer in monosyllable ... even a compliment on the green plants that adorned in his work space was greeted with one word response "nature'.🤭


But he dotted on me for 2 hours and gave me a superb shoulder length bob😊 (undeniably feminine and full of risk of course for the surprise the parents moments to follow)


Mission accomplish with the BIG surprise and she did not get a heart attack which of course I quibbed to my sister if it happened and she kicked it, at very least I would be the final enduring image she saw.


On the second day, still dressed in my mind fairly neutral but clearly looking very feminine with new hair do... my mom received me at her door and looking up, she was about to ask the question...she launched the "Are you..." part but then there was this massive 15 second pause as she stared up at me and seem to be biting her tongue before I broke the awkward silence with a 'what?" and she carried on with changing the topic to which meal I would like to have for lunch.😅


I'm sure she was rather dying to ask the question but I wasn't about to cross the bridge with her unless she was certain it was what she wanted confirmed.


And that went for my dad too. Since my parents are (thankfully) divorced and they clearly were combustible material not meant to be mixed with each other, I had consented to meet up with him for breakfast (him having been admonished for turning up the day before at my mom's 'unannounced' and I caught sitting sulking in a corner like a child on time out)😄


I was of course wearing a tank top and a sports (visibly) under since it was hot and humid.


I guess you see what you prefer to see (or perhaps it is the blessing of age) but my father (bless him) introduced me in the market as his 'son'.🙄


As I mentioned of course to some friends, I was not in the business of forcing others to accept me on anything other than what they wish to interact with me as (so long as their interaction was respectful and non toxic of course). If my Dad wanted to go to his heaven thinking me as the son, I had personally no issue with that (Denial is a powerful thing)


The interactions with many friends I had not seen for some time was also interesting.


I notice generally two approaches, those that preferred not to ask or did not know how to and those who were direct.


Of the two naturally I preferred the latter as I am quite open myself.


However I was careful who I told and some that I felt were just digging for a (gossip) story when asking I preferred to skirt.


OTOH many whom were genuine (mostly women), I confirmed. One friend asked me directly "Are you transitioning" to which I responded to her "what gave it away?" to which she continued 'Because..." to which I completed for her "...because you're not blind"😄


Some of the straight male groups I met with of course were a bit more shy on the matter. The closest they would get to asking what was obviously eating at them was to open a conversation about Transgender filmmakers like the Wocjeski sisters...😑naturally the topic moved on somewhat awkwardly when they realised I had no reaction to their conversation.😁


Although I did not come out to my parents (yet). I did come out to my godparents and my ex-boss.


I felt they were always genuinely concern for my well being and both sets were getting on and have had some health scares recently. As time being so much more finite and palpable following my wife's passing now four years past, I felt I needed to grasp the opportunity to be honest with them.


But I was open to them bc I also felt they were going to be receptive and supportive even if maybe confused.🥰


With my mom, I came close again with subject when I returned from an Art Exhibition I was invited to. I had fittingly forgotten that I had sneaked out of her house first in a tank top but then had a blouse in my  cavernous bag and switched to it for the opening.


Critically, an actress friend of mine who was only also recently out here in LA was in town to take me for lunch that day followed by an experimentation session with eyeliner.


I forgot I was also wearing make up (albeit we were experimenting with minimal make up for max effect)...🤗


so when I got home, my mom and her housekeeper both started laughing that my 'shirt' was so feminine and it looked as if I had boobs under (which of course I did and not to mention a bra as well)😛


I managed to get away that time by switching discussion to (again) some forthcoming meal decisions they were pressing me on then quickly exited stage to the security of my room.


Thankfully, like men, the pair of them were more focused on the bulges on my chest than my eye area and face.😅


Anyway just thought I share some good recent experience with everyone, as much mixed as they are positive to me.


Hopefully it brings cheer and a good laugh.🙂













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Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm glad your trip went well 😊


32 minutes ago, swallow said:

OTOH many whom were genuine (mostly women), I confirmed. One friend asked me directly "Are you transitioning" to which I responded to her "what gave it away?" to which she continued 'Because..." to which I completed for her "...because you're not blind"😄


I love this part! I always figured that if anyone asks me if I'm transitioning, I'll probably just say, very stoically:


"Isn't all of life a transition? 🤔"




But I'll have to remember to try your version, too! 😆


41 minutes ago, swallow said:

I took cues from the women. Felt if they looked me over or glanced toward me, I was failing big time.


To my surprise and relief, no one bothered to glance my way.😐


In fact the only people to seem to steal all too obvious peeks at me (as I related to my brother and friends later) seem to be old men.🤔


So apparently, it sounds like not only do you successfully pass, but you're also femininely attractive and teenage girls (like at the cabs) want to study you for fashion tips 😁 I see no reason to interpret the evidence any other way!

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Hi Heather,


I have to admit most of my female friends do think I am on point with the fashion. I go mostly for neutral colours classic lines...although I am not unknown to indulge in floral blouses.😌


The make up/eye stuff is work in progress...they have assigned me homework.😬


I think the teenage girl was more curious when I actually open my mouth since I prob passed to be assumed female until I gave away the game for her... then she's prob thinking what manner of creature if this hello?🤨


One hard pass was with my (precocious) 6 year old niece.🤭


I think she's trying to work me out still. We had a great time together (I get along well with little kids that age...says something about my mental development maybe) but she initially said I was a boy (largely on account of my voice) then puzzled why my hair was so long and I look girlish.🤔


No matter, she engaged me in her Ballet lessons and I showed her my moves which she deemed terribly awkward and funny, worthy of coming to see me more to work on my obvious dance deficiencies (and worthy of a good laugh)


Frankly I'm not sure why people don't take my dancing seriously...especially these young know it alls!🤨


I tell you the other problem I faced out there was laundry.


As my mom for some bizarre reason prefers not to use her dryer and likes to sun dry her clothing on the line...I had a hard time with her asking me why I wasn't turning in any clothes to her for the wash. Particularly she was rather concern about my underwear situation...but could you imagine?😮


Once seen cannot be unseen.


I mean, I had to sneak out to my brother's across the street to use his washer dryer instead which was a two in one unit that took 6 to 8 hours per load!🤯


And then concoct the excuse to my mom that I was using disposable underwear for convenience which of course she found even more strange.😄


The perils of stealth amidst one's familiars and loved ones who know your habits.


It was seriously challenging.😅


(PS ....glad to meet another who is 'prolific' in use of emojis)🤗







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    • Tiffany 838
      Target is great    Found lots of great things there.  Love me sleep set of shorts and satiny top.     also one of my favorite sets ( bra and panty) are from adore me, that my wife got me.   also for clothes in general old navy has been great.    
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      I think males can care about having things they want to conceal now these days.    My experience at makeup stores has all come after I started transitioning, but even when there were hardly any changes happening yet it was clear that you don't need to explain anything to anyone except what you want to do with their products so they can help you buy their stuff.    I'm sure there are a bazillion youtubes on makeup that will show you what to do with concealer, almost all of them better at instructions than me.
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      I sadly don't have any bearded dragons, since my parents are very much of the "no pets until our current ones pass away" mindset, but I'd love to get one eventually! Perhaps when I'm older and move out...    As for Skyrim, I actually haven't played it! I've heard about it, though, and it sounds interesting. Is it a good game?
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      Yes! Me too. Evil should be illegal. 💜
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      Am I the -censored- for going through my girlfriends phone?   So yesterday I had walked with my now ex girlfriend to her job interview. It was a 45 min walk and it killed my legs but I did it to make her happy and be there for her. Fast forward to when we get there. She hands me her phone to play games on. A little bit of context before this, she had lied to me about her suspension so I was kinda having a hard time trusting her (trust issues lmao) So I go into her Microsoft teams (which is what i talk to her off of because I dont have a phone) I see another person in her messages so I go and look and I see them flirting and saying I love you to each other. So i took this guys contact and sent it to myself and deleted it from our messages once i saved it to my contacts. After that I get mad and storm off into the mcdonalds bathroom so I don't cause a scene while shes doing her interview. Then she walks in and repeatedly asks whats wrong because I was visibly pissed.     I proceeded to say nothing because I was just gonna let it go for the sake of our relationship. She then asked why I was lying to her. I said "So its not okay for me to lie to you but, you can lie to me repeatedly" She then asked what I was talking about and I mentioned the "friend" in her phone and their conversations. She proceeded to tell me she didn't say any of those things, then she "blocked" him and said he meant nothing to her.  Fast forward to 11:07 today. The guy finally responds and tells me "Yeah that's cool bro but why she had me as her Facebook status and not you" then she messages me and says me and her need to talk. (Proving that she unblocked him when I was out of view)  we keep talking and she comes at me like I'm in the wrong. saying things like "U think idk yall texted each other tf u doing going behind my back to do -crap-" and "Yk what [Dead Name]  just bc ur unhappy in life don't mean u gotta -expletive- up mine" I proceeded to tell her that she -toasted- up her own life by cheating and lying.  It got to the point where I was so mad I was thinking of telling her whole family so she would get in trouble. I still might consider it if she tries me.
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      Lol italia. 
    • Frozenknyte
      Akira I’m def going to rewatch soon. I’m always streaming my games with a show or movie or anime playing tbh ,with very little game sound. But I own- modern warfare 2 how is it I get to gold 2 rank often have the most kills being the mvp when you see how I play.  I’m  just stuck at gold 2  like how random team mates are holding me down, when you see the scoreboard shows I did my part and maybe more. 😝TTV tag I’ve had pplrandomly  visit and see. Recent show I binged thru games is totally spy’s 😝   &  Almost work time.  
    • Frozenknyte
      Minecraft I recently bought after all the peer pressure and stuff I just can’t get into it. I thought the survival modes would be fun but when there’s 100000 of different servers idk 🤷‍♂️ . Never heard of play date site thing what is that? & monument thing isn’t that a puzzle like game I’ve seen on steam or epic games or something where it has all these nice visuals ? I saw a few games like that and I keep thinking I might enjoy them. enjoyed a bit of some ‘indie’ games idk if they’re called that, like have a nice death ? That was interesting   
    • kira_k
      Hi,   I was wondering if anyone had any advice on using concealer. I have a lot of blemishes around my eyes and a few moles that I would like to conceal, but I've never used concealer before.   I'm not entirely out yet and still experimenting with makeup, but thought about going to a store and talk to someone about what shade etc to use. I'll be going as male, so wondered if there was any advice for that too? What have your experience been?   Kira x
    • kira_k
    • Betty K
      Oh wow, this cheered me up. People like Judge Robert Hinkle give me hope.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Two double batteries and a metronome.   Carolyn Marie
    • Mmindy
      My daughter would have a field day getting me ready to Cosplay or attend one of her Medieval Fairs. My thoughts are at best, I would be an old hag, under a dark bridge.    Maybe in the future,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon and welcome to Transgender Pulse Forums,   There are several threads here that you'll be interested in. You're in a safe space to vent, and be who you know yourself to be. I was born and raised in the St. Louis, MO area, and lived there until 1994 when a company promotion brought me to the Indianapolis, IN metro area.   Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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      I heard that exactly ONE out of state "regretter" had to be flown in, and looks like the regretful one will be getting frequent flyer miles to other stages as well.  LOL. 
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