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Help! New Passport UK


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Hi everyone,


I will shortly be applying for a new UK passport in my acquired gender (their terminology). I just wondered if anyone has up to date information, tips, do's and don'ts etc. etc.? 


My understanding is that I need:


Completed application form

My old passport

Passport photos with certified 'true likeness' on the back from someone professional. Will my psychologist be okay to do this?

Deed poll with change of name

Letter from GiC confirming my name, gender change, and that this is likely to be permanent

I also have a comparable letter from my psychologist saying the same thing



Any hard facts or experiences gratefully received 




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I saw you post and I wanted to reply as I live in the UK also.  My situation was different as I had a US passport first, but I became a UK citizen later and have a UK passport now too.


Your list seems correct though I'm sure I was helped by my US passport having my gender change already confirmed there.     The only thing I ran into as far as the "true likeness" signature is that person who did that needs to have known me for at least two years, so would that be true of your psychologist?


I hope this goes well for you.  Passports can be so difficult!

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Thanks Diana & that's really helpful.


Yes she has known me for 5 years. The issue there though is that I'm not sure 'psychologist' or 'therapist' is necessarily one of their approved professions. But she also has a lawyer background so it may be okay.


My driving licence is already changed so maybe, like your US passport, that might help a little. 


Eeek I hope so. I can't wait to get it done finally! Thank you again.

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From what I remember, they told me the person to sign off on my "true likeness" photo could not be a birth relation, or someone you were in a relationship with.  And it could not be someone you just worked with.  


For me it was a good friend I'd known for several years.  I think your psychologist would qualify as a friend.


I hope so.  I hope it all goes well.

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Thanks so much Diana. That's really helpful.


Here's hoping! I know that some people reading this thread might think it's a relatively small thing, but for me it's massively significant. Although it's not the same as a Gender Recognition Certificate, my passport is an outward internationally-recognised statement of the person I am. It's like an external stamp of my truth. A badge of identity. I can't wait!!



(I apologise to anyone if the phrasing of that is clumsy to them. I'm trying to express how it feels for me. xx)

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I don't know about others but I definitely understand, Tilly.


I still remember when I got my first driver's license with the correct gender marker and my new name.  Then later my first passport with the correct information.  And it's definitely a big moment, when you have official, legal documentation verifying the person you really are.  In a way up to that point, it was mostly yourself acknowledging bringing the real person out, but once you start getting official IDs with your new name and gender, it's like the world has to accept the new you, and yes, it's definitely a big thing!


I hope this all goes well for you and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

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Sounds like this is going well now.  In the UK the driver number has gender encoded into it. My driver number was wrong for many years without me knowing, the title was ms and everything else was correct. I only realised this year when the software I was working on told me.  I quickly wrote to the dvla and after a bit of toing and froing go it sorted.  Because "it can't be wrong", "it is wrong" here are the digits, see they are wrong" "Ah yes. they are wrong, we'll issue a new one".  So that's something to look for.  The number format is explained on their website for those who need to know.

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Good grief. I never knew that! Wow. 


I've just checked this all through and my driving licence is indeed female. 


In some places it seems to suggest that there are two places by which gender is, or is not (male), specified on the licence?


The first is that only on a female licence is the title included. Is this true?!


The second is within the licence number. In a female the 7th digit of the licence number is a 5 for a female, followed by a single digit for the birth month. In a male two month digits are used (no 5).




Thank you so much for highlighting this. 

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I actually never knew that about the gender being encoded in the driver number either.  I checked mine and it is indeed coded as female.  I guess they did that when they used my US license for information for my UK license.


The part about only having a title for women is something I was not aware of either.  That seems a bit strange.

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