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The film "Sugar House Yantra" Debuted


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Below is a publicity blurb for the film about yours truly.  It was an exhilarating but emotionally exhausting day.  Several of the other films had me in tears as did the question and answer talk at the climax of the film.  I hope Jared the filmmaker gets the credit and financial return he so richly deserves.  I also hope that in some small way my openness can help my sisters and brothers and those who love them.




So sorry..... it seems the photos are proprietary

iI will try to post them some other way


Here are some pics from Saturday’s premiere of Sugar House Yantra at the Montclair Film Festival:
The film was enthusiastically received by the audience. Charlize dazzled during the Q&A.

This is just the first step on the film’s journey. The next chance to see it isFriday, November 17, 7pm, at the Princeton Public Library, which falls during national Transgender Awareness Week.

These screenings in Princeton always feel like a homecoming, and they’re always memorable. Charlize and I will be there to share the film, talk about it, and answer audience questions. The screening is free & open to the public. I encourage you to come if you can. Get there early!

The first reviews of Sugar House Yantra are starting to pour in. Here are two of my favorites:
“I really loved your film. In addition to the inspiring and interesting content, there is a sense of calmness and peace about it. It sounds corny but it was very Zen.”  

— audience member in Montclair
“This film feels so peaceful and simple and beckons the viewer to ditch the phone in favor of art and nature. I wanted another hour of exploring the farm and art studio. We can all learn from Charlize, who exemplifies the ideal of being true to oneself.”

— Devin Cornia, executive director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of NJ

I hope to see you at the library in November.

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Charlize you certainly are true to oneself.  Congratulations to Jared and you, and the other filmmakers.  We need more art in our lives.

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Who is that lovely gal standing next to that guy? Why, it's Charlize!


I wish I had a copy of that film. I would love to know how get a copy if it is publically available.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf 🐾

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Congratulations to you both. Maybe it'll be available for streaming or some place where I can see it. 

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Jared did the film independently, only bringing in anyone else for some drone footage.  Other films shown from around the world as well as the US had credits that ran on.  One which showed the fathers of trans folks talking at a "dude" ranch had funding and from Netflix and pages of credits.  That particular film included Mathew Shepards father.  That alone turned on my water works.  The filmmaker in that case mentioned that Jareds film should and might be picked up there.  His Emmy winning film was shown on our local PBS.  This may eventually make its way out so that it can be shared here.

While all the attacks from the GOP(?) continue filmmakers and the artistic community is pushing back.  Hopefully this is a small contribution.





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Big Congratulations to you and your film maker, @Charlize!  It sounds like a wonderful project, and I hope to see it someday.  West Hollywood always has a trans film festival in November, so perhaps it will screen there. 


You are a very special woman, Charlize.  I'm proud to know you.  You're doing great things for our community.  :ThanxSmiley:  :welldone:


Carolyn Marie

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Congratulations Charlize and everyone involved.  💕✨

On the lookout to watch Sugar House Yantra

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That’s great @Charlize 

Congratulations to all involved and hopefully it will get picked up by a streaming service. At minimum if PBS puts it on air then YouTube will share it. 




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There have only been two screenings to date but at each the reaction has been wonderful.  Folks seem to be pushing for a national viewing on TV which would be great for the wonderful filmmaker who spent over a year filming and editing the documentary.  He has one Emmy and i'd love to see him with a second and perhaps with some additional financial backing for his work.





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Great news.  I do hope it goes national so many others can witness this story.

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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      @Jamielynn One factor in breast growth is body type and amount of body fat.  The modern western ideal of "slender but with large breasts" seems to be fairly unusual in nature.  The women in my life (just a sample) tend to follow the pattern of "slender = smaller breasts and thicker = larger breasts."     Yes, decrease testosterone and increase estrogen will yield secondary sex characteristics.  Within limitations.  Two of my friends are MtF, and both have HRT.  Even with HRT, neither has large breasts.... a full A-cup or small B-cup at most.  Both are fairly slender and physically active.  If they wanted something larger, they'd likely have to look at augmentation.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I do too.  Actually, husband's parents used to have FOX on the TV constantly in their home until a couple of years ago.  But viewers are decreasing overall as people cut the cord on expensive cable services.  Something is just unhealthy about consuming that much media, no matter the source.  Remember the days when "news" was something that came on for a half hour at 6pm?  Or arrived in a rolled-up paper on the driveway on Sunday and Wednesday?
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      OK, I'm confused.  I'm no scholar, but isn't a "whole" supposed to be 100%?  Yet 82% are Democrats and 46% are Republicans?  Unless I'm missing something, that's more than 100%.... are people double registered or something?   It seems like a lot of studies go for 1000 respondents.  I guess its just a nice, round number?  But for a state as big as CA, its a pretty small sample size.  And 1000 people from San Fransisco will give very different results than 1000 people from Northern CA smaller towns.  It would be interesting to know the polling locations they used, but I suspect that the study is basically worthless due to its sample size and limitations. 
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Lots of folks have been feeling that way for quite a while, and for different reasons.  The trick is... become OK with that idea.    After all, the Founding Fathers were outlaws in the eyes of the British crown.  There's frequently a difference between "right" and "legal."  There's lots of things that are legal, but not right.  And lots of things that are right, but not legal.  According to Jefferson, "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."  The day the system makes me an outlaw, I'll be in good company. 
    • AllieJ
      Thank you EasyE!  I have been researching this for years and have lots of links, but just google transgender brain and you will see lots of information (some conflicting) but concentrate on Bed Nucleus. This area of the brain is structured to sense what is happening around you and send signals to the rest of the brain. It was originally only thought to control anxiety, and the fight or flight reflex, but it has been found to be sexually dimorphic in structure, and is likely the centre of gender identity. In this case (still being researched) the signals it sends to the rest of the brain would be dysphoria. (if/when they can prove this it should mean GI and Dysphoria are not mental.) There is no way to change the Bed Nucleus atm, so 'it isn't going away'!   You need to read a number of papers as each of them has parts of the story, and it is still being developed.   Hugs,   Allie 
    • MaeBe
      One of the reasons the far right is pushing so hard right now. The kids are alright, so time is short for instilling sweeping “conservative” and authoritarian dogma. 
    • EasyE
      I would love to know more about this. Do you have links where we can read more, Allie? I hear so many people (including myself) saying to folks around them "this isn't going to go away" (even though others don't understand this) ... I feel that too. It would be nice to know a little more why. Thanks!!! And thanks for all you do to keep us so well informed!
    • EasyE
      Welcome! Thanks for sharing! This truly is a safe and judgement-free space... 
    • EasyE
      Here's one more Willow. Happy B-Day!! Hope you have had a blessed day!! And a blessed year ahead!! 
    • emeraldmountain2
      2%, even better! That is over 6.7 million Americans and over 160.2 million people worldwide who are trans. No small numbers! We are everywhere.
    • AllieJ
      There hasn't been any accurate census of the trans population, and it would be difficult given the varieties under the trans umbrella. Governments grossly under represent trans numbers so they don't have to provide funding, but in countries where trans people are traditionally accepted the populations are usually estimated around 2%. This is almost all represented by trans feminine people, and doesn't include non binary. As most trans people either haven't figured out they are trans, or are in hiding, accurate numbers are likely never to be known. About 5% of youth in the US have claimed to be gender diverse, and I have read papers which forecast between 5 and 8% of the worlds population could be gender diverse.    I feel most comfortable with the 2% number as a minimum of people who will take some affirming action, but do feel the total number would be much higher.   Hugs,   Allie
    • Vidanjali
      What an amazing story, @EmilyLouise48. You are blessed to have that support on your life. Thank you for sharing. 
    • emeraldmountain2
      1% sounds small, but it's significant. One study estimates the number trans and nonbinary Americans at 1.6%, which is over 5 million people! We are numerous, we are everywhere, and we are strong.
    • Vidanjali
      You might consider wearing a wide cloth headband or turban headband to feminize your look while your brushed back hair grows out. You can find lots of different patterns like these for example.
    • KatieSC
      Well, our percentage of the population is around 1%. We could be the 2nd set of one percenters in the country...All this mayhem about our very existence.
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