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Email link appears to be incorrect


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I wanted to send a thank you note to the people behind this website.


Steps to reproduce:


  1. I navigated to https://www.transgenderpulse.com/contact/ from the navigation menu.
  2. I scrolled to the section under the heading "Contact TransPulse".
  3. I clicked the link labelled "Email: Click Here".


What I expected to happen:


  1. My email application would open.
  2. I would navigate to a page that had a contact form that I could fill out.


What happened: Nothing. The link link is linked to itself (https://www.transgenderpulse.com/contact/)


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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

You're absolutely right, Rowan.  I'll ask our tech wizard @Petra Janeto do some trouble shooting.  She's a pretty fair shot.  Thank you!


Carolyn Marie

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  • Admin

@RowanThank You for bringing that to our attention, I tried three times and got looped myself.  I am sure @Petra Jane can add that to her To Do list as we get used to other subtle changes that came in last week-end. 


On another note, for the good stuff you would like to tell people on the ADMIN Staff, https://www.transgenderpulse.com/our-team/ or the Moderators, go to the internal PM feature which is the envelope icon beside your profile Icon,  and send us a letter there so it keeps your private E-mail private.  We occasionally like to hear things other than grumps and grouches. It is always fine for a member to speak to the staff that way, and you can ask us stuff that may be too sensitive to openly post in these forums.

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  • Root Admin
Petra Jane

That is so weird!

Thank you @Rowan. for letting us know about this. I was wondering why there was not the usual influx of junk filling up my inbox of late! Somehow, the form that the contact page used has disappeared!


I've made a simply straightforward one to replace it and will see if I can figure out how to replace the multi-function form that allowed you to choose a subject which then asked some more specific questions depending on the subject. But for now, there is a contact us form back on.

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  • Root Admin
Petra Jane

Oh yea, that's working now. Immediately got two spam requests!


One requesting money and the other pure spam!

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@VickySGV You're welcome :) Happy to help. I was able to locate the envelope icon that you mentioned. This appears to be a feature that enables one-to-one communication. This is good to know. I haven't been a member of a forum like this for a decade and a half. While they're pretty easy to use, I do like know the little hidden niceties.


@Petra Jane  Thank you for pushing out a fix so quickly! Super-web-dev skills activate :) No I'm feeling a bit guilty about what I have done to your inbox... oh my! All the sorries!


I'll probably write my message sometime today. But to sum it up very briefly: The work you are doing here is important, helpful to me, and very appreciated. Thank you <3

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  • Root Admin
Petra Jane
6 hours ago, Rowan. said:


@Petra Jane  Thank you for pushing out a fix so quickly! Super-web-dev skills activate :) No I'm feeling a bit guilty about what I have done to your inbox... oh my! All the sorries!


That's okay, don't let it worry you @Rowan. After the third spam post, I was able to find a mod that added back in Google ReCAPTCHA to the simple contact form which has so far, (tempting fate here) cut down the spam messages. I've managed to re-create the original format of the old contact form, BUT so far, have not been able to get it to display the relevant part of the contact form which depends on the reason for contacting us, ie: send a message, request to add a link, or add a TG friendly business etc. I will get there, eventually.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • Root Admin
Petra Jane

Okay, update time.


I haven't managed to get the multi-purpose contact form, or rather I have re-created it, it just doesn't work as it should, so I have added a list of options for people to get in touch depending on what they want to contact us about. IE: say hello, suggest an external TG friendly link, add their TG supporting business etc etc. I have been given a clue by a facebook group for the form creator, but no confirmation as yet if I am correct that everything needs to be on a single page, very complicated!


I've also added a link in the bottom of the non-forum site that allows you to report an error on a page that includes the page url automatically.



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  • Root Admin
Petra Jane
5 hours ago, Petra Jane said:

I haven't managed to get the multi-purpose contact form, or rather I have re-created it, it just doesn't work as it should


FINALLY, I've figured this out! Even added some stock images to the actual contact forms!

Am a happy bunny now!


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    • Jandi
      Before I drop it all, this is an excellent point. 
    • BreM
      Did go shopping with my daughter and wife.All came out happy.I have new bras and pantyhose,wife has new work clothes and daughter loves her new dark navy dress.Wife has a friend that is getting married next month and daughter didn't have a nice dress to wear,let her pick it out.She also paid for it too,has a job and saved money for it
    • Willow
      That’s a good point that we aren’t men dressing as women, we are women who used to dress as men.     I wasn’t looking to start a whole new conversation here that could be considered controversial or belonging in another forum.  Jandi, I appreciate your thoughts and everyone else’s.  But like you suggested any further discussion should be in a different topic.   thanks    Willow 
    • Lyla
      The avatar is a picture of me 15 years ago.  Like Overalls a lot of lines and wrinkles have been added since then. 🙂
    • DeeDee
      This is the way... 😂
    • KymmieL
      Liz and Kathy I agree. I am wearing woman's jeans and a t shirt. but as a woman I should wear woman's clothes according to the bible. 🤔   that part taken care of now on to the fun. So my middle son came visiting some of his friends and took my grandson home. SO we decided to see how the new truck handles the trails. Our youngest followed in our old Explorer (he's buying it from us) Went a couple trails. Mostly packed snow. No problems. We proceeded to try to bust some snow. and you guessed it The new truck dug its way to get stuck. So we backed the explorer to pull the Ranger out. it got stuck.   So we worked and got the Ranger free. Then the Explorer I had to make a 14 pt turn to get turned around. I pulled the Explorer back so my son could get a running start and haul on out of there.  I followed doing the same. It was fun.   Hugs   Kymmie.  
    • DeeDee
      Hi @Willow Let me start by saying that the whole thing is a strawman argument and is totally nonsensical. God doesn't care about our clothes, see Genesis for details. Now... Theologically the OT books of law were brought to fulfillment by Jesus unless you are Jewish. So all Christians live under a grace already extended and offered to all which is why we do not stick to the laws today and why the thief was assured of his salvation on the cross beside Jesus and why every single church should welcome every single person into its walls. Its simply Biblically not their place to judge.   Kathylauren's response is the correct one if you want to take it literally and engage in the argument and that's without getting into trnaslation arguments.   Also gendered clothing has always been culturally specific - none of the OT prophets nor Christ wore pants/trousers and kilts(pleated knee length skirts) in Scottish culture are a masculine gendered item of clothing and also traditionally closer to what Christ wore. Everyone should be in togas and sandals if we want to stay accurate. I can also guarantee that the people bringing up that law are not following all the other dueteronomical laws themselves and are probably sat in mixed blend clothing and not kicking the women out of town for the duration of their periods to go and be unclean elsewhere.   If someone quotes that at you and you feel a need to respond may I suggest Matthew 23:23.  Jesus had a word or two to say about hypocracy in the kirk when it came to quoting Bible verses at people inappropriately. It has become one of my favourite verses. ❤️
    • Jackie C.
      That's a good plan. The right person makes all the difference. Best of fortune with your search!   Hugs!
    • Orzeszek00
      @Jani Thank you so much. That's very kind.   Also, i do appreciate your advice. I guess you are right, i'm sure most of the people working on that field are people of passion, who deeply care about their job and well being of their patients.   I'm gonna make some calls after the weekend. I hope i'll be able to start doing something about it by the end of the year. I won't rush anything tho. Wanna make sure i'm gonna work with right person.
    • ElizabethStar
      I was thinking the same thing (45 years for me). Isn't that what most of us are doing?
    • ElizabethStar
      Hi @HollyNoel. I'm happy your back.🙂
    • KathyLauren
      With the disclaimer that I am not Christian, I don't think this applies.  I am a woman, and I have always been a woman.  So I am not a man dressing as a woman; I am a woman dressing as a woman.  As a woman dressing as a man, I was in violation of this rule for the first 62 years of my life, but I have since mended my ways.
    •  Kylie
      I am excited for ‘first time.’  I giggle at the thought of being a 30 year old virgin. So, I’m ready now that I’m ‘clear’ to take on the adventure.    ha, I mean, yelling Merry Christmas would be fitting, right?   thanks @Jani, I’ve only been back to work a month and I’m emotionally exhausted already. 
    • ElizabethStar
      Thank you. Honestly I don't know if they come in bigger sizes, I wear an 11. It took a few weeks to beak them in but they're good now. Got them at store called Off Broadway shoe warehouse.
    • Jani
      Thank you @Shay.  From the heart and well spoken.  
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