Our Team


TransPulse Leadership



Petra Jane

Petra Jane is a forum administrator of long standing. While she assists MaryEllen in the day-to-day management of the forums, she has also provided wise counsel to Dev regarding search engine optimization and the technical features that drive the forums on the back end. She has also taken the responsibility of regularly updating the search engines with new information about the site to keep our listings current.


Stu is Dev's right hand, providing invaluable insight and wisdom where site decisions are concerned. His primary responsibility is the management of all things chat, including selecting and training new chat team members. Stu is something of an institution in our chat rooms, having been with us for nearly ten years.


Kelly serves as Dev's left hand, assisting with the management of both chat and the forums. She brings with her a solid history of online community management as well as a bottomless well of compassion and empathy which she shares generously with the trans community.



MaryEllen has long been in charge of our forums, responsible for choosing new staff and setting the standards for participation. Under her guidance, the forums have grown to be a source of respite and a large repository of wisdom and experience for the trans community.


Carolyn Marie

Carolyn Marie assists MaryEllen in the management of the forums, with her primary responsibility there being the training of new team members. She is also an invaluable source for news and current events related to the transgender community.