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  1. How I Got Started Dressing

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  2. I've been missing

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  3. Hi,I Have Returned

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  4. Shopping was great today

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  5. Tucking :(

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  6. Gina clip

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  7. Been thinking it over lately

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  8. How to make yourself look like a woman...?

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  9. Crossdressing Male to Female

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  10. Getting my wife on board

    • 4 replies
  11. I felt alone

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  12. Feelings

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  13. Happy Christmas

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  14. But what would it accomplish?

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  15. Relationships are tough

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  16. An exposing accident

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  17. New introspective thoughts

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  18. This content has really helped me to understand

    • 8 replies
  19. Traveling

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  20. Happy good news

    • 10 replies
  21. Cut off in my prime!

    • 6 replies
  22. Shopping Fun

    • 11 replies
  23. Missing for a while, but still here!

    • 11 replies
  24. My greatest ally.

    • 3 replies
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    • ElizabethStar
      I went down to my work yesterday. They're collecting boxes for our move. I'm on a vacation day so I wore what I wanted. Except my gray leggings. They were MIA for the last month. I found them while doing laundry later in the day.
    • ElizabethStar
      Sounds like your sleeping in a men's shirt. Sorry to say it but you might want to renegotiate your promise. I sleep in a women's sleep t-shirt. Personally I can't stand the feel of men's clothing on my skin anymore.
    • Kellianne
      Thank you Charlize and that is key, feeling comfortable with who you are. I so long to feel that and not the shame, sadness, dysphoria and hopelessnes  that has dominated much of my life.
    • Jackie C.
      @Charlize mentions an excellent point: Mental changes.   The big one is that I can think. The mental static is gone and I feel comfortable just being me. I'm also more empathic and emotional. I feel freaking amazing honestly. There's probably a zillion little tweaks the HRT made in my brain that I don't notice individually, but together they make me calm, comfortable, just generally more pleasant to be around.   Hugs!
    • Kellianne
      Thank you Jackie and yes I have already looked into voice lessons, FFS, and wigs will be my friend because I lost my hair on top in my late 20's. I know learning to walk and move more femininely as well are key important factors. Learning makeup and fashion as well I am sure are key. I am glad to hear you are seeing changes in all physical areas to some degree. I hope I have similar results  
    • Charlize
      Welcome Kelliane.  I got started at 63.  Unfortunately i didn't turn 21, and just beautiful. Instead I have found comfort in being myself.  I have cute breasts, not large but all mine.  Body hair is thinner and grows much slower.  I'm generally softer.  All those physical changes mean little compared to the comfort i now feel in living without shame or fear.  I'm 72 now and happier than i have ever been.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jackie C.
      Salutations @Kellianne and welcome to Transpulse!   Well, I started transition at 48. Specifically, I got my first dose of HRT (patches) in June of 2018. My picture is just me (plus a wig, I have alopecia) and I've got a gallery of pictures over here Jackie's Pics. Those are about a year old now but I've got a couple more scattered around the site in various posts. Mostly me in gymwear.   So what I've experienced after two years. I've got breasts. They're small, but sensitive and still growing (at least that's what I tell myself). My butt is slowly changing shape due to HRT and exercise. I've got a waist now. I think that's mostly exercise though. I work my abs three times a week. I've got just the barest appearance of hips. My face looks better because fat redistribution. I realize I've also got good cheekbones, dimples and a narrow chin which helps immensely. I haven't been mis-gendered in ages.   My flexibility is better. My sense of smell has improved dramatically (mixed blessing). My skin is softer and more sensitive. I no longer stink (men stink, I'm sorry, but you do). My voice passes, but that has more to do with hard work than anything the HRT did. I strongly recommend voice lessons. That's an important lesson: You get out of transition what you put into it. Don't expect the hormones to do all the work. HRT won't help you talk or walk like a woman for example. There's a learning curve and when you look at a genetic woman, remember that her appearance isn't free. She's got a beauty regimen, you just don't see that part.   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      Hi everyone! Heavy frost this morning. I decided to go to work for a few hours to catch up. I almost bought another bicycle yesterday but I talked myself out of it. My wife and I may go see her sister later today, this will be the first time I’ve seen her since my wife told her. My wife mentioned last night that it is time to tell her parents so we shall see.
    • Kellianne
      Good morning 😀         So, I have finally reach a point in my life where I have to be true to the real me. Ever since I was young I knew I should have been a girl but, through enforced male roles, a masculine body, no support or understanding, I have hidden it my entire life. I have found a wonderful partner who is supportive and I can openly be me with her. I have read a lot of stuff on the internet about later life transition and I find it is similar to Googling "I have a runny nose and cough" and being told you have everything from Ebola to a Broken Leg 🤣.       So, I come here to ask you wonderful ladies who have been trough it, or know someone who has, what my expectations can be at 52. I know obviously there are better results the younger you start but, some places tell me little to no results at this age to breast, hip, butt, thigh development and not much change to skin or hair growth. I have seen some that say you can have, almost the same results it just takes longer, as if you had stared earlier.        I know everything is based on individual genetics, but I am very interested to hear actual testimonials, if you wish to share. Thank you for any helpful advice/answers you can provide.
    • BreM
      Wife,daughter and I are going to do some shopping later this morning.I need some new bras and pantyhose.Need to buy my daughter a dress and wife needs new work clothes.Some of my bras went in the trash already,in bad shape due for replacement.
    • CallMeKeira
      @Lyla I am pretty new to all this, but I can relate. I have on multiple occasions packed away or tossed out various things related to hobbies I had a lot of interest in after I got bored. I would do it without a second thought until much later, and then it was a "hindsight's 20/20" sort of thing. But, with my dresses, my makeup, my hair clippies, there's a much more immediate response if I even consider it. (Haven't packed them away/tossed them, and won't. I am resolved.)   Journeys of self-discovery are seldom easy, or free of fear. I have only recently (proportionately) started on that journey. However, the fact that you are willing to take a step on that journey is a good indicator that you can overcome your fears and reservations, no matter what statistics say, and reach your destination, regardless of where that destination is. I am just a spring chicken staring at a crossroads, and I don't have all the answers. But, we're on this road together, and all we gotta do is just start walking and see where our feet take us. It's the journey, not the destination, right? (Gods, I do sound cheesy).   -Here if you need me, Keira
    • Willow
      My wife and I make custom shirts with heat pressed vinyl.  She found a company that sells t-shirts made out of bamboo. For sure they are the softest ones I’ve ever worn.  They come in all sizes, men’s and women’s and different sleeves.  They hold up to normal washing too.  They are only a little more expensive but well worth it.   unfortunately for me the one iron clad promise I made was never come to bed in women’s things.  So I don’t get to experience that.     My boobets are telling me to be careful with them today.  No harsh fabric rubbing them.  I suppose that’s because I slept in a shirt last night.  My fault, I’m not used to their rules yet.   Willow
    • Sarahnr1
      Youre very welkome dear     Thats  okey we can still talk  and im still here  as you can see  (HUG ) 
    • KayC
      You would think with how much the Feds pay to support Medicaid they could dictate a minimum standard of coverage for the states.  Maybe they can fix this in the next 4 years. Here's another article on the same story ... apparently 10 states currently exclude gender affirming medical coverage. https://www.them.us/story/lawsuit-challenging-west-virginia-ban-trans-medicaid-coverage
    • Willow
      Good morning TGPulse  (said to the tone of good morning Vietnam)   guess m in a good mood this morning.  Looks a little overcast.  It is supposed to rain later.  Guess I won’t be working on the boat today.   coffee is made I’m ready for friends to come sit at my kitchen table.    the hunters are out in the rice fields.  In the early 19th century this was supposed to have  been the largest rice producer in the world.  I find that hard to believe.  Now it’s all just wetland.   we watch a sewing show and a quilting show on PBS starting at 8 every Saturday.  One thing I’ve learned about sewing, it isn’t as easy as it looks.  I’m getting better but even keeping a straight line can be challenging.  Then add to that making a particular type of seam like a double row flat felled seam. My rows of stitches are never straight.   we made new lettering for the boat.  I sure hope I can get that on right. I know the way it’s supposed to be done but I’m just not sure about this.   Enjoy your coffee today.   Willow
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