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I Am Beautiful


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I Am Beautiful 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Behold I am beautiful 

As I get older

I become even more wonderful 


My heart reflects who I am inside

Beauty Is found inside my soul 

That is where true beauty can’t hide

This is where I feel whole


To find beauty you must dive deep 

You must love who you are 

You are the treasure you must keep

You are a shining star 


You are beautiful inside 

Let love shine through 

You have nothing to hide

No one can be you but you 
















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Tears of joy or pain

Tears are falling 

I’m crying again 

Hear me balling 


I’m told not to cry

You must be strong 

But than I wonder why

Is what I’m feeling so wrong 


I want be loved 

not ignored and pushed away

I want to be hugged 

Told I matter in some way


Tears that heal

Are ones from the heart

They tell you to feel

They give you a bran new start 






It’s early in the morning and I can’t sleep. My mind is flowing so I thought I would write this. I hope it inspires and lifts up the reader. 




I took this pic. It symbolizes hope! The clouds look like people and their letting the light shine out from them. That’s what true love does!  


Love always, 



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Fallen Rose 


I gave my lover a Rose

But they threw it on the ground

Now nobody knows

Whose Rose they’ve found 


I picked it special from my garden 

But they took it as an insult

Now I watch it harden

Is it all my fault 


I gave them my very best Rose

One I watered everyday 

What do you suppose 

Could have made them throw it away


Now that rose lays on the ground

Crushed and bruised under people’s feet

Can that Rose ever again be found 

Will that Rose ever be complete 







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Holes in my jeans

Like holes in my heart 

My heart leans 

For a bran new start


A new beginning if you will

With new faces 

A place where I can be real 

And really go places 


Where friends are born 

Instead of paying a price 

Where my heart won’t be torn 

Oh, wouldn’t that be nice


Where what I do matters 

And is displayed for all to see

Instead of everything 

Being shattered inside of me 


Dedicated to all that want to make a difference in this life by changing others. 






I love to write poetry from the heart for that’s where true words flow. 








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13 hours ago, Tessa said:

Fallen Rose 


I gave my lover a Rose

But they threw it on the ground

Now nobody knows

Whose Rose they’ve found 


I picked it special from my garden 

But they took it as an insult

Now I watch it harden

Is it all my fault 


I gave them my very best Rose

One I watered everyday 

What do you suppose 

Could have made them throw it away


Now that rose lays on the ground

Crushed and bruised under people’s feet

Can that Rose ever again be found 

Will that Rose ever be complete 








Tessa, the rose, of course being metaphor for the heart or ‘self’, is a precious gift to give anyone. And all to often it is our plight to have such a gift rejected:


when they
choose to walk away
the questions remain
for loss is dismay
in the face of dubiety
and pain
-Jennifer T, February 2013 



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  • Forum Moderator

Wonderful poems @Tessa.  You're a very talented woman.  Please continue to share as you're led.  I really enjoy reading your work.


Susan R?



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58 minutes ago, Susan R said:

Wonderful poems @Tessa.  You're a very talented woman.  Please continue to share as you're led.  I really enjoy reading your work.


Susan R?




I don’t get very many compliments so thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them.  I wear my heart out on my sleeve. Maybe that’s why I seem to get hurt so much. I let people in and then they reject me. I’m a strong person and I can hold a lot of pain. When someone says I did a good job it’s hard for me to accept. When I write it’s not because I want to be better than anyone it’s I want people to see the true me and maybe in that they can see themself and maybe something I wrote will change their life. I’m not here for me I’m here for people. I always have put myself in the back because when you can hurt with someone you can really get to see who they truly are. My Dad died of cancer when he was 63. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt with him. I prayed he’d live every day. The last time I saw him hospice people said he screamed for me all night long. By the time I got there he was gone. His mind was gone by the drugs and he died later. He called me his problem child but I forgive him. I wish he would have shared his pain with me. Maybe it would have been to much for me. I had my family and babies at that time. So compliments are a rare thing so I value them very much! 


Thank you 



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Just now, Tessa said:

My Dad died of cancer when he was 63. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt with him. I prayed he’d live every day. The last time I saw him hospice people said he screamed for me all night long. By the time I got there he was gone.

Tessa, You sound like a very loving caring person.  This is probably why your Dad needed you so much near the end.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Losing a parent is so very difficult.  I'm glad your turning your past pain & sorrow into something so creative and expressive of yourself.  Keep writing..it's a wonderful gift.


Susan R?


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Had anyone complimented you today

Told you that you did a good job

Or did they just turn you away 

Your good deeds were just their to robb


A compliment can go a long way 

Especially when someone is hurt

Have you complimented anyone today

You could even say they have a nice shirt


We go about our day

Doing our regular things 

When we have so much we could say 

what even a smile brings 


Love has no color or race 

Love is a choice you have to make

It shows up in the most unlikely place 

It reminds us no one is a mistake








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The air is cold 

The wind starts to blow

The forecast was told 

Its about to snow 


The clouds are white 

Different  sized snowflakes begin to fall

The snow acts as a light 

You can hear winter’s call


But what is she saying to us all

Thats the question that’s falling 

Kids will make a snowball

Can you Hear winter calling 


Each flake has its own personality

Different then the rest 

It knows what it wants to be 

As it falls to the ground to rest 







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What is a friend

One who sticks closer than a brother 

Who will stay until the end 

And love like no other


A true friend will cry with you 

Rejoice with you and make you smile

Hold your hand and help you through 

They will walk the extra mile 


They will speak from the heart 

Even when it pains them so 

Their wisdom they will in part 

They will tell you where to go 


They will never judge 

Always lift you when your low 

They will give a gentle nudge 

How many true friends do you know 




Tessa ?‍?


We all need friends in life. Some of us are lucky to have married thier best friend. Others are lucky to have a good friend.  A friend loves at all times. If you don’t have a friend you do now. I’ll be your friend?‍?


Loving All








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When I was married 

I had a beautiful wife 

The pain I carried 

We constantly lived in strive


I tried to repair 

But nothing worked out

Now I’m alone in despair 

Learning what loneliness is all about


I want to love someone 

That will love me back 

I want to be needed by someone 

What is it that I lack 


Will anyone want me 

Or was she the only one 

I guess I’ll wait and see 

I just want to love someone






Feelimg down today. But I’ll be ok. Miss Downer LOL 





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The Color Of Love ❤️


Love has no color 

It belongs to no race 

Giving is her brother 

Love is full of grace 


Love covers over all wrongs 

It never demands to be right 

It knows where it belongs 

It puts up a good fight 


It never runs from danger 

Instead it’s always near

Love is no stranger 

It’s not afraid to shed a tear 


Love never fails 

We all have it inside 

Love always prevails 

It’s always at your side 


By Tessa?‍?


Beautifully Inspired!!!



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Say To Yourself 


I Am Beautiful 

I am determined

I am wonderful

I am unlimited 


I can make a difference today

I matter to someone 

I’m not what society has to say 

I’m not finished no not done 


You can’t keep me quiet 

You can’t shut me down 

I won’t let you keep me silent 

You won’t make me frown 


I am beautiful 

I am determined 

I am wonderful 

I am unlimited 


Remember we are what makes life beautiful. Without us the world would have no one to take care of it. We are all caretakers of each other’s hearts. We are all fragile and needing of love. We all want to be touched and wanted by someone. Just remember you are beautiful!!! 


Anyone who reads this gets this rose from me ?


Just a little love can go a long way. Love someone today! 




Tessa ?‍?

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Oh the memmorie of days gone by

If we could just remember the good ones

Not the ones that make you cry

unfortunately are mind has tons 


Try to change a bad memory 

Can it be done 

Trying to change a part of you 

You’ll only turn and run 


You must face the past 

Even if it haunts you so 

The night won’t last 

Your good memory will show 


Give it time and you will see 

That the past can be made new 

You can be set free 

From the memories that are haunting you






The past can hurt but as you face it you’ll see it can be replaced and you can be beautiful again. 


“You have a right to a beautiful life”


Selena Gomez


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Every night I wake up in the dark 

But a dream has tried to liberate me

In my mind I just want to find a place to park 

A place where I can be truly free


When I wake up I am wide awake 

But only a few hours have passed by 

Sometimes I feel like a fake 

Other Times I just want to cry 


I have no friends that will call 

So I go it alone 

Telling myself these feeling will fall

Then I pick up my phone


Searching for something to put me back to sleep

Something to clear my head 

I want to take that leap 

But I stay the same instead






I am searching to see if these feelings are past hurts coming out or if I’m having GD. I’m going to try to get some sleep now. 





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  • Forum Moderator

  As a child i had similar dreams every night.  Over time i think i dreamed "male".  Perhaps because of the all male schools, work and social life that was pressed on me.  Today i'm pleased to feel free to dream in any gender that comes in the night.  I try to simply sleep and as Bob Dylan said  i don't try to shovel them into the ditch of what they (dreams) mean.  

  Our lives and dreams run next to each other but i've never found them to be a path to follow.






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Tessa, your poems are all so beautiful. I am wiping tear from my eyes as I write this as they have touched my soul. I look forward to reading more. You are truly a wise and talented woman!




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Tessa, I’m honoured to have read your beautiful poems. To have put so much of yourself into your works and share it with us is a precious gift beyond words. 


Thank you so very much. 



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Money Isn’t Love


I have kids I adore 

They have learned from mom love is money

I want to give them so much more 

But I always come up empty


Sometimes they see me as a bank 

But I give from my heart 

I guess I have my ex to thank 

As they get older we drift apart 


It’s sad when your replaced with a puppy

Or even a concert ticket 

These are the things that make them happy

I wish they could get over it 


I use to want to compare 

But she no longer owns me 

My heart is all I can share 

Someday the children will see 


Life isn’t about what you own 

It’s about love shared every day 

I hope that I have shown 

So they can someday love that way 


I am not a bank to fulfill a wish 

I am a person who loves all

Neither am I selfish 

I will always be there though when they call






It’s hard having an ex that has a great job and can spend lots of money. I barely make child support. My kids grow bored at my little apartment and sometimes on my day ask to go home. I spend more money on them then I spend on myself. My ex will take them to concerts and she bought my son an Xbox. My kids are in their teens so I know it’s a hard time. I am a very giving person and this can be a problem because the person usually left out is me. 


My life, 







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Just now, Tessa said:

My kids grow bored at my little apartment and sometimes on my day ask to go home. I spend more money on them then I spend on myself.

??? - I really felt this one Tessa x


Please do not lose sight of the fact that they are your children too, however much they are influenced by the person they are living full time with there is a part of them that came from you and they will grow into their own people, less of but more than both of their parents.


Your poem shows that you know where true happiness can be found and that material things while fun and sought after are only temporary distractions at best.  The best thing you can give is your time. 

Use it to bake, to walk, to swim, to sit and watch movies and binge Netflix, to listen to music - to BE with your kids - even if it is watching them play video games, be interested in who they are and what they like to do because they want to know that they matter and because even though the concert might be more exciting than sitting in the house, being loved unconditionally is what will ultimately remain.

It is hard to hear your child say they want to go, or that they don't love you, or that this is boring when you invest so much, but trust me when I say that EVERY parent has heard these things.  As long as they know that you are always there for them and will always love them you are giving them a foundation to build on and a template to treat others, be proud of what you do. xxx 

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    • Jackie C.
      Well, you are a woman. Good on him for noticing though!   Hugs!
    • Britney Summers
      Hello again, thanks for the tips. I haven't gotten lipstick yet. I have to make sure it is something that comes off completely and quickly if need be. I need to get a whole make up brush set and all that and go learn from youtube.
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks.  I will look into these. Not sure how many places we are looking for yet but it will probably be 4.. one for each week in june.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hey, this news (long time coming) made me smile. Sounds like you are in a good place emotionally and physically.
    • DonkeySocks
      Sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing.
    • DonkeySocks
      Oh, and I think a loose, long skirt looks more gender-neutral than a form-hugging knee-length skirt, when you have thigh/hip curves. Kinda draw the eye down to the lower leg instead of sticking at the curves.
    • DonkeySocks
      Plaid flannels in a size or two larger than your usual shirt size. Lace-up boots or ankle-high shoes, even if you're in a skirt. A masculine hat over the short haircut. Turtleneck shirt or sweater. Leather bracelets/wristlets or a masculine watch. So many people associate skirts with females that they will gender based on the skirt without looking at anything else, but if you're in pants, a hat can really help. Also, straight-cut jeans look more generically masculine than sweatpants do, I think. You will have to experiment with size because of the men's jeans not being made for your hips. If you live in an area with a farm store that sells Carhartt brand jeans you might try those.   When you want to look twink and still make people do a double-take, you might try a hat, a button-down shirt that's more dressy than flannel, but still a size or two larger so it won't fit your curves too closely, and high-top shoes. All that with a skirt. Also, plaid skirts might make people think more masculine, depending on the color.
    • VickySGV
      The Scots and Irish, and gay men I know wear a Kilt which is a skirt of sorts.  I have a couple used for various statements I like to make. Mine are not tartan plaid, one is black and another is a pinstriped fabric, but definitely male attire to most people.  For me they are gender neutral.  Utilikilt and Stump Town Kilts are where I have gotten mine.
    • VickySGV
      National Center for Transgender Equality (HQ in New York, but active nation wide) Transgender Law Center (San Francisco based, but active nationwide.) Trans Life Line which is listed on our page in Suicide prevention   Local LGBTQ Centers have Trans Programs, and can be found here: https://www.lgbtcenters.org/LGBTCenters Donations can be earmarked for Trans Programs.   Equality Texas is working to help Trans and Families in the current legislative maelstrom.   I will quit there, because there are many groups that will be happy to receive donations.    
    • 2beBreanna
      Hey all.  My company has started a business resource group for LBGTQ+.  I somehow managed to get picked for a chair position on the board.  We are just starting things up and will be discussing plans for pride month this week.  Part of what the company is looking to do is make a donation to a LBGTQ group that supports the community in a positive way.  Something that is nationwide or west of the Mississippi River would be preferred.  So far we have suggested PFLAG and Pride Sports USA.  What other groups would you all suggest. I would like to find something more trans related to suggest to the group.  Even if it's something local we can look into it.     I am sure I will be looking for more help as I go through this journey as I am newer to the group.  Thanks in advance for all you all do.
    • Susan R
      What used to work for me early in transition before ‘something’ shrunk into obscurity, was a medium absorbency pad along with a moderately tight pair of panties. I would wear that to the gym and I had no issues with bulges. You again look great as usual.   Susan R🌷
    • Elizabeth Star
      Thanks everyone. I do like this outfit but the downside is keeping the parts in place all day. I know I could wear a pair of two of tight undies to get the same effect but I’m weird and don’t like panty lines in leggings. I just remembered I have some cutoffs I could try this with when I get rid of these pasty-white winter legs.    I love this thread. Everyone has great looks. 
    • Davie
      A Believing Sonnet  Numbness is close to godliness when I miss you.  Feeling is believing when you speak to me.  At lunch my hands keep busy spooning miso soup,  as I count noses, yours and mine don’t equal three.  What women wear means nothing to my poetry,  but I remember all the dresses you wore this fall,  as if outside visions of cotton mattered to me— 
 as if a fitbit counted important feelings for all.  Do brown leather boots with black heels mean  anything to a small wallet and a phone poem?  I count the times you smile infinity beams 
in disgust at my hope to dispatch all wrongs.  My feet don’t remember bread gave them power.  My words don’t know how I can love the hour.   —— Davie     
    • Beatriz
      Wow, that sounds great! Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.
    • whatishappening
      Thank you!
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