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The Job Interview in Transition


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The facility I have been contracted at I have been there for six years now, and have put in my resume to our customer when they had job openings, who is a top tier corporation with great benefits. So this morning I received an email to apply and to schedule an interview, so I did and am supposed to interview in two days. (The last interview with them I really botched, it wasn't the right time anyway).

In the meantime, I have only just begun transition socially and will be starting HRT later this week, if all checks out, and was just considering writing up my coming out statement to my current employer's HR, as well as researching local businesses who are trans-friendly in case my current situation won't pan out down the road.


My feeling is that employers want to know the person they are hiring and their values, and I think I would feel more authentic by informing them from the beginning that I am transgender, and my preferred name, as well as the changes that I will go through instead of waiting until after hire, if that happens. I basically feel that would be deceptive, and feeding into a fear mindset, since it's not just about getting a job, but transitioning into the world courageously and with dignity for myself and others. 

Part of the reason I believe I got "my foot in the door" was under the assumption of familiarity and references in my current position. Although I still have the same work ethic and skills, I will not be in the same packaging, and so this will certainly effect relationships that have already been established. I care about how my transition will effect others and want to make it as smooth as possible, am willing to answer any general questions relating to it, and be proactive in coming up with solutions for accommodations.


Any advice or experience is appreciated!

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    • Mmindy
      Hey there Mattie,   Welcome to TransPulseForums, I hope you find this place as helpful as I have. There's even a section for Military Personnel and Veterans. You're not alone here and always welcome to engage with others in conversation.    Best wishes, stay positive, and safe,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Heather Shay
      69 is NOT too old to start HRT. That's when I started HRT with monitoring and it has been a lifesaver.
    • Colleen Henderson
      Hi, Debbie...   The VA had no problem with prescribing me HRT at that exact age.   Prior to that, I had been on the same regimen for a couple of years with their knowledge and was being monitored appropriately. That was before they had a formal policy in place regarding the treatment of transgender patients.   My first episode of bilateral pulmonary embolism in 2015 was attributed to estrogen, and so I stopped taking it. But I had a recurrence in 2020, and that time the doctors opined that I simply have a genetic tendency to develop blood clots. 
    • debbie jones
      ive been on herbal estregens off and on for about 6 years the most effective herb for me has been puraria mirifica but i have had side effects from it mainly being moor sensertive to things people might say to me in every day life also had a sore mouth with it in the past. this time around ive started with a low dose and am graduly increaseing it but doing it slowly . ive grow a B cup breasts so far and they are starting to look very fem just lately and ive only been back on the puraria a couple of months . so im thinking at the mo i might never need to go on prescription HRT if progress continues as its going . i know a lot of mtf say puraria is not any good but for some reason it works on me could be my age im 69 so i dont supose my T levels will be very high anyway . ive seen where i can buy perscription estregen on line and i am tempted to try it as in self medicating but not realy shure how safe it might be at my age does any one hear have any knoleg of starting hrt later in life ? debs
    • Heather Shay
      Greetings Mattie - glad you are here. You will meet lots of wonderful people like Jackie. 
    • Jackie C.
      Welcome Mattie! Lovely to meet you!   Hugs!
    • Mattie Michele
      Hello everyone, my name is Mattie Michele. I am a current active duty soldier that is transitioning from male to female. I came the this discovery back in 2020 during the lockdown. I was deployed away from home during that time frame and had plenty of time to think and reflect on self.  Im my early 20s i was bisexual and experimenting with both male and females. I was attracted to females but enjoyed the physical intercourse from males. During this time period i was still really trying to figure myself out. I was very shy and timid during these years and had issues with relationships. I was content with the little bit of interaction i was able to get. As the years went on i realized i was getting more envious of females with the outfits they could wear and the attention they were receiving. I was jealous and envious of them and i guess secretly i was really wanting to be them. But all of those thoughts were pushed and buried as i tried to maintain the male presentation while i continued to serve in the military. Majority of the time i was just forcing myself to be the image of the person that everyone wanted me to be.    Years later i finally met my wife and got married. We have two daughters together. It wasnt until a year after my last daughter was born when i was on my latest development during the covid lockdown, that i decided to try wearing womens clothes.  I was envious of the outfits and selections they had whenever i went shopping and would always be checking out the female styles and debating which looked better. During my deployment i dabbled first in the undergarments then everything just went from there. That was about when o discovered that I was Transfemenne.    Now i am slowly going through the process of changing everything and becoming more feminine by the day.  
    • VickySGV
      It was an Opinion Of The (Elected) Attorney General, Ken Paxton, that under Texas Law the elements of care for a Trans child COULD constitute child endangerment and abuse and advised the Governor it was legal to investigate it as child abuse.  The opinion was requested by Abbot.   The Department of Child Protection is an Executive Department of the state, which falls under the Governor's executive authority to direct and give orders to.  I worked for a department of that nature in my State for 30 years where luckily our Governor was bright enough not to interfere in that way, but while the person in this article was  a Civil Service System person who is immune to the Governor's whims on employment, the department head was "owing" (a job to which the governor can appoint people outside the normal Civil Service system) to the governor for their job, and jumped without asking how high.  Under Civil Service, the orders of your department head do rule your life as a State / County employee and you do try to act fairly for the citizens you work for by your own oath of office.  You could be fired for refusing the order of your boss, but it would take a special process and would involve review of your work for more than the single refusal to perform an order.    I was a State supervisor and know the Texas system in general since it follows the Pendleton Act structure of Federal Civil Service Law although even there they could fudge on some parts and make it rougher on the employee.  One of my biggest problems as a Supervisor though was to rein in what some of my people considered to be an order to go out and rough up the citizenry which did more harm than good.  I applaud the decision of the worker here.
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      nice tune -   
    • Heather Nicole
      They don't believe trans really exists (just like they believe being gay is a choice), and therefore, in their warped minds, all trans kids must be a matter of the parent forcing them to transition.   With that crowd, it's all about deciding what you want to believe first (ie "trans isn't real"), and then inventing whatever story it takes to explain what they've already decided to believe.
    • KathyLauren
      I am no expert.  But my understanding is that it is certainly not a law, and I don't believe it is an official executive order.  It is just an opinion of the governor about how existing law should be interpreted.  There may be a fine line between an opinion and an order, but I haven't heard anyone use the term "executive order".
    • Cynthina
      Has anyone else been, asked to participate in the survey on transition that the VA sent out last week?   I completed the survey and was overly excited about the questions asked and the information that they are seeking from transitioning Vets. There were questions about the types of surgeries and treatments that we would like to have done as well as if the VA should pay the full expense or if we would accept out-of-pocket expenses on our own. If you happen to get the survey in the mail or e-mail, please take the time to fill it out. I believe that this information will help all of us in the future. It only took about 15 min, and they offer a $15 gift card for your time, or you can have the money donated to a VA trans support organization. 
    • Ivy
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Ashleigh, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here.   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
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